Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teenage Melodrama !

Disclaimer : Smoking is injurious to Health and so is Alcohol and other drugs. Images from Google. 

A whole lot changes. When you become a teenager that is a great accomplishment. And a lot of things happen in the span of six years of the Teen-Age. Stating with the hormonal changes to beard and mustache. This is the crucial stages of anybody's life. It involves taking decisions for the Life which one would have to live with for the rest of his/her time. Some great accomplishments, some great beginnings and some great discoveries. All happens in this short span. Well, I won't its a short span of a life. For we face many changes with us as well as the 'life' around us. Some skills are to be learnt, some are to be tamed and most importantly some are to be avoided. Learning is a life long process and this small piece of life lays the foundation to the rest of the life : How you manage things, How you face problems, How you discover/ create / destroy and everything that you do has its foundation somewhere; which is this very era. We may not know what we are dealing with when we are playing the pat of a teenager and also we may not get the right conclusions post-teen on the actions which we encounter / face. But as for the time being let me bring out that the foundation to out behavior lies in this half a decade time period. 

We make friends. We experience change. We go to college. We enjoy 'life' for we don't know what it contains in the times ahead. We just live the moment. And while in the process we feel happy, full of life and full with excitement. As we grow we make the decisions for our 'life' which we don't usually do in the teens. We follow the trend and live the moment. Starting with studies to science, iPods to gadgets, girlfriends/boyfriends to lovers : All are trending these days. I have also been a teen and I also quite well know about the situations and circumstances that the people are to be dealt with. "Is studies a problem?" ask a teenager or any person and the answer is predictable: "Studies suck and exams suck even more" . But is it what we go to school everyday? I guess not. There are friends. If only they weren't there the whole idea of school would absolutely be a waste. 

There is hormonal imbalance and there is pulsating impulse in the young minds. If driven with utter care and acute precision, there would be wonders. But the mind doesn't take much of the studies. There are boys and there are girls. I am very much alarmed when a six yea old girl was speaking of boyfriend-girlfriend thing. I was like "What the hell?". All pretend not to like the idea, but god knows that they do, off-course I also know, but I ain't any God, :P .  People, sorry I mean children have crush-es and there are a very few who are obedient and stay from those things. But the rest just wait for the opportunity to make fun of anyone who comes in the way. And another psychological gesture which I observed when I was a kid was that 'If a guy/girl has a crush on the opposite sex then they pretend to not to have any such feelings and this is followed by bullying the other friends who may or may not have any feelings for the person intended. It is an escape plan. Ya ya, I know, I was a boy psychologist, ok fine ! Just let me be happy for the fact that I know some facts on psychology. 

Till high school there is a specific preferred curriculum. Parents are keen on making the best of the school and lay the paths for a better future. But a child is unaware of the path which lay ahead of him/her. Apart from studies there are a lot on the mind of the children. Whats that? I ask ! Never get those things with the elderly. Only a specific friend circle knows about it. Till the high school, the boundaries are limited. There are rules & restrictions which carry them aloft. Even with all these complications, there is a never ending stories which no one would like to share except with their friends, who already know. When the boundary is crossed, a sense of freedom comes to the mind as well as the soul; the soul in the sense that rules would be quite liberal and will have the freedom to do whatever that pleases. In the same time period, all lot of things happen. Now the hormones start speaking. Sometimes the college or the exam stress takes a heavy toll. Then the results! Deranged and depressed students tend to incline towards sources which would help them forget. Yeah, I am talking about Cigarette and Alcohol and drugs. Its' actually hard for me to understand why do they do what they do! Because I am not one of them and would never like go take that road ever. So probably, I may never know. Though my observation gives a little insight, I guess. Ya ya I know I don't have any first hand experience about it, but what wrong in trying to explain with the help of the observations I have made. And also a friend of mine has given me a perspective from his side as he was once a , lets say a victim of those stuff. He regrets that he had ever done those things and is trying to get out of the cocoon which he made himself. We all know that once addicted, its difficult to get rid of it completely, but a timely and strict rules would sometimes help. And I would like to share the conversation which we had some six months back in Facebook. 

Confession of Drug-Addict

RG : U hav a blog isnt it???

AK : yup. i write. !

