Thursday, March 31, 2011

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" Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you.. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I may not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you. "

- William Arthur Ward

As I looked at the time at the lower corner of my laptop, it sure was changing. Last time I saw it was passing 10:10 pm, now it is passing 12:12 am. Well, not much difference but actually there is. In these two hours, I was at the same place, same way and frankly speaking doing nothing purposeful. Well, now I sat down to write something after a long time. Last time I wrote it was from my iPod. Now, I prefer to continue no matter what. Its like a diary to me, the day I don't write and postpone it to another day, it doesn't feel good to me in any way. I keep a diary, though; but I tend to use it for writing stories. And actually didn't write much, only one so far. Next is my blog. This is my online journal and would like to continue for the days to come.

A can of 7Up or diet coke and a Veg Burger with a Veg Sandwich or either of them has been a routine for me. It would be a bottle of rum/vodka/something alcoholic with a cigarette for some other person who is endorsed with such habits. But for me, these are enough. And this has almost been a routine for quite some time. Yeah, I had been spending a lot money on junk food and this hostel fees is also enormous. So totally, I am like a spendthrift, left loose and with a few bucks in the pocket can do anything, mostly nothing but eating. Well for now, I am developing a pot belly. And if I continue like this for another one month or so, surely I would have a big stomach which would be quite difficult to satisfy. If eating junk food was one of my daily work so was driving. I go outside almost everyday, to the beach, sit for some time and drive back and do NOTHING useful. I get back and think what did I do? Why did I went outside? I do not know. But the thing to worry about is the prices of the petrol. I am spending a lot on that.

In other news, I have thought of writing a story , which I have been inspired by some other blogger. He indeed writes well, and so I too am trying for writing something related to psychoism which I guess is becoming famous these days. May be I will start a new blog for that so I am thinking of a name for it and will link to that blog from here. So, may be I will try to make it interesting. But its getting postponed daily. 

Time is running out like the wine in a drunkard's house. The more he has, the more faster is gets empty. The lesser he has the more impatient he becomes. Similar is the case with me. Now I have time, but feel too lazy to do the thing which I planned to do. But when time runs out, I think of this time and curse myself saying, " Once I had time and I wasted it". Precisely, it is now. I don't realize the importance of time when I am having it. But when I don't have, I get tensed, frustrated and I forget things. In one end time is getting scarce and in the other money. I totally hate the idea of staying in a college hostel. I have to pay more than what I actually consume and and utilize the utilities. Thats really sad because with the same money being spent by me staying outside at my home or some other place I could buy a lot of new things. Now, I and slowly getting into 0 bucks in my purse which I never thought would happen. Yeah, that's sad. And staying up at hostel and saving money and again spending the saved money on food because its not always at least good and other things.

Lately, I had been wandering around the city, the beach and the roads. Unfortunately, i was caught up by the traffic police two times. Instead of having everything in hand these idiotic people in a way to suck the money tell things which I never knew. I think may be they are right. It better not to get the vehicle impounded and circling around the nasty traffic policeman by paying the fine. Only if I knew the codes which he wrote on the fine slip, I would have dragged him out of his position. I don't know those codes. And I had met people and learnt also. What more was that I am actually having a doubt about my friends. I was wondering whether they really are my friends or not. Oh my god, you must see people pretending and it would give you a realization about yourself. And you tend to search yourself everywhere. It would be like searching something in the Yellow Pages Telephone directory without knowing what you are searching for. Anyways, wait up till I write about the amazing people around a sophisticated self. 

Puzzle #6

 A man lives in his house. He also works out of his house and his job is very important. Everyday the man must sleep with the lights on to avert from tragedy. One night the man gets so sick of the light he turns it out for the night. The next morning he reads the newspaper, takes out a gun, and shoots himself. Where did the man live? 

P.S. :: My apologies for the change in text font in this post. The earlier half was written in iPod Touch, and the latter in the blogger window. The answer to the puzzle will be given in the upcoming post. 

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Monday, March 28, 2011

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Dear Frustrated-Self,

        This is strange but its kind of creepy too. I feel like you are concerned about me. Then what strikes my mind is, "What the hell?". Who??, you? Totally not. Please don't pretend as if you do and precisely, I do know that. And if you are totally not concerned, then shut the _ up and mind your work. Don't bother me. And more over I don't talk much, so talk to me only if you need some favor from me; which you always do. And don't even think of me after you are satisfied with the work or help by me, because I don't mind as I am a HUMAN with no feelings and a spine. Am I being too good to you? I don't like to be bad to anyone unless you spoil some thing which is of much concern to me. Did you? Ask yourself? Did I ever ask you for help? And what about you to me? Actually, I consider it as my pleasure, but lately I started to realize something very odd. Is there any difference between a tissue paper and a chocolate wafer? Or is there any difference between you and me? Realize that as soon as possible. Oh, there is, right? Nope? Anyways that's for you to decide. I just leave you with a small question, "What do you think of me when you ask me something like, some kind of help? ". Don't answer me. Ask yourself that question and keep the answer with you. Don't think of those people who are like that. It's useless and a sure waste of time. Probably, they are way too high in listening to their heart. Just let it go. Don't bother yourself. "For how long?". 

