Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome 2011..

When the clock strikes twelve today, it begins the mark of another year, the year 2011. The people eagerly wait for a new year, with their minds capsized with so many new plans and resolutions and aspirations. The start should be as brilliant as possible so that the rest of the year is as joyful and merry-full as the beginning. It's like a festival. People are so happy to enter into the new year. The aspirations are high, and are looking forward to achieve them. 

So, is it not just any other day like the 1st of any month? Probably, not. This one day is special to everyone. A decade has passed in this 21st century and the beginning of another decade begins with this year, 2011. Many people have already made their resolutions and are anxiously looking forward to this very day. But, when the year begins, the first day is incomparably exquisite. But, as days pass by, we are obliged to forget that the new year has already begun. We tend to keep aside our resolutions. No offence? This is just my opinion. There are people who strictly follow their pre-defined Resolutions. I appreciate your effort and hope that you carry on further. I am talking about a person like me. I set the last day of the year for the things which I would like to do in the coming year. I so set. The day, 1st of January arrives. I am compelled to enjoy the whole day. Then comes the second day and the third day. Then suddenly, I wake up one morning and find out that the day is somewhere in the end of December,2011. I look back the year as I always do to find myself that I had done nothing and then the questions of the resolutions. None were accomplished. I fall back in the bed and try to curse myself and the time for being so fast that it didn't give me chance to try out my plan or the resolutions which I had been making since the last five years, the same thing; the same resolutions, plans.

Now, I look back at this year. The whole period of a year is not a great time. It would be all about college and holidays and nothing purposeful. I would rather talk about the whole decade. The first decade of the 21st century. The things which I learnt, I missed, I enjoyed,  feared, I cried for, et cetera. The whole teenage saga of the the decade. I don't have to mention that that people learn a lot from the time they were a child and to the time they become an adult. That's the common human behavior to learn things and grow up with the situations and live the moment. I have lived many moments. Actually, it is really hard to recollect the year 2000. But I can give a glimpse of the things which I can very well remember. First thing that comes to my mind are the natural disasters and the horrible accidents that shook the whole world. The first one is the Earthquake in Gujarat. I was actually there when it struck the plight of many people. There was a huge loss; both of life and property. That was one incident that still moves in my mind fresh as a blossomed flower. Then the Tsunami, and that to be the day after the Christmas. Though I wasn't there but, the feeling still lives in the corner of the mind. Then the Twin-tower clash. That was another big disaster. Then, there were Riots and so many dreadful and horrible things. You might be thinking that all that I remember is what came in the news, disasters and accidents. Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. I can't remember, say like "What happened on June28, 2004 at 5:30 IST?". I sure can't remember things like that. But what about any happy moments?. Well, actually it is quite hard to recollect such things. May be because I am not a ever-happy guy. People have certain hard phase, which I think every one goes through and probably this decides what your future is all about. I guess that phase isn't over yet. So, when I try to think about any such moments, they are darkened by that. Hmm. Sorry. I got off the topic. So, getting back to bore you people. 

I was told many times that this is the crucial year of your life. If you do well, then you will be happy for the remaining life. Firstly, when I was appearing for the 10th Board exams. Many people said that it is the only crucial year, which would define my fat about the future. Sure, it was important and I am not getting them wrong. But, when it was over, then it was or the +2. I was struck with the same dialogue. Well, okay fine. Another crucial year passed and finally joined for bachelor's degree. But still I am being haunted with the same dialogue. May be I suppose, life is full of endless crucial years. 

What am I now? What did I think will be some ten years back? Ten years back, I never used to think about future because I never knew about what will happen if I do that, this or what should I do so as to get that after a long run? Obviously, everyone wouldn't have thought when they were of some 10-12 years of age. But when we grow up, we realize things and the happenings around us. That is a good sign. One should definitely know about the happenings. And we get mature enough to think about what we like and what we want. We set an ambition, we strive for it. We try to achieve it. This is life. Life doesn't have a single definition. Each one of us has a specific definition of life. Each one of us has dreams and we would like to make the dream a reality and live our LIFE. That is life of your own definition. You ask every individual about "What is life?", each one has a specific theory of theirs. Well, in this decade I have made myself to think for a better cause. I have learnt many things. And would like to work on my definition of life. 

Hope !

