Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Turgid Feeling !!!

The lame intensity of the evening is quite low. The temperature is dropping below. And more over this is a monsoon season, with occasional rains. Walking past the crowded footpath alongside the long road in my college, I could see the quivery of expressions on the people’s faces. While I stride through the dusted roads, I come across a junta of people waiting eagerly for the bus. And the freshly thrown ice-cream wrappers and the sweet corn cups forming a big heap outside the canteen can easily equate the full-presence of students around the premises. But evidently the quite situation is not with the classrooms. The people would be a sharing a sweet byte of time with their friends or so-so bf/gf, or would be having a pleasant and enormous sleep in his/her room. But never in the classroom have I seen a full-attendance; unless and only if there’s an exam. Sometimes not even in the exam also.

I am amidst my own world constantly thinking and persistently annoying myself with the daily foes. I am woken up from my un-threaded dreams or rather say thoughts by a small vibration in my cell phone. A message from the ‘Google SMS labs’.  Then followed by another, simply keeps my inbox alive even when some of my friends don’t send forwarded messages. Yeah, I would be getting messages regarding the work to be done tomorrow, actually asking me; or enquiring about something/ happenings in the class due to their absence in the same. And later it would be my turn to disturb them, I mean my friends with my messages. Instantly, they would be receiving 4-5 messages one after the other. I know I am actually disturbing them and their time. So I am removing the names of the people whom I feel are getting really disturbed.

 Anyways, now that I have got sort of a peace of mind, with the frustrating class test getting over so superbly without any of much effort from my side. The seriousness of the Sir was ceased by ‘what?’ I too don’t know. Out of some amazement or something, he slipped his tongue declaring it to be an ‘Open-Book’ test. I was puzzled!? Why!? Hmm... Err...!!! I actually thought that he was really serious and with the ‘Black-Mailing’ he did, it was quite obscene. Everyone was at ease and if I am not wrong, all might have done the work or say the class test splendidly.

Now I am about to bring some light into my blog. Why has been that I had been writing some sort of a non-sense from a past few days and haven’t made a sensible good post. I was rather thinking that I had been in a notion of writing some sort of motivational posts. But later I striked if off as a wrong notion. And I think I had been writing about the people and my observations on them. I respect the people around me, but sometimes with their really odd behaviour and annoying activities, I need to write just to convince myself that I had written the hell out of my mind and with a ray of hope that if they read, they would probably change themselves or rather me.

Coming to the inscrutability of my postings, I have been quite impulsive in some of the posts and this was the result of some sort of a frustration that I have been in the past few months. I would assure you that impulsive and odd posts won’t be anything to bother in the follow-up posts. And to add to the existing boredom of the writings and the uneasiness of the readers to read the entirety of the post, I am planning to change everything. Starting would be a “Review” on an article which I am likely to post after I have the full knowledge of the article. This review was prescribed to me by an email which I received from an anonymous person, probably from a sales employ of that company. I said anonymous because I didn’t want to reveal the name.

And I am planning really big with my blog. I know that the planning would be shattered to pieces and blown away like the sands, but just that I had planned something in my mind and would like to make up what I had planned. But that does not mean that I won’t be writing about anything which is impulsive. I find writing as the medium to get the anger in me out. So I can’t assure you of anything like that. But I would be trying hard, not to coddle with the word which I gave. And I have stopped asking for comments about which I learnt lately.

By the way, there is every chance of getting bored and might even get a feeling or thought that “Why am I reading this Blog? This is rubbish and is at the extremities of disaster!  And a complete waste of time“. So I am linking some of the blogs of my friends, which might help you revive from '(My)The Shadows'.

And a warm welcome to a friend of mine who is new to the blogger zone.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hilarious Stupidity !!!

We are born, we live our life, and we die. In between there is a period of happiness, sorrow, extreme hard work, suffering, pleasure, love, lonesomeness, et cetera. But when all this ends, we are expressionless fortifying our only possible look.
The above line might have conveyed some sort of stupidity. But as in my opinion we live in stupidity [It’s just my view, I beg pardon].

