Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Thirst.

1. I was the hamster running in an microwave oven. Or so did I feel. The summer is pretty lame these days and is firing up every moment. It was a shiny, bright afternoon and I was all set on my bike. If I had corn in my pocket, I would have enjoyed some popcorn while I drove to my exam center. I was sweating and my shirt was fully drenched in water. I was totally dehydrated for one thing and then I had an exam. I didn't know the exam center, so I was on road pretty early in search of the same. But I must say one thing, Google Maps doesn't help all the times. And this was the third time I got fooled upon believing GM. 

2. I was with my helmet on to protect myself obviously. So, I reach the place which was showed in GM, only to find it wasn't the right place to start to look for. It was still some miles away. So, I keep away my helmet in a bit of frustration and I'm back on my hunt. The dusty wind was blowing like some super hot air cyclone. Already the humid climate made my face all sweaty and oily and to add to that now dust. I travel for another 5 kilometers or so and the location is still now close to me. So, I get some help and leave my bike there and proceed to the exam center on a local transportation. I reach the center 2 hours ahead. Don't call me punctual ( just too much , aint I?).

3. It was a school. And it was empty due to the summer vacation. I was feeling like total cr*p. And that humid climate and hot sun just made my day. I was wondering what I would do for the next two hours. I take out my handkerchief from my pocket to swipe the little annoying sweat dripping from all over my face. It was a plain white one which changed to all dusty with one swipe. For a moment, I thought it must have fallen down in the dust and I didn't know. But it didn't fall. Then I realize it is from my face which was due to the dusty storm which I mentioned earlier. 

4. I sat there thirsty. Waiting for someone to show up so that I could get saved from being totally dehydrated and die at that moment. But there was utter silence except the zooming cars, trucks, bikes and all sorts of vehicles. I sat there thinking, taking a nap and looking here and there. I could do nothing else except that. So, while I was in the think-process a question struck me which my aunt asked the previous day. "In which language do you think?" People here aren't so fluent in English. She said that the Priest at the Church usually speaks the native language and also in English for the English mass. He is't that fluent in English so one of the people advised him to think also in English and in the time being he can pick up fluent English. When she asked me, I didn't know the answer at that moment. I forgot that I was thinking in my mind about what language I speak but unaware of that simple fact. I thought harder and replied that I will answer her back when I think next time. I know,  I sound weird. So, there at the exam center I remembered about the question and what was I thinking? I was thinking about what to write today after the exam was over. I was getting pretty good thoughts and fantastic word formation which rhymed and sounded good at that time. Now, I am banging my head to recollect what were those words. Well, thats' an other story. So, the answer - I think in English. Now, next question in my mind. "In which language do I dream?" Let me check tonight and get back with an answer. 

5. No water. Full thirsty. Lost in thoughts. Snail walking Time. Humid and bloody hot climate. Never ending sweat. Oily face. Weird hair style (seriously, totally messed up with all the dust and the sweat). Strange people- strange language. Building under renovation. Mens' toilet closed. Someones' parents looking for the room number in every nook and corner. Birds chirping. Birds shitting. Me aimlessly looking at others. *Opens phone- Slides to unlock - No messages - No emails - Still opens the read messages - Pretend to read it for the first time - locks the phone - unlocks the phone - locks it again - plays with the phone (rotate on a single finger) - phone falls down - silently keep it inside*, *Looks around - some people like me arrive - Clean my sweaty face* , * Check my hairstyle - Adjust it a little bit* , *Takes a little nap* *Repeat from the beginning after ten minutes* . 

6. Times up. The exam begins. I was already feeling very wasted and I need a real cold bath at that moment. I am not sure what I am gonna write. I don't feel like writing. The sun had dehydrated me. Took away the little energy in me. And I feel like total c*ap. The mood inside me is not pleasant. Exam starts. The invigilator murders the ENGLISH language. I wasn't in a mood to laugh or correct him either. Still feeling thirsty, no one knows where the effing water is. I make up my mind - Survive for 3 more hours and then you can have all the water in the world. A bottle of water arrives. Alas! At last, I shout in joy in my mind. *Let me finish this question*, then I'll swallow the whole bottle, may be. It takes time, but I complete. Where the hell is the bottle? I see an empty bottle on the other side of the room. BIG EFF. Damn you people, don't want me to live till the exam finishes. Times' on a run as if some apocalypse broke out. I complete the exam half an hour before. But I have a policy not to leave the examination hall before the time ends. I finally control my thirst. Or may be not, just forgot for the moment, or don't know - I just sat idle. There are negative marks for every wrong answer and I had made pretty wild guesses already. So, I had to stop. Then it struck me. I survived. I need to get out this. I hand to the English-killer-invigilator the answer sheet and also the question paper. I get out. 

