Saturday, December 31, 2011

So far-Till Now.

It is over. Almost over. This is the last day of the year. Glad, I am still here to write this post. I feel it was just yesterday that I wrote a post claiming my new resolutions and a greetings about the new year. A year has passed by then. Does it feel like the same to me? Nah. Not even a bit. Its all mixed up, crazy doodly-voodly in my mind. What was this year all about? Yeah, there were some tough days. Were there? I don't remember. Am I getting forgetful? Oh, yeah! Sure I am. There were really crazy turn of events lately this year. Some gave me a fine solid blow. Do you want to know ? Well, I am all yours today. I will tell anything you ask. All that you have to do is ask. (I am laughing inside, hehe, because at the end of the day, No questions will be asked, I guess may be no one reads). Well, Whatever!

The first hit was a JOB. Oh, yeah! The job in the mighty TCS. Seriously, I didn't expect it, even a fraction of the minutest possible chance. Lets say for the sake of readers, I was lucky enough to get it. :) .  While the events which led to the possible conclusion of me ending into a job is quite obselete as I have already told in my previous post. Nevertheless the unseen has been seen. No-Can-Help over there. 

The second was self-immoralization. Yeah. I am quite bit of order right now. Once I used to keep track of things I used to to, now I am losing that track. And also, I used to remember what I used to do and at what time(not precisely though). But now I am a total blunder. The reasons are several and probably you all don't want to know. 

I came to know a bit more about the crazy people around me. I thought all couldn't be the same. Yeah, no one can be same. All are crazy F6's in their own way. Count me, if you think I am too. But if you ask me whether I am in it, No I am not in that list. Some are intelligent, very intelligent, more intelligent than you can ever imagine, but when they act like AH's, I sure can't handle it. Seriously, grow up. There is this person, who has nearly double IQ than me, or probably more, but when he asks the silliest question, I wonder is he playing with me or he really doesn't know. Later I understand that he doesn't know, when he doesn't understand after explaining it. And the thing that I find totally amazing is that he first 'googles' it before asking. Well, sure he is increasing his IQ over here. 

And there is one more thing I never wanted to tell. But what the hell? No one gives a SugerHoneyIcedTea. So do I (from now on). In the early month of August, I got a call. When I say I got a call, it is probably from a girl & no need to get excited because I wasn't. I remember the day because that was the day, when I had the worst thirty minutes of my life. Did I tell you about it.? NO, I didn't , right? Do you want to know? "NOOOOOooooooo".  No need to be so loud, I get you. But I am a crazy insane person. So will brief about it. I had to give a powerpoint presentation of the Industrial Training which we did in the Summer Vacation. And I was like dead, because the last thing I ever wanted to do was getting in front of a crowd and give a speech or presentation or whatever. I was stage-sick. I bunked classes for completing the presentation. I thought I prepared for the presentation. The moment came when I had to finally give the PPT. Firstly, the room in which we were didn't had a good projector. So I had to un-wire it because we came to know about its condition after I made all the connections. My Bad. I was already shivering by the time. Again, I make all the connections in the projector room and start it. The four terabyte memory just went blank. Hung up, I guess. No rebooting. Nothing. A part of the mind was still in tact. So I read all the presentation slides without even looking at the faculty or the students. And the worst part is that I was the first in the class to give a presentation. My Bad.  If there were atleast one person before me, it could have given me some kind of perspective of how to deal with it. But no. So I kept on murmuring till  completed the presentation dumb-faced. I also couldn't reply to most of the questions asked by the faculty. So totally, It was a blunder and a great disaster. You can't even imagine what I had done to escape this very moment. But something deep inside me said, You can do it. And yeah! "Oh, F, I did." And that was it. I thought no more. So where was I? Yeah, the girl. Firstly I thought it was a prank that some one was playing. It sure was a prank. But this had far wide limitations. Seriously, out of coverage imitations. As this person says that she has seen me in the college. Firstly, I was a bit shocked. My friends only don't notice me when I am around them. Then she claims to know my name and even my facebook. Obviously, if anyone knows my name, it is sufficient to find my facebook and also everything else. Now, look at the connection as of how this very person came to know my number. A guy from Computer Science seems to know me. Serious bullshit. Frankly, I know only three guys from CSE and that's it. I am in contact with only one of them. God only knows how the hell did this fourth person who happens to be a Junior came to know about my number. Firstly, I don't publicize my number in the public. And secondly, I hate pranks. I was very well convinced about this that it definitely is a prank. But wanted to know how far it goes. This was a short termed. So, there is nothing much to discuss about it. The only thing that still bothers me "How in the name of God, did they get my phone number?". And if anyone wants what exactly happened, I would be happy to tell. So, please drop it in the comment section. 
And I also wanted to tell that there are some people who think I am good, and some even think I am great and awesome. Seriously, don't believe it. I am exactly the opposite. I don't know what made you think like that, but I am not whatever you think I am. So again, where was I ? I was speaking about people. Yeah, frankly speaking I am fed up of the artificiality of the people and the preposterous acting skills. Damn, they are really good actors. I did try my best to look behind the masks, but like I said they are good. Some get caught at the wrong time and some never. Hmm, err.. Like I said, I am fed up of that. 

And another exciting thing that I did this year was the Night-Ride. I wrote about it in the Midnight Rampage. I agree with you that I didn't quite write well. And speaking of that night, it was awesome. Care for another ride? Hmm, may be. Not confident about it. 
And there are so many things that happened, I think. I don't remember any of those. Didn't I mention earlier that I am losing track of myself and forgetting things. This is one of it. Like everybody say, in this year there were many ups and downs, there were many mistakes that were done and some good things also. Learning from the mistakes and moving ahead, I would like to be prosperous in the year to come. Serious LOL!! Well, So far-till now. 

Take Care. And Happy New Year, Twenty-Twelve. :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Round the Clock - December.

I am trapped in the brain waves. Everything seems fuzzy, blurred. These days have been a kind of rough. I agree. And I am out of my mind also. Am I thinking too much? Oh, Yeah, thats' right I am thinking too much. No offense but its' one of my quality. For the past two weeks I had been sort of busy. Hmm, Busy not in the sense of studying. I was actually watching movies and English TV serials.

Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn
Mission Impossible
Puss in Boots
Rockstar (Hindi Movie)
Rise of the Planet of Apes
The Warrior
Crazy, Stupid Love
Garden of Eden
Born to Race
The Whistleblower
Friends with Benefits
Penguin Poppers
Don2 (Hindi Movie)
Good Old Orgy
Shark Night
Veera (Telugu Movie)
Animal Kingdom
A Perfect Teacher
The Waiting City

White Collar. (TV Series)
House M.D. : One Season (TV Series)

And some more which I can not recollect. Almost it was my daily routine unless I am fixed with some lousy work. Why am I writing this? No Idea. Just wanted to tell, what I had been doing this whole month. What I actually wanted to do this month wasn't actually this. I wanted to start a fiction in my blog and later develop it into a novel or lets say like-wise. But I seem to be completely obsessed with these movies and frankly speaking I still have some in the pending list. 

Cat Run
International Playboy
The Howling Reborn
and after I get back to hostel I will be downloading some more. 

Why I told about all these movies which I watched was to tell something about it. I wanted to tell something more relevant to the present situation that is being happening around me. And I wanted to relate it to the movies which I actually saw. But i guess I failed in creating the link between my actual thoughts and the reality. My Bad. Like I said earlier I am trapped in the brain waves. I don't know what you understood from it, but I meant that I am not having a clear idea of what I am doing. All the movies are just wavering in front of my imaginary eyes and all I can see is nothing, literally speaking. What I mean is that I am not having a clear peace of mind for thinking. Hence this bullshit. Pardon Me. Probably, I will come up with some more exciting or atleast not so repelling posts. 

Take Care and Advance Happy New Year. :)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I will be Damned.

Ya. Hell Yeah, "I will be damned". The daily routine of mine usually involves finding myself growling about something that happened in the day about which I am not so proud of. But let me tell you, I am actually proud of everything that I do. Its' just the feeling that bothers me a lot. So, as usual I sit at the laptop start downloading something and watch a movie or a TV serial. The best part is that time flies by like anything. The worst part is that I sit ideally in front of the laptop with my headphones and don't move a muscle. When I realize that it's time to sleep, I try to complete another serial. Ya, I am obsessed with watching. And believe me, I am started having a pot-belly. Another thing is that these are just short timed. They end up in two or three days. Then I get hyper-bored again. Well, for now, I still got a season to watch. Ya, I am happy. But the thing is that I don't usually post anything while I have a season or a movie at stake. No matter what, I usually don't. Thats' why I will be damned. Thats' just half of the story and also not the real part either. The reason why I am posting this one is that I got a visitor. Yeah, a real visitor and also that wonderful person left a comment also. Is this a start? May be or may be not. But just for the heads up, it just feels good. 

But don't worry, this wont be the last post either. I am still good at writing. No, This is seriously a joke. So, an insight of the work that I will be doing probably this week. Don't worry, I am not giving the details and also this is about what I am about to write. So, that narrows it down, doesn't it? Never-mind. Some while back, a friend of mine asked me about my blog. Well, I was honored. He even asked whether anyone was reading or not. I said that I had a bit over 100 followers. 100 followers? Me ? Seriously? So I thought. Actually, it was the truth. But the fact that no one reads this is something else. Well, there is a trick for raising the followers. I played it and it did work. But the guy didn't know about this. He actually thought that those people are actually reading my blog. So, he tells about his story, something the usual stuff precisely related to what actually happens in college life and his part of the life. It was just a formal talk. Later at the end of the discussion, he says that I got a new topic for my blog. I then realize that "Yeah, I got one for a new post". 

So this little story is on the list hot-list. And adding to that some of the usual stuff that we usually encounter on the daily basis which surely has a great impact on the people. A little history of the author, just for the readers to know the real insane me. Believe me, I was insane and hell yeah, so am I now. There is a paradox when I say "Life". Amazingly it has a number of meanings. There are over hundred billion people of which lets say 10 billion people are mature enough to understand what happening with them and so when we ask them "What is Life?" you will sure get over 9 billion different answers. Don't believe me? Try it yourself? Ask those many people and let me know if I am wrong. Just kiddin'. It just crossed my mind. Frankly, I don't know why I wrote it. Better don't ask me. Like I mentioned earlier, I am Insane. So, I would like you to rest now. Take care. I got a whole season to complete. See ya'. (Yeah, I was talking to myself). 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Not Surprised!

Surprise! Surprise! Look who's back? Yeah, its me. I have been lately murmuring the inside-ness of the brilliant me. Thats' nothing new, I suppose. I do it all the time. But I have been doing too much of the over-action lately. Well, yeah, I was.

What do the dreams mean actually? Is it just the illusion of the daily self? If so, why can't I do things which I dream. "May be its' because the dreams are an illusion of imagination. And believe me, you got a pretty awkward hell of an imagination." says the voice in my head. Oh, I see. I have been very very desperate to write a fiction story. I just have a summary of it like in pieces which won't add up even half of the page. I am thinking of making it into an online novel. See, thats' what I call too much expectation. Again the voice. Nevermind it. I just had a thought of this fiction for quite some long time. What does a story require? Imagination. Thats' what I thought. Case study, ground study, research, back-research, threats, consequences, live-examples, et cetera and the list goes on. OMG. Really OMG!!! That's why I haven't been able to make it at least to the ground level. So to be that good as I dream to be, I need to do a lot of work. And I am ready for that. 

Recently, I advised a friend of mine who was supposedly having problem writing to write whatever comes to mind rather than finding a specific topic to fill the space. I was actually surprised that someone asked me that question. I was rather good at giving advices. Its' easier than following it, right? Thats' me again, lazy crazy idiot. Actually, I have never written anything useful other than picking up a topic and writing an essay on it. And the previous posts wouldn't tally with this statement. Well, I am back to the pick & describe essay writing competition. I will surely keep the fiction thing in mind and will definitely work on it. By the way, I am not that good at keeping promises. So I wont promise about that.

And lately I realized, it just needs just a person to figure out whats' happening and it is like a rapid fire in the forest. It just spreads like a fire. {Technically speaking} . How many people read my blog? One in a trillion people. Okay, fine add one more. The problem is not how many people read my blog! The problem is why does those people keep saying "Did they read your blog-post?"  And one guy even says that people are talking about my blog. I am pleased to know that. So, if that post was so much appealing in the wrong sense though, I am ready to do that. Anyways, what was the surprise about? That you mentioned in the opening lines. That was nothing, just to catch your attention. So I thought. I actually wanted to write a brief history of mine, which no one probably would know unless he knows me, I mean personally. Surprise! Not Surprised. I know you won't be. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another Random Post.

