Monday, September 24, 2012


The new social stigma alarms me a lot. There is new newness that is around me. Or I am just too old school. Or I had been all these days. Its not that I never knew this new arising, I just kept out of it. If there is this alarming political agitation, then there is this corruption figures. The Facebook wall keeps getting flooded with the anti-that anti-this, support-this, support-that. So, the issue at hand is not so big, but neither is it anything that should be left behind.

Grow Up People. 
There are people all round me. Some are beautiful, ...hmm.. well all are.. and the rest like me.. Aren't you the only one? Yeah, but don't say it out loud. So, my jaw keeps falling every time I go out and someone or the other just looks stunning. But I don't usually care much. I just mind my own business. I know what you are doing there? Just avoiding so that they will notice you. Will you shut up for once atleast ? Always blurting out the things that are not to be told. Well, so you got the point, right?  I don't understand whether it is natural or just the cosmetics or may be surgery, well who knows. So, the other day I was at a Super-Market and I happened to come across one such thing. White, beautiful, elegant, bla bla bla. And she was wearing a short, a very small one. So, being the nice guy here , I didn't even look twice. You are kidding, right? Who was it then who went into the babies section twice ? I was searching for something and mistakenly went there. So you say. Yeah, because its the truth. Damn you, Idiot. So, while I was on the hunt I observed some other things rather than the original intention. There were these guys at the store checking (I mean you understand) in not-so-good-manner. These people just remove the little respect for other individuals. So, that is one of the reason why I don't even eye most of the people. Yeah, I agree with him on this one. Huh, Thanks. And he just looks at the face once. If its nice, he gives another peek and goes back to his I-Dont-Care-If-You-Are-Effing-Beautiful mode and looks busy but does nothing. See, I am not that bad. Nobody said you were bad. You just did it yourself. Whatever. So, my point here : Give the people (especially to girls and women) some space of their freedom. Don't make them hate the whole opposite gender just because of a few stupid B#'s. 

The Dumpster Facebook 
Facebook is growing much more in popularity than anything in this world. You watch TV, billboards, hmm.. its everywhere. So, there are more people on Facebook than the total number of actual users. Now we know all the stuff about Facebook. That a girl posting a weirdest of the things gets the maximum likes and comments and the best thing that a guy posts gets nothing but mockery. We all know this, right? But something more to find out here is that most of the profiles which have girl photos are actually created by jobless idiots who just want to do something awkwardly crazy. Stupid Fools. And not only that, why is that people start proposing on the photos. I mean on the girls photos. Everybody knows that those people don't post their own photos. And more over that profile is not even maintained by a girl most of the times. And you don't want to look at the comments. Seriously, you don't want to. 

Stalk me not. 
Again, Facebook is one stalker friendly thing. No one has to move around and also gets almost every information. My information is more on twitter than on Facebook. Security issues, you know. Yeah, I know how secure you are when you tweet about your location  every now and then. Dude, give the man a break. So, recently, a Facebook ping alarmed me when the person was asking about someone from my friend list. I was a little stunned. It wasn't even about me, well partly it is. But the thing that he comes to my profile, then links back to another person's profile and gets a doubt in the whole person. Hmm, Weird? Is it what it is called! 

Snooze : Just like the morning alarm, no matter how may times it rings we I just keep pressing snooze. So, you get the relevance to this post. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


There is this thought, a brilliant one but I keep forgetting. There is this song which says my emotions, but I keep forgetting. There is this girl I saw the other day, I just forgot her too. There is this brilliant idea which could make a difference, wait... what was it ? Please tell me you didn't forget. 

