Friday, March 30, 2012

Random : Arrogance!

"He had a narrow escape. All he thought was right in his perspective. He sold his story without the proof's. A mistake did he not realized until summoned. He kept to his words when surrounded by the victims. His realization made him weak and lead to betrayal. At last he apologized, but he lost his peace of mind and still is he arrogant as ever."

So Hows' my Flash-55? 
F8' weird ? I know. No complains there.
Shall I say more and make a mocking fun of myself? I have had enough. I might have made some statements wrong. And it still is bothering me. Why ? Dont' know, can't explain. The other day, I had a grave encounter. An hour earlier I was surprised to know know that I had nearly 200 page views in a day, which generally doesn't happen when I post the best of the Best-est. But this was something else. I have a temper and when aroused I am an un-tame-able beast. Call me insane, for I am.

The thing is that no one comes by my blog eve when I try to spread it as far as possible through various sites and other ways of attracting attention. And another thing is that when I feel like someone is paying attention, I attend to write an appealing post, which I assume I succeed in but later doomed when I find out it was just me and I and no one else. So, I usually have the freedom to my will as I assumed that I wouldn't make any impact on anyone.  But I was proved wrong, not once but twice. There are vicious ways in which  the words fly by and exchange with the only person who is listed. It is unnerving. It blows up my mind. I was just about to post something super awesome, or so what I think. But now my mind won't work. Mind Tricks. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012


The most probable reason would be that I am spending more time with the laptop, either it is Project or any other work. Most of the day time as well as night, I am found in front of the bright screen in my room. I sometimes escape out to the outside, try to breath some fresh air and take some snaps. But I neither find any fresh air nor any thing interesting to take a snap. I wander the same roads and try to find a new place, but it has become obsolete, I mean this place. 

Why am I not posting frequently? (Question to self by I)
When I go home, I am found sitting on the study table with my laptop in front of me. And whenever I get bored, I write some stuff, mostly nonsense. But when I am in room and have some free Internet, I browse through the net finding some movie/tv serial or anything fascinating to download. And when I do something, I usually get attached to it and the thought of the blog is left behind. Time passes by and then college starts and once it does I lose my interest and eventually the thought fades away.

Why isn't here anything fascinating for a photo?
Whenever I go out, I take my camera with me. A yea back, carrying a camera was pretty damn easy. It was a Sony Cybershot and it's handy. But now a DSLR camera and more over I bought a new bag for it. But everywhere I see, I see the same things. I can't find anything new. So I ask myself, "May be I must explore new places". I had the same idea. But what new places are left to be visited. I almost went to most of them and the rest can't be made by me. I see the fellow PG'ers posting a new photo almost daily. I then ask myself,"How could they do that?". May be I just need to change my perspective of vision and see everything differently and may be I may find something new in the old.

What happened to the story I was working on?
What story? The one in the Fiction Blog. Well, it's under process in my mind. But the thing is that I like the "SuperNatural" and "Sci-Fi" things which are completely undefinable by science. That's why I am wondering whether to continue or not. And moreover people don't like the SuperNatural stuff. The most obvious reason would be that the writing won't give a perfect picture of the situation, which can be done perfectly by a camera in sense of a movie or likewise. So, I am under thinking stage.

iGuess i am lost in thinking. 

Friday, March 16, 2012


Almost some 4 days back, on Sunday I happened to buy online a hard disk. An external hard disk with one tera byte capacity. I was so in need of this. Why? Because my laptop memory doesn't allow me store more files. Yeah, My laptop is old and just has a hunded gigabyte of memory. And this is not sufficient for storing anything. So, I was in need of an external had disk or a new laptop with much more space would have also helped. But new laptop? No way thats' gonna happen. I decided to buy one some months back. It was because I was notified by a friend that it was available cheaply over the internet through Flipkart. Just a month back to that date, my dad bought an external hard disk somewhere around seven thousand bucks. But when I checked online in Flipkart, I found out that the same hard disk was available for three thousand bucks give or take. But the problem was that it needed power. So, i wanted some thing without power. It priced around four thousand. Wow, its very cheap, I told myself. But I was little short of money. So, I had to wait.