RG : Yet hav followers

AK : yup, something like 100 !! 

RG : So hws life??? Long tym
U surely hav used ur work productively

AK : ya, life's gud. !!
you could say that way.. !!
so hows your life going on ?

RG : Gud ... n messed up in all wrng stufff

AK : wrong stuff means ??

RG : u dunt wanna knw dat brother

AK : hmm, i would like to know.. !
alcohol ?
drugs ?

RG : smoking booze n soft drugs .... though drugs nomore
n trying to quit smoking

AK : hmm,
what made you go for drugs ??

RG : had been weed addict for sum tym .... but sum hw no more
clg atmosphere

AK : oh, stress ??

RG : naaah its kinda common in clg

AK : then ?

RG : i mean my clg is famous for architechture n planing worldwide

AK : just fun ?

RG : n infamous for all d wrong stuff

AK : so you guys are mAK : ing it famous for the infamous also. ??

RG : yaaa kind off 

AK : haha lol !

RG : every one in the clg into weed
n pot

AK : oh gr8 !

RG : so initaally i started jst like dat
but den got habitual

AK : as fun?

RG : yaa

AK : obvious. it becomes a habit.

RG : but got rid off of it eventually

AK : so total clean now ??
or still sometimes ?

RG : smoking n liquor
not trying to get control ova dem as well
wat abt u ?????

AK : i am total clean
no drugs, no smoke,

RG : u neva tried or neva tempted towrds all dis ???

AK : nope.

RG : wow .... nice
12th tAK :  : even i was like i wudnt try
but company affects

AK : ya,, college mein hota hai

RG : so wat nxt???
after clg???
4th yr isnt it

AK : higher studies.. !
thinking of.

RG : but higher studies???? in at????
mtech ya mba ???

AK : mba. sort of ! 

RG : so started with the preparation ????

AK : ah nope. !!

RG : wen did u start with photography n stufff???

AK : just a hobby. last year,, when i got the cam

RG : k gr8 doesnt luk like it has been jst a yr ....

AK : oh, really! ?
thanks ! 

RG : wat abt ur brother ???
wr is he nw ??? vch clg ??

AK : hmm,
beter dnt ask.. !!
he outsmarted me !

RG : iit????

AK : he is in IIT
kharagpur !

RG : wow ..iit k .... vch stream ?????

AK : ya. 
and 5years, mtech + btech both !

RG : better i stopall my wrng deed n conc sum constructive thngs
*conc on

AK : you should. !!

RG : mera b 5 yr course hai ... but its btech hons

AK : oh, civil engineering, right ?

RG : yup

AK : is it for 5 years??

RG : yaa btech hons .... degree is diff
v r suppose to do thesis n stuff

AK : oh, then you shoud conc on studies rather than those stuff /

RG : as i said clg is knwn in construction field ... so as such i wud hav ny prob

AK : oh okay.. !!

RG : yaa even i think so .... planning to try my hand on upsc
but dat wud need loads hardwork

AK : oh gud.. !
and for that may be you should stop smoking also and drinking also !!

RG : yaa i knw ... trying really hard frm last 1 month

AK : well thats a gud start /

RG : sum wat i hav it is in contrl
even sethy is into all dis stufff

AK : oh he too.. !!

RG : n i was the one hu taught him how to smoke weed haha

AK : oh !!
i think he is done with his studies . right ?

RG : atleast i hav realised it now dayt i sud stop .... n he is like chalta hai i wud continue
yaaa luking for job

AK : symbiosis something , right ?

RG : yaaa bba

AK : k, so what else did you teach him ?

RG : nuthing more ... he wat into alldis before
he was
he used to smoke weed but dint knw hw to roll

AK : oh obviously he would.. he was kind of ahead of all us in these things.. !!

RG : so jst taught him dat

AK : k

RG : srsly wen i see other ppl nw hu hav used thr tym constructively i feel m in total mess

AK : oh,
then you should seriously work hard on that !

RG : yaaa i hav tAK : en steps forward in dat direction
i hope i get rid of it

AK : good.

RG : so wat else
nuff bou me 

AK : you must say.. !!
so what else you want to know about me ? 

RG : gf ??? 

AK : ah, nope. !! not that good with girls !! 
you ??