This should be it. I was wrong. I think I was. Or may be not. But it is still my problem. It is about me, so I don't want you to brag about it more. Kindly switch to Facebook. Yeah, with Facebook, I realize that I am completely obsessed with it. No matter what, I don't have a notification and even if I do, thats kinda crappy and the Ticker keeps ticking. Well, I think its a social problem. And my problem is that I am a complete Idiot. Don't you agree? I know you do. So, I just realized that I just  be-little myself. I get that more often. I have a kind of soft feeling for others. Believe me, I did. But these days I am getting over it. I keep bragging about my writing and about people, don't I ? So, I am giving the bragging thing on the writing thing. So let me quote, "I am an awesome writer". Most of you would disagree, sorry I mean all of you and if you don't then you are lying. Anyways moving on, yeah, about people, I get quite rational. And these days I am in a mood of kicking their ass.

Recently, I made a very lame post about my batch mates. Should I be sorry about it? "Yeah" *I hear some voices(shouting)* . Well I am sorry that I am not sorry because I meant it. Yeah, I am insane. But I will be more insane. Just make sure you don't piss me off. Well, I am kind of pissed right now. So, another chicken for the sacrifice. Am I not one lonely little  big freak? Fortunately, I am. And more fortunately, I don't really care whatever the hell you think about it. So,  buckle up. And kindly note, I don't get into anybody's way. So I would expect the same. Even if you cross the line, its fine. But pissing me off, would be quite hard for me to give a shit about you. Yeah, I am starting to swear. Don't be naive and don't make me do this. This is a warning for the rest of the so-called nicest people. But it's a bit late for the others. They are already in the place-of-selfish-B# and made hard on me.  

And after reading my previously mentioned blog-post a guy said that I have some guts that he hadn't known. Well, yeah, I do have some but it is trapped inside. And whats more is that I am writing this even after knowing that my dad reads my blog-posts. Still want more? My dad is on facebook also. Well, my debate ends there.

Friday, December 9, 2011


Note: This is about a friend of mine.

It always takes a person to motivate to write. Sometimes, it happens to be yourself. And sometimes, it is always an other person. And frankly speaking it is not at all easy to accept the fact that it was because of that person. Believe me, I know.
I have been through similar kind of experience. So, I am kinda familiar with it. I actually don't know why I am writing this post now, but anyways moving forward. I think this began in the end of November, when my friend wanted to post something in his blog. As the great critic I am, I started bombarding the elements for a fusion. Finally I did made him write a post. If I hadn't done that, he might not have written even that. What I did was challenge him and he accepted the challenge. But he did say that more were about to come. I knew that was hard to accept it, but still I backfired him. But this wasn't as effective as the earlier one. The earlier one was so powerful that he wrote away a post at that moment itself. And then no more as I had expected. 

P.S. This is totally random. I just wanted something to boost me into writing. Anyways this did not help though. I just had an awkward conversation with a so-called friend of mine. So, I am down on energy. But don't you worry, I will come up with a mind-blowing post. Yeah, I mean it to the word. Your minds will blow off, really and seriously. So, choice is yours. :P . Anyways, have fun this weekend, Enjoy. 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Rambling.

Disclaimer : "You really don't want to read this one".

This was not something new. I am used to it. Was I crying ? No. I wasn't. Once I used to for situations like such. Now, I am not. I want to, but I really can't. It was a dark room filled with the hotness of the frustration. Why frustration ? 
Something happened the other day. And the day before that and the whole week before that and the whole previous year. It just grew bigger and bigger, bolder and bolder. But what about me? I was just staring ruthlessly at it, even helping it grow bigger and bolder. There was frustration in me and there still is. I am the cause and I should be the remedy. But how? I tried. I summoned myself. It didn't help. It never did. I was lucky. Yeah, lucky to be unlucky. Somethings really don't change. And some people don't change either. I am not an exceptional. I am unchangeable. I disagree with the previous statement of mine. Some people can be changed and some people don't want to be changed. And some people try to change. This post isn't about change. I already wrote about it in the previous posts. 

How was this supposed to be dealt? I clearly don't have an idea about it. I feel like shouting at the top of my voice. Aaaaaaaargh. ! Seriously, I want to. I do shout, but it's silent mode shouting. So, I call it. Else, blow the heads off. I wish that was a lot simpler than it really is. Nothing is as easy as it seems. And also not easy when someone tries to tell that its easy. Its f'ing not. Whats' easier is to accept defeat and live hopelessly. But who wants to be like that. No one. Everybody faces a wall, a point when one has to stop and think the way out. Troubles are a part of life. Whats' life without troubles? Its' isnt a life to be lived. Actually what do you have to live if you do not have troubles at all. Trouble is a part of life. Just like a recipe, you need all the ingredients to make it worth. Sometimes, if the ingredients aren't in proper proportion it f'ing sucks. One needs to have all the ingredients and also in the right proportion. 

A part where sometimes the trouble rises is when we don't fit in properly. Everybody aren't like water to take the shape of the container and live with its dimensions. Thats really very difficult and sometimes impossible. The world would have been a much more better place if it was so. But unfortunately it isn't so. You can't make a solid block to shape of the container just by placing it. If you really want to fit in, you need to work in. Burn, melt, condense, whatever it takes to make it possible. The point here is to tell about hard-work. Who doesn't tell to work hard? Starting with you mom to the last person who you would see would always tell you to work hard to achieve whatever your goal is. 

Whats' my problem actually? I know that I have a problem, but does that really bother you? No, 
right ? Then why bother? I stopped giving a damn about it. So, telling about it is out of question. Whats' much more creepy is that I am under a kind of surveillance. I need to be alert and keep my thoughts together before I slip anything wrong. Yeah, I am holding myself back. I don't want to be a  good-boy-bad-boy dual personality person. Accept the fact that I am an idiot and if in case you are having some doubt, I will prove you wrong. Believe me in that,  I seriously will. But the unfortunate thing is that I make it a lot easier for you to believe it in the first glance itself so that I don't have to work hard later to prove it. Earlier the previous day, I had a sort of argument. Believe me, I would have kept my way quite all the time, but I am no same person anymore. I was firing back strongly. What happened was that I kinda blacked out. This doesn't mean that I fell down. I was sitting comfortably in  the sofa when the argument began. As it was going on ( lets say, it was their turn of the so-called-debate ) and were speaking their part out, everything around me went black. I knew that something was happening, but what that I really don't know. And when it was my turn, the sight was clear by then and again as they started back-firing (so I call it), I blacked out. But, this was no big deal as I ended it with a draw. :)

Why I wrote this post? I have no idea. What am I writing? No idea. Why are you reading this? I seriously don't have an answer to this question. Though I may make up some kind of explanation to the former two questions, but the third one has to figured out by yourself. Actually, I wanted to write something catchy, witty and something unusual hoping that I could attract some lot of people (Just joking) . Okay, now stop laughing. Move on with your other work. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rock n' Rolla.