I froze beneath the morning stars to unknown misery, drank into the unforeseen world where I try to find the answers to the unanswered. It keeps me awry. A little lost as well. The time drift apart and makes me realize with each passing second - What the hell are you doing with your life? I keep thinking about it, until I realize - Oh, snap. I will deal with it tomorrow. Let this day go and tomorrow I will make some life shattering plans. The day passes by before I even realize that a day has passed. Words evade me as thoughts fly over my crazy brain eloping from each situation and circumstance which shows a way to the near destiny which seems so near yet so far. What is this? I ask myself trying to relinquish from the depths of my darkest thoughts. I just added one more question to the innumerable unanswered questions which haunt me every passing moment.  

My conscious laughs at my instability and mocks me around. I just try to keep pace with it and agree to the truth behind its mocking. Well, its the truth, what else can I do? Change it, may be. Mold it into your way, may be. Work hard, may be. The 'may be' just stays as another may be and the pile of to-do list just keeps piling up. I try to reason with myself and the evading time to stop for once and explain what is going on. It just simply laughs and says - Its' your job to find out, not mine. 

I am at loss of words and I don't know what to do either. I feel like I am in a vast desert and am in search of something important may be like water. But thoughts vary and don't sync with me and lead me to the illusions of oasis as a mirage. The better part left for me do is to leave the mortal soul and disperse into some entirely different world. But how? The latent heat of the desert doesn't kill me nor does the thirst for water. And if it so, may be a bullet can speak up to my mind. Aha, a bullet from a gun. That would be nice. Only that, if I had a gun, I would have. 

Am I just a face hiding beneath the skin of mortal flesh or am I different altogether. Am I someone wearing the mask to hide myself, the true identity? Or Am I not what I think I am or say what I am? Am I some imposter in disguise of something real? I have no idea. May be I just take out that pistol and shoot, may be all the people or just me. Well, I am in dilemma whether it is me who is in disguise or all the people. I think I am confused. 


Don't sweat it. No need come here and offer me a gun. I will do it myself. So, it makes no sense. I just figured it out just now because as I was writing, I had no idea what I was writing or why or on what or why .. wait I said said it again. So, yeah, I have no idea what I just wrote.

And I added something in my blog which you can find at the top of this page. So, how is it? Coin in your feedbacks. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Are You Satisfied?

The road ahead appears dark covered with shadows. The path is never to easy to travel and its even harder when it is to be done alone. I am confused sometimes and sometimes I don't even give a thought may be because I am busy, doing nothing. But it all comes down one day or the other. We have to realize what we are for and what do we stand for? So, what do you, Mr.Ajay? I'd have replied to that question if I had an answer. Well, then why don't you find an answer to those unanswered questions which are still on your mind? Oh boy, please don't start with me. I had been trying to, but sometimes (most of the times) I don't care. Though some questions keep haunting me.. or I haunting the questions. Same thing, bro. It is practically late when you realize that what you are doing is dekcuf up. Doing here implies doing nothing useful or to be more precise doing nothing. What would you do if life gives you lemons? Please don't tell me that you would make a lemonade. Please think on your own. So, buddy, what would you do? The question is not about me here. Oh yeah, it is. It is? Oh, boy I should have kept my mouth shut. Since it is out, please enlighten the fellow readers with your genius thoughts. Come on, Life and Lemons, and that to be me? Phew! You are kidding right! I won't even let that happen. Oh yeah? Last time I remember you ended up crying. Seriously? Me? CRYing? Get out of here. 

Are you satisfied?


Are you satisfied ..... of YOU? 

Are you? Ask yourself this question. Haha I am back. So, are you satisfied? No, I am not. If I was, why would I be writing about it? And by the way didn't I tell you to 'get out?'. There is so much I want to do. Yeah, I know. LOL. Nice Joke. But I am not able to do anything. Who would have thought otherwise? It seems like Life always gives us lemons and tell us 'Let me see what you got!'. It is just that lemonade cannot be made only with lemons. It would stil be sour no matter how many lemons you add. What we need are the little other ingredients which make is better to drink. Does life give that? No. We have to get them ourselves. And how? Thats for each one of us to find out. Tell that you don't know it. Of course, I don't. If I knew I would be sitting in a beach with my legs on the table sipping a martini or a mojito.