RG : still on same as in skul

AK : oh great !
so how many ?? 
10 .
20 ?

AK : 50 ?

RG : nuhting srs as off nw ... but gud frns
i aint dat gud 

AK : okay .! 
oh you are gud dude. !:)

RG : thanx

AK : 
u r welcome ! 

RG : flings ... many girls but srs thng was with one girl

AK : was? not now ?

RG : n now no more interested in girls dat way

AK : oh why ?
what happened ?

RG : gud frnds ... healthy flirting once in a while dats it

AK : k,

RG : was not able to tAK : e the brk up in a healthy manner
so decide better to step back frm all dis

AK : oh, you guys broke up ?

RG : n girls can really distract u imp stuff

AK : what happened ?
ya, i know !
you saw pyaar ka punchnama ??

RG : nuhting things din work out ...
yaa love dat muve

AK : me too ! 

RG : i felt as if sumone was toking to b by the means of dat muve hahha

AK : total reality .. !

RG : *to me

AK : haha .. 

RG : srsly ... no offence but dey are bitch .... but nmot all

AK : not all ..
. hmm i am guessing ..

AK : you like someone ! 

RG : naah nuthing of dat sort
wat bou u ???
no crush or nything

AK : gud friends ??
kk , i got you !!
so what it gonna be tomorrow for you then?

RG : dunno yt may b sum concert of sumthing

AK : i stay away from girls !! almost all the time ! 
oh good. !
so gng with your friends and spl friend ??

RG : btw keep a chk on ur iitian brother.... once in iit hostel guys are pron to pick all dis stuff

AK : ya i know... i will.. ! thanks btw !

RG : so in hostel ????
or home swet home??

AK : hostel.. !!

AK : it *sucks* !!
and you ?

RG : home sweet home

AK : you stay at home and still try those stuff ??

RG : management skills  dats y planning for mba  hahaha

AK : hahah lol !! 

RG : it tAK : es sum balls to cum home stoned ... n dunt let ny1 knw wat i hav been upto

AK : good managing though !!
how do you manage btw !!
isnt it hard??

RG : thanx ...  dats y mba is apt for me .... 

AK : to act nornal ??
haha . 

RG : once u stat all dat stuff u find means to stay normal as well

AK : ohi get it !!

RG : n over a period of tym u get used to it

AK : so you became a *pro* !

RG : i dunt tAK : e dat as compliment

AK : jus kiddin.. 

RG : yaa i knw
bt one thing is for sure my driving skils improve once m drunk or stoned:P

AK : so same house besides swagat 3 ??

RG : yaaaa

AK : oh great !!
so you do stunts on bike ??

RG : naah nuthing of dat sort .... i hate stunts n all dat
faltu ka shiow shaa

AK : oh,
i see !

RG : its jst dat i knw hw i m driving ...

AK : i thought you like stunts !! 

RG : even i traffic i mange to drive well ...

AK : oh k !! thats gud. !! 

RG : confession of drug addict  title of ur nxt blog 

AK : hahh,, do you want me to write ??
if i do write , i will change your name !

RG : so ru gonna really write bou it or wat???

AK : yup, i may. !!
shouldnt i ?
i mean its about you.. so

RG : go ahead i dnt hav ny prob

AK : if you dont want, i wont..!!
ok then !

RG : i mean it sumthing 60% teenage guys are going thru

AK : yeah, i will mAK : e it general !!
not about you but basically abt teenagers !!

RG : yaa .. wud no longer b a teen in a month

AK : oh then you dont have to worry !! 
happy birthday in advance !! 

RG : i wud mAK : e sure dat in 20s i wud b nuhitng like in my teens 

AK : gud,, !
you are welcome ! 

RG : btw all dis must also b common in ur hostel

AK : you should make a that resolution on your b'day !!
not drugs though.. !!
except this everything is common.. !

RG : drugs toh katham

AK : smoking?

RG : it has been more den 4 months now

AK : drinking ?
oh that sounds gud,
that you are in control !

RG : yaa smoking is the main issue ... cos i dunt think drinking is a prob
drinking on occasion or jst to celebrate in limit is fyn

AK : okay, wat abt smoking ?
regular ??

RG : yaa redued to 1 cig per day now
n soon it wud once in 2 or 3 days

AK : then ?