Yours frustrated

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Completely Random...

Statutory Note:: Written and published from my iPod touch. Proceed at your own risk.

"Being GOOD is not always GOOD " .

It has almost been a month since I wrote anything in me blog. Why wasn't I writing anything all this time? Did I had exams or Did I go somewhere outside the station?? Or was I sick? None. I was just not wiling to spare my time for this? Does this mean I was busy studying seriously? It's not even that. I was lazying around until I realized that my brain was getting sick because of complete impotentance and lazyiness. I was really sick at my brain. Later I thought of writing something, I found something really horrifying. The 'ANTS' were back. This time a lil' bit more improved their skill of destroying the sweetness of the things. Even mine!! This time it was my laptop and the laptop charger. What in the God's name happened, I do not know. They made their way through the gaps between the wires and connections and all the ports where it could be easy to enter to later get burnt due the voltage and burn my power adapter, which ultimately short-circuited something in the mother board of my laptop. It has been two weeks and I still couldn't get it repaired.

Outside my Room (At College) ::

I am a kind of a punctual person. So even if I woke up late in the morning, I would attend the college with out brushing my teeth, which is in rare cases. Well, that's a different story than what I was trying to tell here. As I enter the slightly filled classroom of mine, some people are always seen with some kind of book or the other. I don't have to inspect it which book it is or what they are studying? I know it. It's called 'HIGHER EDUCATION'. The future in creation in small steps but aiming for high. I don't much about them. But the question is What the heck I am doing? I?? Nothing!! When I see the people with GRE , CAT and all kind of other exams, preparing hard with the vocabulary and the mathematics, why doesn't anything strike in mind that Why don't I?? These are a kind of studious person, and definately with assurance I can tell that these guys are gonna make big. After 10 years or so, it will be quite evident with the progress they might be making. Don't even think about me. I would be no one compared to them by that time. Rather forget my name from now on, because after 10 years or so, when asked upon Do you know this guy? Who ?? *My name*. "I am busy right now, ask me sometime else", would be the obvious response. Well that won't mind me much because I am well prepared for that. And moreover it's not 10 years, deferment it to 3 years (tops). Well, that will be some other story. For now it's them who are going to a mark.

In the meanwhile, I had been attending CAT classes for the MBA. Dont ask me about it, because I rarely attend it and even if I attend I don't take the required interest. But there is one guy, a teacher over there of whom I would like to tell. Basically I don't like pin pointing at other people specifically but I too don't know why I am telling about him. He is well versed in English. And for that reason he teaches English. Most of the time he considers too superior, though he is indeed but with an ingredient called Proudness, which stirs me hard. I can't take people who act too proud of themselves. He says he could achieve anything, well then why is he still teaching over here. He could become much more than he is now, as he says. Once in a time, he takes out the money from his pocket which amounted to some 5000 bucks and he says he carries that just as pocket money, like just in case comparing it with an IIM student who would have the almost same amount of money when he goes out for a casual morning walk. Once, he asked one random student about the number of friends he and she had on Facebook. Next question was Hiw many call daily of weekly? Was that important. The question that came in my mind was : How many contacts he had in his cell phones, yeah he had two. And how many call daily or weekly?? Keeping in touch is fldifferent than calling every now and then asking how was the day. I myself have over 200 friends, no big deal. And frankly no one calls. I dint mind much. I don't need the calls also as ling as they don't delete my name from their friend list. There is much more to tell about him, but I guess this is enough for now.

And there is one more person. I had controlled myself for a long time about this person. I already posted about him in Facebook, later removed it thinking that he might improve in the classes to come. He is a lecturer who probably comes to my class and teaches a subject which he himself claims doesn't know. Okay, we can excuse him for the reason that he doesn't know anything about the subject, but he still acts as if he knows everything and again tells he doesn't know anything. There is a vast topic which he I intentionally skipped it, which is really an important topic. But he says he can't teach such big topic. My question:: what else can he teach ?? And in our curriculum there are some topics which weren't available in the textbook so he tells the students to give the seminar. Well, that's fine for the students so that they can improve. While correcting the examination papers his mood plays an imports t role and if it's bad no matter his good you write they are not gonna fare well. In almost every class he makes fun of himself directly and indirectly. I don't have a specific word with which he could be named. Anything to tell about him will ve less. He is truly incomparable personand have never seen any of his kind anywhere. So far he is a great 'Economist', I could say, for the subject the teaches.

Note:: This is so far for now. This post has been written and published from my iPod touch. So their might be a lot of spelling mistakes and obviously no formatting which I always do. So kindliness with it. Next post will soon be posted. ( I am informing as if my blog is in real demand, haha; lol. Just keep up with me.) I will try to make it interesting, which I had been trying to do since I started writing the blog. Anyways for now take care and have fun.

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