So, I was on StumbleUpon. Yeah, I was bored so..! I came across a website Incredibox which promotes making music by providing some pre-stored voices, beats, effects, melodies and stuff like that. There was a button which played that on Shuffle. So, this came up "Aaaarreee Yooouuu Saaaatiiisfiiieeed wiiithh yoooouuurseeelf". Thats' a song type of, so I e-l-o-n-g-a-t-e-d it. And it followed like this -Are you satisfied of YOU? Always Try To Do Your Best. So, bring out the best in you. Be the Best.


If you are scratching your head about why I wrote this? Hmm..well... I too am doing the same thing. Well, why don't you have a quick martini or a Mojito. I know Mojito is the best I have ever drank, don't really know about martini. You know, teetotaler that I am. So, want a Mojito, I mean a martini or just the lemons? 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thoughts Concealed.

Totally lost it..Wait! What's my name.
- Reporter from The Daily Blogger

Get me an aspirin. This is sickening me.
- Blogger News Crew

I am fainting, call my lawyer and get an ambulance.
- People from different parts of the world

He drank the emptiness of the thoughts. He was lost, or so he thought. One after one came those thoughts which made no sense. Or were they even thoughts or just empty vessels which made annoying noises. Its North at one time, its Flemings left hand Rule the other or South one time, and its the improper shaped amoeba the other time. He didn't had a firm ground to lay his feet, a firm pillow to lay his head or a firm book to pen down his thoughts. Thoughts? What are they? I started doubting myself after the fleeting events of drifts in this person's imagination. So, what am I thinking? Skydiving (No, I read it recently), hmm...yeah yeah, iPhone5 ...or is it swimming or is it the new game NFS MostWanted. What was I thinking? Wait, let me come again. 

The night lay illuminated by the sodium vapor lamps and the shiny building names that sparkle and dance their way in the emptiest darkness. The cold breeze is obstructed by the window plane which was shut to avoid the the treacherous insects from getting inside. But he went out to let of some steam. Steam? He just came out of hot shower! Lol No.The misguided thoughts which made no sense of what were leading him to. It was one peaceful night and the cold breeze was refreshing. But he tried keeping his mind at rest without thinking anything. The more he tried not to think anything, the more he thought. The result? The steam just got hotter. 

He was at rest. His mind was blank this time. The full bass of the music plugged in ears was unheard. The songs ended, the people chatter started but he was unconscious to their speech and sound. He was steady and motionless. He was lost this time, like for real. Or was he sleeping. Yeah, he slept. Thats' what I thought. 

He was laughing. Laughing looking at his cell phone. Some weird text may be. He replies to it. And then frowns. It must have costed him more than the usual for the text. Obviously, he is in different state and roaming charges are applicable. He smiles again, like a child. He again texts back. It continues until he gets no reply. He throws one nasty swear at the phone, pays the bill for the coffee, plugs in the iPod and off he goes back to his well... umm... splattered thoughts.

He looks attentive. He must be planning something. A person, may be his friend is explaining him something. Oh, he is listening to whatever he is saying swinging his head. Why does't he reply then? Why just he keeps nodding his face. Another person precedes over the former speaker and continues. Oh, there he speaks for a brief moment and then the person continues with his explanation and then there is a brief silence. 

He looks irritated. He is with his friends at a shopping mall. Oh no, not that guy. He doesn't buy anything but checks each and every damn thing. He calls it research. Who the hell cares? He drags his feel and looks really irritated by this guy. They are in an expensive showroom and the price tags shows more than two months salary and even more and these geeks are there exploring the possibility that when they win a Billion Dollars in lottery, they may be able to buy half of whats there at that showroom. Oh No..Nooo! His friend goes to another crazy section. It is more likely that they are going to spend the night at the showroom only.