So what should we consider at the most!?

Should we appreciate the US for having a first President who was out of the league and who had promised to withdraw troops from Iraq as soon as he comes to power. But the fact is something else.

Or the Common Wealth Games at New Delhi, which are due to start from the 3rd of October. The politicians have created a mess out of it. The true Indian scenario is quite evident in this aspect. Actually, you name anything about the happenings in India, there are dealt quite oddly. The people are quite too much corrupt and never-the-less negligent.

As if the proposal has been declared a day before and they are trying to implement the same without any time. It was decided a long time back and these people could not implement it till now. What could be the reason? Is it their negligence or what else might you name it? Now not only they are doing things in solitary they are bringing a shame to the whole nation. From my side, I never thought that there would be anything great like this happening in India, because keeping in mind the past, present and the future Indian scenario I could barely imagine that they would take the initiative and later put the country to shame.

We are always busy. Busy with the non sensual Ayodhya case, or some celebrity. We would be flagging even the stupidest of the news, like some celebrity honoured the opening of some showroom at someplace. Or the bloody damn Andhra-Partition issue. Those telengana people are really acting selfish and breaking the integrity of the state. But at the end of the day we are "Indians ". We forget the differences and the principles and later get down to what we had stopped to keep the sentiments of the people. It's really difficult to understand what these people actually think. Is it about money?? They earn huge trucks of money; even then they are not happy. Obsession. Mindless people.

But for the CWG 20X, barely six more days are left and still the work is going on while the participants have started coming and complaining also. The latest happens to be a topic in the ‘Indian Express’ newspaper with a head-line “Games Village or Snakes Park?”

Or the boasting that my college does. The latest happens to be the 100-acre Wi-Fi. To add to its glory, the speed happens to be 1000Mbps. But unfortunately, it’s restricted to some areas only and not available above the second floor. Nor in the park and not even in the canteen. It’s restricted to some areas only like the ground floor of the library and near the hostel. And another in the IT Bhavan, up to the second floor, not outside the main entrance also. Probably, they are keeping it new by not using it frequently. And the ‘Indian Express’ newspaper flags this as ‘World class network computer network with sophisticated hi-end Wi-Fi covering the whole 100 acre campus’ just makes me laugh.

Or my haunting my parents to buy me a two-wheeler. All this according to me is stupidity. All I live in the same strange stupid world.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

All in a Day's Work ...

This happens to be another weekend and in no time from the previous week, this weekend has come excruciatingly fast. Starting from yesterday, here it goes like this.

  • I wasn't feeling well since morning. A sort of feverish and small dose of head-ache were bothering me too much. But, the going to college is inevitable. 

  • Yesterday we had a class test. Hmm ... Er .... I did not prepare for the exam like my friends as I wasn;t feeling well the previous night and slept more evilly than the babies. The babies would probably kept to shame if they see me sleeping.

  • But unfortunately, fortunately for some, the exams was not conducted. Some of the people were already ready, ready with their so-so preparations.

  • Anyways, the morning was quite horrible when one of my renowned lecturer came and started teaching nonsense. Probably, the fact could be that he doesn't know anything. To add to his existing knowledge, he starts dictating the notes probably with no meaning. Hell, it was horrible to tolerate him.

  • Later, I had to sink myself in the hot burning sun. Yeah, The sun was hot amid the rains. I almost got wet until I reached my relatives house. 

  • And the whether took the till-that-time healthier part of me making me much more weaker. 

  • I had to help some of the people uploading the things from my home to be sent back to my home. [ Was this sentence quite confusing?]

  • I have a house here and stayed here for a month-or-so, until I got the seat in the college hostel. So, some of the useful things were sent here, brought here assuming that I would be staying there for another two years. But unluckily,  I got the seat in the Hostel. So, it was time to send back the things back to home from where they came. 

  • By then, the so left of me was also exhausted. It was almost quarter past seven until it all finished packing and loading the things in the truck.