Then a month later another friend wanted to buy it. I recommended Flipkart. He responded to it that the prices have gone up. It costed somewhere near six thousand. I thought I missed my chance. Now I had to collect double the money which I had at that time and this was simply impossible. Later this week I somehow bought one which was in the featured list. Two days later when I wanted to check the status as I didn't get a message from them, I found out that the price hiked by a couple of hundreds and also there was a red message which stated "Out of Stock". Frankly, I was shock for a moment. All in a matter of two days. And I was terrified a little bit because I ordered it and payed online also but I haven't yet received any mail or message regarding the same. It is out of stock as of now and I am pretty surprised about it. And also, I just got a message that it has been dispatched and it may take three days to reach, approximately. Thank God!

"You gotto be kiddin' me!"

The other day, I went to meet my Project Sir regarding the project. Before that, I asked my batch mate to do his part of the project. Interestingly, he wasn't even afraid of getting low marks as him warned him. Wait! He was a little afraid, as that would affect his over all score and this would upset his higher studies. Low marks would imply not getting into the interested college. So! Thats' it from his. Afraid! So I thought he might do a little if not whole. But, the other day, I meet him accident-ly and he tells me to do his part. Dude, com'on what the hell I had been till now? Still not satisfied with my work, I guess. So far, I did the whole project almost 98% of 70% of the total project. Still not happy, I guess. I was like "You gotto be kiddin' me"! Seriously, he was asking me to do. I didn't see any type of fear o anything that should be there in him. While I am still afraid that I won't be able to complete the project in the stipulated time. One thing is for sure that I can't make him work. The most obvious reply would be that he doesn't know anything. "You gotto be kiddin' me!" as if I know everything! I know not one word of what I am dealing with in the project which I had been working since middle of the fourth year. 

In other News:

I have been watching a new TV series, named Fringe. If you're following my posts, I made a post on it also about I tweeting and getting uninterrupted responses. I thought "Wow! That must be something". It is fictional though, I agree. More appropriate word would be Fantasy. Yeah, A fantasy and something which is totally impossible to cease to exist. Seriously, com'on. Parallel Universe ! Bio-Weapons ! Impossible and totally freaking diseases ! And most of all, created by two guys. They are supposed to be saving the world by slowly destroying it with their experiments. And there is a character called Walter Bishop who after knowing that his son is dead with some rare disease and unable to save him in the time, brings his another son (replica) from the Parallel Universe. This disrupts the whole balance in the Universe, precisely the balance in the two Universes. This act of human kills so many other people because that caused the imbalance. To save one person that man has literally killed many more people. Literally, according to the story, his son is dead and this person he brought isn't his real son either. And this small kidnap triggers the other Walter in the Parallel Universe. And he wants revenge by destroying the other world which kidnapped his son. And this is supposed to be done by his son. "You gotto be kiddin' me" ! Seriously, this man is supposed to save the two worlds somehow for the mistake done by one man (Walter) some 25 years back. And this story still drags itself making me go LOL all the time. 
What makes me tick is that only person can solve all the cases regarding the incidents, which you don't want to know and also I don't know how to put the words into. I am still in season 3 episode 13, but it is really, seriously kidding too much. Com'on give me a break! I am still watching because what more has in store in terms of this person's imagination, that how he drives the story. The first two seasons have been interesting, really interesting which made me watch Season 3 with much more interest. But it is turning out to be a joke. Seriously, stop kiddin' me. If you want to watch it, I don't know what to say actually but I can say this. Don't keep an open mind and think that "That can't be possible in any way!" because it is totally fiction/fantasy, each and every bit. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Talking to self

So far, till Now ! I am again lost. I am at loss of words again. I have something in Mind, but nothing is coming out. I used to be an Insomniac, but now I am sleeping in the day light itself. Facebook is a distraction,  is it? But I usually enjoy it. Or may be it is just  my feeling. Last week I made an attempt to write something different, something spectacular, something awesome. Since it was a start, I felt good. I am talking about my previous post. Until, I got a comment. Not in the comment box, though, not even on facebook. The comment said, It was a little too much. Then I wondered, was it? May be I did *Little Too Much*, for I don't know anything about it. Should I stop?I asked myself, but my conscious speaks to me differently. It says "Next time, do even better". Wow, I admired my conscious. But the again my mind isn't on the same page. It is rather in totally different book. It thinks "!@#$#%!@#!#!@$%$%&^" stuff like that which makes no sense. Clearly, I am lost, I guess !

