Friday, August 27, 2010

Tiring to Reviving Thursday !!!!

1. Last week, the Thursday was started with an exam. Oh sorry. Exactly two exams in a single day. I remember writing a post titled “Tiring Thursdays”. Now this Thursday is unlike the previous Thursday.

2. The reason being the completion of all the exams as well as the laboratory internal exams. Totally reviving. Reviving in the sense, the time to relax.

3. Now the next exam would come after a long gap of one and a half month. Unless some psycho freak comes and tells, “C’mon, Sit according to your roll numbers and answer these questions!!” Sometimes also called as ‘Surprise Test’ or say ‘Exhibiting Psychosis’!!

4. Today, my reviving curriculum also had a tiring part also. I walked round the college almost five times, went outside the college twice, went to my room say some six times or even more. The watchman was looking a bit surprised at my behaviour. I had been opening the door and immediately closing the door.

5. So there indeed was a tiring part. But this doesn’t matter when compared to the tiring part during exams. This was nothing.

6. Server is down since I opened my laptop and could even post yesterday’s post.

7. I went outside and bought a pair of trousers worth 800 bucks. And spending all the energy that I had. I had to say ‘All the energy had’ because I didn’t had my breakfast and not even lunch. Just a glass of tea and one ‘Dairy milk’ Chocolate.

8. And I have observed that I don’t read after writing any post. There seems to be so many mistakes in my previous posts.

9. Lab internal went fine with output result coming just in time. Give it any name. Call it luck or anything. And moreover it didn’t have anything to do with luck or something like that. Just a list of programs were given which had to be understood (or mugged up) and written. No big deal.

10. Now the exams are over, I would like to instigate my old idea of writing stories, short stories, not like 55 Fiction or 77 Fiction. I name it as 555 Fiction or 777 Fiction. To be more precise, I really cannot write that much big as 777 nor as small as 55, average it to 111 Fiction. Now what? It isn’t the average value, hmm! Ok. Make it 333 Fiction. Happy. [ :D ]
11. Just watched the movie ‘Fight Club (1999)’ completely. I just love the narration than the movie. Script is also nice, but sometimes someone has to watch it twice to understand it and some of the scenes are obscene along continuously erupting slangs.

12. The first point had to be this one. It was raining heavily today. I call it ‘Raining like Hell’! Don’t actually know what this sentence makes up to be. But it sure describes something really powerful kind of a thing.

13. Too heavily that my books got wet and I almost half swept in rain. The first thought that came to my mind when I woke up in the morning and say the rain, down pouring like hell, that I would just get into the rain and let myself sink in the coolness of it and to revive myself. But not when I was going to college.

14. And I almost forgot to tell you people about my theory of poems. Actually they aren’t any poem sort of a thing. Just a written sketch of verbal thoughts which when presented look really, really weird. And I would like to accept it. Some call it mad, some foolish and some weird. I would accept all the phrases you would like to suggest because those phrases signify me, myself.

15. I don’t understand one simple thing. “Please don’t ‘Show Off’ in Tata Nano.” It is really not suitable for showing off thing. People feel as if they are driving a ‘Mercedes McLaren or Ferrari. Please don’t get confused with it. You might punch the gas hard, but the same won’t be applicable near the speed breaker. I just noticed two show-off Nano’s being driven at full speed, the speed of an ‘Auto-rickshaw’ and unexpectedly stopping near the speed breakers. Puff!? When will these people understand? Its simple isn’t it -> [Nano = Auto-rickshaw].

16. It has got into me. These blogs got into me. I call myself “BLOGADDICT’. You may name me blog-a-psycho, blog-o-freak, anything because it’s just what you think.

17. I think it’s been some four months or so, since I had a decent hair cut. And next week may be dad would be coming, so it would be better if I have the hair done before it. Or else I have to give lame excuses to escape it.

18. And my room is all messed up. I actually don’t know how many times a week I have to clean it up. The next day after I clean up my room, it gets messed up. Have to look at carefully next time in order to avoid any such ‘messing up business’.
19. Has anybody tried Googling (searching in Google) their name? If so, then also try ‘I’m feeling lucky’.