  • The way back to my hostel was too sloppy. By the time I reached, I didn't had the energy to go to the  dinner area and have something to get down into my stomach. 

  • I was happy with the coke and some odd eatables that I had in my room. I preferred counting on them.

Today, also I have to go out, as someone has called me to meet. So, i am still thinking about what to do ..!!

Life goes on .....

The heart sank in sorrow,
Sank in an ocean of sorrow,
Uncared, untamed,
Beating endlessly with a rhythm
Rhythmic Impulses!!

I tried to stop,
Tried to break the rhythm,
But it is uncared by my actions,
Stubborn, peaceful
Doing its only job.

The tears rolled down the cheek
Salted and ambiguous flavoured water,
One followed by another,
I even tried to stop the endless flow.
But I couldn’t.

B’cause they were tears.
Tears of pain.
Tears of sorrow.
Tears of hatred.
Tears of Anger.
Tears of  depression,
And everything.

Sitting idly at the corner of a room,
Thinking about the past,
Repenting about what I did.

I finally decided to end it all.
End everything.
End the stream of sorrowful tears,
End the rhythmic heartbeat.

But I heard a voice,
Saying that I was wrong
Noise of my inner self,
Saying ‘Patience, my dear friend’.
More were the tears that ‘Patience’ brought,
And finally patience died.

What is left??
What is the purpose?
What is the need?
Why only me?
Why? What ?
Agitated the heart.

Don’t Pity me.
People gave a puzzled
And a distressed look.
I ran down to the memories,
What have I done so worse?
Is this the result of an un-implied result?
Or the consequences of the wrong tread.

My mind ran over unthought-of
Unsaid and unknown things,
Realisation is required.
Of something which I can’t make out.
Dilemma surrounded me,
Frustration rose deep,
Deep beneath the heart,

Heart became a home of sorrow,
Friends being distress,
Relatives being sadness,
But above all ‘Life’ goes on..........

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thoughtless Tuesdays to Wired-up Wednesdays !!!

It began with a lazy morning. Every day, I wake up at around six in the morning. But, the laziness doesn’t get down. So I take a snap for five minutes, but this time gets multiplied with 20. Then obviously, I have to curse myself for making it too late. But this is a routine; not just this day. Every day the same thing happens and I do the same thing.

1.       I was almost an inch away from becoming the scapegoat today. But just managed o get out of that.

2.       Actually, I was called out by one of my known assistant professors to meet another Sir regarding some ISTE student body. When asked about being interested, I could not reply, but the fellow beside me who happens to be my friend immediately said that he wasn’t interested.

3.       Then he asked me again. This time I said that I wasn’t interested. But he wanted an explanation. Damn!! What explanation could I give? I thought for some time, while he kept asking me. The reason he was continuously asking me was that no one else was actually interested in being the co-ordinator.

4.       Finally he succeeded in making me compromise with his desire and then I knew that I am done for sure. Now comes more work. He tells me to meet another person and get my name enrolled for the same.

5.       But there I find that the meeting is in the same day and some sort of an interview will be conducted. This just drew my nerves together. Interview!? I thought that might be just the beginning, and the actual beating would be later and would probably ruin my academics as if I am flawless in them.

6.       Later I asked a familiar guy, who knows everything about this. He straight-forwardly rejected. I then confirmed myself to get out it as soon as possible.

7.       Later I got another person, who actually is interested in such co-curricular activities. He accepted it immediately. I knew he would accept it. Later after so much ado moving helter-skelter, I finally I got out. Thanks for a friend of mine who gave me that confidence in rejecting the proposal straight-forwardly.

8.       The following day we had an exam, actually some sort of a class test. Hmm err... I thought of preparing of the same, but later something too friendly just overwhelmed me and later I was in deep sleep.