Why am I writing this? Because 
1. I don't have a better work to do ?
    No, I do have. I have an assignment to complete, a project to complete and also prepare for some exams which I am still bound to write!
2. I am bored?
   May be, but I don't find any reason to get bored. I got Facebook, which doesn't show a notification. I have a movie, which I downloaded yesterday. I just watched a serial "The Mentalist" and also I just had a nice shower. I shouldn't be feeling bored. No I am not. 
3. I seriously want to write something?
   Yes, I do. I want to make something noteworthy. But, ME ? Noteworthy ? *In Dreams May be!*


To a friend,
I think you might read this as well. So, for your sake I added a comment box to the right. As you said for you to comment, You need to login and then make a comment, which I assume you think as a waste of time, I know, b'cause I would do the same if I were in your place. But, if don't think so by any chance, Now you don't have to do all that stuff. Facebook comment box would be better I guess. If I am not wrong, you are logged in Facebook, right!

P.S. : A funny post, right ! A weird one also ! I know, I just can't help myself not being funny and weird as well here.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"A Perfect Angel" !

"Was It a Dream?"

Author's Note : I smashed my head over a hundred times, I guess. God! This was one hell of a hard thing to write about. How do the other writers do this? Seriously? Ok! Enough of my disgrace! My first attempt at something I never have done, never have felt and never have experienced. And the List goes on. While I fought with myself for the words, though I agree iSuck, but I guess nothing is still better than a try. Call it a story or an unknown experience or even a fantasy. Just let me know, how much iSuck and also any suggestions can help. I also know that it is quite obsolete and a known topic (sort of) and frankly I have yet so far no experience in what-so-ever I wrote down here. Just my imagination. "Risk it to feel it." 

The day was dull. The atmosphere was dry and humidity made it even worse. The dawn of Summer has made it more difficult to bear the early evening. Today was a happy day for a professional person as the party weekend begins with the end of the Office. Rest was all we all needed at the time for the un-interrupted work we do at the office. A bar, a friends' hangout, a movie would make it amendable for the week we spent in the office trash of papers and reports and stuff. I was lost in my thoughts while I played the favorite song in my iPod to give a rest to my mind from the office drama.  As the sun gleamed through the clouds, I saw her by the Metro Station. As the metro descended at the station, I just couldn't keep my eyes off her. She was something, I have never seen before. I don't know what was happening to me. My breath became faster and tighter as the heart paced up. It kept pacing up as she boarded the train ans sat on the two seats away facing towards me. 

The atmosphere changed suddenly. It was strange, though. The sweet aroma filled the air around me. I lost my tired-ness. Something strange overtook my mind and my soul. All the baffling thoughts of the day, the sick boss's remarks on the report and all the other things that bothered me just vanished just with the plight of her. The sun gleamed through her hair perfectly, making her even more beautiful. I was at loss of words. She looked so simple and ordinary yet crossed the line of beauty. Many thoughts were getting clouded in my mind, but still I couldn't take my eyes off her. The beauty as the prolific writers describe in their work would be an outstanding example. As she smiled, it was as if my spirit rose. What was happening to me? I couldn't understand, as I didn't want to. I was immersed in the sea of the  beauty, which I have never imagined or even fantasized. I don't know how people might give rating to people depending on how beautiful they are. I guess she would be the base of a perfection of beauty and all others will never ever will stand a chance to be near her. 

All my thoughts were suddenly scrambled when she saw me through a little less crowded metro. I was motionless as I saw her gleam through me. If someone else saw me at that moment, they would have thought I was a sitting-statue. I was breathless for a moment when her eyes rested back to her thoughts. That very moment, I saw an angel. "It most certainly must be a dream", I thought. I confined the thought and never thought of waking up; for I may lose the wondrous beauty. Her eyes, hazel in appearence, sparkled like the rarest diamond would in the short gleam of light, like a brightest star in the sky, like a sun-kissed sea. The purity , a sense of dignity, a hint of compassion, a sort of elegance revealed in her eyes. Her eyes laughed like the summer rain. Her smile as she talked over her phone was even adorable. It refined the very roots of my soul. It had the charm of a blossomed flower, the grace of a heavenly spirit and the symmetry of an artist. It was perfect, NO "She was perfect". She! She just took my breath away. Fortunately, It wasn't a dream which made it impossible to swallow the reality. Like I said, I was at loss of words and even metaphors would be an understatement to describe her. She flew beyond my reach of imagination, beyond my thoughts could fly, far beyond me. I just could do nothing except admire and keep admiring.