20. Also try to google your mobile number.

Wordless Wednesday !!!

1.       As this comes in the middle of the week, the mind is truly in an UNSTABLE state. By ‘unstable’ I mean, that the mind would be thinking about the coming weekend and at the same time a small glance of the previous weekend.

2.       While this must have been an usual phenomenon, but this actually did not happen. The reason being ‘exams’. Who would like to review back the hours spent before a book to complete it on a whole( actually read partially).

3.       The first thing was exams, right. I really don’t understand whether people think or not. Sometimes people exhibit such nonsensical behaviour, that it just annoys me too much.

4.       Someone (precisely girls) raises the question of a lab internal, when the sir didn’t even think about it. And these people try to achieve their word, but the ultimate decision isn’t theirs right. So sir prescribes it to be conducted tomorrow.

5.       At that moment, I had two types of feeling running down my brain. One was the sadness, that I had to spend another day with the books as if the whole last two weeks weren’t sufficient.

6.       The other was happiness (precisely 15%) that the exam will be over the comng day and then two months of bed rest, or we call it sleep rest.

7.       And please don’t ask about the sleeping periods the last one week. They might sound horrible yet funny.
8.       As soon as the class was over, I took a nap. A nap that lasted almost for three hours. Ok. We call it deep sleep, not a nap. [ :P ]

9.       Some of the papers were given. Frankly speaking I didn’t wanted the papers to be distributed so early and immediately after the exams.

10.   One moment, which I can’t forget, neither can I tell. That moment just hinders my mind. I can’t understand whether it is to be remembered or to be forgotten. But the escaping answer is that it won’t get off my mind easily. [ D M]

11.   And it’s been almost three weeks that I had attended my CAT classes. I know I would be lagging behind by quite a large quantity. I just couldn’t help myself.

12.   My laptop really, really needs to be formatted and I am thinking of installing a new OS. Yeah, that WINDOWS 7.

13.   This is the sixth time I am requesting the readers to write the comments. I know that that content is weird and off the mark, so am waiting for your responses to mend the same in a polite and smart manner.

14.   You might find the ‘Checkbox(es) ‘ easy to mark whatever you think about the post. But a small extra from your side could make the post more worth reading. So please do the same.

So there are fourteen points. Impressive number.!? 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thoughtfull Tuesdays!!!

I remember Tuesdays as a holiday in my first year of Engineering. Though it was in the middle of the week, it actually did some favour in staying up at home for some more time. But sometimes it wouldn’t just favour. Anyways it is the only thing that I remember about Tuesdays.

1.       Tuesdays happened to be the day when I attended fellowship at Dada gardens, Visakhapatnam. Though I wasn’t actually into it, it some sort of a grinding the brain for the better good or say relaxation or say distraction. Consider it anyway. And moreover I can’t comment much on it as I had never been regular due to the boring academic schedule.

2.        And it had some real long journeys. Though I like journeying up, but the thought of the coming days work just hinders me from the beginning or the foreplay. So I call this as a distraction.

3.       The work, I mean the homework that was levied on me had some real serious brushing my knowledge on the so called almighty. And I had to call my mom sometimes to know what actually does a line means and what actually has to make of it. I wanted a flawless, perfect answer because the homework wasn’t just limited to home; there was a detailed discussion of it by analysing with each other’s answers or rather say thoughts.

4.       On a Tuesday I happened to go to the same fellowship by an Auto. I saw the by-passenger.she was a girl of some preteens and to be precise say some 10-12 years of age. She was along with her friend or brother; he was much younger than her. The first minute was fine until I came to know that she could not speak. Just then an atmosphere got blurred; I felt something hard held my heart. I could not hear the annoying noise of the Auto. She was trying to ask my name which I could not understand. I had to appreciate the intelligence she had. She immediately grabbed the pen from my pocket and wrote on my hand with her soft hands. After I had replied to the generous question, there was another question in her young mind. She was asking me my class. I couldn’t think what I should tell. Either should I tell that I am doing Engineering or what? I thought that peculiar word won’t be taken by a girl of that age, I managed with an answer. Just a few moments was she there until she dropped down at the next stop and I kept thinking about her. “Why does this happen to people”?

