Sunday, July 29, 2012

Liebstered !

Yesterday, I laughed. I mean REALLY LAUGHED and LAUGHED and LAUGHED , NOT KNOWING WHY, I just laughed accompanied by two others. I laughed so much that I had to clear my eyes of the water which formed. So, the reason why we laughed was lost. Well, actually, I started of with a little joke. Obviously, we laughed. And it stopped for a second and then we continued laughing. Another guy who was also laughing incisively was asking me why we were laughing while we were holding out stomachs trying to control the laughter. It stopped for a moment and then we continued laughing. The first thing was that we were in a class, second thing it was a lab and third thing we were running out of time for the submission of the project. I never laughed like that as far as I can remember. Well, I remember laughing for a reason when the joke/prank was too good. But we here sat there laughed for no apparent reason. Someone did ask us, whether we were mad? May be we were. But that was awesome and totally worth it. 

You all know, I am such a blog-o-holic that I would check the blogger website even when I haven't posted anything, say for like 2 weeks or may be more. So, while I was on my daily routine, I got this comment which had a link and the comment said that I was awarded a blod award. I shout in my mind, "Whoa! Wow." An award! And thanks a lot for that, Neha .

And the award is 

So, I Google it. Seriously, I didn't knew the meaning. Liebster is a German word and I think I got the answer. Now, there are certain things to be done by the people who have been awarded.

Some rules to these Awards : 

  1.  If you are tagged/nominated, you have to post 11 facts about yourself.
  2.  Then you answer the 11 questions the tagger has given you and make 11 questions for the people you are going to tag.
  3. Tag 11 more Bloggers.
  4. Tell the people you tagged that you did.

11 Facts About me.

  • I am not a very optimistic person.
  • I like soccer over cricket.
  • I love photography and like to capture as many moments as possible.
  • I love shoes. I don't have a large collection, though but I surely will.
  • I am a very lazy person. Recent examples make it very very clear.
  • I sometimes like to do the things alone.
  • I love to travel and would like to cover as many places as I can.
  • I practically, physically don't talk much and I think everybody knows it. But mentally, I am pro-talker. I keep talking inside the fore-walls of my mind.
  • I get easily moved by others thoughts and am compelled to do what they say, because I don't want to hurt their ego/feelings/whatever. So, in simple words, I sometimes can't say no to whatever people ask, well most of the times.
  • I like reading and writing. 
  • I am a gadget-freak. Someday, I will own every single gadget that is fascinating.

11 Question for me.

1.  Have you ever fallen off your bed while sleeping ?
 -  No. That never happened to me. 

2. Do you still sleep with your Teddy Bear? 
 - Well, NO. I have never slept with a teddy bear.

3. Which celebrity do you have a crush on right now ? 
 - Well, too many. 

4. Have you ever done something wild and crazy? If so, do tell.
 - Not exactly wild and crazy. There was this time when we went to celebrate a friends' birthday. And we travelled about 50Km and went up a hill and then down the hill to the beach at midnight dodging the police at that late night. Does this sound like wild or crazy ? 

5. Your favourite super-hero?
 - Well, Batman. Iron-Man. SuperMan. Wolverine. There are so many fascinating super-heroes and I won't be doing justice if I had to pick only one.

6. Your favourite childhood character ? 
 - Genie in Alladin.

7. Your hobbies ? 
 - a. Photography
   b. Blogging
   c. Reading
   d. Music (Listening), etc.

8. Your favourite Author? 
 - If I pick one, I won't be doing justice to the rest. All stand on the same ground, same level.

9. Your favourite junk food.
 - Burger, Pizza, Sub.

10. Your favourite music band.
 - Beetles. Well No. I don't listen much of beetles. I think Linkin Park.

11. Are my questions silly and stupid ?
 - I don't want to be rude, but yeah there are, to an extent.

11 Questions from me .
  1. If you were given one wish, what would that be ? 
  2. Which place do you wish to visit the most?
  3. If somehow you became the President, what would be the first thing you would do ?
  4. Your favourite author ?
  5. How much does blogging means to you?
  6. What is the best thing that has happened to you?
  7. Would you give away everything for something you love doing?
  8. What is the one thing you would like to get from life?
  9. What would you do if you won a million dollars ?
  10. What is your Life Motto ? 
  11. How stupid and lame are the questions ? 
11 Bloggers I would like to dedicate the Award to : 