I lost track of time. I lost track of my thoughts. I lost track of myself for all the time I spent admiring. The feeling which I was going through was intense and eloping out of it is simply impossible. As the sun-kissed beam which elated from the face of the beauty, she got up. I then realized I was in a metro and indeed it was moving. It was like I went to hibernation state without observing the evening sunset as I always do. The metro slowed down to a halt and there I was still admiring and searching for the aptness of a wonderful creation God has ever created and which I had ever seen. As she got down the metro, it was then I woke up from the reality-dream. It was my stop too. I paced towards the door, and leaped out of the metro. Lucky for me, I just made it in time. But then again, my Luck was short lived. That angel that I saw, faded in the busy crowd as if she disappeared. I cursed my luck and my so wrong timing. I just missed her. I made a strong point in my mind so find her somehow even if it takes years. Then again, I had a doubt, 
"Was it a dream?" 

"No", I explained to myself. It cannot be and it Shouldn't be. 


P.S. : Okay, fine! How may stones? How many eggs ? How many tomatoes? Or any other vegetable or something worth throw-able at the explicit dryness of something beautiful . How was it? Now I sincerely need remarks on this one. Please do help me in this aspect. A good picture should have been apt but what I couldn't find something as enchanting as I explained! Waiting for the comments. And which title is more appropriate? "A Perfect Angel" or "Was it a Dream?" ?

P.S.S. : (To be Continued... ) if I think I get some positive response. 
"Risk it to feel it" is my tagline for posts of this genre. What say? Cool, nah!? Another tag line could be "iSuck-at-these-Things!"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I saw, I felt !

Author's Note : The following text would seem like a poem with five lines in each stanza, but it isn't! Don't get it wrong. It is just rambling of words, mostly emotions, feelings and other things of importance. I don't know what it is to be called. And another suggestion "Read at your own Risk" because I guess it has too much to take. And one more thing before you proceed, the adjustment of the lines would be improper. I wrote as the words came to me. So, my apologies! 

I saw the Innocence of the Child 
I saw the Maturity of an old Man
I saw the Arrogance of a Teenager
I saw the Cry of a Baby
I saw the Stubbornness of the Young

I saw the Protectiveness of the Parent
I saw the Dedication of the Soldier
I saw the Strength of the Youth
I saw the Carelessness of the politicians
I saw the Excellence of a Teacher

I saw the Knowledge of a Scientist
I saw the Loyalty of a Friend
I saw the Wickedness in an Enemy
I saw the Love in the Lovers
I saw the Jealousy in the Hated

I saw the Anxiety of a Scientist
I saw the Craziness of a Player 
I saw the Enviousness of a Girl
I saw the Commitment of a Man
I saw the Pride in a Working Woman

I saw the Complaints of a Kid
I saw the Discomfort in the Wrongly-Accused
I saw the Agony of the Failed-Hard Working
I saw the Struggle of the Middle Class
I saw the Greediness of the Unsatisfied

I saw the Adventures
 I saw the Uprising 
I saw the Unstable World
I saw the Evolution of Technology
I saw the Degradation of Nature

I saw the Downfall of Economy
I saw the Exploitation of the Weak
I saw the Injustice to Innocent
I saw the Power In the Wrong
I saw the Misuse of Resources

I saw the Misery of the Poor
I saw the Delight of the Rich
I saw the Helplessness of the Poverty
I saw the Sorrow of the Lost
I saw the Suffering of the Defeated

I felt the Pain of Failure
I felt the Joy of Success
I felt the Love
I felt the Sadness
I felt the Hatred

I felt the Happiness
I felt the Jealousy
I saw the Loneliness
I felt the Angry
I felt the Shame

I Felt Envious
I felt the Guilt
I felt the Surprise
I felt the Fear
I felt the Anticipation

I felt the Frustration
I felt the Desire
I felt the Hope
I felt the Repulsion
I felt the Contempt

I felt the Boredom
I felt the Uneasiness
I felt the Thrill
I felt the Bliss
I felt the Discouragement

I felt the Peace
I felt the Fulfillment
I felt the Disapproval
I felt the Gratification
I felt the Amusement
I felt the Sorrow

I felt Worried
I felt Miserable
I felt the Anguish
I felt the Distress
I felt Hopeless.

 felt Fortunate.
I felt Delighted.
I felt Fortunate.
I felt Rewarded.
I felt the Passion.

I saw, I felt "LIFE" !

P.S. : Mind-Blogged / Blocked ? I thought so! NO ? Then, you should be really Awesome ! I wrote the labels in the labels section, but it had a wold limit, so jotted them down here. It would be a little bit freaking to see those many labels. But Never Mind.