"Rock n' Rolla" 

This word was on my mind while I was having my semester end exams. I precisely don't know where I got this word, I mean even during the busy hour of the exam-tension. I got this word and it started humming itself in the mind. And it eventually led to a dance also. Though, this was a short dance, but it energized me. And to add to this, this was a short lived humming bird. After a exam, it disappeared. 

After the exams were over; here with exams I mean the semester end exams, but I still had two more exams. Unlucky me. So I had to stay back at hostel. Staying at hostel isn't a problem for me. The problem was the Laptop. It gets a disease every time during exams. I call it "Exam-sick". Seriously, for every semester end exams, this shows up with this annoying behavior. It gets hung up, sometimes crashes down and sometimes the keyboard doesn't work. All this ultimately leads to the laptop disaster and much more complex thing that it generates is the anger in me. I get real pissed off, when such things happen. And much more when its just before the exams. 

In order to pass the time, I went to some movies. I watched four new movies during a period of 3 days. Well the first one is Rockstar movie. That was a beginning of the new Rockstar, which I call myself now. The other two movies were out of passion and the last movie was because of boredom. Yeah, Boredom. I was getting real bored staring at my partly working laptop and the 'no notifications' on my facebook. I did write some wild posts lately. And I am really proud of it. I don't really give a rats' ass about what others are thinking right now. Once i used to give precedence to others thoughts than mine. But this whole world is a ruthless inglorious and sick. Being good is just a character who would be mold to others interests, just because that person doesn't want to hurt others and obviously he's nice. FTS (mln)

I wanted change. And I will bring change. I didn't intend to hurt others. Really. I didn't. But those people don't give a damn shit about others. Even then I was nice. And they still didn't give a shit. The level was crossed. My patience was tested. I changed. I had fantasized many times, how I would be if I had changed. And frankly speaking, I never fantasized what I think I have changed to. This is new and out of my league. I know I can't bear the atrocities and beat them. Whats' wrong in trying? When the world is busy with their "own bloody problems", what in the name of god would any one care. I don't know and I don't care. "People may get hurt". This thing maneuvered in my mind as I was writing the previous line. "Who are these people? They didn't care about mine. Why should I about theirs?"  F'em. Well, okay. I am nice; most of the times, but if someone crosses a line, I would be the worst, or lets say its' their luck and won't give a damn thing about what you / others'  think. Thats' when I call this feeling "Rock n' Rolla".  \m/ ! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mid-Night Rampage.

The time was half past twelve and the day was 29th September. And we haven't yet started for the destination. The destination was "Yarada" which was quite far, rather too far. And the journey as I did hear was a big bumpy as we have to pass through a hill. I actually thought it was at the hill top. The occasion was a friend's birthday. I was actually invited. Yeah, I was. Most of the times, I am not. But this time I was. There is a little history behind this. Anyways, the history remains as history. 

That day I was busy exploring the city of destiny, Visakhapatnam. I wanted pictures. I took my camera and started wandering down the beach road. I went as far as I could till the point where it ended. It was the ship harbor. I was actually inside the ship harbor wandering on my bike. Anyways I didn't know that. So I took my camera out and started the burst sequence. I took a few and while I was returning back I noticed that it was the ship harbor. By the time, I almost got out. And the rest of the road was a bit crowded and the smell of the dried fish covered the arena. I had to hold my breath until I came out of the place. Then I got a call from a friend of mine, asking me whether I was interested in coming to the party later that night. I would have actually said NO, But I didn't, because I had my  reasons. 

So, finally the hour came and I was at the meeting point. The birthday boy had already arrived by then and the time was past twelve. We had to leave right away in order to wind up quickly. So the vroom and zroom began. The empty streets were lit by the engine sound. The silence of the roads were broken. One after the another we headed towards Yarada. I was a little bit excited. Or was I? I don't clearly remember. Because if I wasn't I wouldn't have gone. Or, may be I couldn't have said no and was going under dire situations. Never-the-less I was on my bike and was speeding in the lonely National Highway-5. Usually, this is a very populated road and that the time was quite some time past twelve, it was all calm and dreamy. I passed through each signal, following the bikes ahead of me because I didn't know the way. Whatever. I was following them. After a long journey, we had to stop for a moment just to clarify the route. Well, this moment took rather long time to find the way. Again, we started and headed towards the desti. I was still thinking it was at the hill top. Because I heard people saying that we have to climb a hill and the road is not at all good and sometimes its steep also. This was for the ca actually, which I over-heard. 

Anyways, the rugged hill did arrive at last. And believe me, it was not at all good. All ruggedness and unevenness and also the curves added to it. We forced the bikes and the car through the unevenness and was going up and up. The scene of the night and the lights from the top was aesthetic and totally awesome. But the journey wasn't over yet. This was the point where I came to know that the destination is a beach and not the hill top. Now the next task was getting down the hill. And the same type of road was ahead of us. The brakes were on, but the bike wasn't stopping. That was the steepness of the hill. Finally, when we did reach the bottom of the hill, it wasn't over yet. Now what lied ahead of us was another few km's of unevenness and ruggedness. I was almost sit-sick as I had been driving for almost more than an hour by then. The road never ended, it seemed like that way. We drove and drove and finally we reached the so called "Yarada Beach".

It was pitch dark. Totally dark. Even the moon wasn't able to provide the light. That was a beach by the way. And I came to know by the sounds of the waves. I frankly didn't know who came over here through all that road and found this place. This place was supposed to be a nice beach spot. But for me it was a dark beach where nothing was visible. And the party began. Actually this was for two people. One was Abhiram whose was the birthday boy and the other was Prithvinath, whose actual birthday was a week earlier but wasn't celebrated because of the exams. So two cakes, two birthday guys and nearly twenty other people. The cake was set and so were the candles. And the party began in the darkness. 

