Friday, January 1, 2010

The first day was quite a hectic one. Classes were dismissed due to low attendance. thought of going to a movie but was distressed on not getting any tickets for the whole day!! Presently browsing the web.

Happy New Year...2010 !!!


So everybody is celebrating the New Year. May it is with all new revised ‘resolutions’, or it is the parties, everyone is busy with the year beginning. So we all are bidding farewell to the previous year. Bidding farewell to all the worries and threats and starting the year with all new fresh thoughts.

Well about me, I have had some real bad experiences last year. I am not saying that all the experiences that I had were bad. There were decent experiences too. But these bitter unpleasant experiences actually overlap these decent experiences. But these bitter experiences leave you with a chance to improve yourself setting a good example indicating that they should not be repeated.

If bidding farewell is one step, then welcoming is another. So Bye-Bye '09. Welcome '10.Now you got a whole new year. And it your own chance how you write your story in this year. And I suggest that now is the perfect time to set you high on your aims or New Year resolutions, than repenting/ regretting at the end of the year while promising to make good of the bad in the coming year. Take your chances now!

Follow the Fastrack caption: “Move On”. Come on buddy, it’s time to start something afresh from today! Have a happy new year.

But remember, no regrets about this year at the end!!


Essence of Life!!!

LIFE!! Life...Life... I have been thinking about it over a period of time. What actually is a life? And what’s a happy life (or) sad life? What does this have? And what can you actually get out it?  It’s too complicated {At least for me if not you}. The happiness lies in knowing the essence of one’s own life. And this process is to be achieved by oneself. Oh my life [oh my god!!]!

My life is unlike anybody other as I think. So I tried to formulate my life. Formulation, in the sense to make it a lot easier to live, at least moderate if not complete happiness. Well let’s start with calculus. Or Statistics or anything related to mathematics!! I tried formulating my life, but failed. Well then let’s try something different. Consider to be some complex unknown form and you (I) need to apply all the mathematics, calculus, physics, chemistry etc whatever. Physics? Yeah, those complex theories relate something. And chemistry too. Without chemistry, I mean those emotions, etc thing. Right??  I tried all possible ways. The only thing that I know is that that I know that this is all that, but ‘what’ I know is still a question!


I tried to integrate my life to happiness but that led to disintegrate the happiness to sadness! ‘NO PAIN... NO GAIN’ is the philosophy of life. Life without pain is real boring, right. But I think it would be better. What do you think? And do you think will I succeed in solving the mystery of life. May be not. Because ‘A half knowledge is a dangerous one’. And ‘Full or Complete Knowledge isn’t so easy to earn, right?  It requires hard work. Hmm HARD WORK...


Confused. I am so much confused, that this (my life) does not give a chance to think beyond my imagination. Or maybe is it that I am unable to understand it. May be I am thinking too far than needed. I tried all possible ways, but I always land up in deserts having no clear idea of what it is. Well I too accept not everyone has the same thing in common. It [The difference] is what separates us from the crowd. But where do I actually stand? Nowhere. I’m left deserted by my own thoughts and emotions and everything that bothers me. I’m feeling that I am alone among the innumerable people around me.


Life isn’t a straight line. It has its ups and downs. That’s common. It starts from origin, then coiling up, winding itself and suddenly at a corner you find it unwinding... moving haphazardly in whatever direction it likes which you never know or even think of. Life is full of ’surprises’. You never know when you get surprised or even disheartened by those surprises, because are not always happy ending, I mean beginning. You can never understand the twists and twirls.


I see many happy life’s around me. This presses me into thinking. So I’m still assessing the ‘cause’. May be it is that, it isn’t easy to understand for a person like me. My life is unlike anybody other as I think. So I tried to formulate my life. Formulation in the sense to make it a lot easier to live at least moderate if not happy. The life is so complicated if you don’t know it. And it’s so easy if you understand it.

But still life goes on like the clock ticking away. Every second is your precious life. Each moment is required to make life a happy & memorable life.


So with this New Year, I wish you all the best and have a very Happy Year.!!


And never forget to enjoy your life!!!  ENJOY!!


------Ajay Kontham-----

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