Oh, yeah. I am super bored. No new movies, no new tv series, almost always losing Fifa game, an old NFS Most Wanted which I play in repeat mode. So, yeah, I am super busy being super bored. So, how are you ? Should I call the doctor? Dude, shut up! It is you who needs a doctor, not them. Did anyone just say anything? Yeah, I did. Did anyone ? I thought so. *Dails 911... Wait I am in India,... what's the emergency number here.. eff America... Yeah 108.. it is that only right?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bagged and Tagged.

Something came up as surprise. I know I have been off lately from blogging and as well as social life... err.. as well as office .... err... that's it I guess. So, as I mentioned earlier, a surprise. I have been given an award by Princess Poo. It seems I have bagged the "The Versatile Blogger Award" and I have been tagged as well. *laughs* Sorry, I just couldn't help but laugh. 

So, Thanks a lot Princess Poo for the award and tagging me as well and also for considering my blog worthy of it. And needless to say, the tagger is one amazing blogger and has some good write ups. So, you can drop by anytime and check them out. 
So, there are some rules when bagged and tagged. Though, I hate to admit it that, I might bend some of these rules this time. Rules are meant to be broken, aint it so. No? Yes ? Well, I have heard that a lot of times, but never got a chance to actually do it. You guys know that he is kiddin' right. So the rules :

a. Thank the Person for nominating you for the award and provide a link back.
b. State 7 random facts about yourself.
c. Answer the questions asked by the tagger.
d. Generate 10 random questions for the bloggers you nominated.
e. Pass on the award and inform them. 

a. Done.

b. State 7 Random facts about yourself.
  1. I am an insomniac. Everybody knows it, even(especially) Facebook. :P
  2. I spend too much. Especially on chocolates and stuff like that. 
  3. I prefer shopping alone, most of the times. 
  4. I usually eat the same thing whenever I go to a new restaurant. I don't want to upset the stomach and myself and my mind by just wasting on something new which in case is not-so-good-as-expected.
  5. I love gadgets. Who doesn't? I mean I am with them all the time. My pockets are almost filled. But still, I need to upgrade and get some new stuff.
  6. I really need to save money like big time for what I have in mind.
  7. Well, you know... I am smart, sexy, witty, intelligent, handsome, awesome. I mean you know that I am not either one of it, right ? 
c. Answer the questions asked by the tagger.

1. Have you ever been in a relationship? If Yes, can you brief? :P
Ans : Hell No. Though a part of me wants to be. While the other just smirks & laughs saying "Look at you".

2. If you can have ONE WISH, any wish fulfilled, what would you wish for?
Ans : I want to be Super Rich.

3. Tell the top 5 priorities of your life.
Ans : 1. Studies  2. Future  3. Job  4. Family  5. Myself

4. Imagine you are a CEO of a certain company and now you want to hire a personal assistant. There are 2 persons in the Finalists and one of them is extremely beautiful and you want to be in a professional as well as personal relation with them. The other one is extremely talented and has a great experience. Whom would you choose for the position? And why?
Ans : Tricky question. As a CEO, I would have to choose the extremely talented person who has hands on experience and would be good to handle the situations at hand hand easily keeping in mind the experience-factor. Now, coming to the former finalist... (only thing that is mentioned is that she is extremely beautiful), keeping the fact that she is among the finalists, she sure does have some talent. And I want to be in a professional relationship? Then, isn't it the company policy not to date the colleagues. So, how could I select either if I want to be in a relationship.

5. Would you rather chose a Good Looking person or a Good from Inside person to live your life with?
Ans : Why not both ? I prefer both, keeping aside the fact that it is difficult to find such people. Whats' wrong in hoping? :D

6. Have you ever lied? For what reason? ;) :D :P
Ans : Oh, Yeah! A lot of times. Dont you get it, my blogs contain half of my lies. #JustKidding The reason, huh? People lie to protect themselves or others. So, I excelled in doing both.

7. What is the biggest dream of yours? Has it come true? If not, what are you doing to make it come true?
Ans : Biggest dream? My dreams keep changing. You see, I am not a stable person nor are my ideas not the dreams.