Life is short. Isn't it? A minimum span of sixty (60) years is small. Do you think so? Well, this depends on how you take time into your hands. If you live in each and every moment, then it sure looks like a "LARGE" life. But, if we think about the coming moment and not caring about the present moment. Then, sure the life is "SHORT". There is an instinct of fear, which does not allow people to live in the moment they have to. They constantly think about their future. What is gonna happen tomorrow? What will happen if I do that, this? What ...? What ....? Questions always bother us all the time. But, Life is not about to ponder about those questions because they portray our future which is uncertain and precisely depends on the actions in the present. So, I would like you to live the moment no matter in how much difficult you are in, try to overcome with your best possible effort. And when faced by a difficulty, never ever think about the result because that is like stepping on a  broken stone. Always try to thing about the possibilities and the way in which it could be solved. 

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. May this year bring you joy and you succeed in everything you do. Have a joyful year ahead. And hope you achieve your aspirations and dreams. LIFE IS ON A MOVE, ENJOY EACH AND EVERY SECOND.

Past has taught Lessons.
Memories have brought Happiness.
  Time has taught Living.
Mistakes have brought Wisdom

Now, New is the Year.
 New are the Aspirations and Dreams
 Behold the Newness.
 Step forward, Step Ahead.
 Here it comes, yet another Glorious Year. 

Welcome it. 
With a Smile on your Face.
And Hope in the Heart
Cherish the Past.  
Replenish the Future
And Never Forget,
Live the Moment.  


P.S. :: I might moved randomly with my thoughts and the writing was out of order. I hope you to excuse me for that. Anyways, I wish you A Happy, Glorious  & Prosperous New Year. Have fun and always Take Care. Catch you in the next year. Till then, take care and ENJOY.!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Dream. Dreams. There is a minor difference between those two words. We dream to achieve something. And sometimes dreams take the solace corner of the mind and generate new things. We find the peace in those dreams. When we dream, we get involved in them, no matter how difficult they are or even if they are impossible. Because they are dreams, the imaginary illusions and the portray of different things which we always wanted to happen to us. When we dream we are the creator of our own kingdom. We rule, we design and mold things in such a manner that gives us the satisfaction and the solace we need. We call it dreaming. It is never wrong to dream. We should dream. We dream about the things which are basically not achievable easily. This means we dream BIG. Big in the sense, when there is something we don't have and dream about it, we call it dreaming BIG. We dream in-variedly about something, which is probably out of reach. Dreams are  always pleasant, which makes us feel one among them and we are the architects, engineers and everything. Because we are dreaming so we can put any subject into practice easily without any sort of hesitation. What ever we dream, we just love to be in our dreams. And when we control what we are dreaming, it is called "Day-dreaming" and in such a occasion, everything is according to our wish.

I said in the opening lines, dream and dreams are two different words. The dreams which we dream and live are just temporary and none-the-less we like to stay with them. And to dream is to set a goal. A summit which has to be reached and for that just sitting in your room and wondering of how to get to the destination doesn't help. We need to wake up from the dream, work like no one else could have and once you reach your dream, the summit, the world is yours. You are at the top of the world, aren't you? The difficulty lies in the path only. The path is never a straight path and without troubles. It is not your goal, you are heading forward for if you start your journey and find everything according to your wishes and feel satisfied with what you are doing, I suppose you are definitely in the wrong track. Because, nothing is easy in this world. It could be that you are so brilliant that you aren't facing any problems. I say so because you are one hundred percent PERFECT and truly unmatched person just like GOD. I am not letting you perfectionists down. I was just trying to say that, when everything favors us, it won't favor for long. So, keep a watch.

Coming back to the topic, Dream. I recently had some weird dreams. All continuously, night after night. I suggest you readers to skip this, it might bore you and it will be off the hook- like thing. So here they go like this.