The birthday bumps were a common thing in these kind of parties, but these people invented another thing also which was dangerous though. It was setting the pants on fire using the foam or whatever it is called. I was busy clicking in the darkness and filling the lame dullness with the flash firing. After some time, the party was over , but none was ready to move. They sat by the beach and did nothing. It was nearly past three by the time it was all over. 

After a great deal of thinking and talking and cracking lame jokes, the return journey began. I would have cursed them if we had to go the same way back. But they were saved. We took a rather good one. I wondered why they didn't take this one earlier. This was a tarred road and rather smooth. The steep was never the problem now. I actually enjoyed the ride. I don't know about Prithvi who was siting behind me. Whenever I asked, he said he was comfortable, so does everybody says. And before I forget, there was a patrol on the road this time. We actually expected one in the way up and this wasn't a surprise though. We suddenly stopped and it took some time to find a way to get away without being noticed. This was rather too difficult. It would be easy to find the engine sound in the silent streets. We went through the streets and nearly escaped the patrol. That was kinda fun actually. Then we went acing through the NH-5 , disturbing the late night silence of the streets. Rather exuding feeling. By the time we reached back, it was nearly 4 in the morning. It was still dark like mid-night.

On the contrary, I did had a amazing ride and night out with friends. But, I am not going to do it once again. 

P.S. This is totally absurd on my part. There was a lot of things that happened that night and a lot of things I wanted to tell. I cut short it too much. My apologies. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Rule.

This is my Playground. And there is a place for you, here, referring to the readers, to play as well. I just set up the pitch and the ground for the play. I clean the mess and sometimes I make the mess. But mind you, this is still my playground. I may keep it neat & clean or make it as nasty & disgusting as I like. Here are my rules. You may play, but the rules are still mine. Does this post seem rational? It is . What do you care? This isn't your place. Nor your party place. None. You like to stay, stay as long as you want. Party as long as you want. Read as long as you want. 

But mind you, there is a boundary. Everything that happens inside stays inside. This is the rule. No one talks about it outside this boundary. Got it. You got a comment section, fill it. Let you thoughts kill the post. 

You want to speak / tell / criticize / anything, you do it here. Nothing goes outside this region. 

This is the first rule of  TSS  is "You don't speak about this outside this boundary "




P.S. Does this look familiar. Yeah, Inspired by Fight Club. :P :D (haha) 

An Intended Change.

I have made a list of topics which I want to write. I know, I should have written then by now. But, just because I made a list, it becomes much more harder for me to write upon them. I know, its kinda funny. But, I can't help it. The best way to write is to not to select a topic. So all my upcoming posts will be changed. It will never be the same. I have been Insane. I know. My insanity shouldn't lead to a conclusion that I am totally insane. I will prove that I am insane and will also try to prove that I'm not, at the same time. So I am thinking of changing the performa of my blog. Totally. I will be including some things which I haven't seen and imagined. And these are the most common things happening in the world. Well, its a start. Don't actually know where it may lead. I would be glad if I succeeded in writing perfectly, well if not perfectly, at least fine. So, the upcoming posts will be random and totally imaginary. Though I created a blog especially for this. But what can I say, I don't actually know what to say. Well, now I get it. I will start over here and will continue over there when I think that I am faring well in my new dimension. 

I call it the advancement of Insanity. Never mind if you don't read or read. I don't really care now. I used to. I used to wait for the people to comment. I used to wait for the people to read what I had written. I am getting over it. I am no more the same guy which I used to be. Now I am feeling like I am the "ROCKSTAR" when I am writing. And hell with the people who criticize. Who told them to read? And one more thing, I am not forcing you to read any of my posts. So you would be much happy if you left it in the early phase, else you would end up with a severe head-ache. That was a head's up. Just that you know.

Hmm, this was a quick post. There will be much more. And one last thing to all this, that I am changing the topics of the upcoming posts to totally random and rather insane topics doesn't mean that I am leaving the earlier non-sensual which I had been writing for the past three year (approx) . NO. Not at all. This new venture, what I it, is just like an added bonus to the people who are trying to waste (my apologies) spend time over here. Let's see if they like the newness with the insanity of not. And don't forget there is always a comment section over here. When I am writing insane, probably I would be getting much insane comments. And yeah, I am actually ready for all those. Bring it on. 


The Writer

Friday, November 25, 2011


Dear Self,

Don't you think you are over-reacting and over-acting at the same time? You write, that's well and fine. Why do you have to tell in every post that you suck at writing ? You make a post entirely for that purpose, and dont mention in the remaining posts. Well, now that people know that you suck and you have made plenty of space for them to think the same. So buckle up.
Don't mention about writing in the future posts. Okay? If interested, people will read. If not they won't. Just that, you write that you are not good at writing in the beginning of each post doesn't make them read or leave. Ok? Got the point ? And what the hell do you care about the people not reading your blog? Nothing, right ? You too know that people don't read your blog, so that makes it clear that you don't have anything to worry about. So, chill. Tuck it, and let the words do the disaster. What do you care? And what does anyone else care? 

The Writer.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Self Moralizing.

Dear Self,

Why are you singing songs loudly in SILENT MODE? 
The songs you are singing need to be loud enough. They are called HARD ROCK. So, shout, enjoy the rhythm, live it. ROCK IT. 

The Singer.

P.S. : The shortest post ever. :D 

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Dear Self-Overwhelming People,

You really suck at giving advices. Unfortunately people like are you are everywhere. It seems like the world is filled with advisors. You may be good at something or even know some stuff, but you are not god. MIND IT.  And what with some of the people, don't they understand simple ENGLISH or sometimes Hindi. Seriously, can't help those people. You are good. GOOD FOR YOU.  I am good too, "NOT AT ALL GOOD FOR ME". Being good is just a criteria for getting the works done. You want something, you ask it immediately, not planning when how to return the favor. Seriously, you don't want to return any favors also. And If i lend something, I have to ask it back myself. You don't even minimum sense to return it? I really dont know what to call you. 

And seriously, you are good at advising. But please don't give advices to me. You are good to yourself, not me. You really suck. And one more thing. "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS"!
You wont accept facts. You live with your own dreamy-creamy shitty world of yours and pretend you know everything. I really pity. Actually, I don't.  And what is with you guys? I seriously dont get your nerve. Buckle up. Sometimes its better to keep your thought to yourself than trying to be over-smart ! And what is up with you, why do you want to comment on the status which I post. When I am MAD, I seriously don't give a sh_t what you say / think. 