RG : n den gradully i wud stop
i hav given myself 4 months to quit it

AK : ok,, gud. !! but you have be on your word.. !!

RG : cos u cant stop ol of a sudden

AK : ya,,
it takes time.. !

RG : dat cravin is insane

AK : oh,,

RG : chal it was gud toking to u aft so long

AK : yeah, you too !!
tAKe care..
and stop those stuff as soon as possible...

Teenagers have a lot of pressure on their minds. Whether it is school/college work, higher studies and other activities, all take a toll on the mind of the student. And they want to relax their mind in some way. There are some lousy friends who would suggest that the drugs or alcohol or cigarette relaxes the mind. But they fail to understand is that they become a habit and its not easy to let them go. When it comes to cigarette/alcohol/ drugs the people say to themselves this is the one time they would take them or just to know the taste. But it eventually gets a habit on a daily basis and getting rid of it is very very painful. So, it is better to avoid rather than getting addicted and then trying to get clean. 

I would suggest to avoid such things. And for the people who are already in them, I would suggest to get some help and try to avoid. It ultimately destroys the health. And no matter what you do after 20-30 years, you seriously can't help it except REGRET! Better take care now itself. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Uncanny Day.

A total rip off day. Saturday, it is. But I had an exam today. Something related to the Post-Graduate. The exam was scheduled at 9.30 am as most of the exams do. But the reporting time was 8 o'clock. Yeah, very early; so did I thought. And moreover I had no idea where the Exam center was, in terms of location specific. Though, I google-ed it, but last time it gave me a bad feeling. So, I said myself Whateve' and wanted to risk it. So inspite of my laziness and late wake-ups in the mornings, I tried to play bold. Well, it was indeed. But as with the fact, I woke up late. The time was 7:32 a.m. I thought "I am Screwed". I had a thought of not attending the exam but thought of giving it a try. I get ready as fast as I can. I set out on my bike, fast; very fast. The morning blush has made my eyes glow up with the exposure to the sun and as a result the watered eyes. I head out in the direction that I could best make out. I took a left turn as I remember from the Google Maps which I checked last night. And also my Phone went rouge last night or say this morning. I didn't hear the F8 alarm. I was sure that I couldn't wake up so early in the morning and that's why I made attempts to wake myself up with the help of alarm. I don't know whether it buzzed me or made the horrifying noise/music , but I didn't wake up. So none of that matters. And the next thing which I discovered was that my phone was under the bed. "How on earth did it even end up, i mean down there?" ! I had no idea. What puzzled me was that there was a warning on the phone saying "LOW BATTERY". F4 ! All these were supposed to happen today only. Damn B#Sh!7 ! As I was saying I was on my way, I opened my phone to verify that what I saw was correct and I also wanted to know the exact way. But luckily I was on the right way. The left turn which I took was a right turn. After a little help with the local people, I reached my destination as on time exactly. But I looked like a whole lot messed up sh!t. 

There were only a few people who had made it by then. So I was lonely and what the best way to look busy? Take out you cell phone and pretend as if there was a message or just click random buttons and look busy. But the whole thing was quite a flop as the Phone was bloody DEAD. But still, I was trying to pretend busy and looked damn serious; for there were people and not that they were watching me or anything like that. It is just a human behavior or lets say a human reaction to situations like these. And who is going to pretend less when there is a girl around? Hell No! Not me! My nature is quite distinctive and there is no approach to it. I just mind my own Business and I really do; I think! So there was some registration and stuff like that which consumed all the time. I met a acquaintance of mine who was also attending the exam and an old senior. Though I knew that he wouldn't recognize me, for I am just know to my classmates, I guess. And this senior was kind of popular guy. I saw him a lot of times in college. And you bet, I could recognize people if I had seen them somewhere very distinctly. Finally, after all the necessary bullcr*p the exam commenced. There was still a 15 minutes gap for getting to know about the rules and other related stuff. Then suddenly there was some foul smell which I encountered. It was repelling, I say. After a minute or two I realized that there were fumes coming out from the switchboard and immediately I informed the people roaming around, I think they are called Invigilators. For the reason, they changed my place. Later the exam began and as time drifted along its coast I reached the 100th question, some unattended as there was negative marking. I was left with over an hour by that time. My hands were dead cold with the help of the fan and the AC. And cold hands make me pissed of as it creates an idiotic feeling about which I have no idea of how to explain. I had no thoughts of what to do! I scribbled on the rough sheet which they provided. 