                                                            ~~~~ x~~~~ x ~~~~

a.       Babies don’t sleep so well. I woke up at an ugly time, somewhere near 0800 hours in the early morning. Actually it’s more about early.

b.      I looked at my sophisticated phone just to find 14 unattended calls from my dad. I had told the previous night to give me a call in the morning so that I don’t sleep for so many hours!!

c.       And moreover today is my mom’s birthday. MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY MOM.
d.      I had been feeling quite a bit like feverish, but I would simply neglect even if that’s high.

e.      About the exam, better don’t ask. If that’s something called class test or even ‘test’, then I wrote it very very well.

f.        The evening came to be much more weaker and I could not go for the CAT class. Curse my inability or anything that may concern.

g.       Finally I sat in front of my semi-working laptop, which is just freaking me out. It’s old. I accept the fact. Moreover, it had been troublesome from the beginning it came. I hate it. Now to add to its glory, the previous 4 hours battery just got reduced to an hour. So I love to hate my damn laptop.

h.      Probably it’s time to sign off, not because of the time rather my battery is running low.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simple Saturdays !!!

The most awaited day of the week. Obviously because tomorrows is a Sunday and today is the beginning of the weekend. We make a lot of plans to do in these weekends, probably take some rest. With some rest, I mean a lot of rest. But there are a specific margin of people, who would prefer to work on these weekends also, keeping aside the hard work of the whole week. Relax, and work. Again relax and work. I would rather work on these weekends only if the exams are fast approaching, else I am free bird moving here and there and doing all non purposeful things.

1.       Summering the week in a single sentence, it was a whole ugly week. I planned to do a lot of works. But eventually ended up in my bed. When I woke up the next day, I would just curse myself for being so lazy. It is rightly said, “ We tend to find more time rather than today”.

2.       But what’s the use knowing it, when I am not at all implementing it today. Knowing something is good, but when implemented it is much better. When will I realise this??

3.       I am writing blogs as you all know. But I recently started one in Wordpress also.
4.       The link is

5.       Oops!! You tried clicking on it?? Probably you might not have been able to read the content. Don’t bother yourself about it much. It wont contain anything that is purposeful and anything attracting like this blog.

6.       Another one, I started some time back, but haven’t been able to write anything in it. Lack of time and lock of thoughts, anything. That was suggested by a friend of mine, who would be giving ideas but won’t take on his part when it comes to show up. Now that I a\have started writing something, I am expecting him to continue and maintain the chain until the end.

7.       By the way, the blog address is

8.       I might guess, you tried to open this one also. But unfortunately, you might not have been able to get the content, because it is still private and to only the people I know.

9.       If at all, you would like to read this blog also, send a mail to

10.   I have sent some request to some of my friends. I am quite sure that those people won’t be actually writing anything. Probably, just to read. Well then, I suggest that you don’t accept the request. Because I want contributions by keeping the blog alive with your posts rather than visiting and leaving won’t be good on your part. I want some active participation from my friends.

11.   Well I know that you all people might be busy with all the studies and the competitive exams. So, you can even keep up some posts regarding the same by giving links or anything that is related to the same.

12.   The main purpose of the blog was to keep up with the daily occurrences at the college and writing something concerned with the studies so that it would be useful in the long run, probably during exams and whenever needed. This was suggested by a friend of mine.

13.   So I would suggest my friends to keep up with me and help me with the blog and write something !!! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Think !!!

Think!! Think before you speak! Think before you do any work! What is with this thinking? How can we really make up our mind to such a platform without any effort? And end up with what we actually thought at the beginning of a certain task, probably completing the task in many of the cases. Thinking!! Thinking!! I think in a fashion never like anyone else.

Thinking is one great gift of god. Precisely, the greatest gift ever to mankind. Without it, we are nothing. A simple thought evoked the Albert Einstein to establish the most complicated science ever or the great Aryabhatta, the Mathematician, without whom we would have been happy without mathematics and physics. Or to say the great Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution which still has the existence with the present world which he had predicted in the eighteenth century. Like those famous people, there are innumerable and equally talented people around the world who have made life easier to live and somewhat difficult to study [: P]. Where does it all start? A simple thought. A small thought had provoked such intricate theories.