8. Tell us about the BEST FRIENDS you've been blessed with it?
Ans : Friends come and go and coming to the best friends.. they impact our lives. I recently made one, but he is in different location. It is like that all the time. The better friends I make stay at different places and time fades their memories of me, but not from me.

9. If you can change anything from your past, what would you change? And why?
Ans : Myself, totally from top to bottom.

10. What do you think about me? :D Give a BRIEF EXPLANATION ;) :P :D [For 15 marks :P]
Ans : You know right? how we write answers to the questions in exams if it for 15 marks. 
What I know is that you have a varied and different way of presenting your ideas and write blogs very well. 

11. A review for my blog please :).
Ans : The same thing from above. And also you use a lot of smileys. Everybody has an unique style of writing and presenting their ideas. You stand out of them and present them too uniquely and fairly. 

d. Generate random questions for the bloggers you nominated.

  1. Your motto in life? 
  2. Ideal person/Role model ? 
  3. What is the last thing you want to do ? (haha, I know stupid question)
  4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
  5. What would be one thing you would like to change from your past?
  6. What is the crazy idea that is on your right now ? 
  7. What will you do if you are the last person standing on the face of this earth? (another stupid question)
  8. What do you value the most in your life? 
  9. Rate me or my blog on the scale of 10! (Please add 5 to whatever is in your mind)
  10. Review my blog, please. 
e. Pass on the award and inform them. 

Now, one hideous task. Uff.. I am on it now. So, the award goes to...

Phew! That was hard. Done for now. Thank god. I just need to inform then whats' waiting in their letter box. By the way, I forgot to place the 'I've been tagged pic'. So, here it is.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Time was nearing mid night and the roar of the traffic didn't seem to seize yet. I saw the reflection of the person on the giant window plane which startled me for a second. The window is the door-cum-window which slides to  either side to reveal the balcony. The whole set up is almost the wall. The person was ogling at me with a surprise expression on his face. I could still see the road, the flyover and the skyscrapers( big buildings) from the window midst the darkness of the night. The lights flickered under the bright moonlight. My room was empty except me sitting in front of my laptop looking outside as the cold breeze swept across my face. 

My roommates went home. One of the person was given off for a week, so he decided to go. Since he was going to home, the 2nd guy who stays in the same city also wanted to go home the next day after going to the office. So, they both went out to book their tickets.  And when they came back the 2nd guy said he was also going home the very same day bunking the office the next day. And these guys were pretty happy with the proceedings and the last person is the room also wanted to go home. His interest increased when these two guys were speaking about going home every second. But he had to go to office the next day and then on the coming Monday as well. While these guys kept teasing and speaking about going home, this guy went out and came with a ticket in his hand and went off to home. Later the remaining two guys also went home by midnight and I was left alone in my room. Yayyy!!!!

The Interesting Gossip.
People talk about other people. People hate other people. People love some of the other people, including themselves. I am a writer. So, whenever I get bored, I pick up a person from my past and I go on and on, more in the not-so-good side. So, lately I have been exploiting some of the people around me and myself even more. Once in a while I mention about me and me. What gets notices inspite of writing and keeping long posts, people just catch one word or the other in the entire post. And thats related to girls, more like gf thing. I just write one word or a sentence regarding that at the end or in the middle and people ask about it : So, you have been mentioning about girls lately, whats' the story , huh ? , + the likes of such questions. The remaining post doesn't have anything to with the gf thing and is entirly different. But still, people catch the only thing and pester about it. See, people are much more interested in whats' happening in other's life than looking through whats happening in their life. And when it is related to relationships, people jump directly to the questions wanting to know about it. 