5.       I kept thinking for the remaining day. I couldn’t sleep. As I wrote the above paragraph, I could feel it happen in front of my eyes. That was the effect that I had on the same day. I tried for getting answers. Answers to unchangeable questions and not to mention the disparity of lives. What was the problem? Was it fate? Was it the result of previous birth? Was it that is has to happen for sure?  All this is c**p!!

6.       So now not to bore you much. Moving ahead with the ‘Tuesday’ thing. This day also marks the day of no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner. Just a small bit of energy-less snacks.

7.       And more over today is Rakshabandan. Got a 'Rakhi' from one of my classmate. The worst part is that I had nothing to give back the favour. And this came as a sudden shock to me. And this was quite not good on my part. [D M]

8.       And one of my friends birthday also. Though they didn’t invite me, they wanted to take photos from my camera. Should I call them crazy people (?) or else better give a name yourself.

9.       Six exams also called as mid-term exams and two lab internals are over. So I guess it’s time to relax. Right fellas? And still one more lab internal is left. No surprises please. Tomorrows it would be old when that would be and the obvious answer would be Thursday.  Anyway, for now I had been resting and will do so until the next shocking news of some exam to come.

10.   The worst and the best part are the people. The earth is filled with so many funny and interesting people. And I am still writing about the same.

11.   I went to buy some essential needs and found my purse to light at weight. The reason? I had been giving lending money to the substantially promise breakers. Damn you people. The thing that these people have when asking, is truly absent when they return. Actually they don’t. We have to ask for our own money. This is splendid. Asking our own things as if they belong to them and like they truly own the things or the money. What do you call these people? Senseless brainless people. Please suggest a suitable name?
12.   Hmm about money, a person borrows some money telling a lie. The lie was reflected in his eyes. But by the face he made, as if lost in the terrains of the desert. He returns the money yesterday and asks for it again today. What kind of people are these? Simply confusing in their behaviour and attitude.

13.   And I have started my laptop almost quarter a hundred times as it had been getting stuck in the middle and making me lose all my unsaved data every time.

14.   That’s all for today. Time has scaled new height today. Its 01:50 am. The reason for being so late is hanging up of my laptop every time without any specific time duration.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


There it is. I could see it clear and vivid. So clear that it reminds me of that day. It was a mark when it all started. It is so clear that it looks as if it has been made just yesterday or so. The mark which was to decide my destiny, actually everybody’s destiny.

1.       Anyways leave it. What does it matter where it all started? The only thing that matters is where it ends. I guess I am right. Right fellows?

2.       This week is the third week in my hostel. And all that i could know about the hostel is nothing. I don’t even know where the TV is in my hostel.

3.       As promised I will be writing about people. Should I do it in this post itself, that you can decide when you read the remaining half?

4.       Anyways the above point is barred for now as it needs more space and more presence of me.  And presently my mind is not in a good state. Reason?

5.       I messed up three exams. So I am presently in a state of the other side of me which no one has ever seen. Caution: Please don’t indulge in such things just to risk your life.

6.       Anger and frustration are drawing some more critical thoughts into my mind. Too critical, strenuously hard to make a clear statement.

7.       And this post will be full of such things. Just try to figure it out.  

a.              Making promises is good and it is much better when you tend to fulfil what you have promised. If you tend to break promises, just back off. There is no such soft corner for you people.

b.             You can make do whatever you want. It would be because when you think I can do, I really can. And also think why (the hell) you can’t do it yourself?

c.              If you want to be frank and friendly with me. So be it. Don’t mess with me. I can be real creepy at times.

d.              Don’t take advantage of me or ever try to back-stab me. I may look silent but who knows what’s inside a silent rock until it bursts into hot vapouric lava burning every single this and that turning it into ashes. I may not be that harsh and also I can’t give you assurity of the same.

e.             You don’t stop to start a conversation. If you intend to stop the conversation in the middle, just back off and better mind your business.

f.               If you intend to test my patience, I may pass or fail. What does it care to you? Caution: Never think to dare something like that without prior information.

