Friday, April 30, 2010

Today...this day !!!

I do a lot of travel. I love travelling. I wander from place to place in search of new things. Then you call me an "Explorer". Oh brother, don't go so far. I meant travelling in time; both to the back and sometimes to analyse my future. But I am really not optimistic. So I got my own worries. 

So, I do a lot of time travel. Oh many of the people do, I think. But I think I do analyse a bit more. I  guess, I do so. Going back in time is dangerous. Because I find the time of sadness exactly overpowers the time of happiness. So generally, living by the happy moments ( I feel happy, as everybody does).

Well that was enough, enough of nonsense, right!!! The holidays have begun and I am left clueless about how to make the best of these days. Unfortunately, I opened ORKUT. I really got pi***d off with it. Thought of deleting my orkut profile too. Later thought, it was one way of keeping an account of my friends. Hmm!! Later it Facebook came to my mind. This was much more better than Orkut. Well comparisons later.

Now presently, blogging to just boggling your minds. Not to mention, I really like writing, penning down my thoughts on a black screen. It's really amazing. And I tried motivating others too for starting a blog and pen down their ideas and thoughts. But they are quite a "Study-olic" or better say "Book-olic". Mind talking non-sense with them, you better keep your face covered with an iron helmet. By "non-sense" i mean this ( this blogging and so so things). "Buddy, talk to me business, not nonsense", is some one's response when I tried telling about blogs. And one more thing, many don't even know what this blogging all about. Hmm, Now  I am in doubt. And my friends are so .........(this is a blank!! don't know what to fill). They say, " I am too lazy to type". Yeah sure this is really true. I even observed. Twice. Both during the reports. We had to submit a report, but everyone was busy with the "C-C-P". Didn't get it, eh? Its Cut- Copy-Paste. "Hey buddy, I don't have time to write my name on the certificate either, so please do it for me". I really don't know what these people do. I think they must be studying. I guess so. And I am bit confident on my opinion (99%).

And today, i tried changing some content of my blog. I mean like changing the colors, fonts, etc. I bet it looks weird. Your response would be much more disgusting. Comment on that. And I don't need to worry much, as I have so many people reading my BLOGS ( at a max of 2!!). He he... No offence. I like being singled and better I don't have so many people backing at me. Actually, I don't want to make myself a fool to many. The less I have, the better it would be!!

Thanks for reading this nonsense.!! Look out for some more, may be today night or tomorrow!!!
Till then. Happy reading.( I didn't mean it),!!! ;-)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As said earlier, the last laboratory external ended today with a small note to its farewell. The note being “THIS IS NOT THE END”!! Well rather I am not worried about that note as a long vacation waits for me. A whole long one and an half month. I surely guess so.  Well, yesterday I came across the blogs of other people. Frankly speaking.... they were truly amazing. And please don’t compare them with mine. I know my status of writing. And this was quite evident from many observations. I made some real observations and tried to know what actually felt. Some even did not read. Some read and left it as if it was some mad man’s show. Truly speaking it is right. And now I am trying myself to keep away from that following thing. I don’t need any followers.

It’s been two years since my college started and just now completed writing the semester end exams. Phew!! The exams were real tough. But there are some people who have a wrong impression on me.  For now the exams are over. That’s it. Now time to get a plan for the holidays. HOLIDAYS...HOLIDAYS!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Life is on the move. Try to stop it, you will obviously fail. Better check it yourself. In the wake of series of Laboratory externals going on, I still don't seem anything serious about any of those. And just one more to go, I am a bit tensed as well excited for the holidays. (Laughs). Today was the Industrial tour lab and we needed to submit a freaking report. And it seems to be "All in a day's work". Nobody really was interested in doing it. Though there were some, but they didn't complete it. And in a series of misunderstandings and false assumptions and never the less blamers, lastly it was me and another guy (PNR) who took a small initiative to complete the remaininig and get it done. But you can estimate it accurately that in a day's work one doesn't get o much time to read the whole matter. So it happens that there were so many mistakes. When told about it, the obvious response is to lake it lightly, doing this much is better.!!  

Well, I've no grudges but surely that today the invigilators are quite a mad. Starting with all useless questions, (Yeah, I ken before hand about it only that the questions will be totally useless).!! But what's in my hands. And as it was a day's (actually it was some 3-4 hours work to be precise). So not even a day [LOL.. ;)] . So obviously eoth all those minor mistakes will be clearly visible to those unruly eyes. And moreover they need two copies. TWO COPIES.!! I was a bit amazed and hey they got an explanation also, some nonsense reason. The reason to be that one will be int Department and the other goes to the library. Really they were making it up. As the other sections did not had so much ado. Really hats off to their stupidity. And the person asks as if they are really taking some serious interview. I surely doubt what would have happened if it was other way round. They would be up with more disgrace. Ah,!! Getting too much on this NONSENSE INDUSTRIAL TOUR REPORT. 

Tomorrow, ENGLISH COMMUNICATION LABORATORY.!! Phew!! Really getting a chillling experience in my spine. Hmm ..  I am really worried in sense. Well lets see. I am trying to be more optimistic (Actually I am not). Cool down boy.!!!

And aftrer that some two months vacation. But still there's still one more day to go. Hopefully if tomorrow's not a holiday.!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

The waves were moving fast causing enormour ripples in the indian ocean. It's always fasinating to see the water rise up and down signifying something, something more about life.  I happened to be one of the dreamer. Dreamer, dreaming those dreams which are a bit too (too) complicated to be achieved. So they are just dreams, just dreams. The ocean is large, the salty bluish green water, the atomical mixture of it with the sand and all those. And not to mention, the stinking smell of the dried up fish. This is quite common.

Almost I make up the journey to my college looking at the deep blue sea. Really fascinating to see it in the morning, the sun just above the horizon and the reflection. its simply amazing. The small children diving, jumping and playing and finally turning themselves muddy. The fisherman casting a large web to catch fish. The cool breeze and sometimes the heat of the sun really hot resultin in too much humidity.

Then I get into the limelight. What am I doing all this long. The second year of the engineering has almost come to an end. A week more, then I get into III rd year. Time was (is) moving real fast. I don't even remember when my II year II semester started that it has almost come to an end now. This time it was absolutely difficult to remember anything worth that I did. But yeah, I participated in "HANDS ON" hoping to do some project but my bad, everything was quite opposite and lid me to get down to a low profile ethic "LIGHT". It so happens that I seemed to take things more lightly, than the need or the concern for it which is essential is almost missing in me.

One aspect that I learned is the Human psychology. I have been observing (and learning) it for some 2-3 years. This just took one more step this year. The people around you, is not what actually what you see. They are quite different. If you think that what you see/observe is what they are, you may be right but not hundred percentage.

Well it seems  I am getting too much high on this. Well i will come back to this blog after some time.

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