Thursday, March 5, 2009


It's a season of science fest and everyone is busy in their projects and their work. Their doesn't seem to find any time for themselves as they are truly involved in their project.

I had been watching all these things. It started latter this Monday, and is still continuing..I saw many people pass-by me as I was looking at all these things from a corner. I could see the enthusiasm and the zeal for their work. Their is s great collaboration of various brains and the inconsistent brains.. They are working too "HARD" was the feeling that crosses my mind as i look at them.

But what am I doing here? Can't I myself do a project and show it up? Am I not capable of doing anything, or what? These are just a few of my questions from my "QUESTION BANK". I had also been thinking of the same. You may have thoughts, but what you need is a skill and expertise in doing it and even if you are not that great great at least one can try. But this is what lacks me. If you tell me to think I will have a hundreds of solutions(ideas/thoughts) to a thing, i mean anything you may discuss. What i lack is the assembly of these ideas into a right order. Actually i must say I don't analyze the problem correctly.

Well, I was talking about opportunities. Many people crab the opportunities as they go, because you never know when will you get a next opportunity to express yourself or your idea. When you are given a chance just utilize it to the maximum possible extent..

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  1. Did you misspell 'OPPERTUNITIES' on purpose? Any reasoning behind it? Also... Many people 'crab' the opportunities. I think that's a sure mistake!

    Anyway, i was just passing by. Now don't go through my posts and hunt for mistakes! :P


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