And there are more and many more. I will come up with a award myself pretty soon. And the 11 Question thing is not that mandatory. I mean it is, but I know its a tedious work to tell each one about the work. So, its totally your wish. And by the way, Congratulations. :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Blog, the word I have been hearing more often these days. Well, I am obsessed with the blogging thing, so it echoes in my brain trying to check the status. My browser automatically opens the Facebook tab and the Blogger tab simultaneously when I connect to the internet. But there is something else all together. In class also, I have started hearing the word blog and when I do most people point to me. First thing is that no body has eve visited my blog, as a matter of fact I didn't share the link. Second thing, I don't know what the others think what I write about in my blog, but they just stick to the fact that I write and that's' it. The other day, one of my Sir was asking something after a small childish activity which had a big logic behind it, Do you have any other blocks? And all of a sudden some of the guys from the class started shouting "AJAY". "Wth, man",I frown. Sir immediately corrects the wrong grasp by the people stating that its BLOCKS and NOT BLOG. Thank god, I didn't give any link to who ever asked. I said to Google my name followed by the keyword blog. 

The Critic
So, this was a rapid spree and the news was spreading fast, well, person to person , like once a month. The other day, a friend of mine came to know that I write from another friend of mine. So, we were in the library and I was busy with some novel on my iPod "50 Shades of Grey". This person sits beside me with a big book consisting of some 50 short stories. And he blurts out "You have a blog? A told me". "Yeah", I reply looking at him with a little bit of excitement. He continues, "I was reading some Blog and A told that you write Blog, what's the link?". Haha, my Blog is spreading. So, I tell him to Google my name. Actually, when I google it, the first that comes is my blog, but it didn't here. So, he scrolls down to the bottom and selects the link which has a tag blog after my name. All this he does on his phone. Later, I tell him the link and there comes  a list of four blogs and I explain what I write in each one of it. He goes to the poem first. I already warn him not to, but still he does. He asks me whether I copied the description ? I give a half smile and reply to him saying that if I were to copy something , then it won't be my blog . I continue saying my blog will have everything that is my own. He reads through the description and tell his views, well not the positive ones though. I thought he would be thrilled to see the way I wrote, but he was on a totally other page. He reads through the first 'worambling' which I call it as it is a crude mid of words to sound like a poem which clearly doesn't. Well, that not hard to find out, and this person comes out with his view. Still not on the positive side yet. He then goes to another blog- this one. He continues through the firs few lines of my previous post where I have used some mind-twisting-no-sense-making-irrelevant-words. He surely gets confused about what he is reading as one of my commenter rightly mentioned all seemed pointless. He stops in the middle and unable to grasp a word I wrote and unclear of where it was headed, he skips to my another blog- the fiction one. He doesn't make much comments on it. Wait a minute, he does and advices me on the same. 

The Reader.
We have already named this person with the gadget he carries along with him most of the time solely for reading purposes. If I am not wrong, you could make out that gadget. So, this person happens to be sitting beside me ad inquires me about the blog, which I write and which I mentioned in some of the classes. I tell him and he goes to another link which also has a list of my blogs but its not exactly the place where my blogs solely exist. He goes through the photography page, though I haven' uploaded anything for say like four months. Then he goes to the poetry one, which doesn't seem so pleasing as well. I know, right? Later the other day I posted in my company blog space one of my woramblings just to see. He asks for it and I tell him to search my name in the search box because its had to find the link as it is hard to find but he uses his geek-y mind and makes his way to my post. Strange Life. Inspite of other little easy ones and better one(I guess) I go for this one for my first post. He sits besides me in the last as we are from the same batch. And we chat. The rest of the group members laugh seeing us chat while we still sit beside each other. Actually, we are using the technology and the resources provided to us to the extreme. I ask him jokingly whether he is fine after reading my post, He inquires about the dark side of the poem. I myself don't know and I reply the same. I think that the first and the last that he has read from my blog(s).


Well, I need to come up with something interesting and appealing. Something which I never did before and that idea should be mine alone. So, setting a new trend. I see. I laugh at my insight and the way I am going with this thinking. Well, I need to blog frequently and make up for the time that I have been wasting doing nothing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

He Lost It.