P.P.S : Labels : Complaint, Discomfort, Struggle, Agony, Greedy, Adventures, Uprising, Degradation, Downfall, Innocent, Power, Pain,Failure, Success, Joy, Love, Sadness, Innocence, Maturity, Arrogance, Cry, Dedication, Strength, Excellence, Wickedness, Jealousy, Loyalty, Envious, Craziness, Pride, Reward, Fulfillment, Fortunate, Bliss, Uneasiness, Boredom, Worried, Hopeless, Discouragement, Disapproval, Repulsion, Contempt, Hope, Desire, Frustration, Surprise, Fear, Anticipation, Guilt, 
Misery, Suffering, Sorrow, Passion, Distress, Amusement, Thrill, 

Little Aged : Turns 4 !

Author's Note : Dated 4th March ! I just couldn't post as this was still incomplete by that time and I was a little bit crushed with loads of work.

Finally, My blog completes 3 years by this day ( 4th March ) . It has been one hell of a journey, a very unsuccessful one though. Firstly, I appreciate the followers and the readers, if there are any for keeping up with the disaster I created over here. And also to those who made an effort to comment on the posts. Thank you ! :)

Wish I was a little more diligent in my writing skills. I know that my whole idea of blogging sucks and more over the non sense I put up adds to the readers' frustration. But, still if there are any readers out there, I am obliged to them, sincerely. I don't know how you guys could manage to read so much of craziness/ridiculousness. So, whatever! "Thank You" would be an understatement. Frankly, I know no other word to make the perfect fit for your patience. 

I may have written something out of my mind and might have gone wrong in some aspects, So I apologize. But whatever I wrote I meant it, mostly. And if in-deliberately, someone got hurt, I convey my apologies. But then again, I won't be justifying the motto of free speech. Then again, I am a human being with morals and responsibilities. So, I have to be humane sometimes and if possible most of the times. 

Recently, another fellow blogger whose blog turned one posted about it. And what the author did was mention all the followers who have made an attempt to read and comment and mind-blowing-ly, my name was there. And I did tell the author that I would dedicate a post for mentioning my name and so I will. It is just that no one gives a damn about my blog or whatever I write, but somehow, I don't know I got this comment which offcourse made my day.

Seriously and sincerely "I Thank You" and I will surely dedicate a post for this author. And by the way, though the comment makes me kind of happy but in reality I have neither of the qualities. I am not an awesome photographer, still pre-amateur and about my writing skills, is there I should tell? I guess you all know what kind of sh_t I write which in no possible way makes sense or is relevant. But anyways, thanks for the opinion. I hope to reach upto the expectations. I just need to levitate my abilities beyond my reach. I should and I guess I may, not so sure about my capabilities and I am very bad at promises. 

Question#1 : And so how was my blogging experience for the past three years?
Frankly speaking, I enjoyed every moment of it, or at least most of it. I think I wrote something extraordinary posts, but thats' just my feeling. Indeed, they are not even close to ordinary. And if you thinking about how I could have so many followers? The answer would be that there are some sites where people would like to increase the follower number and i return they follow back, but they don't really care or mind what I wrote or the content is. And so this was my secret till now. And seriously I could tell that none of the people in the followers list follow my blog. I can assure you that. You bet! And even if someone does they would ignore it after reading one post of mine. Again I Bet! But if there is still someone following my blog, that person would be my friend and would be thinking that I am more intelligent than him or may be not. May be he just wants to know what I am writing or how I am writing. I know iSuck, and I am one hundred percent sure that he also knows that iSuck, but still he follows. I may never know why!

Question#2 : So whats the most visited post of the year ? 

Question#3 : Whats' the most commented post of the year? 

Some more statistics about my blog! (yeah I know you don't want to know ! It is just for me)

Number of Posts : 190 (Excluding this one )
Number of Comments : 219
Number of Followers : 119
Number of Page Views : 15,972 (So Far)

So, finally turned 4 ! 

If you are still here, tell me one this :

" Did my blog grow up or just aged to be old? "

P.S. : If You are reading this or read this post, kindly post your name in the comment box. I just want to know how many (exactly) read my blog! Kindly, Please, Just one favor ! Thanks for bearing with me ( if you are still here) !

Friday, March 9, 2012


Author's Note : Another recollection of the post previously made. #2 : Misery


Mellowed Life of Hazy Situations,

Instituted thoughts of Un-classical and Confused Ideas,

Stimulated Pessimistic Aggressive Decisions,

Eloping burden of the Past Hurted-Feelings,

Rouge-ly driving Simplicity onto Complexity,

Yearning the Miseries of Life sadly.