"Infatuation is an unavoidable feeling."

"Insignificance lies in Indifference."

And another one non-sense thought something about education! I know I sound crazy, for I am undoubtedly ! Well I was preparing a fictional story in my mind in the meanwhile. I made the starting part and yet it has to be redone and finished. But this is not something new. There have been a lot of time when I had made up a story in my mind but never had I ever written it down. And all my imaginary fictional stories are totally SuperNatural! So, I am at the process of thinking and molding the story; but it has never come out of its cocoon which is probably my brain. Well, I had a lot of time, I could say that. The exam was over but there was another procedure to be finished. A copy of the Identify proof was to made and so there was again a fine delay in time, for I was becoming impatient for waiting so much time in dead freezing cold. I was trying to draw attention ! Whose? I ealy can't say that but I can say that I was invisible to everybody and the credits to the place where I was seated. There is whole another story which I am skipping. Well its about what I quoted earlier "infatuation"! Another day ; another time. But I surely will. 

Damn! Cadbury Dairy Milk is freaking awesome. I Just can't resist it. Oh Sorry ! I am actually eating it while I am completing this post. So ! And the story is not yet over my dear friend!

I came back to Hostel with a speed over 70, or was it 80! Whatever! I had my goggles on as I entered the college from the Back gate. I forgot that I was in the college. I cared less about it as I sped my way to the hostel. I had one awful lunch as always and later settled in my room after a refreshing bath. I watched some tv serials as I always do and later realized that I should go for an eye check up. So I set sail for the same. All the procedure at the Hospital was same. And I knew that my vision would get blurred for the eye drops which they give. I was prepared for that. But what happened was that they gave it me twice. I was basically impaired for some time and they get checking me whether the solution was diluted or not by flashing in my eye, like hundred times. I got images of the flashes whenever I closed my eyes. Another property of the eye to retain the image for quite some time. There were three stages from the starting and they were continuously flashing me in the eye. And the last and the final touch was pretty intense. That blackened  me out for quite a time. 

Later I went to my Aunt's house just as a visit and collect some of the letter they they got under my name. And the journey was hell, you bet. But I am capable enough to manage. After spending some time over there, I was back on my way to my Hostel. But actually what I had in mind was a dinner at my usual restaurant. But earlier at my aunt's house I ate something too much and also a tea to add to it. So I was in no position to take anything heavy. While on the way back, I saw the Moon with a crescent. It was beautiful so I took out my camera and started my kind of heroism with the camera. I thought I did great. I moved to another location and much more elegant and again showed my craziness which I later realized that the moon wasn't even visible and they were not so good, I mean not at all good shots. Disappointed Me! :( ! I seriously need a new lens man! Damn ! 

So was a damn day ! Nothing unusual or out of the book, I say. But something worth writing. What for ? This was seriously bullshit. I know and I totally agree with you. But remember I said something about Infatuation ! Yeah, on account of that I made this day to be marked in my memory ! 

Later then ! By the way, I hope to begin my work of fiction ! Starting from NOW ! I don' remember how many times I had told this very line. 

Happy Sunday  ! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Phew !

Phew ! At last. I got my passport. There were a lot of compilations before this which made me believe that it would rather take a lot more time than expected. There were some reasons which abide to the reason. But finally, I got it. Sounds like a little weird, though, for there was some things which were supposed to be met, but didn't! 

The sole reason for I being held at Hostel was for the Passport. My dad got it all figured out. Though, I completely hate the idea of Hostel, but what can I do when I am so much deliberately forced to do so. So, I joined the Hostel a year and a half ago. Was I excited? No, Damn hell NO. I hated the very idea of Hostel and I couldn't help it either. But for a Passport, one needs to stay at a place for over a year. I guess I had to wait. Before getting to hostel, I used to live in Private Hostels outside, but they were permanent, or lets say I didn't stay for over a year. So, this was the complication that forced me to. Last December, I applied for Passport. I went to a Broker for booking the date. I actually thought that the person would take care of everything. But No. The job was just to book the date for getting the documents verified. And it was scheduled to nearly fortnight counting from the day I applied. 