In Darkness.
The rapturous air subsided the little faith as the vision clearly seemed blurred with time fading away. The gushing anxiety and the confusion of the moment carved him into dilemma. What was happening was unknown, unreal ! While the answers kept swirling on the ghastly drifting river. All seemed pointless for a moment. The confusion of the time drove him crazy, out of his wits but he still maintained his calm (or so he thought). While his mind lay the victim of the hideous struggle, he seemed mum about the reason whatsoever. 

There is unjust and he just couldn't figure out what was happening. The light at the end of the tunnel faded and there was no more hope. While he wished and strived in-spite of sinking down the hole, he wished for a little faith, a reason to make up the lost trade. The road was hazy filled with something unheard something unknown. Which way to go, seemed difficult while he was covered in the cloud of confusion. The anguish and the dilemma were taking the little life whichever was left. While the mind played the little game of its own trickery to deceive its own body seemed unaffected by whatsoever was happening. 

The life seemed pointless, as a matter of fact everything. The reason is far beyond the normal perception. As he kept drowning into the swamp of troubles crying for help which was unheard. In his darkest despair seeking for a hand to spare and pull him out of that dreary dreadful place called earth. What he wishes for was bit riches nor fame nor that would make him proud or his family proud. All that he wanted seemed so strange. God seemed to have got confused by his prayers. He wished for the salvation from the suffering , from the world where nothing seemed to go his way. 

The strength drained as he saw himself fall down the ladder. He was helpless while he realized that his own creation was destroyed by thyself. Helpless, he lay on the deserted journey of life. In-spite of his pessimistic thoughts which prevailed his mind, he fought for the little  hope. No matter what he did, it went wrong, the other way. He tried, he tried harder. But alas! He lost it, he lost it. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


"He is great who can do what he wishes; 
he is wise who wishes to do what he can."
- The line from the bottom of my diary.

As I glared through the blurry eyes today and realized that it was high time to start preparation. I had already wasted the night trying to do something impossible and which was totally nonsense for which I had to pay also. Yesterday was the same situation but a little different prescription. I didn't had anything to prepare but had to go a little bit early. So, As I opened my laptop, a otification popped up at the bottom right of the screen which said You have a new comment. I woke up to the full extent knowing about the same. 

I am like the stone thrown at the sky which falls down no matter what. May be the position is changed but the result is same. I get back to where I started. And the thing is I forget everything that happened during the flight while I was in the mid air (referring myself to the stone, which I just mentioned). So, from now I need to get something into my mind that "Nothing becomes permanent if I continuously say its not permanent. Nothing becomes perfect when I mention everytime that its' not at all perfect."
Whatever is the intention, here you may consider something like reverse engineering, well that doesn't work. Deal with it. 

And here lets come back to the issue.  If you think, you are not that good, why mention all the time, everytime and in every post. Just improve it if you consider you are not up to the mark. Why bother the people who read with that nonsense. So, again, If you mention about how much you suck, you are not creating a good impression there and the little impression that you have/had just fades away. 

Atleast, do justice to the opening phrases.
And thanks for the comment. That was big, descriptive and let me just say - Thanks. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crazy-Stupid-Life #2.

Note: You will find some of the text in the other font, which are the 'voice(s) in my head'.

Ground Zero.
Back to square one. "Bigity bigity bang bang", I don't where I heard this but it is kind of stuck in my mind. And I say the phrase whenever I get into trouble. And this is a synonymous gesture to banging the head either on a table/wall/or both. Day before yesterday, we had a presentation. One thing is for sure, I suck. Tell something new, its' an old story on repeat mode. The thing called reading in mind doesn't usually work. I knew it earlier but didn't care much. Now, though I know, still I don't care much. Grow up, dude. Learn and avoid making mistakes. Thanks, but who was that ? Its' the same old story. In short, I go there, forget everything, stammer a lot, create something new, give a bad presentation despite of the individual feedback and the key points on which I was supposed to improve myself upon by my faculty who monitors these things. 

