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3 days , 7 posts in drafts. And finally, I thought I should get it out.
Its' one of the moments when I can't actually relate whats' going on with me/ inside me. This might not be as pleasing as it is actually not. I will make it short or long, may be. Let me start with the Journey, the beginning while I slowly move forward to the actual thing where my mind is scaring me. 

2nd June : I boarded the Special Train nearly at mid night when the station was completely empty except a few other passengers just like me. I was with my cousins and aunt and dad and mom and brother (so many ands :P ) . I stood there thinking and projecting the scenario that would be there the next couple of days. Well, the projection I made was a totally different one and the reality seemed so harsh. 

The crescent of the moon illuminated the night sky. It wasn't a full moon, but the radiance was almost same. I just admired it for all the time while I was waiting for the train. While we were cracking jokes, time quickly flew by and the train finally arrived. It was quarter to twelve and as you can imagine, everybody in the train were fast asleep. So, I was cautious not the wake any of the people. But we had a lot of luggage. Oh, I forgot to tell. My dad got transferred and were moving there the same day I am going to Kerela for Job-Training. So, yeah too much luggage, rather too much.

3rd June : I woke up. There was chitter-chatter of small kids and that to be in English. Some NRI people were travelling along with us. So, these kids are real naughty. One of them even broke the Curtain in the AC Class bogie in which I was travelling. Next point of destination was the Hyderabad International Airport. If I had got some time with me before I joined for Job, I would have been with my parents and in the coolest place so far I had been. But unfortunately, I was going south while my parents along with my brother were going west of India. While we carried with is the pack of 9 big luggage, we got into a big taxi, obviously which was Toyota Innova. Then the journey to Airport. That was a pretty long journey. So, we reach the Airport and take our breakfast. And that costed us over 700 bucks. Then I was roaming around in the airport trying to get some nice pictures. But I couldn't get any. 

Finally I get into the Airport for the Boarding Pass, when I am met with this too-much-powered face lady who asks me Indigo flight. I was travelling by Indigo flight, so I said Yeah, I am a passenger. So she takes me all the way round to the counter while my dad was way ahead of me and was totally unaware of what I just did. So, when he comes he is a little bit shocked and with a grin on his face we had to check in my luggage as I was already issued the Boarding Pass. So we go to the counter where there is another lady with black liner eyebrows and white-washed face. I check in my luggage which shows 10kg excess baggage. So, for that we had to pay another 1000bucks. It is too much, right ? We move on and get all the checking done and we sit. Because there was still over an hour left for the flight time. Mine was scheduled at 1500 hours while that of my parents was scheduled at 1515hours. I roam around in the airport admiring the architecture and the various collection of books. Man, there is a store at every corner and each one was a big one. 

I take out my camera and roam trying to click some of the architectural as well one picture of me. But in spite of my repeated telling my bro doesn't get any of my pics right. :( . So, my flight time approach so I go to my terminal escorted by my dad. I get into the Bus and then into the Plane. First thing I should do next time is not the fly in Indigo Airplane. Seriously, there is no leg space and it is very uncomfortable. 

On Flight : So, in spite of getting to the airport 5 hours ahead and getting inside 3 hours ahead of the scheduled time, I didn't get the Window seat. *Sad Face*. My plan was to capture some of the sights from above the clouds. I got an Aisle seat which sucked to the core and there was an Aunty in the middle who was with the book the whole time. I got buckled up as per the instruction and this young working lady, I suppose didn't leave the book aside for a moment and kept on reading it. I think she must be a teacher. The plane gets up in the Air with a bolt of energy while the artificially looking air hostess try to sell some of the goodies and eatables with double the price, obviously. I don't understand why people want to spoil the otherwise looking very good face by white-washing with creams, powders and all that cosmetics and add to it a wig as well. Being natural is 6E-er than artificiality, don't you think? Oh by the way 6E is a magazine by the the great Indigo Airlines. Now the flight is in the air and as usual everybody is now relaxing and pull theirs seats back. And the lady sitting besides me makes a grin face at the child seated in the seat in front of her and then continues reading her book. I mean look at her, she could pull her seat back and get some space and sit freely ad continue reading. But she seems uncomfortable but comfortable being uncomfortable while she continues reading. 

