Thursday, September 22, 2011


Dear (Few) Readers,

This is a post regarding the privatization of the blog for the coming few weeks. So, if you think you can really bear the boredom in the future, then please leave a comment. I know that there are no more than three readers. Just in case if I have an unseen-unknown admirer of my nonsense, (no offense) ! Just comment / send a mail, anything. I too know that no one would be so concerned. I am just posting as I have to, unless its not so good to go Private without informing. Now the question is "Why am I going for a private blog?" . This is a good question. Just that I am planning for something after two weeks, which I think is the best, so in regard of that I am going private. I will be posting the related articles and hopefully I don't want readers to pour in their ideas, (lol, big joke, readers?! ) or say don't want to know about it. Just in case if any, waste your precious time here. :P

The Writer.


  1. Great!!! Looking forward to know more about AK.. :)

  2. Caution : This might be a kind of scary. And most probably you won't be able to digest it ( I guess) .

    Anyways, will look forward to it. :)


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