Again, Mind Your Work, if its not your area / workplace. 

Advised one.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Where do I start ? I kept on thinking for a long time where and how to begin. Do beginnings really matter, when... what I am about is write isn't good. But a formal writing is considered to have a good beginning to catch the readers' attention. I have been following this mantra for quite some time. Really, I did try my best. But the fact that whenever I try to create such an impression, I utterly fail. Like this one. Nevertheless, I am on the good side because no one reads. :P .

Time is an elusive thief. I read it somewhere. Its really nice and a thought provoking line. Well, atleast I consider so; or lets say I use it the most. You got me. Well I will get down to the matter right away and leave you some time for your work. But Seriously? Are you still here ? [ lol; really? Please dont be such a stubborn person. Go to facebook and check the notifications or you can even play farmville ]. Thank god, you left me alone to my thoughts. I am telling you this is some crazy sh_t I am writing; call it stupid, idiocy, weirdness. I accept all kinds of abuses. Because I am in such a mood. The reason? Well, it is kinda complicated, but isn't that hard to tell also. Hope, you would understand if you read this in entirety. [ Dude, you still here. Com'on man. Okay fine. Your wish! ].   

As the monsoon swept the dizziness of the sky and made it splendidly vibrant with all the clarity, it was a matter of time that it was about to end. The reason being inadequate and irregular rainfalls. Nevertheless, the rains are refreshing though. It is a matter of time, that it ends so quickly without even giving you the time to feel its splendid presence. Whats' next then? The winters. Winters are chilly. If you ask me whether I enjoy this season; I still dont have a valid reason for not liking it other than wearing overlays of clothes to protect us from it. The nights are totally amazing, as I wrap myself in the coziness of the blankets and sleep like a baby. But this is not what concerns me. These seasons are eventual. My concern is about Life. What the hell is this  Life? Life.. hmm, has many meanings. Define it then? Thats what I am telling. Its a definition-less entity.You may find one in an Oxford dictionary. But does that really help with what you are? So, let me ask you: Who you are? What do you want to be? What is  you ambition ? What is you goal ? What ... ? What ... ? Questions !? Too many questions and too many answers. Is life just about asking as answering?

To give a life is as difficult as taking one. We cant give life to each and everything. But we can sure destroy or preferably say take life in this context. Isn't life a life-long struggle? Yes o No ? Be honest. Keep you opinions to yourself and think about it. And I was talking about people struggling, which most people do unless you are born with a silver spoon or you have a Empirical-Ancestral background where you have never ending money ($). Well whatever, Isn't it hard to live? The life long struggle to earn, make someone you love happy and even the people loving you happy and for your own sake. That's what Life is, right? I actually dont know, hence I am asking.! Life is the pleasure in the simple things; sometimes complicated also. Its the sweetness of the struggle when ultimately when we succeed, we are at the top of the world like No one  else in the whole world. Because there was an element of extreme hard-work. Life isn't just a god's gift. Its a responsibility. Don't you think? I think it as such. But the problem is that I never felt it like my responsibility. Thats why may be I am so stubborn and too idiotic. Have you read the newspaper? I sure know, you did. But I didnt. Anyways, have you seen the successful people profile? Arent the most famous and richest person drop outs? Now, imagine a situation of a drop out student in the present time, though he has the same caliber and the imaginative ideas as them. My opinion is that he might as well succeed but as high as them. Even if he does, it will take 2 lifetimes for that. Seriously, think about it! How much long does one have to struggle for survival? Survival in the sense not only food, also including the mere luxuries. By the time one does, isnt he too old to enjoy the same? Time decides when happens when. We decide what happens when. But by the we do realize we feel suffocated, drowned in despair, heated discussions fly around, heartbroken, extreme pain of tension, and so so so so so things. Well, Isn't this the Life we are talking about? I am quoting my own line here which I already wrote in the above lines, "Isn't Life a Life-Long Struggle"? Just ask yourself. I don't want you accept it. Debate about it. Also, I am not telling you to go with the flow. Just think for a moment. Well your decision doesnt depend on what I tell, do they? So, just a wild thought about it. When life is such a tiresome struggle and probably a never ending formula, I do sometimes think, Is it necessay? Is it really worth it? Everytime I asked myself, the response which I got isn't that good to hear. What else can we do ? Just end it ? Woah, woah ! This is at extremities. But, its a nice thought though. When the mind isn't well versed with the habit of working hard, how can it possibly think out-of-box things like this. Impossible ! As I said, its a nice thought, I am adding a little more to it. Whats better : A life of lifelong struggle ? or A short life with a little struggle? Now this is at extremities. Anyways, another wild thought of the daily innumerable meaningless thoughts.

What good is a failure, if you haven't learned from it.?
What good is an idea, if you haven't thought how to apply it.?
What good is knowledge, if you don't know where to apply it.?
What good is a dream, if haven't found a way to make them true.?
What good is money, if you aren't satisfied.?

What good is an education, if you aren't using it for the greater good.?
What good is a success, if you haven't worked hard for it.?
What good is a life, if you haven't struggled for it.?

Did you take this post seriously.? You shouldn't. Because it doesn't contain anything serious. Well, this was on my mind for a long long time. Haven't got enough time to write. And moreover, this isnt the complete idea I had. Just a small part. And believe me, I cannot write the whole thing. :P . 

P.S. : Told you, This is a weird post. One of the worst. And the one in the italics at the end is a modified version of something I had collected earlier. The original one is totally different and much better than this.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Player.

Dear Player,

I am confused. You are confusing me. The thought you are generating, I never had before. Then I ask WHY? WHY ME?  You aren't to blame. Is it? or Is it your actions? or Are you like that only? I have never imagined that I would one day end up writing like this. But for you information, I am What I am. Though I tried changing, but its very difficult. And now I am tired of changing according to your requirements. What is that you want from me? hmm, I guess wrong question!! You made your point clear; very clear so many times. But it was me who wanted to tell you about it. But you never ever cared to listen. All that you were interested in was bullshit to me. The problem is that I never Imagined that it will be so complicated. I tried to unfold the mingled-up strands, but it is difficult as hell. Why should it always be me to suffer and think about it wasting all the time in the world and even writing about this nonsense. What for ? That I have never understood. You are playing it safe and sound. If you lose the sinking game, you have made the exemplary options ready for the next flight. You know me very well. That's why it is so easy for you to play. I never told you to stop playing. But at least give little notice of the work done by the other person also. Dammit man, I am so done. This is all shite. I am wasting time unnecessary. I should invest this time in writing more purposeful. Just that you get of my head, I would be relieved. So I am trying to find the freedom from you by writing about it. Still it sucks. But as far as you are concerned, you wont even give a peek even if I tell that I wrote about you. Damn. Just end it like you ended it with the rest and get off my head. And next time you wont hear from me for sure, if everything goes as planned. 

