Friday, April 20, 2012

It is what it is, Life !

Note : A post which I started writing long back now completing it. Don't know what I intended to explain. Here it is. A post from the drafts. And the post-title, I know its no justification to this post. So, at your own risk, go ahead...

Where do I live? What is happening around me? The life is uncertain and is bound to changes, some are real serious changes and alterations. But life is not something which we can leave it on its own to ripe, grow old and die. We are the caretakers of our life. How we design decides how we live. Struggle, Hard work and so affiliated terms decide the charm-ness in the lives. Do we stop when we think we can't do a thing? We would rather take up a much easier job than running naked, drinking and restlessly sleeping. It is never easy, nor difficult. But, we keep up, while some give up. 
What's your life's worth, if I many ask, What would you reply?  

We  live at the expense of ourselves and burden ourselves with the lost love. Is life just about making money? or Studies? or Just Love? or Both? or Something else? Frankly, I have no idea about it. Its like looking at a ripe mango, until we find that its actually not when we start eating it. Its' rather a small blend in the looks appealing it as ripe. We get distressed and dejected. We have been played. Life as it sounds is short, yet a sweet memorable experience.  It depends on us and us alone. Isn't it? But sometimes, It sure does depends on others and their actions. What do we gain if we are depended on others. The fruit of their hard wok, the fruit of their sweat. Don't get me wrong, but its' very unpleasant. So, I think. But then again we are not alone in this world, are we? We need to depend on others at some point of time or the other. But it again depends. 

This very morning I had a conversation with a friend of mine. He was trying to inspire me. Oh, he did exactly well. I even told him that he should write an Inspirational Book. Friends like this guy are rare. I repeat They are rare. So he tells me, "What is world but a stage to show what you are. If you don't step on the stage you don't have a world. Your world ended even before it started. But you are still hanging to it by a rope. If you want you can pull yourself up or let go.. thats' your calling. It's in your hands to decide".  I was awestruck for a moment. He just did that! I was like in a deliberate silence while my mind thought about each word. But I replied to him as if I didn't care. So, I was saying LIFE is a blissful game of mystery. You never know what you will find at the edge of the road unless you leap, unless you take a step forward, unless you want to. 

There are people successful and people who have failed. We hear about successful people all the time. Take Bill Gates for instance, a college drop out once, now a Billionaire. A second richest man in the World. Steve jobs, Mark Zukerberg and (wait a minute, you all know these people.. So I am skipping that part). What is so different in them ? A small dream, a small step, a small initiation, a little innovation and lot of hard work. Like a tiny little spark can bun down the whole forest, just a tiny little idea would do wonders. 

A sweeter part of life it is, isn't it? What we don't see is that there are more failures than success. But who cares about the failures, when people can relate to the success of  richest, most intellectual person. The difference between failure and success is getting up. Who on this God's Green Earth hasn't failed, hasn't experienced failure? You didn't? Well, I don't know what to say to those people. They would be called Gods. For god is perfect, right ? Now, don't look at me and dart the question back to me. I don't know about that. I have always wondered why there is bad when there could be good. Didn't god create this world? Some say to maintain the balance. The needle should be at the middle, right ! Why is there two sides of a balance? Why not only one? Well, I rest my discussion there for I may lose arguing on the same. 

Yes, I was saying.. (saying what?)...'I have no idea' . hmm.. er..  Life, right ? Yeah, I remember a small video which I recently saw where Shah Rukh Khan was addressing the Yale University Students. 
Well, you can find loads of inspirational speeches over the internet. All that you need to do is Google it. So, SRK was saying the same thing which my dear friend told me. Life is like balancing on a rope and be like a funambulist. Need I say anything about the video which I assume you already watched? Moving on... .... .... .... ! C'mon, Move On.
So, I end this here. I don't see any point writing any further. If you are thinking I was writing some inspirational post, well I am sorry. I wasn't. 

P.S. : DONE ? You read the whole post? I would really appreciate your effort! Was it worth it? I mean worth your time? 


  1. The post was definitely worth my time, and it always will be.

    What your friend told you about life being a stage was amazing, very inspiring person I must say.

    Also, you were asking whats life about? Love, studies,, work, or all?

    I'd say life is about love, love to the people around you, and also don't forget the "self-love". But of course there are rules set by society, in which we need to establish our independence, and have a job. Financially you need security, that's where the job part enters the story. However that's not the main focus of life, that's just a small aspect of it.

    Anyways, what life really is isn't even explainable, but as you said, "it is what it is, life"


  2. Kiara,
    You are Just too generous.

    Indeed he is.

    And yeah, "It is what it is, Life" as in a mystery unexplored, opportunities awaiting and what not, every single thing.

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    Take Care. :)

  3. Oh hells yes.

    Personally, I'm not much for success. We've created this skewed idea of happiness that relates to that- (not that it's a bad thing).

    Life is about making all the mistakes you can possibly make, and realising that it's what makes you, YOU.

    It's about enjoying the small things- and how you do that, is up to you (via a job, sitting drunk at home, whatever floats your boat)

    I don't see the imperfection with having failed. It just shows you that there's one less way to try things out.

    Very thoughtful post =)

  4. @Zeebs :

    Those are some more inspirational words, that I see. And Yes, Life is about making all the mistakes we cam possibly make and that makes our identity, a unique self.

    And I'm Glad you liked it.

    Take Care. :)


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