Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Sting.

To start with, I am at loss of words as I am feeling my mind ceased to work. Yesterday, I didn't post. "Why?", I asked myself. Because I had no idea about what to write on. But my drafts gets multiplied each day. I start something and leave in the middle. Why? , I ask myself again. Because there is something more interesting on TV or I have to complete that TV series which I downloaded the other day. Mingled are my thoughts as my mind finds freedom to write with the little instincts it catches. As the day dawned in the darkness, I sat in front of my laptop mustering the little thoughts to form them into some sensible and make some sense. But I failed and they went straight to the drafts. Well, so hard it is to think at this point something meaningful, I side-tracked to something easy. Easy! As in, "How was you day?", I ask myself and to the dear readers as well. For my day...

The Sting
Last night, as I am an Insomniac, I was up late. The time was around 0230 hours. I was feeling low and thought of writing something. The mind got eluded and my writing ceased to move forward. I was sick of that feeling. The feeling when I start to write and in the middle I am no where. So little bit was I frustrated, I thought of taking a walk in my house and freshen up a little bit. I wash my face when I feel excruciating pain in my leg, on the foot precisely. So I ran to my room to check what on earth is it that it pains so much. There was a bee embedded under my foot which died though. But it stung. And it pained like hell. I mean like real Hell. So, I shout at the top of my voice in Silent mode, because everyone else were sleeping and I didn't want to disturb them. It lasted for half an hour. When I thought, it is not paining as much as before, I went off to sleep. Though I had a little trouble sleeping in the beginning but I drowned to sleep in my cozy anyways. Next morning, a big swelling covered half of my foot and I clearly could't take a step. That did hurt a lot. And it still does while I walk. The worse part is I couldn't find the exact point where I got stung. Well, I did some creepy yoga moves to get to see my foot's bottom but still I couldn't. So, I ask my brother to help me with this. He couldn't find it as well. Later in the day, I go to meet up the Doc where she also couldn't find it and says it might not have been a bee sting, else the point where it stung would be clearly visible along with the swelling. But My Bad. That tiny little insertion point where it bit me with its sting wasn't quite visible. So, I get a little pain-killers for that. The rest of the day on with nursing that swollen foot of mine. And Still it isn't fine by now. My mom says Its Poison which spread through my foot. Though I don't want to hear such kind of thing while I am being attacked my pain from one side and not getting well from the other. She even adds that it must have been the nerve/vein/or whatever that carries blood on which that tiny insect might have stung. So little but too much pain. I was thinking if I were to be a spy (or undercover agent, this sounds cool though), and the enemy were to capture me somehow then I would be dead with the pain of torture. This was when my brother was trying to be a doctor and trying to get that poison out my foot. So, I clearly can never be spy in the first place. So, 
Pain, Pain go away. 
Put my foot to rest. 
Tired it is of so much Pain. 
(I didn't even get this right, Damn!)
(Do I sound too childish? )

Sting Part II
Well, this is about another insect biting me and injecting its venom into the pure body of mine polluting it with insufferable pain. So, today while I was stalking my Facebook while the red balloon seems to have left my notification area, one notification pops up in the lower left corner saying that a friend posted something my class group. So, I stalk to there. And find it is about the Posting details for the Training for Job . For a moment, I was shocked a bit and was wondering that they sent the mail rather too early. My cousin got the mail in the mid June or something near that date. So, I check my mail. I get a little impatient as my Internet had to suck its life at that precise moment. My brother was using the broadband and I was using my phone to connect to the internet. It is some other story that It has been acting like crazy for a couple of days. And today even more. So, he calls, I didn't pick it up. Remember, I was stung and the phone was in other room. So, finally the mail completed loading in the bit format and I was wondering it took all the time the world to load this time piece of information. So, Trivandrum on June 4th, my place of training for the Job which I got during Campus Selections. The stingy part is the date 4th June. Thats' too early, Man. Rather too too too too early. I had plans this Summer and the worst part (as it seems now) is that I would have been free from 3rd of June as that would be the last exam I'd be giving under the name of higher degree. And then I would have gone back to the place where I lived for seven years and very too fascinated about it. Well, My dad got transferred to the same place where I was for seven years. I had plans to meet my tenth grade friends and the best part was I moving back to the same house where I lived before. So, damn!^100 !  Seriously ? That was to happen to me only? And once I get back to that training thing, I won't be having Holidays, right? I mean the working clad has very less Holidays as compared to the students, isn't it right? So, yeah Not cool, Dear TCS (The company where I got the Job). NOT AT ALL COOL ! If I say more, I'd be spoiling this page with the curses which I promised myself to speak at all ever again.

P.S. : I thought of putting the photo of the bee that bit me/stung me, but thought it won't be so good. 


  1. Whoa! That sounds painful. I've gotten spider bites pretty often, especially last year, and they're absolutely NO fun. I thought I would get some spidey powers, alas.

    1. Yeah, Really painful !

      May be you have & May be you don't know how to use them.

  2. ...Must hurt a lot, hope you feel better soon...
    This is the only part of the summer that I dislike, bugs!

    1. Yeah, Hurts a lot.
      Same here ! BUGS ! :/

  3. Aw, hope feel better soon Ajay! :)


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