8.       It seems that long hair is really a problem. When I recently to my relatives house, all were commenting on my long hair. And if my dad sees me like this, the next moment he will have scissors in his hands and would cut all by himself.

9.       A small request to the dear readers, as you might have read this far and wasting almost fifteen minutes of your, I would just like to spent another minute in writing the comments which no one does.

10.   And I am waiting for BVR to write his first blog. Kudos beginner. And GNPR too, he hasn’t written up anything by himself.

Time is almost 0011 hours. So it’s a Tuesday now!!! Time for another post. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

My ideas died...

Where were the days?
When I was happy,
Happy at heart,
Happy with what I had,
Happy with the people,
Who made me happy.

Those days are gone,
Says my inner myself
It even says,
Were there actually such days?
In my life.

Eventually my ideas died,
My thoughts died,
My inspiration died,
My enthusiasm died,
I asked myself out,
Out with a sorrowful and
A blissful heart,
“What else is left?”

People who gave me a helping hand,
 Left me alone.
Roaming down the streets,
Like a bird, untamed.
Unknown with the latitudes,
I crossed many frontiers,
Hills, terrains, rivers seas,
And finally came the ocean.

I journeyed through the vast sea,
Until I got tired and could fly no more,
But I couldn’t find a rock,
A piece of land not even
A place to rest.
I couldn’t even drink,
Damned. I cursed.
I couldn’t go back,
Nor could I move any further.

But I never took a step backward,
I mustered all my energy,
In search of peace, solace and eternal love.
But in vain,
My energy dried up,
My enthusiasm failed me to conquer,
My inspiration was lost amid the blissful ocean,
I became unconscious,
Unconscious to my aspiration,
For which I thrived for ages to fulfil.

I was exhausted,
I couldn’t cry at my loss,
Neither could I move forward,
Fell down unconsciously.
And finally
My thoughts died,
My inspiration died,
My enthusiasm died.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tiring 'Thursdays'...!!!

So this day completes the whole one week stay at hostel. This happens to be my first week of stay at an enormous hostel. I have stayed at hostel before, but not in a population more than 50-60. Here, you may find swarm of flies moving here and there either it is playground or the canteen.

1.       I haven’t even removed my shoes as I had been busy repairing something that broke in the afternoon. That actually was my study table. Well it is a long story. But there is another story which I narrated to a few and messaged to many.

2.       “ Why, all of a sudden I shifted to the college hostel?”, was the question asked by many of my friends. So the story goes like this... My dad bought a house recently here in Vizag. And I happened to spend a whole month over there. And had to do all the things like cooking, cleaning, etc, etc things all by me, which my parents thought would be over-burdening and finally got a seat in college hostel. But frankly speaking, I hate the idea of hostel.

3.       Now comes the damn rules, and moreover it’s too far from the city. I have my problems. Ok. I won’t be boring you too much.

4.       I bought the costliest chocolate I had ever bought. Hope it tastes good.

5.       I did some experiments with my hair & thank god not many observed. Otherwise, they would be making fun of me. It was totally a weird idea.

6.       At hostel, I am staying alone and hope no one comes because it feels good to be alone [ No offence, it’s just my idea].

7.       People are acting a bit strange. I am really confused what to believe and what not to.

8.       I hate compromising. But sometimes, it seems the only way to go along with a work. And this happens to favour someone else, but not me.

9.       All my friends at hostel give a look. Hmm. Err... I couldn’t actually understand the meaning of it tough, I give a smile back. I don’t know what they understand with my meaningless smile [ J]

10.   I could get onto a level up in studying the human nature, while staying up at hostel, which I am thinking of writing in the next post.

