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Gen-X : The Unpredictable Future.

"I was BORN in the 1990's. The last SANE generation! - We are the last generation that played gully cricket, pitto and board games like Business, Monopoly and WWF trump cards, we are the first who've played 8-bit video games, seen the birth of cartoon network. We were the last to record songs on the radio on cassettes and we are the pioneers of Walkman and yahoo chat-rooms. We are the generation of the Hanna-Barbara cartoons, Thunder Cats, The Transformers, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, Jungle Book, Popeye, G.I. JOE, He-man and enjoyed Disney Club on Doordarshan. Had bicycle race in the streets of our colony. We were the generation of land-line phones, always in touch with all and remembered all the friends phone numbers. We did not have Play Stations, 99 Television Channels, Flat screens, surround sound, mp3's, iPod's, computers and the Internet, ... but nevertheless we had a GREAT Time!!!..."

The above context is one of the most liked status on Facebook. Obviously, it is the sane truth of the past two decades. I accept there were a lot of life-changing improvements in everything. You name it and it is not the same as it was one decade back. Though there is still sometime for the next generation to come up, if I am taken as reference. Still I have younger siblings(cousins) and I have seen a lit of people of the much younger generation. Children are not the same at all. There are parents with old ideologies and some with new. The new age parenting is hard. I have no right to point about it in any way. But when I see, I feel like speaking. But I am withheld back. I don't know the reason. The new age children are rational. All the things mentioned in the above context are absolutely true. There was a day when I begged my dad to buy a video game worth something like 200 bucks. Now, I spend the some amount almost daily. Life has changed, times have changed and spending has increased. And now every kid wants a Sony Playstation / XBox with Kinnet, etc stuff about which I didn't even dream when I was of their age. 

Now that both parents are working, there is an additional stress on the children. And moreover everybody like a 99 percentage. So why not train the children even when don't even get their milk teeth. That would prepare the mind for the future for studying hard. Who doesn't want a heavy pay? Why not train children for accomplishing the same when they don't know what the hell is meant by mathematics. There are some accomplishments which we see that some child somewhere who is aged 3 or 4 knows all the country' flags / or presidents of the world or like wise. When something comes up, the parents think "Why not my child?". So there begins the brushing of the knowledge and the process of manufacturing a heavy and sophisticated mind containing all the matters of the world and all other educational stuff ranging from , I mean "Everything".  The mentality is such that,"Why should that be left?" - The Parents! And they aren't satisfied when their child gets a 98% in his 2nd class. Duh ! Com'on !

Some children are rational and why so ? They are loved too much by their parents and whatever they do becomes sane because they are still children and innocent. But when I think about the long run, what if these children don't change their when they grow up and still remain the same stubborn as they were when they didn't know what they were doing. I have seen such people. Its' no wrong in loving them, but whatever they do is right even when its wrong is not at all good. I think they should act little more rational on matters like these considering the future. 

My dad the desktop computer when I was in 5th class, a phone when I joined Engineering. But now even a 7 year old is on Facebook and has a phone. There is nothing wrong in owning the gadgets or accessing the Internet. I was just pointing out the changes/improvements. Nowadays, children know what adults know, I mean they "Google" everything whether they really know what it means is another question. Last month, I saw a bunch of kids doing some "Macho-Dance", and showing a finger. I didn't understand what on earth they were doing. They also told some name, about which I haven't heard and frankly didn't understand. I was kind of "In a shock" when they were showing the finger. Those kids were very small, 5-9 years and what on earth were they doing and trying to accomplish by doing that feat. And what more, they speak about girlfriends and boyfriends and crush(es) & s**. Seriously? I am actually dumb and show a Poker Face because I have no idea what to tell or how to respond when they mention such things. 

There is a lot better and a very though competition for the upcoming generation. Seriously, I am unable to make the best of the present competition itself. There would a lot of stress on the the gen to come to deal with the stress and compete with the better half of the intellectuals. "The Sky is the Limit"  is bound to change with time. Because almost a major part of the world are on Cloud nine. And probably there will be a new limit/ or no limit at all. When we compare the present gen with the previous gen, it does feel that the conditions for the previous gen were much more favorable to do whatever they wanted to do. I am not saying that they are not now. It is just that there was no big competition for their interests. 

I really don't know how the world will be after a decade or a two with all the kids growing with their sophisticated minds, gadgets and all other stuff. It is not at all predictable as of how the Tomorrow will be. I hope for the Best. 

- Ajay Kontham [ 2012 ]


  1. I don't know.... a lot of those things listed as things of the 90's I remember from my childhood much much earlier (late 60's-70's). Tom and Jerry, Hanna Barbera, 8 bit video games and more.... they are older than the 90's.

  2. @Karen Dawkins : Yeah, you are right. I was unaware of the pre-90's. This post is referring to those advances in the 90's in television and video games and the 21st century. And relating to the changes in the upcoming generation !

  3. I think tat th new generation has gone by the wayside. Little kids are growing up without morals and without discipline so they have a lack of what is right and wrong. Thank you for writing this post.

  4. You are right! But the children can be brought back to track. It is the parents duty, I guess !

  5. absolutely! so many parents have yet to step up...

  6. Without getting too off track here, just as our parents/grandparents would say "Times are different".
    I believe the children now are raised in a liberal world...tip-toeing on what"politically" this, eat that...Blahhh...I don't let my children over indulge in games etc...but they need their brain dump time too. Being a child from the 70's, adolescent of the 80's and young mother by the 90's...I have seen a huge change...and all honesty, no offense to anyone, but the early 90's graduation era was like the last that got to experience the old and the new :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your thoughts !

    And also welcome to my Blog, Thank you for following. :)

  8. Hi Ajay,

    I think unpredictability is no longer a fear, change is part of life now. I am totally excited about the future. And this doesn't mean we uproot ourselves from the good value system. We can progress even while retaining them.

    Overall a nice post and a different perspective.


  9. @Ekta : Glad you liked it. :)

    Thanks for your time and the comment. :)

  10. You are right Ajay, the next generation wouldn't be able to enjoy like us, but that is a circle of life you know
    Our parents tell us stories about how wild they were in their childhood and used to play in open grounds, climbing on trees and all.
    Unfortunately in our childhood the grounds and trees were replaced by buildings and factories, that doesn't mean we didn't enjoyed our childhood.
    But the fact also cannot be underestimated that the new generation is learning very fast thanks to internet in every pocket.
    Let's hope that hey take the right part of the resources with them...

  11. @ Sandeep : You are right.
    Hope for the Best. :)


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