There was an address where I was supposed to be. But I quite well didn't know where it was. So, I Google-ed it using Google Maps and found some place which indicated that it was nearby. But later on that day, I found out that it wasn't there. Google Maps just screwed me up, I thought. I asked people nearby but they didn't seemed to know. I moved up and down and after a prolonged struggle for over an hour, I made it out. I was some 20 minutes late. And there was great ordeal after I entered and checking was done and it took nearly 2 hours, I guess.

Then there was the Officer to check the permanent address who appeared a month later. And a week later, to check my address. I did submit the required documents but there was still something missing. The proof of me with the permanent address, which I really didn't have and the same happened with the former person who went to check for the permanent address. He told me to get him the address by the end of the week. But I didn't, for I never had. So where was I supposed to get one. But last night I got a text message saying that the Passport has been dispatched. WHAT? I said to myself. Actually, a month earlier I got a text message saying that the online application for the passport will be deleted. I did try to apply for the Passport online which was a new procedure. But had taken a step down when I didn't understand how to proceed any further and also I didn't know what to do. So I left it as it was. But last night, It was weird. Today in the afternoon, when I get back to my hostel room the watchman says that there was a Postman. So when I went to collect it, it was a small rectangular parcel. But the postman demanded 50 rupees, for what I didn't understand for I was confused what the letter was. So I gave the money and opened it without a second delay. It was the Passport. I still don't understand How on earth did it get through to me. God Knows ! 

I called my Dad and reported the same. But he was still worried about the Photo. Seriously? The photo is all that matters ? That day I had a rough time finding the place and I was in no good position or say didn't know they would take a picture on me in such rhetorical state. But whateve' ! I got it. Still my dad says something about ECRN; some Emigration Check ... ! But I suppose there is still some time before I get that done which I have no idea how to get it done, though.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

So Called 'Love' !

Disclaimer : I have no idea what the following context means. I just want to tell that even a person who hasn't experienced this 'thing' ,what people call 'love' can write about it. But whateve', never bother reading this. This is the ugliest and not even poetic. Just wanted to give a hand on it. But truly I suck. Read at your own risk! And then again don't blame me saying this was  s-h-i-t, for I know it is. Actually, I wrote this on the 14th of February, but didn't have time to finish and post. But, I warn you there are more to come. :P 

When I First saw you, 
My heart skipped a beat.
But I never missed seeing you.
I didn't understand what it meant.

That smile, Those beautiful eyes, That curly hair,
They all mesmerize me, everytime.
I think about you all the time,
You are the angel, I had ever seen.

I know, I are not your type, 
I also know that you are out of my league,
But when It happens, I just Happens.
I don't know what it is!

I don't know what I should do.
I can't stop thinking about you.
I have never talked to you,
But why do I feel like I know you for ages.

Weeks turned to Days,
Days turned to hours,
Hours turned to minutes,
But I still can't stop thinking about you.

I feel you are the light,
In the darkness of my life,
I feel you are the rising sun, 
In the dawn of my withered self.

I feel you are the angel,
To save me, to give me life,
To make me what I am,
To make me complete.

Is this what 'love' is?
I wish I could tell you,
I wish I could make you mine,
For I am incomplete without you.

P.S. : So how was the so called thing called 'love' ? Seriously, I don't know how to use those comparisons that people use describing the beauty. I know, I know : iSuck. My apologies.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gen-X : The Unpredictable Future.

"I was BORN in the 1990's. The last SANE generation! - We are the last generation that played gully cricket, pitto and board games like Business, Monopoly and WWF trump cards, we are the first who've played 8-bit video games, seen the birth of cartoon network. We were the last to record songs on the radio on cassettes and we are the pioneers of Walkman and yahoo chat-rooms. We are the generation of the Hanna-Barbara cartoons, Thunder Cats, The Transformers, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, Jungle Book, Popeye, G.I. JOE, He-man and enjoyed Disney Club on Doordarshan. Had bicycle race in the streets of our colony. We were the generation of land-line phones, always in touch with all and remembered all the friends phone numbers. We did not have Play Stations, 99 Television Channels, Flat screens, surround sound, mp3's, iPod's, computers and the Internet, ... but nevertheless we had a GREAT Time!!!..."