11.   I changed my bed in all possible ways, thinking of getting a new way that would look good. But ended up tired and returned to same old position. [ L]

12.   And the big news is that, there are two people with iPod touch in my class including me. I surely don’t know what was in his mind while he bought it because he doesn’t know a damn thing about it, how to fill it with songs, photos, videos, etc. Hmm... Was that the same case with me? No way. I am quite well versed with things like that.

13.   I need to make some amends in my room as it is still shabby.

14.   Yesterday, I happened to go to the canteen for snacks for the first time in a week after I had joined. Out of my amazement, I found popcorn being served. POPCORN. I sighed and coming out of the amazement thing, I grabbed a popcorn bowl and started eating it. But damn. It was nothing. I didn’t even feel like eating it when I completed eating it. I thought. Actually I couldn’t think.

15.   And I remember a comment from one of my friend in the beginning days at hostel saying that I should of help in both education as well as financial. Hmm... Should i be? Precisely, I have to be for two reasons... first one is that I am staying at hostel and the second thing they are my friends

16.    Anyways even if the above mentioned things were absent I would have done what they asked for. [ Because I am not a selfish brat,,, J ].

17.   The more I try to keep my room tidy, the more is it spoiled. I tried to analyse why is it happening. But before  I could analyse and draw any conclusion so as to avoid it, I had fallen asleep when ever I tried to take that step.

18.   I had been reading some blogs, some of which, not some actually all tht I read were splendidly awesome. I don’t know where these people find words and all those things from. Some make me thrill and some give pleasure. On the contrary, I actually reading things like that.

19.   I came to know the weirdness of my post, when someone marked a check button in one of my post. I know that I am weird, my writings are weird too. I am trying to cover the weirdness with beauty, just that the time is not permitting me and more over there is a ever following shadow called sleep which bounds me in itself making it too hard to overcome it.

20.   Many ideas surpassed my head about the writing a new post.  I was talking about the new concepts of how to improve my blogosphere abilities. Those ideas are still in my mind, but they aren’t coming out as they are incomplete. Once they are complete, there would be a free flow of words and never ending freedom of joy.

21.   And thanks for the author (or say writer) of who said has been following my blog and not to mention the super great BVR, who seems to have versed my ‘About me’ [lol]. Anyways thanks  [ J] .

22.   I hope you all, I mean the readers of my blog, would comment and make a bit more interesting.

About hostel, there is much to come in the near future. Yesterday, I took my camera with an idea of clicking some pictures and uploading in the net. But my bad. I left the battery for charging and kept the memory card in the computer. So, plainly my camera was pitch empty. I just could do nothing.And more over the mid-exams are approaching. So better be it and time for dusting the new books and start brushing my rusted brain. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Once in a while...

I woke up one day and found myself as a well settled and earning a pretty much amount of money, which is quite well sufficient for my living. The very next day, I found myself in a lonely desert where I could see only the plains. The sand fumes and the hot burning sun were just not tolerated by me. I questioned god, what is this? For my pathetic plea, I could not actually get an answer. Considering it as my fate, I tried to close my eyes, which I actually could not. Why?? What was happening? The next moment I fell down fainted. When I opened my eyes, I saw a very clear sky, which I had never seen since ages. It was THE most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The more beautiful thing was the sea in the front which made me spellbound. And to add to its flavour, there was the amazing sunset. I turned and looked at my sides; I could see no human being there, which I least expected. How could people miss such a wonderful place? I actually could not name the place or not even know its name. Anyways, I did not remember god at that moment. After spending a lot of time enjoying I turned around with a thought of returning, I got more of a shock, a very thick and vast forest. A thought of being betrayed in an unknown and extremely beautiful place. My mind was making calculations about the distance to the nearest hotel or anything that could give me some shelter or anything. But I could not advance, as it was evening and it surely will become dark in a few minutes. And moreover it was a very very dense forest. So I lay down on the sand and stated gazing at the clear sky and asked god again, about what actually did this mean? Still, the same response, the response being silence. Suddenly, I feel some one pushing me, pushing me hard. Keeping my eyes closed, I tried to conceive the situation as who that could be. But could not actually perceive with my imagination. When I opened my eyes...

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