Friday, May 18, 2012

Rambling #1

I Don't Know What to Write

Good is for the last. I was at a party this night. A farewell party to my dad. I wasn't actually interested in going there, but had to. *Sad Face* First of all, I had a weird hair cut the other day which is like the porcupine. And secondly, I could do better thing at home like watching some movies or write something interesting. So I was there playing on my iPod while my brother was busy clicking photos. I don't know anyone for one thing and there was no one of my age group except my brother. So, I have to keep an artificial smile on my face whenever some uncle stares at me and I respond as if I know and they do the same. Strange though! So was the strangeness of the hour. And I don't eat much when I am at a party. So, I end up as fast as I can. Then there was dessert. I was so relieved from the spicy food which just fired up my mouth like a wildfire. So, yeah, Good is at the last for the best. 

Some hours earlier, I was teasing my brother to turn off the AC to save some current. After spending like some fifteen minutes or so, I come out of the air cooled room just to feel the essence of sun next door. It was burning hot. Seriously! Unbearable heat. The temperature is rising like anything these days. And the aftermath of a fresh bath is worn out in just a minute or may be less. If I can't bear the heat in my home, how about I go out for an afternoon walk? May be I will be vapourized in the street leaving no trace. Oh God! Why so much heat? Wait a minute! God has nothing to do with this. Its us, isn't it? Global Warming. No matter what more one does, this heat isn't going to stop from making one's life miserable for an ample amount of time. Only early mornings and late nights are the grace period when I don't have to curse the consequence of Global Warming. If this continues, in a decade or so, one would have to carry a mini air-conditioner (handy) along. 

In other news, I need to make some real money real fast. My wish list is piling up and I am with an empty pocket. I need to somehow double, no triple, no quadruple the money somehow. It is just that my desires never end and also keeps on increasing. So, I saw somewhere that there are attractive prizes for writing as well. The latest one had a Macbook as first prize and Playstations as second prize and so on. I was first shocked seeing MacBook as 1st prize followed by playstations. Then when I read the posts which people wrote, I thought I had no chance. So, next time I should be totally prepared and got to give the best. But, this just remains a dream. Someone or the other comes up something more interesting and mine just becomes obsolete. I should find something which stands out, speaks out and never at the reach of the others. Wait a minute? Does such a thing exist? Thats' my new aim to find the inevitable. Be Invincible. So, if you are reading this, probably you might already know about what I mentioned earlier. If you don't, its the Indiblogger website which comes with such cool competitions. I know that my chances of winning are Zero, Nil, NULL and I just told you. Now, you'll have a better chance of winning. I bet. But still, it will be a healthy competition, I suppose where you'd win and I lose trying. 

The initial topic of this post was "I Don't Know What to Write" but then I thought it doesn't sound cool so changed it. But I will surely come up with something interesting. Thats' what I had been telling myself for the past one month and still no progress. :( . 

So, I'm thinking of posting a photo/inscription/meme/illustrative images/*whatever thats interesting* depicted in photos either as quotes or anything as a matter of fact. So here it is..
Image Courtesy : Google 

P.S. Earlier I used to come up with puzzles just to keep the readers a little more engrossed to my blog. If that seems to be a good idea, I'll come up with some; only if the readers are interested. And also a picture speaks a hundred words. Though, not a picture, It gives good message. So, drop your opinions about this illustrative and about the puzzle thing.


  1. Oh my! That heat must be a pain. Hopefully it cools down soon.

    And honestly, are you out of your mind? I think you definitely do have a chance in winning any writing contest. And even if you don't, it's worth a shot. So get writing ☺

    1. Yeah! Seems like a serious problem. Me too hoping the same.

      I was being practical. I will have to work a lot for that, which I'm happy to do. So, will try my best. Thank You. :)

    2. Well a macbook would be nice :)

  2. The heat, and the humidity, OMG, together it's killing everyone =|

    And hey, exactly, you DO have a shot at winning, just like everyone else!
    Take part no!! :)

    1. Yeah, summers seem deadly these days.

      Thanks. I will. :)

  3. Loving the picture! Kinda reminds me of this one I had. Anywho, I love these pictures. The words are so stoic and bold, it just helps to leave an imprint.

    Write because you want to, not because you need to- I think. I don't know how much people would agree. But all wants eventually turn into needs.

    I'm such an economist. Baffling. Ergh. And I bet your haircut looks good too. You probably just judge yourself too harshly. We're known for doing that. Hi-fives. Just 'cause.

    1. Thank You. Will come up with more.

      Exactly. I totally agree with you. I write because I want to.

      And my hair cut really sucks.
      May be you're right. *Hi-Five*

  4. I need to have a role here. I might give some help.


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