Dreams don't have a perfect beginning nor a perfect ending. So, I don't know how it all started. I was in the hostel room. I guess I am quite a naughty kid. No one would believe that in reality, as I am not one of such a kind. The hostel rooms and the college was attached. Don't blame me, I am not the architect here. I just have a room in the third floor and the adjacent block has the classes. It's kind of a weird. Now, i realize that. There were two watch-mans who were walking past my room. Something happened and I don't know what I did, I guess I whacked them and was trying to lock them in my room. I didn't know what I was thinking. As I was trying to lock the room, I failed to do so. Eventually, the door didn't close. I ran out of sight before they could get a glimpse of me. I succeeded in this. I thought of waiting for sometime and then return back. I was walking past the classes and the libr.... LIBRARY. Where did it come from? I have no idea. It was in the second floor and all open. No closed doors, nothing like that and it also had the stairs to go to the third floor. It was kind of open. A madam caught me and started checking me out. I don't know why, but I was kind of a hurry. After she was done, I thought of going back to my room and check out the situation. There were people moving around and and the situation is quite odd. All were looking a quite a of weird at me. I went to my room, and found nothing inside. None of my things were there. Some other person was there packing his things, some card-board and and wooden planks. "What was going on?". I realized, "I am thrown out of college hostel, because of that prank." I thought of the relative possibilities which I have to sustain outside hostel. M brain was fast in thinking that. And I found no other alternative. I just couldn't bear it any more. I was in a sort of shock. I think I moved my head in dis-agreement with the situation. I woke up. "Thank Goodness, It was a dream".  I sighed in relief. That was one horrible dream.


The exploration of the dream and the entities in the layout where we wander around in the so called dream are really imaginary. Sometimes, there are places which don't even exist and things which can't be done in reality. But, as in a dream there is no control over the subject, it becomes to look like real compelling us to show our heroic nature where we are embodied ourselves. Like-wise was one such dream. The people were captivated in a locker type room and it was underwater. There were bad people taking out the good people, torturing them. I don't know from where and how I came to picture. I was in the middle of the vast underwater mansion like thing, or call it a very big submarine. Actually it is not a submarine either. It is more like an underwater house covered with glass and also had a small kind of working factory for the criminals over there. So, I was in the middle of that building. I could see no casualties. Obviously it was dark, as it is under the water and had less supply of electricity. I finally found a man. But he was dead. He was one of the criminal gang. Besides him lay a heavy gun. I guess its some kind of a machine gun. I took it, it was heavy. "How to check the bullets?". I didn't bother to check, because a small wrong move can trigger those people and they would be coming running for me. Suddenly there was exchange of gun-fires. I thought the police and the SWAT had arrived. I saw the big heavy people running with guns in both their hands. I was in the floor above them and I could see them clearly. Then I thought I myself could clean up the mess. I had a Gun in my hand. I aimed it at the people with great difficulty. The firings in the adjacent rooms has increased and there is no name of quietness over there. So, I thought it would be the right time. With great difficulty, I tried to pull the trigger. I have never kidded any one before. "What will happen, if I am arrested? What will be it like if I sit in Jail the remaining of my life?" . So were the fierce thoughts which flooded my brain at that time. But, I wanted to do something. So, now with full determination to kill them, I aimed and pulled the trigger. Something just went through the gun at light speed. I guess more than 30 bullets. That force kicked me back. I didn't expect this. And more over, I pulled the trigger only once. It neither did hit anyone. It was like shooting at the sun. The force made me hit the wall behind me. But, I was fine and luckily no one noticed me firing from the first elevation. This time, I sat firmly, very firmly and didn't aim, closed my eyes and pulled the trigger. When I opened, there was no one there. "Oh my God, did I kill everyone there?", I  thought. But there were only four bodies lying on the ground except the odd twenty or so. The firing in the adjacent room ceased and i slowly crawled to the stairs. I could find no one. But I was spotted by some one. "Throw your weapon and put you hands on the ground", a voice said. "Now, I am done for sure. It is SWAT and they are going to kill me." All the questions which I had earlier had came to my mind. "I killed someone...Arrest.. Jail....". I just couldn't take it any longer. So I moved the gun towards me and pulled the trigger. I felt something hit me. Now I am dead. I didn't feel any pain. It was easy to die. But unfortunately, I could still see. I had no blood on me. I still couldn't make out, whether I was dead or alive. I saw the police coming towards me and giving me a nice punch. That strong punch woke me up. "AAH, Thank God. I am not ARRESTED". It was a dream, a horribly real experience dream. 