The above context is one of the most liked status on Facebook. Obviously, it is the sane truth of the past two decades. I accept there were a lot of life-changing improvements in everything. You name it and it is not the same as it was one decade back. Though there is still sometime for the next generation to come up, if I am taken as reference. Still I have younger siblings(cousins) and I have seen a lit of people of the much younger generation. Children are not the same at all. There are parents with old ideologies and some with new. The new age parenting is hard. I have no right to point about it in any way. But when I see, I feel like speaking. But I am withheld back. I don't know the reason. The new age children are rational. All the things mentioned in the above context are absolutely true. There was a day when I begged my dad to buy a video game worth something like 200 bucks. Now, I spend the some amount almost daily. Life has changed, times have changed and spending has increased. And now every kid wants a Sony Playstation / XBox with Kinnet, etc stuff about which I didn't even dream when I was of their age. 

Now that both parents are working, there is an additional stress on the children. And moreover everybody like a 99 percentage. So why not train the children even when don't even get their milk teeth. That would prepare the mind for the future for studying hard. Who doesn't want a heavy pay? Why not train children for accomplishing the same when they don't know what the hell is meant by mathematics. There are some accomplishments which we see that some child somewhere who is aged 3 or 4 knows all the country' flags / or presidents of the world or like wise. When something comes up, the parents think "Why not my child?". So there begins the brushing of the knowledge and the process of manufacturing a heavy and sophisticated mind containing all the matters of the world and all other educational stuff ranging from , I mean "Everything".  The mentality is such that,"Why should that be left?" - The Parents! And they aren't satisfied when their child gets a 98% in his 2nd class. Duh ! Com'on !

Some children are rational and why so ? They are loved too much by their parents and whatever they do becomes sane because they are still children and innocent. But when I think about the long run, what if these children don't change their when they grow up and still remain the same stubborn as they were when they didn't know what they were doing. I have seen such people. Its' no wrong in loving them, but whatever they do is right even when its wrong is not at all good. I think they should act little more rational on matters like these considering the future. 

My dad the desktop computer when I was in 5th class, a phone when I joined Engineering. But now even a 7 year old is on Facebook and has a phone. There is nothing wrong in owning the gadgets or accessing the Internet. I was just pointing out the changes/improvements. Nowadays, children know what adults know, I mean they "Google" everything whether they really know what it means is another question. Last month, I saw a bunch of kids doing some "Macho-Dance", and showing a finger. I didn't understand what on earth they were doing. They also told some name, about which I haven't heard and frankly didn't understand. I was kind of "In a shock" when they were showing the finger. Those kids were very small, 5-9 years and what on earth were they doing and trying to accomplish by doing that feat. And what more, they speak about girlfriends and boyfriends and crush(es) & s**. Seriously? I am actually dumb and show a Poker Face because I have no idea what to tell or how to respond when they mention such things. 

There is a lot better and a very though competition for the upcoming generation. Seriously, I am unable to make the best of the present competition itself. There would a lot of stress on the the gen to come to deal with the stress and compete with the better half of the intellectuals. "The Sky is the Limit"  is bound to change with time. Because almost a major part of the world are on Cloud nine. And probably there will be a new limit/ or no limit at all. When we compare the present gen with the previous gen, it does feel that the conditions for the previous gen were much more favorable to do whatever they wanted to do. I am not saying that they are not now. It is just that there was no big competition for their interests. 

I really don't know how the world will be after a decade or a two with all the kids growing with their sophisticated minds, gadgets and all other stuff. It is not at all predictable as of how the Tomorrow will be. I hope for the Best. 

- Ajay Kontham [ 2012 ]

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Beer and a Champagne.

P.S. : I don't know the count of the words. It may have exceeded 55 word count. So, precisely, its a 77-Fiction. :P

Today was a bad day at office. I went to my usual bar for peace of mind. I had a shot of vodka for the first time. It was intense, sour and repelling. A guy comes and sits to me and starts his drinks. He was sad which is seen through his eyes. He starts speaking. His girlfriend broke up with him. Frankly, I never understood the four letter word "Love". I make a sad face and try to console him saying *I don't know what I said*. Another guy comes and takes a place to the other side of me and takes orders a champagne and celebrates. He overs me and the person next to me a glass. He seemed happy. He too starts speaking. He proposed to the love of his life. I congratulate him. Still, I didn't get what the "LOVE / Love of the Life" is ! 

