Thursday, May 24, 2012

In My Sleep.

It is inevitable. The longer we are involved, the longer we enjoy until we wake up to the reality of life and realize that nothing was real. When I wake up from sleep, I realize that I was in a relatively different world. And let me tell you, that's quite fascinating and quite real(for the time being) as well. I enjoy almost all my dreams and so far I don't think I had any nightmares in which I had to wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Dreams are a total alternate reality. Often it happens that I am kinda superhero sort of in my dream and the center piece of the whole story. ( Obviously, right? Its' my dream and who else would be there? I was just sayin..!) But when I wake up, which is not with my will though, firstly, I would have to curse the phone for its scorching high alarm tone or the person who made me wake up. The flow of the dream is broken and everything feels wrong until it is completed. So, five minutes more, I say to myself and try to continue it where it stopped (paused) before I was woken up by some element. It doesn't happen though. It doesn't continue. That dream ended the moment I woke up. I seldom say to myself that I shall have that dream which I had last night/ morning. But No, every night a new dream to live with, a new chance to be a hero or just get screwed up. People say dreams are the subconscious memory. I second that. But sometimes its totally different and I keep wondering "Subconscious Memory? ..huh"  where I seem to be flying over cities or even doing those things which aren't possible in real life. That's something, right ? (Oh! By the way, I watch a lot of movies and TV series, so may be my subconscious memory then). 

A week ago, I was woken up my dad in the morning. The morning was bright and shiny and it was pretty late as well. If I had a college, I'd be late by over an hour. But that was a holiday. So, I lazily drool over in the house and sit in front of my laptop and start checking fb & any comments on my previous posts. I found no notifications nor any comments. So, I get even more lazy and lean back into my chair only to find me sleeping. The other day, my dad asked me for something which I was supposed to give right at that moment, but didn't. So, in my dream that morning I was asked again. So, I get up and give it to him and I wanted to tell him something but he was busy on his phone. The next moment,  I wake up and see my dad at a distance and call him near to tell him something which I clearly can't recollect. Something which I wanted to tell him in my dream, I just couldn't remember. I convince him that I forgot what I wanted to tell and will tell him the next moment I remember it. I sat there wondering what was that I wanted to tell him as it seemed pretty important. But alas! I forgot! My bad. Later the next day, he asks me for the thing which I thought I already gave it to him only to realize that I gave him in the dream and not in the real life. I laugh at my stupidity inside but outside I was actually guilty of not passing on the thing which I was supposed to. Pretty Strange! I know, I sound totally crazy.

So here are some of my dreams....
Note: Dreams are those things which I usually get when I sleep. Don't mistake it with the life dreams like ambition something(which I clearly don't have yet). (Just in case, if you are wondering).

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I was on my bike when I saw the Police check point at a distance. I was fully equipped with all that necessary documents and even the helmet(i think). But every time he stops me and makes a huge waste of my time. I thought may be, not this time. So I was at my usual pace when he signals me to pull aside. I did't wanted to. So, I raise and go past him. Until another police man comes in front of me from I don't know where. He pulls me aside. I thought "I am screwed like hell". I just couldn't take it any more finally woke up. I thought "Thank God, that was just a dream!"

I was dead, Wasn't I?
 It was under-water. May be it was a submarine. I opened a metal door. There was an empty space, an elevated platform and which also gave the view of the floor below it. It was calm. I might have been someone, but had no idea who I was. I don't even know what I was doing there. I open a door slowly without arising any kind of noise for suspision. May be I am an undercover agent or just an ordinary man stuck in a sub-marine sort of ship which is underwater. I didn't know. There were people hurt and tied to chairs. So, I untied them. They ran away immediately without letting me put my question. I ran after them, but I just missed them. A moment later, there was a loud noise and people started running helter-skelter. I found a gun at the corner of the dark empty room. It was more like a machine gun. The next thing, I knew I was shooting at them. But they weren't getting hurt. I thought I missed them all the time. As the voices drew louder, a junta of people dressed in some commando-type dress were approaching towards me. I was shocked to death. I saw them pointing the gun towards me and so I thought before its' too late and get captured by those unknown people, I should kill myself. So, I shot at myself with the machine gun which I had in my hand. I thought I was dead. As those people caught me and with many too many guns pointed at me, I realized that I was firing blanks! And I wasn't dead ! 

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It seemed like an abandoned building more like a mansion. The light was less inside. It appeared dark. As I moved through the rooms, each room led to another and it never ended. It had a large corridor and even more room appeared. I thought I was lost in some unknown place. For it was an island. That all I knew. I could hear the sound of the waves gushing towards the shore. As I searched for myself in the lost place I found a few people. I never saw them before and were too very much unfamiliar. I dared not to speak but remained with them. They were a herd of four people. As they moved within the little yet big mansion I came to know they were lost as well. It was until a room came which had a big room and was filled with many more people. All I knew was that we were trapped and all the people had some mighty weapons in their hands. And also the date on the calender showed 2nd of December 2010. But the last thing I remember was that I celebrated the New Year of 2011. Some said it is an scientific experiment and that the time looped back to a month every time and that was the sixth time. When the reason for the same was asked they said "They had to create a project by the 1st of January 2011 " and added "May they are not even close".

An Angel
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" The sun was just near the horizon when that little kid saw his mom for the last time. His eyes covered in sorrow of pain. So little was he, so much he knew about the pain of loss. After all that was his own mother. What he thought was happening I wasn't sure. But I could see the little hands tremble in fear as he held his brother's hand firmly. The ceremony was over by the start of the day. The name was carved "In Loving memory of Mariah ..". That little boy stood there while every loved one who came left. He didn't what the term cancer meant but that was all that occupied his head and  the little beautiful moments of him with his mom. I saw him smile once. He seemed lost. Lost in the thoughts of his beloved mom. As the time flew by, the sun rose higher above the horizon and as if some miracle might have happened the sun smiled at him. He was amazed and was filled with a hope. All that he said was," I saw mom! She has become an angel". The little amazement of the little boy amazed me. As I saw him leave with a happy mind and a heart of satisfaction, I was filled with happiness."

The Last one is My Favorite. That was the most awesome dream I had ever had. I just can't forget the bright sun smiling. Simply Superb, I would say.

P.S. : Here are just a few of the things, I mean dreams which I could remember for now.  Hope, this isn't a disappointment. I also know some are totally lame, but I don't think they are worse than the actual me. 


  1. The last dream is my favourite as well :)

    I can relate to the content, and I've had one just like it myself.

    1. Glad you liked it. Wow, great. :)

    2. I second that! The last one was my favourite as well! ☺

      And the second one was quite intriguing as well. I've had dreams like that, where people are trying to kill me.. It's quite a weird feeling, isn't it?

    3. Glad you liked it. :)
      Totally. We feel we are dead and the next moment we wake up to realize that we are still alive.

  2. Dreams make for a post? Wonderful.

    Definitely loved reading the 2nd one!

    1. Yeah, An idle mind can do that. :P
      Thank You. :)

  3. The last one, I swear I had one similar last night. Except it wasn't quite as beautiful... it was raining, actually...

    1. Hi-Five.
      Isn't the presence of rain beautiful ?


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