Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Child's Game

Am I growing too slow or are the kids these days are growing too fast? Time flies by, petty fast these days, so I am normal, I suppose. Well, again I am travelling. Again, another exam. I don't want to speak about it. I am pretty much done with my college and all that is left is getting my certificates. I don't know whether my college would conduct a convocation day or not, but I need them as of now for the job which I would be joining later in the coming month. 

While I was in college, I stayed up at hostel. Though I had many known people in the city and also some of them were my relatives but they either stayed far from my college or I didn't wanted to burden them with my presence. So, I made occasional visits to these houses. It is like all my relatives are in this city only. Seriously, almost all are here. So, I am have to visit them occasional either casually or some occasion like birthdays. And there are kids not of my age group. The people of my age group would also be in some college and they are at some other place. So, it was me. On an occasional visit to one of my relatives house, they kids there would just fall up on me showing too much love. I am the silent guy for I am as always, which gives them an upper hand to manage me efficiently to their purpose. I didn't understand at first why these small cute kids were just over-expecting from me. At some odd moment, I refuse to do what they me to do, so they get all angry and hate me. Then again after some time, they get back to me. I don't say a word, but still they do. In such occasion their parents order them to study. They get all cranky and don't listen to them and make me their scapegoat for some more time. I sometimes think they are just getting on me as they want to escape from some study time and have some time for playing. When one of these little ones mention about me to one of their friends/ cousins / everyone else, they are all praising me for the reason I never knew and my other cousins think I am also some kind of toy and start jumping on me fondling with me. I am like, "what did they tell and what on god's green earth are they doing to/with me. 

So did I think. Today, as usual I went to visit them and also I had some work over there. I went along with my brother. Earlier when they used to hear my name, they used to get all excited. So, I was expecting the same. There was no such thing. The air of silence surrounded me. I was relieved at first and then my brain started thinking the reasons. Now my brother was the target. So, it seemed as I had escaped from the child's play , I was still dragged into street cricket and an evening walk by my cute 8 year old cousin sister. She is just too adorable but I still tease her by saying no to her every request. The thing is that they were having a summer break and the pretty girl was getting hyper-bored at home. So, she doesn't want to waste a second of the tiny chance she could engulf. The focus shifted from me to my brother. The little transition led me to this post. Thats' not big of a deal. I just wanted to understand the ideology of a child like how they understand and how they prioritize what they want and how they see people. I sometimes wonder whether I was the same when I was a kid, for which I get an answer from my deepest voice, No! You were much worse. May be true, may be not. I don't think I am a kid anymore and I think I shouldn't be thinking much about it. But I just can't help but think about it. Reason being unknown, I find myself pestering my mind to find some answers to the craziest of the thoughts. I want to understand human behavior and this is another part of it which is like a liquid - flexible and taking the shape of what's to come. So, the conclusion that I draw is that you entertain them, you are their best buddy. You give them what they want, they will just love you for everything. You just say one no, and you are their enemy (for the time being). Different kids, different choices; but all they want is to get everything like they wish it to be. Kids, right ? Can't really help ourselves when they make that cute little face and request/plead !

I've much more in my mind as I have been thinking about the same for the past 2-3 years whenever I get a chance. So, all got jumbled at the moment and fishing them out is quite difficult. No, that isn't the reason. I thought this itself would be hard to read so why bother the dear readers. 

So Photo of the Day [POD], { Photo here refers to illustrative image} as I said I would.

P.S. : I saved this post in drafts for like six times with gaps filled with question whether to post or not or let myself sound lame & stupid. After series of baffling thoughts and a tiny war between yes and no, I finally choose the Yes option. Do I sound lame/stupid? I do. 


  1. Exactly what had happened to me :)
    For about a year my adorable little cousin loved me and always wanted to be around me. Suddenly she's shifted this interest to my sister :) Like you, I wonder why and how her mind works and essentially why she's lost her strong attachment with me.

    1. That answer is hard to find, I suppose.
      By the way, that feeling sucks, right ?

  2. I have over 10 posts sitting in my drafts. Poems, scribblings. Started. Unfinished. Changing. And some just untouched LOL. (I'm a slacker).

    I've been around kids for most of my life. My work involves so much of them, and plus I get told that I'm one too. Not that I mind of'course, but I've always been a straight-up one. I've never been used as an excuse, I don't think/hope. We usually just converse about everything. I tease all the little boys by asking them to be my boyfriend, only to see them shy away all flustered. And I play The Boy in any girly games with all the girls. I'm so good at sword fights etc. Maybe it's just me. I talk to them as I would with any adult, minus the swear words/16+ things.

    1. I too had over 10 posts in drafts, which made no sense when I saw them afterwards. So, deleted and cleaned my drafts, though I kept some thinking that I'd complete and post someday.

      Seems like you have a good time with the kids. Its the other way round here, the kids have a good time when I drop by. :)

  3. Unfortunately kids are losing their innocence too soon....but yes when they do make their cute faces they can get away with anything.

    1. Exactly. I don't understand whether it is good or bad.
      Yeah, they are capable of getting anything they want with their cute little faces.

  4. I have like 2 posts in my drafts and I feel so guilty about it. :P And yes, children are growing up too fast these days. Its like mega speed.

    Ah, the fact that they are adorable is their working force. They can almost get everything their way. Sigh.


    1. Exactly, like Bullet Speed.
      We are completely helpless when it comes to those adorable faces which stare in so pleasing way that we can't just say No.


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