Its deceiving, you know ? Everyone is not alike and every single person is not alike all the time. I am the 6E-ist at home and the time till step outside my room. I don't know what happens outside, but the next moment I see myself and say to myself, He is such an idiot, when I get back to my senses that the person that I was referring to is a reflection of a person who seems totally like me, Wait, thats' you only d#a#. I don't care much, I say so all the time , but I effing care about it all the time. Why dude ? Why bother ? You have a gf ? You want to impress someone or what ? The highlighter is that I have no such avocations. But then again, I want to impress. Who man? Sir? Madam? Who ? I am a man, so I think you get the rest of the story. So, the point is that "Nothing goes the way I plan" and I end up being a fool. 

For starters or for the people who don't know me, here is a brief about the person who is wasting your time. Dude, come on, Nobody knows you here and those who know you don't give a rats ass about what you write or have to say. May be because you don't speak much. Well, this guy just broke the ice and took all the thunder away. So, heres the thing. I don't speak much. Buckle up! I know that. Get to the point where you explain the reason for that. Reason ? Why bother? Isn't it easier and better to categorize me into something called "Stupid People". Enough of your bulls#it, get to the point. I don't really know the reason why I don't. Is it because 
  • I over think the other person's response before I even deliver my thoughts ?
  • I am not sure what the response would be when I say something ?
  • I can see the other persons' feelings on their face ? 
  • I am not sure what the other person would feel about my opinion ? 
  • If I speak out, I might remove the little doubt about how stupid I am? 
May be, these could be the reasons. So, in short I tend to think what the other person would feel/think when I say something. If they don't reply back, it will be evident from the expression they project. Isn't it obvious to find out when someone thinks that the other person is such a boring person. And this is the reason why don't get into everybody's business and poke everyone every time. I leave the people to their thoughts and their dreams. :P

Its' a whole different story altogether over the net. I usually can't see the other person's face. I could speak anything may be because I don't see the others reaction to it except what they reply. Call me a (well, your choice) . 

So, recently I kind of made an online friend. Don't go through the 1190 people in my facebook, more than half of them are photographers from all over the world and the half of the remaining half are the profiles to share the photos and the rest is those people whom I know which filter out to nearly 300, lets say. Well, AruP..PAru... Pari (Jumbled the letters and came up with that). Thats' something, right? Ok, fine! AP (fine with that?).  Man, You totally suck at that! [And if you(AruP) are reading this, don't kill me]. The common thing is that we both blog and the difference is that I come up with nonsense in my blog while AP comes up with mind-blowing posts. Well, anyway AP is really a nice person. Moving On. 

Now, coming the to side-header. People keep asking me, telling me, referring me, etc things that I am one silent person and they've quite made up their minds, well at least some of them. The new people I meet would ask me the reason and tell me to speak up more often , while some of the other new think I am pretending to be a nice guy and does things perfectly. Thats' a sarcastic remark, dude. Yeah, I know that, thanks for mentioning again. 

By the way, I mentioned about the online friend because AP would be surprised if we meet in person and then I would be the silent guy and AP would be pretty confused whether I am the same person who met over the web at Twitter. So, what do you want me to do about it, huh? Now, loose the baloon, cut the chase, skip the topic. 

Okay, Now I have to tell this. Till now, I would get some sort of Super Power in some point of time. But when I shared a photo on the facebook, more like a meme kind of thing, I cam to know there are so many other people like me hoping that some miracle would happen and get to one of the super hero of their dreams. Well, now on, I might have to subside this pat of my imagination. Hmm... that would mean I have to stop thinking 90% of what I think. Seriously, thats' something man. You are a superhero for 90% of your thoughts.

I've another super-quality. I can over think and just don't see what going on in front of me. Lemme simplify it a bit. We usually have classes and I, as a known fact don't know anything. Each morning I make up my mind that I will have to buckle up and show what I got (though, I got nothing, just like some inspiration to work on). So, the classes begin and I am attentive the first few minutes, hmm... more like 1 minute. Then I don't know what happens, I get to my senses when the person teaching makes eye contact with me. I was projecting some movie in my mind which hmm, well I shouldn't say. You can relate it to the above mentioned para and rest of the time its me kicking some ass where ever the mind pleases to go. 