So what is with me?  Am I same ordinary man to do extraordinary things? Precisely and aptly, this is me; not them. I am no ordinary man! So does that make me extraordinary? Neither way to come up with to a lucid answer. I can just say that I am no ordinary man, neither am I extraordinary to keep myself up with the peer group. So what am I? This question might come to your mind. So let’s start with you. What are you? Ordinary or extraordinary? Or none of the two and would like to shake hands with me & join my league. Even then you are not me; neither am I like you. You may possess one big pot of gold or say diamonds and I am in search of such a thing. This means that I am not in search of you, but the treasure which you embrace. The treasure that is so rare to be achieved by any ordinary being.

Well till now it might have been so much difficult reading and understanding the language of an ambiguous person. Now the following post will be purely I and Me only. So a small suggestion to the fellow readers, if you have felt the air of boredom, I would rather suggest to do some recreational activity than further continuing with the post.

I think! I think! I never felt that thinking could be of such complicated until I realised a few months back. This realisation came to me as a blush and the decisive result of so-called thinking. I was feeling bored that day, so thought of writing a new post in my blog. See I am already thinking, by then. I was skimming through the in-numerous thoughts that lapsed in my mind. Some were temporary, just blown away by the lust of wind. If you have had read my previous posts, I might have given some sought of an insight that I understand people by their behaviour and precisely I name it as understanding the human psychology. I won’t claim myself to be one such human-psychological reader, but sure have read some books, I mean some articles.

That way I took a stroll out to ease my mind for some fresh ideas to flow through the frustrated soul. Actually, I was a bit frustrated at the time, as always I am as of now. I saw the people, the people at my apartment, the people at the shopping complex, the people travelling with me, the people at college, the people in my class, et cetera. I am surrounded with multitude of people, truly themselves; actually some. As said earlier, the psyche thing, trusses me to think what they think. Somewhere in my mind, out of nowhere I try to make mere conclusions; which are aptly wrong. I know that. But even then, the thing never leaves me. So this happens to be one of the reasons for myself being silent. The reason being that ‘I tend to think what you think’. And a coin has only sides, heads or tails; or rather in this context right or wrong. The thing that I would say may be good for the listener or sometimes bad. But this is where we have to make right decisions to end up with right consequences. I fell in dilemma at this juncture. They may appreciate what I say or downgrade my opinion. So what’s better? Either to speak out what you are thinking or just say calm. I tried speaking out at those instances, but that really hurt. Not me, actually them. I saw the moistened feeling going in their mind and came to a podium as to stay calm, not trying to raise an issue to hurt someone. As I said before, this is the result of ‘thinking’! But you people don’t take me wordings seriously. As sometimes we have to speak out so as to explain our calibre, especially during group discussions and interviews. In such cases, you just to speak out, speak in such a manner that makes them feel satisfied with the proceedings & ultimately make them yourself their first preference. 

Actually there is a lot we can learn from people. We give preference to our thoughts & our ideas and we don’t actually care about the other’s thoughts. I come up with a recent example. When we have classes, we would definitely listen up the lecture and follow each and every word they say, if the lecture is good and the effort made by the so-concerned is worthy of it. But we don’t actually realise the man behind the curtains, who would be struggling so hard so as to make something easy and understandable to the remaining students. This we miss to understand. I am talking about the teachers who really teach with heart, not about those who come to pass their time just to earn a few thousand bucks without truly imparting the most essential knowledge. The reason could be that they actually don’t know or whatever. And a few days back, one of the assistant professor lost his impulse on some of the disturbing students of the class and explained about his difficulties in making the students stronger in their technical part of the subject. We generally don’t worry about the person who is teaching us with utmost skill he has, but we rather consider thinking about the exams which are quite far away or something more unusual.