So, once a while back I mentioned the similar thing in my blog on people where I mentioned a person looking a better than the rest from my class. So, a guy pings me and asks about who that person is. So, I reply him to guess. So, he comes up with some names. With that I drew a conclusion that he finds those people better looking than the rest. Haha, one good trick , ain't it? So, obviously, he should be having a crush on either one of them, or...hmm.. all of them. Now, my turn for the truth. Well, I already told about it, I like some people, and its called crush, I have a pretty long list. And now, I see people at bus stops, shops, Pizza Hut, etc etc places and I think the crush-count is increasing. So, your point here? Did I say anything about having a point? Then, why do you bother so much to bother other people, huh ?

Other News
So, I got my laptop repaired. Thank heavens, it is working. But still, no one is perfect. Well, coming to my laptop, it is not even near not-being-perfect. When power goes off, it also goes off. I get connected to the internet and try to download something. I start the download and carry on with other work. Usually, the internet speed should be good for the money I paid, but now it sucks, totally. And my plan is not something thats cheap and still I don't get enough data (GB) :( . So, this power goes off exactly the moment before it completes downloading. Now, look at this guys luck. I resume the download when the current is back again, from the IDM, which shows an error message that the path is not correct or something. I curse. I start the download again and now the internet gets disconnected automatically, god knows why. I curse harshly this time. I restart the download and now this time it is connected to the internet but there is no data transfer, which means to uploading no downloading. I refresh, refresh and hold F5 for 5 minutes to help it refresh and continue the data transfer. But the hell, is doesn't!  What the fudge? I have been sending mails to the customer care way too frequently these days. May be, I should point this one too. 

And what the hell is going on with 50 Shades of Grey trilogy? I mean don't they get tired or what? I have completed 2 books and reading the third one. I am getting irritated with their repeatedly doing one thing over and over and over and over and over again. See, I am getting tired of reading it and skipping that, but they never cease to end at all. I have over 400 pages to catch up with so that I can start some other more interesting which doesn't have too much of repeated work(sort of). What do they eat, man?  Hmm, they drink Red Bull, may be ? :P

And what happened to me? I used to come up with interesting titles and these days, I am staring outside the window trying for an appropriate title for each and every post. Now, come on give a damn title! Don't bang your head so many times on the table, the table might break. And also what is so interesting in this post that you are looking for an apt title?  There you go - Happy ? Yeah! Its just like your post. Meaningless. Grow up, dude. Phew!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Young energetic youth. Never empty streets / roads/ highways / flyovers . Crowded assemblies, buses, streets. Cold atmosphere, less humid. Expensive phones, cars, attire. Earphones plugged in, hands free switched on, foreign-ish-ly speaking English. Shirt over shirt, hoods on, Red colored trousers. Bikes driving on footpaths, trees on the road, Electrical poles mapped in the middle of the street, Roads up and below. Manicured fingers, sculptured eyebrows, cream over cream, whitey white, shades on.

I am standing at the crossroads of one the busiest city and stood there for over a couple of minutes. It takes that much time to cross a road. I live in an expensive room which lacks the proper maintanence and internet connection. Speak of the devil. The Internet. I am almost a drunkard left loose who has no idea what to do; when I don't have internet. The weekend went by with such a notion and I was quite clueless what to do without the internet. And I seriously have no idea what happened to my damn effing laptop. Seriously, now it stinks even worse. I get my internet plan, a little costly two days before the weekend and my device goes whoof and my laptop goes crazy with errors. And  it totally kills my weekend. Still it is not working. God, why? I ask. 

The two days I was more like hungry to write and I was having some lucid clean ideas and the articulation was just perfect until the moment I sat down to pen them down. *Woof* *Woof*. They disappear. What should I write when I have no idea what to write. Well, thats the beauty. If I plan to write something, its a planned action and I do it cautiously to avoid any unnecessary after-post-pubished-headaches. Should I tell about the people around me? It would be something not so pleasing. Hmm, I keep it at the end, may be. I know I suck. How many with me? 1, 2,... 10.., 100.. okay, I got the count. Thanks all.

