Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Unseen Guests

Friend, pal, companion, acquaintance, associate, colleague, etc. Friends are a part of every person’s life. It can’t be that you never had a friend in your life. They enter your life change you a bit and go away but their memories never fade. If anyone asks anybody how many friends do you have? The obvious answer would be many. That’s what how many? Unlimited...uncountable. Yeah, if you start counting all your friends that you have met in your life, they would be many. How does anyone become friend? A small interaction, a small laugh, a short period of enjoyment starts the so called friendship. And one can never live without friends. They become an integral part of everybody’s life. Yours lovingly also have many friends.

Oh, friends. Are there any unseen friends!? No. Excuse me dear Sir/Ma’am. I have those UF. Not one, but three. And credits to my stylish little black glazed mobile phone to set up those unseen friends. Two in Tamil Nadu and one in AP. Those staying at TN are probably Andhraites. Though there are two, but only one is still in contact. It’s Zed [Sorry fellow readers code name, yours lovingly does not disclose anybody’s name]. A small Short Messaging Service did that whole thing. If I had to tell about Zed, there’s a big story to cover. We usually talk about the college life [through SMS]. Zed is in Sastra University, TN. And would be usually passing on the greatness about studies to one another and both of us know who’s what. This unseen friend is a friend of my friend. Got an aggregate of 8.7 grade point in the first semester. Nice work buddy, eh! Well presently no contact from that person. Zed has deleted her orkut account. So no contact from the last February end. Hope to meet Zed again [on my mobile through SMS].

Another one is my cousin sister’s classmate. Actually there were many of her friends who wanted to trouble me as they were one year senior to me. And they too belong to the same group, ECE. Firstly these people started by the intention of ragging me through SMS’s. But they failed to do so. Yours lovingly being obstinate won’t easily get into those silly tricks. Recently it was Anu which started up with a small SMS. And accidently I told about these blogs. I suppose she might have got fascinated by the blog idea as she also started it and says by my inspiration. Thanks for that. I inspired someone. This sounds a little odd to me because I am myself not complete to inspire someone or whatever. Well, I ought to keep up that small, cute little appreciation.

There are more friends and more to add. These were the unseen guests in my friends list. Yours lovingly accepts any friend.

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