Friday, July 9, 2010


It's time. One essential thing in our lives which never stops, how hard you try to stop it. Brimming through all these things, there is (are) some crucial points in our lives which ultimately decide what we are and to what extent we are up to. But rather more ice-chilling thing is that we are almost grown-up and we have to take some responsibilities. These are some real responsibilities. From an average school going kid to the end of the teen, there is quite a big disparity. Once we complete the teens, the next thing is ‘Responsibility’. Either it is Campus Interviews or preparation for the entrance exams like GRE, CAT, etc. To be more precise they call it higher education.

 There are a lot of people aspiring to do higher studies. So for that the first essential thing is preparation. And it has to begin now. I remember the days in my higher school or intermediate, when people used to compete among themselves for a higher score in the competitive exams. They thrive endlessly to reach their optimum goal. And the look-a-like atmosphere is presented now-a-days also. Students going for the Institutions paying a hefty amount. And never-the-less not even sparing the lunch break. What more? Even listening to the dictionary words through cell. The bottom line is that there is a lot of competition. I agree. And I also agree with the input these people are giving for their future.

Then comes the question about me. What am I doing? What is that I am learning and for what? What...? Why...? How...? There goes a long train of questions. Unfortunately I too don’t have the answers. There is no particular part of my brain that is clear about this thing. What’s wrong..?

 Campus Interviews decide the calibre of a student in academics. It follows a simple logic. The Best In goes First out. To articulate it in known words FIFO: First In First Out.

The competition is very tough. There is a specific procedure, a particular pattern which needs to be followed for achieving the goal. If you are asking about the same, I strictly don’t know but am sure will tell when once I get hold of this. I am sure while I am writing a single blog there would be almost 1, 00,000+ people learning a new thing. So, on an average there are people who know 70,000+ things which I don’t know. And nearly 50k-60,000 people actually remember for a life time. So this statistics is for a day or so. Imagine what a year can do. This is a pattern. Procedure is something that the 50-60k follow.

But specifically there is no such pattern as such. They are all rough figures which are quite capable of declaring one to be a dumb. So you can quite well imagine the competition. The ultimate race, for the future.

Then comes the job, a ‘Responsibility’. A responsibility which is to be levied upon thyself. There must be an air of satisfaction, with a cool breeze of fulfilment, a good essence of achievement and a mystique scent of happiness. There should never e a moment to look back again. From then, the road is un-carved. We are the blenders, the builders and the shapers of the future.

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