Friday, February 26, 2010


Today!! It is a day like any other day. But through all these days, weeks and since a year I came across many different things. Of which some are worth mentioning and some not!!! It's almost a year since I started writing blogs. Do you really think these blogs are not quite read-worthy. I see many people writing blogs on important matters like some related to studies, business works or like-wise. And some earn too through blogs.

But for me "This is my world". I find much pleasure in writing blogs than talking. Talking? Yeah! I came to know that we can't fully express in talking, but writing can help do that better. Now let me go childish. Take these examples "Moving hands are better than Moving lips" and "A pen is mightier than a sword". These are some proverbs that remark that writing is indeed a skill and has very much depth in it.

So about me. I don't write all those study stuff or career guidance. [Laugh Out Loud]. I myself need one!!!. Well coming to the point. It has been one year and I would like to check myself. I started this with a intention of not publicity nor to get some money. I did this as I wanted to improve myself and upgrade myself in my writing skills. Now a question arises. Did i succeed? The answer is quite known. Guess what? Yes. Then you are mistaken. Rather it got much more worse than I thought. Any specific reason? No.

But still I want to write and write as I am with a hope that someday I will improve myself by at least 1%. And coming to my friends, they are really great. Some of them are thinkers, some are motivators, some are really good writers. When I prompt them to read my blog, they do read and comment that I have written good. I know that my writings would be more comic containing more useless and less useful content. But I still get the same response. Friends are friends. No criticism and hence that response. But when I motivate them to write, I get the same response. "I don't have good vocabulary ( like you)". I think I myself am not up to the standard and these people are comparing with me where I am no one and not any inch better than them. In reality those are the people with more skill and vocabulary.

So dear readers, I request you to write your own blogs as well as comment on my blogs.

Monday, February 22, 2010

In Others Shoes!!!

When it comes to ourselves, we just don't bother about others,right!! Unless it is some whom we care the most. And the rest is a trash. But the situation is quite different in some cases. Like when some person is getting an unusual treat, then may be one may be enjoying the foul play and the other just watching. So usually when such situation arises, I usually find myself in those shoes and try to figure it out what actually would I feel when I am at the scene.

This no one does, as far as I can think of. And recently we had the "Freshers Party". Actually given by us to the juniors when they at the verge of becoming seniors. All my fellow mates were too much determined to get the hell out of those juniors and some were even forcing me to do so. But I simply could not. I considered them more as myself being in their position. And some my friends were in a notion of the previous years revenge. Revenge? I mean as we were ragged by our seniors so are the juniors who deserve to be ragged. They had a headline of "Interaction" but something else was happening and its none other than "R". Well I will discus about what happened in my next blog. So presently getting back to the topic.

Well take an example, say a person(from my class or age group) is giving a seminar or some sort of public presentation and I am sitting and listening to the proceedings. Then I jump into their shoes for some time and start thinking what would I have done when I am in their position/situation. Whether I can handle it better than that person or worse than him? When all these things come into my brain, I just get inclined to one side and that obviously the" -"(negative). I come to a conclusion that I would be more worse than the person who is presenting it so perfectly(may or may not be that's another thing!!). I even get some experiences as I myself am in that position and sometimes feel tensed or even nervous.

You ask me the reasons and I would fail in answering them back. But what I consider is that it helps to understand the situation better, I guess!! Right? Or may be wrong!!. But as for me it sure does, whatever your answer may be. And in the Freshers Party, I just could not see those nervous, trembling faces who are in a intention that these seniors will be ragging and ask all nonsense questions. And when it was the case of girls, these big boys are so juggle head that they wont even leave them even when asked to do so. I just could see the perplexed faces of those small, pretty girls and those anxious seniors who are trying to get some information rather than interacting in a purposeful manner.

I have seen people who work hard than anybody else but just don't think others. When they are set they travel with lightening speed kicking away the others thoughts, ideas or anything that is not to our prime importance. But I suggest that one should think about others first then ourselves. I may be wrong in this aspect but I consider it doing it myself. So this is the reason why I don't talk often as I think more about the consequences than the proceedings.

Well let me try fitting into others shoes until they become uncomfortable for me.

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