Irritatedly Played One. 


Dear Not-So-Concerned,

Please Ignore this post and most importantly ME. Still? But Why ? Are you really interested or Are you at least concerned? Frankly, No other person is concerned about me except my family. But then again, why do you pretend to be something as if you care? You purpose is the need / a work / or something which you might need when in need. Then, why do you make me swear promises which I am most likely to break and never-the-less they are extremely hilarious. And once in a blue moon, you appear as if some urgency is needed and ask the stupidest of the questions and unfortunately if I didn't do as I promised, I get to hear the annoying conversation ever. It really SUCKS. And you really don't know about it. STFU. Enough. I had all that I needed to have. So please stop it before it gets worse. I am nearly one hundred percent sure that you don't give a shit about me. So why should I ? If it is what they call biscuits, then I had more than enough. This time, I will be on my watch and it won't be like you expected. And if everything goes well, you won't even hear from me. Please don't show me that fake unwanted concerned-attitude of yours. It arouses the interest and then you suddenly break it like an old glass mirror. Smashed. Broken. Scattered. It seems so real when you speak those words as if you are really interested in helping by showing the concern, but the very next moment it strikes me What the hell ? , and tell me frankly, do you really give a damn. NO, I don't think so. It is till the time you get what you want, then why the hell would you care? Just think about all the favors you asked me and tell me one thing that I asked you to do! Just get back to those things, if in case you tend to remember. If I am not wrong, you wont keep such things in mind. Because your purpose was met and what is the use of me after that; until there is something you have in mind. Well this is another useless post, because this doesn't reach the person intended. At least I don't want to keep much memories of these nonsense and bloody nuisance. I can't take it anymore. You have to stop or I have to. Moreover its absolutely difficult to tell you. Better option would be I. And if everything goes as planned, then you will have to search for some other person for making a bakra. I am pretty sure there would be a lot many people in list just for you. And in case you get a new one, just don't play with them your nasty game. Show some respect to their emotions / feelings. I think I said more than enough (to no one ) . Anyways be on your watch, someday you might as well be on the same road ( about 5% chances ). Else you WIN everytime. 

The Hurt-ed-One.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Post.

I have just crossed the 150th post in the timeline of my 2 years of blogging. Two years and just 150 posts, you may ask. Yeah, that was the most I could do. Now that I am bringing new changes to the blog everytime, I think it will take some time to stabilize. And don't get confused by looking at the followers number. That is based on the policy, You follow mine, I will follow yours. Stupid, though. Most of it is from The Blog Frog, where everyone is interested in increasing the follower count, no matter what the content may be. When I crossed the 100th follower count, I stopped adding people. Now I am actually following more than 500 bloggers, of which nearly half of them are mom-bloggers, I guess. And when I looked at the hit counts, I am very much pleased to see the number; not only pleased but shocked also. How could this happen? Later I found out that I had registered my blog in many sites which I myself don't remember. And whenever I post a new blog-post, as it goes through those sites which basically do the publishing thing on facebook, twitter, buzz, etc., the count gets increased. So actually anyone reading my blog, I get nearly 30+ page hits, if just I post. So, I can say, you people have been deceived. 

 As I open my blog page everyday with a thought of atleast comment, I find none. None. Though I dont care that much. At least it would make me happy. Later I speck the stats and the number seems pretty high. Like I said before, the publishing sites. Henceforth, the country which it shows in the page view list is nearly equal to India.

Now that I am planning the changes, though I know that nothing would change actually. So I am changing. I have said earlier about the privatization of the blog. This is due for now, but later with in this week, I surely will. And why am I doing that ? I got a reason, which I might tell after the Dussera Vacation, if you are lucky enough or say I am unlucky enough ( :P ) ! Though I may give the brief outline about what I may write in the blog afterwards. It is mostly the experiences which I faced and I didn't let the people know about it. The hard reality about me ( lol, as if I am a great person where I am having a mass following; funny ) which happened and wish to have happened. Though there will be no one reading except a few to whom I will give the privileges. Rest, even if you read, you will just mark it a  rubbish post. 

Till my next post then ! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mind Game - Superstition

Dear Superstitious Mind, 

What the hell is wrong with you? Does that really help? I don't understand why? I have observed you for quite some time, now. Everytime it is not the same. Everytime you think if you same pen / pencil you will be getting the same result as the last time. No! Every-time you wear the same dress, some thing might happen to you, this too is wrong. Everytime you follow the same procedure so that it goes as smoothly like the previous time; this too never happens. What has to be done to make you realize this fact. Being superstitious doesn't make you Super. You are just playing with yourself, a game with same old rules which are quite outdated. How was it the the first time it went smoothly without your superstitious mind playing the mind games. How? Just think. Sometimes during examination, writing with a specific pen might have given you good marks. SO !? Does that mean that everytime you right with the same pen you are likely to get the same good marks. Really?, Is that so ? It is not only funny but a kind of weird also. There is some thing called  hard work which pays of correctly even if you use either a rupee pen or a million dollar pen. The cost matter over here, hard work does.

The dress you wear(same kind), the work you do (same way) doesn't really decide whats gonna happen next. If there is something you want / want to achieve , the only remedy I can think of is work hard, even harder. Just don't give preferences to those crappy things. 

Another Superstitious Mind

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Deceived.

Dear Wall-Seeker,

I thought for a long time to change your name. The wall-seeker isn't an appropriate word for you. I thought and thought; got some names but aren't rhyming so please adjust with the old one. I too realized that it is the weirdest and the reason too. Anyways,hope that you can ignore it. Now coming to the point. What are you, man? You have already completed 4 units out of 5, and are fearing that it won't be completed in the whole next month. Man, this is crazy. Look at out situation. One month left and almost 3/4th of the total semester syllabus has been on hold for a month and we are still bunking classes. I don't know how you are teaching the juniors the subject, but when it was our turn two years back, it was like a book-recitation competition. Every word that you told wasn't out of the book. And frankly, I didn't understand most part of it, while we were kind of busy making fun of you while you were teaching. And what, MicroProcessor is easy ? May be it is. And if it is so easy why do you still ask me questions which I don't know and frankly I just nod saying Yes Sir. The reality is that I had forgotten everything. And everytime you ask it is like a new story being recited to me. My Sincere apologies. Can't help it, when I don't know a damn thing. 