Plus One
I am in this new place surrounded with only a very few familiar faces. I don't know the rest of the people. Well, if you ask my classmates whether you know any named AK, no one would give an answer. Well, thats' another story. In my room, there are three more people besides me. And only one knows me much better than the others. I know another guy but the last one, I don't know him. So, later on Saturday he was telling the other two guys that the count was 4. I looked surprised and along with me was another guy. So he explains, I am counting the number of times AJ would speak. Well well, someone's speaking. But far below than necessary. Those three guys stare at me and say "Speak Ajay, Speak Ajay, Speak". I just smile and again smile and continue the smile when they still gaze at me looking for something. Sorry guys, I don't speak much and when there are eyes staring at me in search of the same, I really can't speak. A day before Saturday, I woke up from my afternoon sleep and found my friend speaking on the phone. The person on the other side knows me, but as I just woke up I had no idea to whom he was speaking to. So, when I wake up he hands me the phone to say hello and I just say "Hi .. Hai.". And I hand over the phone back to him. The person on the other side says, He talked, thats' more than enough for me. Haha, Funny! So, you see, People are mocking me. :/

Talkative Confused.
People talk. Some don't. Are you looking at me now? Stop that!!! Some are way too talkative. Some reason the discussion, some start, some carry forward it and some keep the flame lit. I know a guy who hates keeping silence or thats what he says when he speaks about me or the wicked silence in the room or in the bus or when we are outside. Its more like he gets hyper-excited or what, I have no idea, he claps his hands (don't know why) and says we must do something and the silence is so boring. Dude, we are in a freaking bus, you don't want to play and shout at places like these. He is kinda stubborn, like real deal. He sticks to his thoughts and says exactly what he thinks. And starts arguing to state his facts. But there is this problem. Sometimes, he goes to an empty room in his brain and his brainstorming suddenly stops. He doesn't know what to say at that moment. A lot of talking and talking and talking and talking can do that. So, whats your point here? Well.. er.. None. I was just saying because it looks awkward when you stop the sentence in the middle because you don't know what else to say or something like that. 

I am presently jobless. Well, I have been for 2 weeks now. And I had a plan to skim the city as much as I can. But it seems I am too lazy than I thought. And god save the poor, this government is robbing of the people in the name of tax. 12.6% ? Seriously? I don't see any improvement in the place where I stay or how about the place where you stay ? I am tight and they just keep robbing and robbing. And the auto-rikshaws, they charge 20/30 bucks extra on the meter. I mean come on- Where is that Jago Gahak Jago thing which used to boast in the TV a couple of years back. No wonder rich get richer. Hmm, or lets put it this way, well... leave about it. I am gonna piss myself off if I say much about that crap. So, yeah, I am so time-packed, or so I feel. I wake up, get ready, wait never mind... eat some cr**py breakfast and then I open my laptop which doesn't have the internet. And then I open a book, read for some time like 10 minutes, current goes off, I open my iPodTouch, play some games and the current doesn't come back and my battery drains out and I have no idea what to do, so I lay down and then its Lunch time. I go out, spend a couple, hmm... multiplied by 100 of bucks on just eating and come back with a huge stomach and open my laptop, try to rummage through every possible thing to restore back to its normal performance. But it doesn't. And its evening by then. We decide to go for a swim in the swimming pool and were not allowed as we don't have the costume. WTF? Seriously! Nobody from the locality goes into the swimming pool. And when we go we are told to wear a costume. Last time, we weren't. I head back, sit on my bed and wander my thoughts about the blog which would cover the timely wastage of time by yours faithfully. And then its dinner time and then after finishing the *yuk* *yuk* dinner which I leave in the middle, I again sit in from of my laptop and this time with my External HardDisk and make myself watch some old age movies which I haven't seen and repeat some already seen movies. And then morning comes up and ditto the routine. 

Btw, I just wanted to say  "Hi, how you doing?".