I pull out my iPod long before the plane started to move. I even ignored the instruction to keep all the electronic devices switched off before taking off while I was being like 'showing attitude' as some would say. But I wasn't actually. I was minding my own business. The plane was in the mid sky I play a game of Temple Run, shuffle some songs and an hour is over and I land in Chennai where the plane would stop for 30 minutes. Some people got down and some boarded, while some stayed on the plane. So, the some of the new people were having very small kids and they were travelling alone. I mean my ears were sometimes blocked in the middle of the air, I thought the same would be the case with the children, No ? Mine was fourth from the last and the person on the window was from the same college as me but of a different branch. And he got into talking and kept on talking. I was nodding and giving a fake smile while I was trying hard to catch his words. Whatever he said, I just nodded. In the middle he asked me a question, I laughed and nodded to that as well. Yeah, I suck, No need to remind me of that. So he stares at me looking for an answer. So, I ask him what he asked and tell something. People were still boarding and there comes this girl. I look at the magazine titled 6E in the book holder behind every seat. I say to myself, that word is totally apt. She comes back and back looking for her seat number and only two were remaining at the back- one was beside me and the other in the seat just in front of me on the opposite side. I say in my mind, "Oh god, No No No". God hears things like this. Damn, I shout in my mind. The flight took off again and the air hostess demonstrated again about the procedure to fasten the seat belt and the exit routes and all that. I didn't really hear though. I was rather too busy with my iPod. One thing I came to know about this Journey was that :
Sunglasses are not only for wearing in the afternoon when the sun is hot, or at night but even when you are above the clouds and the windows are closed. 

I am not fashion-freak but come on, in the sky as well ? Gimme a Break. 

P.S. : This has been in my drafts for over a week. I had to write it down. Next post to be coming soon. I hope to write more often. But these senseless people at training are killing (I just gave the teaser, didn't I?) Well anyways, I should try to be more regular and stay on my resolution. 


  1. To be appalled at sunnies in the night is perfectly normal. I'm always wondering when people wear hats INSIDE a building. I understand if it's outside, but the sun ain't shining in here.

    Hi-five for long-written draft posts. I have 13 that I just started but it's all a waffle.

  2. Lol, sunglasses on the airplane! Why?


    "NRI people were travelling along with us. So, these kids are real naughty"

    Do people in India think that NRI's are annoying.. Just wondering cause I live in Canada.

    And by the way, nice to see you back ☺

    1. Exactly, I too was wondering WHY ?

      Oh no. Usually kids are naughty, and thees guys happened to be NRI's. I don't think NRI are annoying at all.

      Thanks You. :)

  3. Replies
    1. SIQ = sick = cool :P LOL. Slang keeps on becoming slangified.

  4. Yo yo yo, AK back in the house :P hehehe. Finally you posted!

    If I had to be pro-sunglasses-on-the-plane, I would contend that rather than wearing them for the purpose of filtering the light, it would be to filter the pesky people who want to stare at you, something akin to you "minding your business"; because there IS afterall something enigmatic and anonymous about wearing shades and not letting people see your eyes. So you could be checking out the legs on the air hostess without anyone knowing what you were doing for example :P (NOT that I would do that ha, just saying).

    1. Yeah, I am back. :D

      LOL. So, ladies wear sunglasses not to protect from the Sun, rather than checking out what the other ladies are wearing. :P
      But I think if someone is being normal, no one looks at them, take me for example. I know I look cool but no one gives a damn.
      But when other people wear glasses above the clouds in a flight obviously it would turn heads and the heads would turn even more if that happens to be a Girl . I respect their fashion taste, but don't know I don't feel it right somewhere.


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