7. At the shop, after about half a kilometer, I buy a drink. I pay him. He puts the money in the cash box, that bottle is empty. He looked startled. He looked down just to check whether I spilled the whole drink out on the ground. I get to my senses now. I feel a little re-freshened. I drive back to home as fast as I can. I thought I was giving the most acceleration as I did, but I wasn't moving a bit, not literally. It felt like a life time to reach home - my aunts' home. I saw them go for shopping with my little cousin, while her mother in law was at home. When I reached, she complains about my aunt. I was like "What the hell?". I ignore what she had to say. I give a fake smile and and 'Oh!' exclamation and escape that moment. God, I hate talks behind the backs! and mostly women-ish talks, I just hate.

8. I drank approximately 2 liters of water in a span of 15 minutes. I am quite sure, much more water was dehydrated from me. Ah! That felt good. By the way, no more cold more was left. :( . I sit down while my cousin comes back home and turns on the TV just to watch another not-so-good-animated-cartoon. I mean look at the characters. Their face is totally deformed and I don't understand why is their chin displaced to the right from the upper part of the face. Don't imagine. Not quite a good thought. While the cartoon character create and solve the problems themselves, he just enjoys it while I don't-know-what-to-do. I needed a bath. Just then, I was to go for a cold shower so I close my laptop and stand up. Whoosh! The powers' gone. I wonder what generators are for. While they have been under repair for over a year, we are soaking in our own sweat. An inverter could do the job of powering a fan and a light on a small scale though but we won't be bathing in our own sweat. After 3 hours of cursing and fanning ourselves manually, the power was back just to save us from the end-of-the-world. 

9. So far for today. Numbered-incidents. Thought of writing it differently. I mean I actually had some pretty good thoughts while I was sitting idle in the school(exam center) while I was in the worst mood and shabby avatar as well. So, Now this should end. I don't like ending on odd numbers. I like even numbers. So, another one..

10. POD {Photo Of the Day} :

P.S. : No post script in mind. I already told too much today. =P ! 


  1. Ayeeee.
    What an extra long & horrible-ish day you've had.
    Thank God for cold water,yes?
    Also,the pic. Gave a lil hope. I hope that is true :]

    1. Yeah, :(.
      I could have traded anything for the water.

      Yeah, it is true.

  2. Woah what an eventful day. What exam was this? I thought you finished them all (gee I'm such a stalker). I think I don't think in a language at all. When I think, I basically picture one of those internet stick-fgured memes in my head doing the exact same thing I'm going to do. It's weird when I describe it. And I loathe the talking-behind-your-back thing. Ugh. Seriously, people don't know how obvious it is to spot that.

    1. I wish I never have to encounter such a day again.
      Yeah, My exams were over. I mean I am done with the bachelors' degree. I got a job as well, which is due next month. And I wanted to take a little rest before going for higher degree. You see, some colleges would accept ob experience as well. But my dad wants me to do that right away. So these exams.:( :( :( .
      And thanks for being a stalker :) .

      Oh, wow, You are creative in thinking as well.
      And seriously, I wonder why people do that when they have so much work for themselves and what joy do they get by bragging badly about someone else?

  3. Sounds like quite a bad day, and the thirst must have been the worst part especially with all the heat!

    1. It was a bad day.
      And yes, thirst was the worst part. :(

  4. Gosh! What a day. Sigh. We all have some days like this, but how you managed to make a lovely post out of it amazes me.
    Plus summer is a killer, literally. Ice and cold water save us.

    Anyhoo, was just going through your blog. Absolute delight to read. Following you now!

    And the picture in the end of the post is so beautiful. Hope springs eternal?


    1. Thank You. Glad you liked it.
      Yeah, absolutely, Summers' a killer .

      Thanks for following. :)
      At least we have to be optimistic about it, right?

  5. @ teh photo you posted:

    “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”
    — Oscar Wilde

    1. Wow, thats awesome.

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. Loved the narrative! And, haha, that question is one I encountered years and years ago, my answer is so obviously "english".

    1. Thank You.
      English has become common, I suppose. =]


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