Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Influential Few.

A week ago, I updated my status in the Facebook page of this blog that I would bring out the wilderness in me starting with the truths about me and the thoughts I have about others that directly or indirectly affect me. So said, I was confident about telling all about me and the feelings that have been mustering me all the time. Perhaps, there is still some time to write about me. Let me start about the people who have influenced me during the four years of engineering either in a good way which helped me or them. I would very much like to tell the name(s), but I am following a code not to reveal the name(s). But if that person reads they will surely know its about them. So, I am keeping you readers at bay and if it helps just imagine or just ignore.

The Genius 
So, this guy is totally different. Different from the others in all aspects. He reads a lot of books. I bet he might have read atleast 200 times (or may be more) the books I've read so far, mostly novels, stories and so so. This guy is totally intelligent, but won't accept the fact.  He wants to know the concept which most of the students fail to understand. Most people are only interested about the marks part (... count me in.. yeah! sounds awful though.. But hey! Like I said only truths.So! ). He is the most helpful of all the guys. I still owe him some money but everytime I try to return the money he just refuses to take and I fail to submerge the money in his pocket somehow. I Shall return the next time I meet him. He would call himself Lazy. May be he is. But what ever is in his mind, I don't have a minute fraction of it.  And also he is a great motivator. If at all you read my previous posts, I mentioned something he mentioned which was quite inspiring. If you haven't read it, here it is :

What is world but a stage to show what you are. If you don't step on the stage you don't have a world. Your world ended even before it started. But you are still hanging to it by a rope. If you want you can pull yourself up or let go.. thats' your calling. It's in your hands to decide"

So, in short, I can just say that he is a total genius. So, I tell him to write a blog. He says he would but then again he says he is lazy. That's not an excuse buddy.! And I am quite confident that his writings would be far more interesting and inspiring as well. I Bet. There is a lot to tell about this guy, but words don't seem to reason with me. 

The Questionnaire
OH MY GOD! The questions this person asks are innumerable. If I could count, the easiest number I can tell is Infinity. Mostly the conversation with this person begins with "Any works for tomorrow".  I reply with a suitable answer at that moment. Then again, this person would message me in Google Chat or Facebook asking another Question whose answer is better given in Google searches. I sometimes wonder "Why Google is for?". The reason for this is the lame questions which I get. The first time this person asked me about the "Green rectangle and triangle symbols" in Google chat besides the names of the people. I didn't understand it the first time. So, when I checked it out, I was literally LOLing. It resembles that the user is using a web-cam and that he is online. And that the symbol is of a Video indicating that he could be contacted using a web cam. The symbols clearly show a video symbol. And God! help me, this person couldn't figure that out. This isn't just the only case where I had to laugh my arse off, there were many more. And this was just one hilarious incident. The reason why this person asks his friends is that "Google fails to give him a reasonable explanation". And I am wondering,"Does he know how to use Google?" Every single thing should/would be asked. May be Google doesn't have answers to the questions. I don't know whether it is just me or everyone in this person's friends' list experience the same. I have to stop here and control my laughter, because if I start quoting all the questions, It will take a lot of time. But nevertheless, this person is super genius. Thats' why I always wonder "Why he is asking me these questions? Does he already know or really he doesn't?" Or is he testing me? I still take time to answer all those questions! Don't know why, though. So, please use Google to the fullest. It does sometimes answer your questions. And the most damnable thing I have ever heard on Facebook is,"Hey, please like my comment" , "Hey, Please like my Status". Firstly, I've a nice big laugh and wonder, I would like it if I like it, Isn't it how it works? Does someone has to tell me? God, Help me and the Genius people, but help me more. (Just Kiddin')

The Egoist
The less I speak about this person, the better. I'm so pissed at this person than anybody else. He stays under my shoulder most of the time. Firstly, I never understood why he targeted me in the first place. Then I came to know he would go after the brainy people or lets say people who manage to secure good marks. And then he won't leave the rest either. He goes after them also. The reason is unknown to me. And I clearly don't care either. I lost this person's interest the moment when he planned to go out for a dinner and went off without me, when he planned to go for a morning run and didn't get up that early, when he took my notes and didn't return until I asked him to, when he deliberately snatched the chair in which I was about to sit making a scene over there. And the list goes on. And I still wonder Why I still try to help him out and make a fool of myself in front of me. Well, I am not such a cruel man to just leave people to diminish with their ego. This person would disturb me in the busiest hour and ask the silliest of the questions. Seriously? "He came knocking at my door for that?", I wonder. He could be deemed as an example of a Perfectionist, or lets just say a wannabe perfectionist. Well, atleast in his self centered mind, he is one hell of a Perfectionist. Need I say more, I would be spoiling my space here with all the crappy words and curses. But I still don't get, "Why do I still help him out?". What's it called actually ? Innocence? Stupidity ? Whatever, it is called, I seriously should stop it. 

The Player
Now, this person is totally different from others. You will find a mix of little martini in a normal coke. That much different! You with me? Whatever I say would be less for this peculiar person. Oh! By the way this person happens to be an online friend. And if you don't know about me, I don't talk much and GIRLS! phew, no way! I have told in my earlier blog-posts the reason probably some 100's of posts back and I am pretty sure no one would have read it. ThankGod! So, as I was saying this person is a very good player. Player in the sense, the things this person wants to be done gets done, obviously the other people do it and I am one among them. I sometimes feel awkward to have been played but then again there is this sweet talk which just melts away people. But me? Sorry! I am a bad-ass, a real one, indeed!. I play the little game and there is some feeling that the person would somehow learn that its' a bad habit using others to get the work done. But that chapter in this person's book is far away, I suppose or may be there is no such chapter. And if you are wondering, this is the person who lost my pendrive two weeks ago. A common courtesy of an apology would have helped, and not the online chat machine with a sad face smiley and a 'sry' tag. Seriously? That doesn't ease my mind, and I don't know about others whether it helps or not. That was the last thing, Thank God. Before that there were many such incidents, but I assumed that people learned from their mistakes. I think I was/am wrong? So you tell, "Do people really learn from their mistakes?". So, this person sends another person to return my thing when I had the minimum sense to hand it myself. I was bewildered at that only. Why is this intermediate person working out the mess of some other person? So, I tag this extraordinary person with the name Player. So, I've been played and the Player had their time enjoying & playing the pretty little games.

This is not about criticizing the people I know. Like I said earlier, when I look back at the faces, I get this image in-spite of whatever the good was done. If you're reading this hope you don't get into similar situations in the days to come. If you think I am wrong, Just ignore it and move on.

What I have learned ? 
To work more often.
Not to be an egoist and be like a ass.
Not to be a Jerk and care less about others while keeping my interests at the top. (I've learnt that a while back).
Not to ask so many questions. (My sister doesn't ask so may questions. ) (Wait a minute, I don't talk at all, so this is out of question :P ).

P.S. I started with some other intention and ended up like this. 
Dear Brain, 
Y U No follow one thing at a time? 


  1. "The Egoist" seems quite pestering.... Reminds me of someone (someone I dislike of course)

    1. Oh! He is !
      I don't think anyone likes Egoists !

  2. Ooh that was a fun post! And convince the genius guy to write! I'm sure his blog will be great :)

    1. Why, Thank You. :)
      I've been trying to convince him to write, but he never listens to me. May I should persuade him more often. And yeah, his blog would be Great.

      Thanks for dropping by and following. :)


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