Here, someone got to help me. Here's the thing. There are so many good looking people around. There have been and there are and probably there will be. Its always about the other sex, right? My post on the same is resting in the drafts which I will publish once I am through it. So, here me again, silent,calm, minding my own business ( WHICH IS ?)  , not-giving-a-s#it-about-anything, or so I pretend. There are some people that get stuck in the mind, and no matter I try I can't get rid of them. So, I ask myself? Do I like them ? Hell No. Do I love them ? Common, man, its me here. Love? *shrugs*.What is that supposes to mean ? What? You got to be kidding me ! You are asking the wrong question. (Moving on with the questions). At least do I know them or vice versa. Hmm, I know some, some know me( I guess so). Well, the point is or the question is : What is that supposed to mean ?  Throw some light, if you happen to know anything about it. Why I mentioned this is because referring above to sentence where I mentioned about the 90% thing, contains one of these characters also. And AP(AruP, Pari), this is what I wanted to ask.(Not exactly, but its something like a beginning which I said I would mention).

Dear God Damn Voice(s) in the head,
Why don't you effing work with me when I am writing an exam where you could help me with some of the answers? There you won't, but here you will make me the stupidest person. I wonder how many voices speak in my head that I loose track of what I am doing /thinking , which sometimes is insanely insane. And one more thing, SHUT UP, will you ? 

P.S. : Such a waste of time. You could have watched that Abraham Lincoln and the Vampire Hunter Movie instead, right ? 

Thursday, July 5, 2012


The Moon looked beautiful. I lost track of me. Monday morning, I was hyper-active. I don't know, I saw the other side of me, which I sometimes get don't know how. In that precise moment, I get great ideas and thoughts. The first thing that I think after getting those brilliant thoughts is This is so going into my blog. But that Velvety Day ruined the perfect arrangement of thoughts when I learnt about the surprise or lets say the near death test for me. I won't go into the details, as I think I have already mentioned in the previous post. 

Yeah! Before I forget, I am looking at the blog updates daily but I am totally unable to read any of them. Time doesn't permit me to. Time doesn't even permit me to write a blog only. So, my apologies, if you are thinking I am visiting your blog.

OK! Where was I? Yeah, The Moon. The moon was radiating its florescent white light in the dark sky as the clouds drifted away. There was some kind of hurried-ness  in which the ckouds drifted away which was really very fast. If I am not wrong it must be a full moon day, right ? Well, whatever! I tried enjoying the beauty in the perplexed night light, but my mind id filled with some other things. And those fillers in the thought bubbles aren't so pleasant. Someday, there will be a day when I won't see the next rising sun, if you know what I mean. They say this is not all, (they here refer to the faculty), the future has a lot of similar such wonderful thought-bubble fillers and there will be a day when I might as well forget to think which I usually do. 

I was already tensed (credits to the exam) and feeling all like c*ap from inside. And to add to that we were told to come earlier which seemed like a mere waste of time and the company's money. I don't understand why they bring people on the topic called "Meet the Mentor" -which is supposed to be for sharing their experience and give hints and ideas as of how to improve oneself and grow within an organization. Two weeks back, we had a similar session and that person was awesome. And this time he totally bored the hell out of everyone and the bottom line What did we learn? - The answer to which is, Wait a minute! I didn't learn anything.

The Deceived.
The starting day of the Job-Training, there were three days of session just to make us familiarize with the formalities and the rules and all that nonsense stuff. I was totally relieved, believe me I was  when they mentioned that there will be no exams that will be conducted during the training period. So, I was in the same notion until last week. Thought they also said that all the people will be evaluated on the basis of their performance, to which I thought there will be internal assessment once a month. I made up my mind for that, though with great difficulty. I eased my mind when they said they have some parameter on which they will rate the people. Now, those *Beep* *Beep* *Beep* effing effers changed the name of exam/test to Diagnostics. Now imagine my plight when I learn about it. I was already planning to leave and this adds to it. I reason I am staying is I have no other option as of now. I may go home and prepare for the exams. Yeah, I can do that. But the only reason I am staying is that I might get some experience. The company's caption very aptly coincides with the companys' notions and effing ideologies -Experience Certainty. I don't usually mention all these things, because hmm..errm well you can call me Superstitious. Whatever! (I know I am bragging too much and writing all bullshit). Now picture this. On monday, some people were randomly picked and asked to write a test in which yours' truly is present and which got postponed, more like retest on wednesday, today and today Sir doesn't turn up and may be it will be there tomorrow and to add to it there is another diagnostics(You know, right ? Test / Exam ) on another topic which my great sir completed within a day without telling a single syntax. So, yeah! I am totally cool and calm. like effing COOL. 
-The Deceived. 

