Thursday, May 24, 2012

Low Pitch

Disclaimer : The post title makes no sense to the post. This is just another random post, rambling to be precise. I am avoiding to sound too random all the time. So, this post- title is totally random. Don't curse later that I didn't warn.

Dear Readers, 
Something I just noticed. I got a text from my bro. So, I checked my blog. I usually don't read my blog after I write. But while I write, I am not writing all the time. I watch tv in middle or play a game on my iPod or drool away into some dreamy world. So, what I noticed was that I skip some  of the words in the sentences. I feel awkward about that. I mean the sentence(s) makes no sense at all. I'm sorry about that. My sincere apologies . I need to extra cautious from now on.
-The Writer (or whatever you think I'm; :D )

The Question about Why!
I don't know about most people, but as far as I know some really do hate social networking sites. The thing is that most of my relatives are on Facebook. Well, I don't usually mind any. The history goes back to Orkut. So, I came to all this social networking through a friend and the first being the Orkut. When I first started I didn't like it because I didn't clearly understand what it was and what we are supposed to do. So, I started adding my classmates from my eleventh grade. Then in Orkut, there were scraps- which is equivalent to the wall on the Facebook. So, people used to talk through scraps and Google talk, I think. There are some things about these social networking sites which makes people intrigued. For one thing, they are addictive, right? So, I was obsessed and addicted ( a little bit, or so I assume) to it for some time. It became interesting. Some people even suggested me Facebook at that time. So, I also joined it but had no idea how it worked. All my friends were on Orkut at that time and no one knew about FB or some were just like me unable to make out what this was an how it worked. Slowly Facebook became the hottest selling cake, while Orkut was sent to RIP. Now people laugh if someone says, they use Orkut, I mean seriously. Well, I would ROFL. I almost did it when I say a guy sitting in his car ans accessing Orkut outside the movie theater. I was literally LOLing, seriously I was and so was my bro. Orkut, at this time and that to be sitting in a car. Now, I am LOL-ing here while I recollect that incident and penning it down. 

Why my dad hates Social Networking Site(s)?

The incident which made my dad curious about this was something related to real life. So there were these two people (idiots) - One was in 9th standard while the other one was in 11th grade. The former was a girl and the latter a boy. Wait a minute, the ages must be wrong. I think I forgot. Lets just say that one was elder to the other. So, they met each other somehow - well obviously some one was stalking through the whole site but I don't think its' hard to find which one. So, they chatted for some time while one proposed to marry the other. They both were interested in getting married. So, these cyber-love kids get fond of each other. And the worst part was that the lady in love was a daughter of one of my dad's friend. So, You can imagine what would happen next. Though both my parents are against the whole social-networking thing, but isn't that todays' trend? So, there it began the story-of-social networking-hatred. So, you can see I am always on the vigil. But, isn't that creepy. Isn't it like reading the personal diary? 

Now, the trending is Facebook, obviously. All advertisements in the TV end with "Join us on Facebook" Or a Facebook like symbol. The Facebook is the Social revolution-er.  The phenomenal expansion took the standard of catching-up-with-friends to stalking-random-good-looking-people-trying-to-hook-up to marketing & advertising. Though in the middle my dad still hates the idea of it quoting some incidents from the newspaper. And I am like, What is Orkut doing in daily newspaper (This was the incident at that time, some 5 years back). Now, my dad is in my FB's friend list. And most probably following my blog as well. Though my space is disturbed, but I'd prefer to still stay on my terms until I get (well , you know) of this thing. Then, I may not sure what I might/would do! Well, I prefer not to say/not to think/ not to go that far. 

I wonder when my dad gets so startled on viewing my profile (though I don't have anything special to keep in it except my photos which look like "I'm super hawt (or so I prefer to think)" or my cousins' who would come up the re-shared meme's and other stuff mostly related to <3. What would other people do if they see their children's FB profile only to find that they are in a relationship and still aged 16 or even less!!?? I am not against it, though. I was just trying to picture it. I mean in a society like which I stay in, parents get a little cranky on these matters. I am not discouraging the people out there who are involved, but just warning or lets say "Just sayin'!" 

And one more thing about me is that I am totally reserved and I getting involved in  the dramatic anxiety of <3 is not in my blood. So, I'd prefer if no one thinks more about it and think that I would fall a prey into its mysterious web. No! I won't and I am totally against that idea.

And to the concerned, don't be so judgmental on small things / everything that is put up on FB.

P.S. : Why did I write this ? IDK ! I just wanted to. 


  1. ... Eventually Facebook is going to R.I.P, and something better and more convenient is going to be the new “must-have“.

    And both my mom and dad absolutely hate social networking sites. The only reason they even have a Facebook account is to watch me, which definitely invades some of my personal space.

    1. Facebook has still some time for going to R.I.P, I think.

      Same is the case with me. :( :/

  2. Your dad and my mother. Twinsies.

    (Note: this is going to be a long comment, but I don't care because I just have to tell you because I have to. Feel free to block me later)

    So my mum's friend's daughter (lets call her Jane) got into some shennanigan with a guy on the internet (I rolled my eyes, internet? Seriously? What happened to the million boys here?) Anywho. So the guy, turned out to be a stalker. And he stalked her grandma (the guy and the grandma live in the same country, and Jane lives in NZ)... he pretty much went to her grandma and asked for money. And there's loads of other trouble, but since then my mum's been paranoid as a bat. And frequently finds an excuse to hover downstairs while I'm on a technological device. To which, I can only laugh.

    She doesn't own a facebook account, but she makes my dad go on facebook and then stalk people that she knows. She's pretty much convinced that the internet is the new age terrorist.

    In other news, Zuckerburg just got hitched. Did you see it? And just after Facebook went public too. So in case his wife divorces him- she don't get the FB money.

    Wise move Zucker, wise move.

    1. I like long comments. So, no need to worry.
      To parents, it seems to be the rising-terrorist group trying to invade ( or spoil) the little children; especially the Social Networking sites.

      Yeah, I saw that. He is such a money minded person. A pretty good move indeed MZ !

      BTW thanks for the comment. You don't have to mind commenting here. Even if it has something to criticize or appreciate, everything is accepted. So, feel free and pen down your mind.


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