I woke up one morning and was on the way to the morning daily breakfast and saw a glimpse of the additional paper of the daily newspaper of the "Indian Express".I saw something familiar on the right corner of the front page of the additional page on the Sunday edition. Three words, which were too much familiar. It read "The Shaded Shadows". I saw it while I was having lunch. "What is that?", I thought for a second. "Oh my god, It is my blog. WOW..". I completed my breakfast as fast as  could and ran to see the newspaper. I was on my way to my room and the newspapers are generally kept at the entrance of the hostel. I felt something vibrating in my hand and making some screeching noise as well. I had to look at it. So I opened my eyes to find myself in bed my newspaper was left in the dream. I couldn't even read it. If I had read it, I would have enjoyed the dream much more later when I woke up. I was disappointed by the alarm call. "When will such a dream come again?" and this time no alarm for sure. :P

P.S. :: Thanks for reading. Please drop by your opinions. And I would like you to share your wonderful dreams also. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Random Thoughts.

Random Thought 1.0

" It is much more happier to stay in a place where no one knows us than to stay in a place where everybody thinks wrongly about us. "

Random Thought 1.1


Random Thought 1.2

"The unpredicted uncherished unprotected 
unbiased unravelled mysteries lie just in front of eyes."

P.S. These are just some random thoughts. Actually each thought deserves a separate post, but I didn't make it that way. Thanks for going through. I suggest you to drop by your comments in regard with the thoughts whether they are apt or not. And the original post can be obtained at (or)

Friday, December 17, 2010

This year...

A week is over. Another came by and went off in a dilemma. "Hey buddy, it's December", heard this while I was walking back to my room. I barely remember this year,2010. Its DECEMBER. It was so fast. I never knew when time flew by and left me to the last month of the year. What about the resolutions I made at the start of the year? Do I remember any of those? Frankly speaking, "I do not remember even a single resolution!" . I guess, it's time to make new ones. Right?

I am not worried about making a new set of resolutions by the beginning of the next year. I am feeling it quite awkward. It is because, when I try to make some things straight and absolutely nothing goes well, then what is the point in making such attempts and wasting time. I would like to make a long list of resolutions and with full determination to implement the very first day of the month January. But, sometimes things don't work as we think and always gives us a blow at the right and the perfect time. The new year starts and with in no time its December. It's hard to believe though, but time flies at the speed of light. Before, I could even think and even try to implement any of my so called resolutions, the year comes to an end and I write the same old thing. Another passes by and I question myself, "What did do this year?". The answer from inside me echoes,"Nothing".

Nothing. I just can't believe it. 350 days passed, just like a whoosh. This is quite obsolete. Some days were longer and some days were shorter, but none of the days were like, "Wow, what a day is today? Surely I want to remember this day. I had some bad hiccups last night. And some bad days this year. Sometimes, I wish somethings shouldn't have happened. I do not know how this year is going to end, but I can tell with surety that this was not a good year. I realized so many things. I wish they never happened. I am stuck with one thing. I don't know whether it is for good or for bad. But, I just wish that didn't have happened, but somewhere in my heart, I wanted it to happen. I am not telling it, margining it as my personal thing. So, please don't mind about it. Besides that many unexpected things happened. 

Firstly, I wasn't stable. Stable in the sense, I was never in a fixed place. Once I bagged a College Hostel seat, which I never wanted, I had to settle here. I had to move on. Frankly, I hate the idea of college hostel and when the reason is so weird, " I don't eat food well, if I stay outside". Precisely, I was in four different places this year, constantly moving a shifting the heavy load. I guess it was in August, when I reached the last stand-out and I was told to stay here for another two years, until I complete my under-graduation. Well, so it is. Four months have passed and stepped deliberately into the fifth month. About academics, it's hard to say. The higher the difficulty and and the meaner are the subjects. The tougher the job gets to subside the literal weight on the shoulders. And I had a very unusual experience this time, while I was writing the exams. A typical feeling overcame my pestilent little brain. I just knew that something was wrong, but had nothing to straighten up the things. 

I had been finding a bit difficulty in adjusting the sudden changes in places. "Did I overcame it yet?". The answer is still a 'No'. I had been trying to figure it out, but I being so poor at statistics, couldn't actually figured it out correctly. Now, leaving about the odd things of the, "Has anything good happened to me this year?" . Hmm, as far as I can think of, "Nope, nothing good". The college had started and the atmosphere is getting a bit turgid. With the new semester on the start and a way too long time for competence, look forward to this semester to be good, if possible. Anyways leaving about the odds and the evens, I hope to make the best of this year and the coming year. So moving ahead..