I don't talk much. I have said that a lot of times, right ? Every one who know me says the same thing. Even my batch mate pesters me to speak. He so mentioned in one of the session in which we were asked to write about the partner in the batch. But I really can't speak. I really don't know why. In the meanwhile, I might have mentioned about this guy whom I recently added to my friend list. Oh! By the way, I have 1158 friends in my Facebook friend list, not a big thing but this guy mentions it all the time and I will also tell where he does that. So, among the 1158 friends I have I know nearly 300 of them and the rest are photographers and photo-sharing related profiles. So, this guy is the superstar of the class. People make fun of him but he gets back to every one of them in his own way. So, he makes fun of people and the people of him though everything is jovial. He really enjoys it, but pretends as if he hates it. The recent incident was in the BizSkill session in which Sir was discussing about the Mind-Mapping concept in which he took the example of this very person's marriage. And he is a funny guy, so he has a lot of friends as he gets into everything and speaks his mind outwardly not thinking what the other person thinks. Most people got used to this and so he is kind of popular. Coming to the point, I don't understand why he always gets his hands all over me binding me totally, touches my hair (and Man! I really hate that), pinches in the middle for no apparent reason. Recently, we were also taught about something called Personal Space, which he clearly didn't understand. Someday, he might have a sour eye or a teeth less in his mouth. And also this guy totally forgets they you are just beside him if there is a girl. Come on man, even when he is supposed to do some work, he leaves it and takes it lightly and gets all frenzy talking in his way of style which many people like while I hate every word he says. Its not only what he speaks, but also the way he speaks. And he tries discouraging people by his sarcastic remarks and so he mentions my friend list number and also my aggregate in my engineering. Bla bla bla . 
So, the caution - Be careful when you know some one who gives much preference to girl than his work and totally forgets about your existence. 

The Greeting.
So, today I got a greeting from three different people which I barely know. The first one being the one whom I recently met during a trip. So, not so great. The second one, I have never met nor did I talk once. The third one being another person whom I have seen and I thought I was invisible to the person because I don't talk that much as a matter of fact I haven't talked to this person at all. So, yeah three greeting more like two greetings from literally unknown people. I wonder whether they know my name or not because one person I have never met and the other might have heard from someone else but I haven't told them personally. The shocker- My own class people don't greet me. *Greeting here is a small one like hai , hello.*

So far, so now. I have no idea what I wanted to write and what I wrote. Hope that you don't laugh at my stupidity. So, Good Night. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Velvety Day.

Night had already began while the Moon shone with its radiating white light. The bus was moving as I lay deep in my thoughts playing a specific sequence of the day over and over again inside the mind. The reflection in the glass laughed at me. I know it would accounting to the days' preceding. 

A small part of the world is going to dissolve into the thin air and no one would know. Because that is my world. Let me being with this famous statement of mine which quite often resembles me in every angle possible. I would be the one standing tall when the world ends at the end of the this year as predicted by Nostradamus. You call it lucky? well.. I've a different opinion on it. 

I am too lucky. Unfortunately, its the bad luck though.

My twitter update goes like this :

Monday, it is. And as usual, for any human being it is quite the boring day of the week. From the morning, I realized that something was different. I didn't catch what that might be. I was hoping that it is for the best of me. Because I washed my clothes. Yeah, I do usually almost regularly but wasn't regular for say like 2 weeks. So, that I did and was pretty happy about it that I finally completed that task.

The next thing was that I took a shower. Not a big deal, right?  I second your opinion. But I usually don't go for shower when I have to go to office or outside because then it would be difficult to handle my hair while it plays its own game of jumping and aligning in its own way as it wishes which is like stupid, really stupid and that makes me look even stupider. So, yeah, I had a shower. 

Well, for the next thing, you should probably know some history about it. I am staying in a hotel. Don't imagine something like 'The Taj'. When I was notified that I was placed at Trivandrum and this was the place I would be staying at, the hotel name sounded like WOW, it must be a 5-star hotel or at least a 3 star. That small little nice thought was stabbed to death when I stepped into this hotel more like a hostel. And there is a cupboard for two people and that arrangement is so perfectly made that only one can accommodate their clothes. So, my roommate occupies the while shaft and leaving me make my bed and chair filled with books and clothes and that looked really shabby, believe it it looked even worse. So, I made up my mind to change that. Though, I made that idea two weeks back, but didn't implement it and this was the day when I finally did it. Period. 