I thought you would observe me. But Bloody hell, you don't. I give you 1000 reasons that say "I am not interested in your bullshit". But it seems very difficult for you to understand. Because you are so busy explaining your over-my-hear crappy bullshit that you forget to observe the people who are supposed to listen to you. Till now, It was limited to the class, I mean the college. Yesterday, you breached it into the hostel also in the hostel-mess too. That's the point where you cross the limit. I don't usually eat. Once in a while I go, and some or the other person comes and start _ me like this. Yesterday, it was you. I barely ate anything because you didn't stop even for a while. Was that so important? And what was that you asked? Come on now, you have been teaching for more than 8 years, you still asking the students and that to be basic questions. Well, I am sorry that you think I am helping you. Sorry. You are completely mistaken in this context. If you want a good explanation, i will provide you with the names. He will make you crazy, because they know far more than me and even you. And don't you limit yourself with the academics. What was that you asked.. "You are looking good, did you just bathe and came here?" ! I was like ( !!? What). I had hoped him to leave as soon as possible, but he didn't. He stared at me, and talked all rubbish not allowing me to eat properly. Next time, I will try to escape from you, for sure. !


P.S. : Well, now its your turn to think whether the post-title is apt and who got decieved !! :)

Lite (Bunking) !

Dear Bunkers,

Recently, I have been hearing this very word 'lite' too often. The reason is simple. No one is taking anything serious. The reason for being so ? Frankly, Ask them,I say. And there was an instance with me too where I was compelled to be the not-me. Well, here I am talking about something different. It is about today's class. It was pre-planned though, that these people planned to bunk the college today. Seriously. I want to ask you a question here, What have you been doing the previous week? And also what in the name of god, you did today ... anything useful / important / anything. Well, keep the answers to yourself. I am not here to judge you on what you did / will do / want to do / or do nothing / anything of that sort. This semester began almost about 3 months back and the syllabus covered in this period is just 2 units of the total 5 units. And only a month more is left for the final semester end exams. You may be geniuses and Einsteins, but is it any pain in the ass if you attend the classes. What ? Seriously ? I don't really know why always I hear "Lets bunk the class  / college ". MAN, seriously what other important plans you have that you have to bunk. Ask yourself. You may spend the time efficiently, I frankly don't know about it. But sometimes you have to think also, before you decide to bunk. Not that some guy is bunking, let us also bunk the college. WTH , man ? You got a job,  very good and congrats. Or is it that you are in 4th year, and you can decide anything you like as you are about to get the degree what so ever! Does that mean you can stop coming to classes and hop around instigating the idea of bunking in each and every other person? If you have genuine work, bunk. Else ( mln !!). 

Now, I understand the situation every time and then decide whether to bunk or not. I too bunk, but occasionally when there is a need or when there is a work. Else I am totally against the idea.

So the thing is that make your own decisions and analyze the situation before you do and think whether it is worth it. And most importantly think about the consequences. !!

And I gave the title 'lite' as many people think that the classes aren't that important and take them lightly (lite-ly) and not taking it seriously.

Non-Bunker (Atleast most of the times)  

P.S. : Bunkers here doesn't refer to sand bunkers or anything of that sort. I called the people bunking classes as Bunkers (No Offense) ! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Dear (Few) Readers,

This is a post regarding the privatization of the blog for the coming few weeks. So, if you think you can really bear the boredom in the future, then please leave a comment. I know that there are no more than three readers. Just in case if I have an unseen-unknown admirer of my nonsense, (no offense) ! Just comment / send a mail, anything. I too know that no one would be so concerned. I am just posting as I have to, unless its not so good to go Private without informing. Now the question is "Why am I going for a private blog?" . This is a good question. Just that I am planning for something after two weeks, which I think is the best, so in regard of that I am going private. I will be posting the related articles and hopefully I don't want readers to pour in their ideas, (lol, big joke, readers?! ) or say don't want to know about it. Just in case if any, waste your precious time here. :P

The Writer.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Guys/Gals on Facebook

Dear Fake Profiles,

It is really very easy to find that more than 1/4th of the total Facebook users use another account. And the funnier thing is that the guys are lured by the fake display picture and seemingly girly/feminine profile. Seriously? I don't really think the girls would have such large time to keep on adding 4000+ people to their friend list. Seriously guys, I know you do want to maintain a large following of people though you wouldn't really talk, unless its a girl. And the funnier thing is that the profile doesn't even belong to the girl itself. Haven't you observed that the same display photos are with other girls too just that the name changes in every other profile. Those profiles remain totally inactive, whether you buzz them or even curse them. What I think is that those profiles are created by guys only. No? May be not, but it's still my opinion. What happens is when I log in, there in the sidebar a list of people is displayed which says "People you may know" ! Well, that's fine that I don't know them. First of all, how did they come under that name. And second of all 90% of them are girls and the rest are guys with totally repelling dp's. What to say about the feminine dp's? You might guess right enough. The original is totally different or most importantly the profile isn't even theirs. I have observed this. I have another account, I tried adding all the people under the list People You May Know. The funny thing is the Facebook can very well differentiate between a guy's and a gal's profile. It didn't ask me anything while I was adding a guy, but when it comes to girl's profile, after adding two it asks Do you know? To prevent misuse of facebo... ! like message pops out. Well, I even ignored it and added. Lastly, got bored. And of all the friend requests I sent, 60-70% accepted the request; mostly girls. Really? I said to myself. Later after some days, I saw the same dp's with different names, different places. The conclusion I made was that most of the profiles which aren't updated daily and that which are being accepted (here I mean the profile which claim to be girls) aren't real for sure. So don't keep sending your friend requests and get blocked in the process and also if they add you stop those idiotic messages on their wall. It's spoiling my wall saying he posted on her wall like bullshit. And don't ever think that you would end up hooking up with the girl from Facebook. Later, you might realize that it was the guy playing with you and you will be the fooled one. Seriously stop it. Of all the chances you might actually have 0.0001% chance that it is a girl and again 0.0000000008% chance that she would hang out with you ! Stop that nuisance before it gets even worse.

The Observer

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