Friday, May 4, 2012

Mindless Thoughts.

The dull morning light peeking through the slight openings in the window elating the morning after-sleeps. The perky little dreams are withered as the bright light hits the lazy eyes. The innocence of the lazy eyes being laughed by the sun-beamed rays. The promise of yet another day and the enthusiasm to work it out. The time keeps running, fast enough while I mend the time according to the need.

The thoughts are broken. Ideas are scattered. There is a melodrama in the brain. The disparity and the confusion driving the little mind crazy. The lucid summer and the varying thoughts mustered. There is an insane feeling. The feeling of one losing a mind, the feeling of being locked up in the dark room. The sea is vast and the mind being a ship is set sail. The thoughts being the wind drive the ship. Thoughts being unclear, the course is unclear. The ship is lost among the confusion. The hurled thoughts has caused a cyclone. Suddenly there is calmness and the wind is silent. The sea is at peace. The ship has stopped. The thoughts have stopped. The mind is in search of the relative peace. The ship is nowhere unknown as for the thoughts are being ridiculed with the vivid situation. They need a course, a path, a guidance and a light in the darkness. 

Life is such. An aimlessly driven ship wasting the human force of mind on the quest to unknown. Dreams and the ambitions set the course. For my course is ever changing, following the path which ever may please 'n this has led to an isolated land. Lost in the unknown and desperate to know whats' to come. In times of trouble, God is the only solace one can seek and the only path one can follow. The anguish cry is unheard, the desperate pain is not felt & the loss is engulfed by self. Mind is consumed by the thoughtless desires of freedom, the freedom from pain, the suffering and whatever that causes the dilemma in the state of mind. 

Is it a game of Chess? I ask. For every move defines the state of winning and an equal chance of losing the pretty little game of Life. For every move defines the loss or gain of the little space of freedom. For every move defines the chance of being hunted down. For every move defines the glorious victory. For every move is with held by another subjective move. For every righteous move rises an equally cruel-some opposition. When it all ends there is only one winner. The game of Life is such. You may not agree with me. Or You may agree with me. Aren't we the different pieces of this little game?

Is it a Puzzle?, I ask. For every piece is needed to make it a complete set. For every piece draws a connection between the other. For every piece holds an important place in its attire. For every piece signifies us. Doesn't it lie in the hands of the player, Us ! The little decisions we take, the little difficulties we face align the pieces of the puzzle in its rightful place. And when it is all done, aren't we the one to complete our puzzle of life?

Baffled with the questions and the heated argument with self, I lay down to look upon myself in a different perspective. All I find is a hollow space. A puzzle unsolved, a game left out. What is Life? Do you know even a bit? Somewhere the voice echoes in my mind as my conscious tries to warn me of the unknown. The echoes subside in the mist of the foggy thoughts as I try to find the answers. The questions fade and I become relentless. I ask myself what am I? Just another human being trying to find a place in this society. A society where work is wealth, where patience is money and perseverance is a peace of mind. Not only that. A society where deceit is precious, fake is real and hard work is undermined. 

Oh pretty mind of mine, Let the thoughts rest in peace and let it find its own way out. Don't just baffle it with the insidious of the future yet to come. Don't cease the present with the fears of tomorrow. Now is the moment. Let it live in the present. Future is a distant world. Tomorrow is just another day ahead. Today is the moment where your actions can define the actions of tomorrow. So worry about now and not the undisclosed-unknown-ever changing future. Live the moment and let the thoughts capture the situations at hand. The Present it is then ! 

Foot-Note : Wait ! No ! No no no ! You didn't ! You did read the whole part upto here? My mind is pretty messed up, for the holidays are killing the thought-provoking neurons in my mind and all I get are these thoughts. Warning : "This is just the beginning". I was just saying to myself that now I got some decent people reading my blog and taking time to comment. And now this !?  I shall try to apprehend my mind somehow and set it straight before its too late. But don't curse me if I get a little more stupider. I can't help it sometimes ! My Bad ! :(


  1. Why do you always do that? Add the disclaimer that it's bad, it sucks, don't read, etc? :P This was amazing Ajay.

    Clear, poetic, stimulating, free flowing. How could anyone STOP reading to the end?

    1. I was also wondering the same. Sometimes I feel, all I wrote was just some unnecessary babbling and the readers wont be interested in such a thing !
      I will have to stop that.

      You're right ! That was a lame gesture !

    2. Exactly! I agree with IQ... NO need to add that disclaimer at the end, your posts are beautifully written and they're really thought provoking, so I'm glad that you're not planning to do that anymore.

      And in terms of the post itself, I often question these sorts of things too. The most common question, of course is "what is life", and I usually respond in the same sort of manner as you. Life is a puzzle, yet to be solved.

    3. Yeah. I'll stop that.

      I don't think there would be an explanation of what Life is. It indeed is a Puzzle, a mysterious one.

    4. :) You write because you want to...that's enough reason for simply doing it...forget the critics or the feedback - when you do something from a will to do it and from your heart, it will be done well. :)

    5. That was inspiring.
      Thank You . :)

  2. Great post Ajay, and thanks for stopping by my blog.

    I like your rendition on whether its a game of chess, or a set of puzzle or if it is a BAD joke played by God on us(now that I am agnostic, I dont see that point too)!

    Have we found the answer yet? I guess, we never will!

    Do stop at my blog - Kappu!!

    1. Thanks a Lot. :)
      I'll surely stop by.

      Take Care.


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