I was feeling the usual uncomfortable  because I have to wear a full hand shirt (formal) and frankly I hate keeping the full-hands shirt when it is buttoned. Its totally uncomfortable for me. And to add to it, my belt which had holes either too tight or too loose. So, yeah, everyday I go like that feeling like "I-dont-know-what-it-is-called". So, usually I turn up office like an idiot. And we were called early as we were informed that there is a meeting to be held in the seminar hall. First of all , my so called hotel is like a 45 min drive including the traffic and we were told to be at the bus stop at a specific time. Later we find that the bus will come after an hour then the earlier mentioned time. And this we came to know after waiting for half an hour. After a hour or so we reach the office. My office is basically a training center and I am also undergoing training. And there are new batches every week. So they are adding nearly 400+ people each week. When we started a month ago, the office seemed totally empty and now, its worse than a fish market. Though I haven't been to a fish market, isn't it what people mostly use? The canteens are filled even before we arrived. But as we were supposed to go to the seminar hall, we sat there for 5 minutes when two gentleman come and start speaking about cleanliness and about the usage of local language, which they advised us to avoid. And they continue telling about the bathroom etiquette. That took some 5 minutes and they tell to go and have our lunch. WTH was going on? And wth? is wrong with these people. They tell us to come nearly 3 hours before the stipulated time and that was to tell about how to behave in the restrooms. Seriously? Well, that ended and the usual day began. Starting with the Business Skill class which I get a little terrified as he may anytime call anyone on to the stage on account of some activity. But this time, it was about Team Management. So, we were told to know the commonalities within a group of six members and the uniqueness of each person. My class is filled with so many talented people and I envy that, may be not. Wait a minute, my qualities were not told yet. So, I already told the person not to tell one which my other friend wrote which is totally false. So, about me, I mean my uniqueness : As everyone know Ajay is good at photography, he is also Mr.Perfect!(Wait! I told not to tell that . Damn! I am effed). Sir looks at me and so does everybody else in the class and I nod in disagreement. But Sir says, I look a little like the character Mr.Perfect in the movie ARYA 2. Well, thats' a regional movie. Damn! Damn! I hide my face. Everybody after the class mention me as Mr.Perfect. I try convincing them that I am NOT. But who cares ? who listens? Now, how do I tell that it is a lie? 

Day proceeded and I got a shock when someone mentioned that there will be a test for the randomly picked people by the tech-head. My raced like anything, a wild beast on fire and I could hear its thumping sound loud and clear. First of all I have no idea of the subject. My sir completed it within a week, which was taught for 4 months in Engineering, 45 days in private coaching. Now, Imagine that- a week. Last week, on Friday there was a test on the same and luckily with the help of all Google and stuff I managed to stay alive till the end of the exam. But today, no Google and no easy source code, without which I am a lost sailor on a motionless sea. I already had a bad feeling and I was trying to be pessimistic about it so that I won't be picked up. Time passed by and finally the time came. Again, the dobly heatbeat sound echoing inside my head and every inch of my body. They started calling the names. Ajay, I finally heard my name. The same moment I knew I was screwed and dead for sure. We went to another room, where I was literally shivering inside-outside everywhere. I just couldn't control it. Was it the cold or something else ? I don't know. I eased my mind saying that it will be fine or else I am screwed and frankly, I felt it was a big deal. But it was. Damn! Half of the time I was shivering and then came the colder air from the Air-Conditioner. I just froze in my seat while I tried hard to find a logic in the problem which we told to write a code for. I didn't understand half of the question and I had no idea about what to ask sir which I didn't understand. I scribbled and stroked through the pages and finally came up with a b*ll***t code which I myself don't know what it meant or even where to begin explaining when I will be asked to explain what I just wrote. But time was fast this time and it was over and he didn't even see mine. Else he would have gone mad, may be or even worse. Thank God to him. But he postponed it to Wednesday. Well, I think it will be the same story as of now. I still don't know anything and what great I can do in 2 days , ermm, 1 day which I could do in a week. duh! 

P.S. : The authors' intention was to write this completely different and in a very readable way. But the author has clearly failed in that aspect. Velvety day? Seriously? 

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