Monday, May 14, 2012

At the end of the Day.

Pleased with the dark dusky outfit which the sky bore, I was left to admire the serene beauty of the pleasant night sky. With the illuminated dusty roads and the fast zooming cars I was somewhere lost as the sudden flash from the passing car struck me on the face. I was in a journey and occupied the window seat as I always do. iPod check, Songs on, while I slowly slip into another reality thinking, dreaming and imagining. It was getting darker  with the seconds that passed. The transportation vehicle in which I was travelling was a smooth ride which didn't break my flow of thoughts. So, I lay wondering about *something* as the starts danced in the sky while I lay watching as a spectator. 


Sunday went by and I didn't feel like it was a Sunday. I will make this short. Firstly, I had an exam today. It was a two session exam one forenoon and another afternoon. One thing I came to know today:
"This is how it feels like when someone comes without preparing a bit. I mean like No-Preparation, Zero, NULL". 

Where everything is getting computerized these days, some still follow the previous fashion for conducting entrance examinations. Objective type is one thing. And another thing is Subjective. I came to know that there was a theory paper as well for the entrance examination the day before it. Who would have dreamt of such a disaster? Clearly, I wouldn't have even in nightmares. So, I was like "Darn, this is gonna be one big disaster". For one obvious reason, objective paper is easy. Even if we don't know we could guess unless there is negative marking. But in subjective, what could anyone write? I don't get to write my normal exams properly even after night-long hard-work. So, I decided it the day earlier that this exam was gonna suck the most. Still I manage to create some spooky answers and using my imagination create something wild over there. The evaluator would probably hang himself tagging me in his suicide note saying that he can't live in a world with such genius or the  opposite of it. Long story short, the exam was fine, nonsense filled and out of context equations with self implied hypothesis explaining the little known facts with completely unrelated and unimaginable formulae deriving the required answer. But the exam was for 2 hours + 2 hours and all I did was roam the remaining time on my bike first to find the exam center and then just because I had too much money in my pocket for petrol (No this is not the reason. I was being sarcastic). The rest of the time I sat outside the exam center listening to songs on my iPod and everybody was looking at me like I'm crazy listening to songs and playing angry birds before the exam. Well, I don't care about their stupid stare. So the exam was done and I thought of going to KFC for I didn't had lunch. By the way, I don't eat much during exams. I would sometime skip breakfast or lunch or dinner or breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner or lunch and dinner or all. That KFC was full. Today is a Sunday right. Though, I didn't feel like it was a Sunday. Did I say, I would make it short? I did. If it isn't short as you migh have anticipated, I must have lied then. 

The whole day went by in a jiffy and it was pretty fast too. Next moment I remember, I was on my return Journey sitting in the window seat while the person next to me and also the person next to him in another row were flashing their new Samsung mobile phones calling and rejecting calls. What the hell are you guys doing? ,I shouted in my mind. Wait a minute, I don't care. So, I get back to my game on iPod while the music blared the headsets. I told myself that I should not fall asleep. But without my conscious effort, I slowly drifted into the spooky dreamy world. The music was loud in my ears and clearly I couldn't hear a darn thing. My stop had arrived and the people who were to get down there got down. Suddenly, I wake up and look around. It looked new. I thought is it my stop yet or some other stop. I still try to figure out looking at the sign boards trying to recollect any part of the missing puzzle. Suddenly, I find one and immediately get down. The time was 0030 hours and I didn't wanted to wake up my dad and ask him to pick me up from where I got down. So, I make my way to home. As soon as I get back home, I plug my phone and laptop and start Facebook and blogger while I tune to the sports channel to know the Soccer updates. 

And before I forget, Happy Mothers Day.
Image Courtesy : Google Images
So, Happy Mothers Day to all MOMS. 


  1. Hi-fives for not studying RIGHT BEFORE an exam. Nothing goes into my brain because I'm on overdrive.

    And happy mommers day! I always pull out the "you wouldn't be a mum were it not for me" excuse, but seriously, where would we be without 'em right?


    1. *High-Five*. :D

      Yeah, you're right ! :)


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