I think. Think about what others might be thinking, draw a mere conclusion, and redraw the consequences and then find it appropriate to stay calm. I understand what the others would be feeling at a certain juncture. To elaborate, the feelings or the thoughts going in the tensed mind, in the mind of a self-contained & self-absorbed friend when we ask them a favour, in the mind of the father when we ask for something or rather say money, in the depressed mind, in the teachers mind when he/she is teaching seriously, so so things. The list goes on.

Whenever I go to my relative’s house, this thing won’t just leave me. I analyse the situations. But they are our own people, right? So why limit ourselves thinking about what they might think. I considered that option also. But I surely believe, it would be much more appropriate to live in my rubbish ideologies. I may be wrong, & I gave no offence on it.  So, you may call be something like stubborn or name me. Moreover, to add to my inflexibility, I have stayed at different places like in hostel for the past three years when I have the opportunity to stay at four of my relatives here in Visakhapatnam. So, by now you might understand the level of madness I am in and what the hell do I think all the time wasting all my opportunities of a better stay. I never got into the idea of staying with my relatives, because I think and understand. I understand the consequences, not that I will be an extra burden to them, rather that I don’t want to imagine myself being a burden to someone of my known.

Precisely you may call me mad or anything you like. By the way this post has been somewhat contradictory and out of league thing when compared with the opening lines by the ending. [No offence]. I don’t think you might survive reading this post this far. Anyways, if you succeed, that’s well and good and hats off for your patience. So, I guess you might have learned something. I guess so!? So rather I suggest you keep with yourself and act accordingly. Best wishes!!! :)

P.S. ::  I thought of splitting this post into two sections. But, I could not as I surely know that you won’t be coming this far. But, if you have succeeded in coming up to here, I would appreciate your patience to keep moving forward up to here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Other Perspective !!!

Sometimes I feel I am being followed. Followed everywhere I go. As if they are tracing my footprints with a powerful dog like an Alsatian or a Doberman. Or like an Eagle eye. My each work being noted and briefed. My insight has been barred, the life gets to stake, when each step of yours leaves a mark, and everybody tends to look up at the mark not just as mark, but with all the known and unknown philosophies of unknown era.

I have been thinking about people these days. Hmm... Err ... Actually quite a long time, because the best thing I can do is understand a person with all their behaviour and not to mention their character. I have seen people spring in the wake of life, just getting a brilliant opportunity after an unexpected twist in the tail story. That’s it. They get the base, foundation; perfect & deep; and what else is required for a better construction. They tend to become skyscrapers, high and steady, untouched and equally distinguished with distinction.

Well for this to happen there is still some time. I was speaking about the life in a general sense. So what is with the present people that make me think about them rather than myself? Is it jealousy, hatred, interest, dislike, likeliness, attraction, distraction, or whatever that fits here? Why does everybody try to point out the defects in others rather than looking in themselves? This is an old saying. Right? I know. I was just quoting it.

 Are we perfect? Are we are what we wanted to be? Did we reach our goal? Did we succeed in whatever work we do? Are we happy? Are we satisfied with what we have? Are we satisfied with what we earn and spend? Did we make our parents proud? Are we proud of ourselves for achieving something that we longed for long? Are we? Or Did we?

We are still on the way, the path, which may decide our destiny. Then why do we have to think about others and pin-point each and every mistake, keeping aside all our goals or say the above mentioned questions. We are humans, social beings not any animal or something of that sort. We think, because we can think. We think about ourselves first, draw a near conclusion about what we have to do then we think about the person next to us. We think not to achieve something or derive pleasure out of anything. Thinking and analysing makes us perfect. We look at the faults of others, sometimes make fun of them and deep in our heart we think we should not be in such an embarrassing situation.Or sometimes we don't even think like that! 

Life gives us many chances to live. Just one life is sufficient to live all the lives. Actually we do, either knowingly or unknowingly. “Life gives us lemons, so make lemonade”; is an old saying, principally to inspire us in the wake of life or something like that!

