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One Incident.

The starting of a year always begins with a smile in the face and an urge to do something great in the coming year. I guess everyone in the world would have been happy and with no worries they stepped into the glorious new year. But, as far as I know it wasn't the same for some people. One of the person is my cousin sister, who studies in a different college. We both are at hostel at the same place, Visakhapatnam. Before I continue with the incident which happened last year on the last day of the year, let me give an insight of the people here, I distinctly mean the youth. 

This age is intense. The teenagers face a lot of hard times and never the less they manage to tackle all of them. Because we have the potential to face it. We have different mind sets but that doesn't mean we are always right and always wrong. We never know what happens when. All we know is that we are here to study, as some say and the others are carefree teens. There is no problem with the people obeying their elders or the teachers. But the real problem rises with the care-free kids. The mind is faster in growth of a ugly virus which manipulates the intention of these people. They are very much and well influenced with the wrong things. I sometimes wonder how these people are so 'STUBBORN'. It is never wrong to get the things do your way. But there are people who don't care about the minutest of the thing about others. But they speak of friendship like philosophers. Friends are a part of life, not the life. There are other people also who stand in the way to guide us to what we want to achieve. But we don't very much care about them. We try to follow our own rules even tough they scold us not once, not twice, but many times. I am writing about this because of the horrible situation in my class. People are like 'Jack-as*es'. Really, I mean it. And I really don't care what they think, because what they think is ultimate c*ap. Instead of repeated telling scolding, when these people continue to be the same, what do you call them. I really don't have a name/term for those people. And there are people who don't take anything seriously, even the things which are dead-serious. I guess that's called attitude. The people with the same attitude love the others with this kind of attitude. But, I REALLY HATE SUCH KIND OF ATTITUDE

Well, I am very much upset with the behavior of the people who happen to be my classmates. So, there was so much non-sense about them. So, back to the incident which happened on the last day of the last year in some college, where my cousin sister studies as of I know goes like this. I may not have grasped the whole incident, but as for I know I am gonna tell. 

My cousin sis' is in the final year of Engineering and happens to have got a job recently during the campus interviews. Some days earlier, some of her friends were studying in the library during the free time when a junior approaches them and says, " You seniors are really waste. You don't know how to do ragging. If you want to do ragging, call me. You people can rag me." [Now see the nerve of this person. She is a junior, a first year student in the first place and goes to the seniors and tells them in that kind of tone and attitude. I just can imagine the scene which might be going on in those seniors mind with all their facial expressions. Now, are these seniors such a fool?] These seniors got angry. [It's obvious to get angry, when some junior comes and tell them to rag her.] They told her friends and they decided to get her repent for what she has said. They selected some day in the last week of December as their hunting day. On that day her roommates did their kind of ragging (don't know whether it was good, or brutal) to that person, who aspired to be ragged. Next day there seems an complaint in their department office. The girl herself seems to have told her father, who wanted to take action against the incident. 

A room usually has three members each in their hostel. And when this ragging was going on, two of my sis's roommates and their whole junta was busy with their task of bullying while she slept silently. But the next day seems to be nightmare for the three of the roommates. These people were said to be expelled from the hostel. Some questions arise. "Who's mistake is it?" "Who is suffering for someone else's deeds?" "Who did the ragging and who is being expelled?"  That lil girl tells that she hasn't given the complaint. My sis' along with one of her roommate are innocent as they were not involved in any such activity, but they know the whole incident. It was the junior's father who seemed to have given the complaint to their Vice-Principal, as the VC said, but actually there was no such written complaint. As usual there was an individual interrogation and everybody told what hey did. But, he finally said three of the people to leave the hostel. My sis got angry about the VC's decision, but could do nothing. He said to bring their parents. Fortunately, my sis has an Aunt over here. So she took her the next day. 

And the VC started counseling each of their parents/gaurdian.  And you would be shocked if you hear what he told to each of the parents by giving certain weird examples. I myself couldn't hear when she was telling. I can say just this that it is totally not suitable for telling and not at all appropriate to hear it as a parent. That day passed with so much of un-clear decisions and moving here and there with no appropriate inclusions to draw. The whole day was wasted like the burnt tar. All came back with a grinned face and sceptical loss of their defeat to make the things work their way as some people were accused without any involvement in the incident. My sis's dad came over here and they all worked out a strategy to follow. That evening the room was filled with hot debates and explanation and stuff like that. They even decided to call the "PRESS". It indeed needed such thing because some people were wrongly accused. The discussions also included the "girls hostel warden". "What was she doing when the ragging was going on?" . Already the warden and the students have a grudge among each other as like every other hostel. There were so much discussion and I was actually sitting between three solid-debaters arguing about the incident and all went through me. So, this is a reason why I couldn't recollect all the incidents. All the students already have a dis-looking feeling towards the VC. And they weren't able to tolerate the amount of stress he was giving to the parents and the students.  After a series of discussions and odd behavior of a parent (who was speaking big-big words like killing herself, including the whole family because of the humiliation caused to them ), the VC was terrified with such advancement and the rawness of the situation. He finally convinced the people with three choices, but one of them already made a decision of her not to stay at the hostel, while the other two shifted to another hostel, but a little bit far. My sis could have gone back to the previous hostel, but they made complaints about the warden, so to avoid any more conflict, she decided to stay where she is presently staying. 

Now some questions. Why did I tell this story? My intention wasn't to make fun of the people who were almost-expelled from the college hostel. Rather, it was the growing trend among the people and the ugly behavior of the people. I don't understand one thing, why are people so stubborn and are like immovable stones. Their mind is so set that its hard to understand, which is purely unnecessary and it is practically impossible to change it. Well, I can also be considered as one of them, but with more restrictions which I have for myself and the surrounding crowd !! 

P.S. :: This Write-Up, I wrote long back almost when the incident had happened, but didn't complete it. Now when I thought of completing, I found myself almost forgetting the incident ever happened. So, with the small bits of memory and my own imagination, I finally completed writing it. Phew.! But, I have to confess, I ate  didn't write the complete and exact story, which proves that I am a bad "Story-Teller". Anyways, i apologize for the half-story. Hope it is still readable. 

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