Puzzle of the day !!! : Puzzle # 2

If you take a marker & start from a corner on a cube, what is the maximum number of edges you can trace across if you never trace across the same edge twice, never remove the marker from the cube, & never trace anywhere on the cube, except for the corners & edges?

And answer to the Puzzle#1::


Assume that initial there were 3*X bullets. 

So they got X bullets each after division. 

All of them shot 4 bullets. So now they have (X - 4) bullets each. 

But it is given that, after they shot 4 bullets each, total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division i.e. X 

Therefore, the equation is 
3 * (X - 4) = X 
3 * X - 12 = X 
2 * X = 12 
X = 6 

Therefore the total bullets before division is = 3 * X = 18

P.S. : I am not feeling well now, so may be the post could be boring and off the hood like thing. If you have read it,  I truly appreciate your patience and thank you.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dear Readers ...

Dear Readers,

I am back. I had been a sort of busy with the exams. Though, they were completed a week ago, but I had been too much obsessed with the after-effect of these exams. God, it was like hell. The whole week of the calcareous insufficiency of time and exploitation of human brain. I actually wanted to write at length about it, but later called it off. I actually don’t want to remember that horrible week again. I actually don’t know what exams are for. Are they for testing our caliber and how well we know the subject and how well we can manage the knowledge we gained through it. If it is so, then they could have made the paper easy for testing the depth of the subject. Instead, they make it tough like they are preparing to fail all people. Secondly, they test our ability to make decisions under pressure. The syllabus is vast like the  ocean and the time is too little. It feels as if someone puts a gun at the head and tells to study. The ticking clock is the gun here. I look at the clock, it moves too fast as usual but it sure imbibes in me another new element called “Tension”. Damn, it is horrible to study under pressure and the newly added tension. The tension in mind that the syllabus can’t be completed on time. And to add to the new element just found are the previous papers. They are like counting stars in the sunny morning. Where do they get all those questions from?  I sometimes wonder what if I give the toughest paper ever with the least known questions to the students to the people who prepare the paper and give them a half-day to study. How would they write? They know everything, so they could write everything perfectly. But do they know everything?

Anyways, the exams are over. And the college was to begin immediately after the day of the exam. But, as a known fact no one turned up to college. But what was more to think was that they didn’t turn even after a week and some are enjoying with the self-declared holiday. And about me, I am a little worried about the consequences of bunking. We already got quite a good blow in the previous semester when all the students bunked. I just hope that it doesn’t happen like that. Well, coming to me now. Why hadn’t I been writing even after a week’s break? I reason is what I mentioned earlier. Adding to it, when I am at home, I surely can’t think anything when I am obsessed with TV and internet 24x7 hours. What about sleep? I don’t remember when I sleep, but I know that I sleep the least unlike during exams. I don’t know what happens during exams. Instead of my various activities to keep me alive the whole night, I tend to fail to study as well as keel me awake up the whole night though I really want to stay.

Leaving about it, next up is about my blog. Yeah, I planned a lot of things pre-exams. But, I am finding it a bit difficult in merging with my thoughts. I am thinking of changing the writing procedure and including new things for you dear readers. Please drop by your comments if there is any difficulty in reading due to the theme with which I dressed my blog, thinking that it looks good. May it’s just my opinion. So, if in case there is any difficulty in reading due to the contrast or anything, please feel free to drop by your suggestions.

I would like to thank all the new followers and my readers who take their time to read my posts. Thanks a ton. I would like to keep up the traffic and would try fascinating you with my new posts. So, keep reading and don’t forget to drop by your valuable comments. Now leaving you to continue with your daily chores, I am signing off. And as I mentioned earlier, I am changing the outlook of my blog. SO, I would be adding some puzzles, trivia or anything similar so that even if you get bored by the content above, may be you could survive with the ending lines of my blog. So, enjoy reading if you could. And today’s puzzle:


Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division. Find the original number divided.
Note: Answer will be written in the next consecutive blog. Please try your hand at the puzzle.

P.S.  :: Thanks for your time to read my post. If you have any suggestions regarding any changes to be me made, please drop your suggestions in the comment box below. Thank you. 

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