Sunday, May 13, 2012


It isn't too much to take, but still it is still hard. My day has been filled with all sorts of variation. And also this happens to be the third post today. Perhaps the reason would be that I am too bored(not a chance) or I actually want to keep writing(probably true).

The morning with its serene beauty and angelic atmosphere was just ambient enough to radiate the lazy bones to synthesize the energy in me. It was just to much exotic and pleasing at the same time. The bright radiance elated the sleeping soul. Such was the sheer awesomeness of the morning glory. 

The beauty of the calmness was destroyed and deployed of the little warmness, which makes one feel better, as time flew by. The ambient sun was on top of the head and with its enormous radiating energy stimulating the hottest rays upon the face of the earth. The result was loss of the radiance acquired from the glory of the morning sun. It became dull as a dried flower. Humidity and the sweat added to its flavors to cause much more repulsion of the hour of the day. Such was the awkwardness of the not-so-good-afternoon.

At dusk, the humid was still playing its vivacious role to make ones' life miserable. Then there it struck. The lightening from the sky. As someone prayed or fasted for the rains to the Rain God. There was bliss. A cold tiny droplets changed the face of the atmosphere. The humidity subsided beneath the grounds as the dark clouds took the power from the setting sun. The sky rocked with the thunderous storm lightening which illuminated the whole sky for steep amount of time. Eventually the rain-gods took leave. That was a momentous party but still the climate did change to a total different variety. The freshness overtook the face of the atmosphere and there was sheer awesomeness once again. 

While these climatic variations were taking place, a friend of mine buzzed me in the facebook chat. He said just three words. That gave a skip in the beat and a cold shiver down my spine and I think the heart got displaced a little bit. Just for a second everything blacked out. A second later I could hear my heart beat loud and clear as I head the violent thunderous lightening. "Results are Out". Thats' what he said. So, I shrug a little bit and hesitate to check my result. Yes, I was afraid. Afraid not of losing it, afraid of unable to face it. But, then again I am the rebel. So that former kind of behavior would give a bad name/disgrace to my latter nature. So I muster my courage as I proceed to check my result shivering from inside ( you weren't supposed to know this). I pray for a second while my eyes remained closed. The page didn't load yet when I open to check. I pray doing a hand gesture again, the page is still loading. I do that again, the page is still loading. Why is it taking all the time in the world? Just to make me suffer for this small time which could even get a heart-attack. Alas, it finally displays with so much struggle at last. Yes, The result was bad or let me say, I was disappointed. Though many would rejoice and give a grand party for the score I got, but still there is a chance (like 75% or even more) of getting even better. What else can I do? I could apply for revaluation but then again I should be happy for what I got. "Its' God's will!".  If karma does exist, let me see whether it makes me best of it or worst of it to suffer. The next moment, the Facebook statues were flooded with the updates from my friends. Some too happy , some even more happy while some sad and some cursing the people for making to much blunder in giving the predicted score. 

So Much for today! Already three posts & the flow chart from morning to this moment depicting the variations in me : 

Calmness/Energy  (to) Uneasiness/Lazy (to) Peace/Idle (to) Tension/Hyper (to) Mixed Thoughts/(!) (to) *whatever it is called that i'm feeling right now*(??!!!)

Just watch out tomorrows' morning, escape the afternoon and relive in the evening. 

So Far. 
Take Care. :)


  1. .....I'm on the same boat as you! I'm always so horrified and reluctant to check my marks (even though I'm desperately wanting to see them..

    Doesn't sound like you did that bad with the results, but like me, you probably know that there's always room for improvement :)

    1. Firstly, this is the fastest comment I ever got. :D

      Exactly, Same here.

      And yeah, the result was pretty decent , but still this is a chance of getting even better. :)
      So we do think alike in this aspect. :]

    2. I comment as soon as possible :) Lol

  2. And also...

    There's no limit on how many times you post. :] So please do continue writing posts today :) (That is, if you have time)

    1. I'll post.
      Just got mixed up with exams and travelling.

      From tomorrow, I have all the time in the world.

  3. first of all, good job on the result! sounds like it was pretty darn good :)

    And secondly, man. This post. Ugh. It SPOKE TO ME! *High fives*

    1. Oh, yeah !*Wicked smile* !
      But much could have been possible if that person who corrected knew what he was doing.

      Thank you. :) *High-Five* !

  4. You are feeling a bit excited son! (I just classified your unknown feeling)

    And why shouldn't you be? Okay maybe you could've done better. But you've finished that part of your life. I think that in itself, is enough reason to be excited

    Good on you! Let your hair down, roll in the joy for a bit


    1. Thank You. After second though, I think I am excited from inside.
      I did do better but wasn't evaluated perfectly. Thats why a little sad.
      Whats' done is done and is for my own good, so I think.

      Thank You, Will do that. :)

  5. going through the same phase, but this is still to come.
    "results are out"- freaky !
    shaded shadows is such a wonderful name.


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