Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Tiny War.

The incandescent light flickering in the limelight of my soul when solace and peace of mind are betrayed. The multitude of desires overwhelmed with compassion. The heart is just a mere object which desires endless often stimulated with little attractions. Little thoughts pestering the mind. 

There is war. War between two unlikely things. The Good and the Bad. The Brain and the Heart. People say Think with your mind and Love with your heart. The lesson so vivid and clearly consumed by the heart that it loves everything. But the mighty brain persuades to think before proceeding. But the mind fails to control this only part of the entire human system despite the warnings. 

The brain warns of the senseless consequences of the actions of the dear heart. And what crime did the heart commit except than just showing a mere love and affection. A tiny war between mind and Heart where the Heart stands out and justifies the title. When Love is in the air, the heart gets all excited while the brain is in its best to maintain its dignity. But the heart sucks it down the pit hole. It falls in love, the inevitable feeling which the brain can never understand. But then again, the brain isn't just a piece of useless thing. It still warns of the gave-pit. What greater loss can it(the brain) endure?  The little difference between 'liking' and 'loving', the brain tries to explain. Then again there is infatuation. Another deadly poisonous sting in the back of the tail. 

While the Heart desires, the mind eludes from those desires. But who is stronger? The human will is nothing in front of the heart-ly desires. The mighty brain also has to kneel before it. Baffled is the brain, when the heart flatters itself for mere gestures. Period. Amazed is the heart when it finds the relief in the little moments of bliss. All is well that starts and ends well. But perfection is a distant land to seek. For the definition of perfection changes with each episode of life. And so does the desires of the heart. Then the disparity and the pain that the heart endures is painful as the mind tries to evade such  a distress. While the mind suffers with disillusion of what's happening to the heart and knitting the broken pieces. The heart is young and attracted.  

The above picture is just what the heart needs. Well, we don't have to say anything to it. It does its work without prior consultation. When heart desires, it inflicts the mind and persuades it to think more often about the desired. The mind becomes the prey for the desires. The little game is played perfectly by both until one has a disagreement on something and the heart cries in despair which the mind is accounted to pay for. The mind suffers for the betrayed love which was so pleasing till that moment. There are sleepless nights while the mind tries to overcome the little agony of pain. The sum of the heart which the heart has to pay. Then again, the same story continues. 

P.S. : I drifted away a little bit in the ending. 


  1. *Stands and claps* :D This was prettyful! (Yes I make up words).

    I love when a very common theme is explored so thoroughly; it becomes something we can all relate to so well, it becomes ours, but because of the magic you weave with your own words, it's new to us because it's yours. :)

  2. *Bows down in Gratitude*

    I am glad that you liked it. :)

  3. Amazing post.. You put that into words so elegantly....
    Seems like the tiny war between the brain and heart is perpetual, and the most difficult one to fight.

    1. Thank You. :)
      Indeed it is a tough one.


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