Till now I had been talking about me and the remaining so-called people around me in a general sense. But sometimes when we think about others it leads to ourselves. Didn’t get my point? We tend to think about others and the ‘other’ about whom we are thinking, are simply inclined to think about others, preciously us. Oh. You haven’t thought in such a direction. Better try it, and sometimes it teaches to understand people more effectively. I can simply tell what the fellow besides me is thinking, because if he is observing me since a past few months, I had been observing him since the same period he did. I find different multitude of opinions about me, varying from person to person. I can actually quote what a person thinks about me, like I do for others. Or at least try. I may not be hundred percent correct, but sure can guess.

Some people inspire others and some criticize others. The other being one, it may be you or me or any other person. But when someone is successful or say succeeding in his attempts; and more over he happens to be your friend or if he is not, even then; there is a thin air of attraction. We tend to observe his every move, learn his daily procedure and sometimes try to follow his ideologies. But that’s not all. We tend to develop some other feelings inside our heart, though not visible to the naked eye. To get to know what others are thinking we don't have to look in his eyes, sometimes even heart. I agree with the notion "Eyes never lie" and so do does the heart. [ No offense, its just my idea ]. 

Jealousy!? It’s a convict. Sometimes we feel jealous about people, either it is due to their character, or what he/she has, and so so things. I could feel the smell of roasted chicken, but it’s quite delicious. But this was something else. I could not see fire, but something was burning. I couldn’t make it out until I saw the eyes. The eyes were red like blood, but they soon turned back to normal. I was about to ask “What was the problem?” but my inner conscience held me back from asking. And there I left thinking. What was the matter with him? He was fine a second ago, turned red the next moment. Sounding like peaches, the person walks with me, beside me making a plot. A plot? I wondered. Was that jealousy? I asked myself. But left it when I didn't had any response. There are ways of overcoming jealousy and the best way is to beat it in the same thing that makes you jealous.

Attraction!?  Attraction is a boon. People get attracted to things like gadgets, some to people, et cetera. The attraction comes from heart, so no one can probably estimate it forehand, and derive dire consequences. When it comes to gadgets, we become obsessed, like our cell phone. Now I am quite sure, no one would even step out of their home without a phone in their hands. About people, the attraction sure exists and mainly on the opposite sex. If in case this has never happened to you, then you must be a *! I hope you understand what it means.

Artificiality!? The objects are artificial, so are some people. The people tend to move so closely, following every track of whatever we do and in the end; we get a big blow, which is something out of out competence. But all that is not quite well with me. The eyes can never lie, even if he words that they shatter around to the others. The difference lies in identifying the prime factor. We consider them as our inmates sitting beside you and just being mendacious.

Egoists!? Egoists are the same as the ‘Jealousy’ type people. So similar is the so called mentality. They remain silent, yet very powerful in their thoughts and wait for the right moment. The moment for which we also would be waiting, but ultimately they would plunge downsizing you.

Self-Obsession!?  Who doesn’t like oneself? As far as I know everybody does like themselves. I am not talking about mentally retarded people, especially like me; but in a general sense. What not the people do so as to make themselves presentable. Please don’t ask me. Mine is a different story. I have seen people of truly different kind. Self fascinating or obsessed with oneself. What do they strive to be so obsessed with themselves? They strive for the so called success. When the topic is about success, why do you talk or think non-sense in front of them. They won’t just give a damn look at you. So are they totally self dependent and self taught? Unfortunately not. They aren’t so well versed with this thing. They steal your thoughts coming like a shadow at night. Is it from just one person that they steal? Fortunately for them, the people around them are very kind enough to serve them when they need. But is it the case when someone needs a help back? Sadly, as told earlier they are ‘Self-Obsessed’. They won’t tell a thing, because there then break the rules of being self-obsessed by letting the other person share the victory. Two persons docked in a single position, truly impossible. So at last you are dumped, no matter how good you are. Because sometimes bad wins over good and the good has nothing just to congratulate them. So now the good need not be disheartened, because as they say ‘bad things happen for their own good’.

I would like to congratulate you for reading all the ‘NON-SENSE’ up to here. But this is not all. Just the beginning. More to come in the near future.

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