Another title is : "What is this Love?"

P.S. : So this is a post-script and at the beginning its pre-script. I know " I SUCK " .  But whatever, read at your own risk. 

In Sleep.

Time to wake up. Time to realize what on earth I am doing. Time to make a plan. Time to follow some resolutions I made a decade back, which I still haven't implemented. Time is to change me. Change me to something, which would make me wonder "Is that me!?"

I speak about change intending to bring upon some change rather than just saying. Was there a try? Actually, No. I always wanted miracles to happen. I waited for them to happen. But I realized that miracles doesn't happen to those who wait for them to happen. Then they are not called miracles. I always think I have a great potential. The potential to write and change something. But b-l-o-o-d-y h-e-l-l, I really don't have. Its' just a dream, an unspoken thought, an unheard idea. When I am away from my laptop and and not at interested in writing at the moment, I get really superb thoughts. I think for a moment. Oh wow, that was an amazing idea. I should write about it. Then I continue thinking... What if no one reads such a brilliant thought / idea, it would be of waste. I am already a l-o-s-e-r in writing and English vocabulary. And when I sit to write keeping aside my so called ego, I get just one line. And I wonder was that the ground-breaking thought / idea. NO. It was something else. I ultimately forget about it. 

Now, whatever, I will jot down whatever comes to my mind. So, I am thinking of 55-Fiction. *Laughs* ! *The Reader(YOU) Laugh (even louder)* !  Why laugh? Because I have been tormenting the idea of this fiction thing since the inception and still I haven't made a ground on it. Anyways, whatever. I am writing. Read it if you like. Or else. F$ off ! Do something purposeful and make some money.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life's a Bitch!

I never knew what this meant, nor do now. But it does sound appropriate. I also don't know that life has a gender. Funny! Not really. It creeps me out when there is someone over my shoulder watching me. If its' God, its well and fine. Because, I know that he wouldn't be able to spare time for me among the billion other people. I ain't a gifted nor a supernatural person. It has been over a month since I wrote something. I feel awkward. I feel wasted. I try to make things happen with great difficulty and with a satisfaction that I did something to get the work done. But when I realize that they aren't complete due to some reasons I get cracked up. Seriously, I haven't posted a single post in this year. This is not usually me. I post something or the other no matter what. But, check my wall, I mean time line. I shared a few nonsense things but I didn't make a meaningful post. Now that I am in fourth year, it is making really hard. There is a project due, assignments due and a lot of work undone. Whenever a weekend comes, I would shout with joy as I would get three days of joy. So I think. But on the Monday morning I realize that I had wasted and there was no such thing as joy. 

Recently, I got my previous semester results and also some of the exams I wrote. Though the exams sucked big time, but I managed to get a good deal in the previous semester. I should have jumped in joy and made a killing party. But, I didn't. Told you, Life's a Bitch. I have so many reasons to be unhappy and one reason to enjoy. I was overcame with the former. People, I mean friends sprouted on me for a party. Actually, it was worth a party. But as usual, I was mad and stubborn. The CAT stabbed me straight in the heart. The XAT did wound me pretty bad. GATE got rejected for late submission. So the SEM  result didn't had much affect on me. 

I haven't taken any photos lately. I am not usually so. But, seriously I need to improve whatever I have. And there is this project which we have to submit this semester. And I have made no progress. Last week, my faculty adviser calls us, scolds us for about an hour or so and later tell us to give him a weekly report, a hard copy and a presentation of what we did. Fair enough. But, with this bloody sucking laptop which can't even run windows properly, I have to write a code in MATLAB. This is some serious s-h-i-t. My laptop is under repair for over two months. In this time, they could make tons of laptops but they couldn't repair a single laptop. 

I try to make somethings right, but it turns back at me showing a finger. I have had enough of this c-r-a-p. Hope that some day I will god d-a-m-n end this. But still "Life's a BITCH" ! No matter how much I try to change, it F4's me up ! 

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