P.S. : Yeah, Insane ! I get it. Your question : "What the hell is this?" ! If you looking for an answer, probably you will not find it. Because, I don't have it ! So, enjoy at the worst.


Author's Note : Just a recollection of some weird works of mine. #1 : LOST

Intimidate Dawn of Rising Life,

Ambiguous Isolated Broken Dreams,

Misery filled Soul Yearning for Help,

Levitated Crazy Ideologies,

Ogling the heart filled with Remorse,

Starvation of Ideas, Thoughts and Everything,

Tensile is the life, After all.

P.S. If you are judging me, you are doing it right. Yeah, I am Insane and one lousy fellow. I got that. If you have something new, shoot at me. 

One Awkward Day.

Sometimes, something happens. And it falls upon as some unmovable force binding us to stick and silently observe the consequences and the timely happenings. Something like happened. Am I for blame? May be, or may be not. What is this all about? The previous day, we had a project review where we have to tell the concerned faculty about the extent of completion of the project for the final year of Engineering. I am a bit unstable minded person when things fall upon at the same time. It is like a Domino, just one part of the piece is sufficient to rupture the whole idea of persistence. I was minding my work, I mean the project while it should have been the team effort. Well, don't even ask about my team. I am at loss of word to define/ explain about the incredible batch of mine. Unfortunately, I being the Project Head, am taking the whole toll on my head. So that makes me much more responsible for the whole project. So even if no one does, some one should do. And this isn't something which could be bought from the Institution and get the whole output and the documentation ready at our convenient day or time. And much more unfortunate thing is that none gives a damn about the project. Neither do I, frankly speaking. But nothing is worse than something. So, I keep the little effort to make something work. Well, I succeed in making the part of it with major manipulations. So, none of my batch mates approach the project faculty head even when the review is the next day. I do all the work and they get the piece of cakes and I don't like cakes that much. I have already discussed about this the previous year when the project external was conducted in the previous semester. I was damn angry at that time. So, I was/am now. 

But there were some turn of events later the day before the project review. Sir told me to keep my name only on the project report. I thought Sir was just kidding. But he seemed serious. So the next day, I got one with my batch names on the report as well as just my name, if in case the fellow beings succeed in persuading Sir in some way. But No, Sir was so sure about it and it just contained my name. And Sir told the same thing to the Project Review Sir also. That wasn't over yet. It was in the Sir's hand to allot the marks for the students under his guidance and he said that he won't give any marks for they didn't do anything. But these guys kept persuading sir to give another chance. Finally after an hour or so of discussion, Sir gave them 2 days to do some work and then he might consider the marks accordingly. I thought now they will get to work or at least try to do something. But no. About AR, there is nothing to be told about him. He isn't a bit concerned. He was asking me to do something and that he will show something to the sir. Seriously? Me? Whatever I did till now is with utmost difficulty and he is asking me put some more effort for him so that he could get some 40 (+) out of 50 in the Project internal. I don't what else to say to this guy. And the last, but not the least, BC. He is neither to be seen nor heard. He enjoys himself with liquor and other non essential stuff and gives a fake name of "Sportsman" to all of it. Seriously! Grow up dude. He neither comes to classes nor to the labs, as he says he is busy with the sports. How many months does one play and how many games does he play? I have no idea but he has some vague connections and so he is being saved all the time. Bloody asshole.

When sir finally kept just my name, I was kind of happy but also a bit sorry for the others. I don't know what to say or do in such situations. I did nothing. May be those guys would be damn angry at me thinking that someday I will get a big blow from them. I would just hope, such a day never comes.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

Twitter Alert !

I was pretty bored, I guess! I completed the Dexter just now and so I tweeted. Forgot the hash (#) tag though. After a few minutes playing some Poker on FB, I just wanted to know any of the people who were following me knew about the tv series named Fringe. So I tweeted.

Twitter : Anybody know about  Tv series ? I mean how is it. ? I am about to start watching it, so any suggestions ?

I didn't know that anybody would ever reply, for I was hearing the name for the first time. Guess what ? I was alerted with a text message after like less than 5 minutes. Yeah I signed in for mobile updates. I thought who would message me at this hour of the night/or should I say day, whatever! The messages kept coming. I received nearly 40 text in a span of 15 minutes and still counting. Seems like there are a large Fringe Followers out there, and oh! one guy also referred them as "Fringies". Seems like a sci-fi fan base is very large indeed. Might start it. :)
Now the count is 50 in 20 minutes. Indeed many followers. 

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