Thursday, September 6, 2012


The nights drifted away as time drifted from dreams to reality and more dreams. I was helpless but a silent spectator. The mind filled itself with thoughtless confusions. Words escaped the little conscience and all there was left was darkness. The sun came up and went down like everyday and losing track of things was on the rise. The mind is at rest or confusion or don't-know-what-it-is. 

I wake up every morning trying to reason with time and the comfort of the bed. The time seems to be adamant while bed seems to show the cosy comfort. But there is some other entity which makes me run after time and leave the comfort bed. Well that sucks. The hardest part is getting up. Then doing the daily chores. And the list continues and there seem to be no end. What do we get from this? That every damn thing is difficult to do, for me though. 

I came to a place where there seems to be a never ending traffic and the chaos on the streets and also some costly lifestyle. Well, I would have adhered such a lifestyle if I were earning 20 times that I am doing right now. So, you get where I stand, right ? Not that I spend less on anything, it is more like I spend waste more than needed. But I don't think that this would be applicable now. Else I would be on the streets then. 

The City I Stay In - Bangalore

I saw the cars zooming ahead of me not even letting me cross the road. The traffic seems to be pretty intense. But the better part of this city is that it stays cool instead of the excess population and pollution to account for. And a little problem is that the company has over 10 branches here at B'lore of which only 5 are located at one place, like nearer to each other within an area while the rest are miles away and it is difficult to get a room because we never know where we will placed. 

People. People everywhere. The buses are filled, the bikes zoom past with people wearing black helmets and shades beneath it. Seriously, people can take their shades off when they are inside a building and even bus. As I strolled down the road in search of my little petty needs, I felt the losing weight of my wallet. The ATM is the most visited place these days and money is being spent much worse than water. I realized, the number of times I spend much more than I drink water. 

Office seems to be fine. Well, I am having two weeks off. And I don't even have my camera. Thanks to Mom. *Sad Face*. And I can't really get back home. Because last time I remember, I spent more than I earn in a month in just 4 days. Believe it or not, I officially suck. And I have a convocation coming up and I am thinking whether I should go or not. Because whatever I do, first thing I do is feel my purse weight which is losing weight way to quickly. But I might go.

The Paying Guest.
Well, The first thing about me is, I don't live in groups. I mean I've never stayed with people more than 1 excluding me. And now I have made it to stay with four people. As you all know, I am a little crazy-stupid. So the reason must be obvious. If there was something to study, I can't achieve in such an atmosphere. I get easily distracted and probably, I might flunk the exams, if any. Truth apart. The room is a flat in an apartment and it has three rooms. One comprises of a single person who paying three times what I usually pay right now and the other room has three members and the last one has four members which is ours. The remaining people are alien to us and we to them. Time will make some changes, I suppose. And I along with a friend of mine and another person whom I know and one more person are staying in the room as of now. The house doesn't seem to be so promising, but we decided to adjust to the circumstances and make way for ourselves. The flat also has a kitchen where the chef or the person who cooks stays here for most of the time. And people from other flat also come to our room for having breakfast and dinner. Except that everything is fine. 

There is this person who is a friend of mine from the previous location where he was my classmate as well as my pair-mate and batch-mate. So, we went for shopping for the house after 4 hours of the planned time. And we go there and roam around in one HyperMarket. It is huge and has a lot of things but not what we need. But still this guy looks at every damn thing as if he is going to buy it. And does he buy it at the end? NO. He doesn't. And then he gives his trademark explanation where he gets excited and hyper and starts speaking until he has nothing more to say. Wait a minute, there is no such thing as nothing-more-to-say for him. He speaks and is stubborn on whatever comes out of his mouth. And when we come back, we buy not even 2% of what we wanted to buy and we were late. Thanks to the genius who spends more time than ladies at shopping. Seriously, he does. And atleast after so much of spending time, people buy something. But, this person doesn't. From next time, it is better I go on my own. 
So far for today.

Good Night. 

P.S. : Eventry is a word coined by me to summarize the events of the day or anything. 

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