Thursday, January 31, 2013



Treacherous World
Drowning in Despair, Lend
A Hand to Rescue!

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights under the prompt Rescue.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Change.

Yesterday I along with my friends were involved in a heated conversation. It was rather an alarming topic that we were discussing about. It all started with a small incident. We were to go to office yesterday and it was a new building with took a lot of time to travel than the previous location. And since we were new there we didn't had any access into the building/floor. The concerned party has to swipe their ID Card to allow us to make an entry. Some of the people were already inside and later some other came, but since they too were just like us without the access were standing outside. My friend(lets call him GH) being generous tried asking the other people who could open the door for the people to come in. But some other person had already initiated the process before him. He come back to us and says, We should give back to the society. I burst out laughing for a short while and reply Is this what you think giving back to the society is ? 

The meeting/training concluded in a couple of hours. But the training session was much less than the time it took us to get there. Yeah! That Far! It was almost lunch time, but not the exact time. In the meanwhile we took a cup of coffee each. We were three of us.  After a little while, they were hungry and ordered something to eat. While they were at it, the topic of Giving back to the Society came back. I have no idea where that came from. Actually I mentioned this phrase to my friend a long back. Let me recap that.

I was home for almost near to a month for Christmas and New Year with out applying any leave at office. And I had to return back because of the sudden meeting taking place at office. So the next day I came, there was a meeting - A meeting the progress we had been doing or what we have been doing so far. The truth - We were doing Nothing. We are famously called as the Bench-Guys (those who aren't given any project so far, due to less number of projects available). Some of us go to office daily to report, some once in a week, some once a month. But at the end of the month, everyone gets the salary. That's pretty cool actually. So, at the meeting, the Person in-charge inquires us about what we have been doing? And there is a company initiative which is mainly for the fitness of the employees - FIt4Life. That is a great initiative and the company would contribute Rs.10/- for each kilometer we run. And that too not from out salary. I have been a regular participant to that initiation. So, when he asked about that, he was not happy when there were only a few people taking part in it. And he inquired further as of what we have been doing sitting in room and in what way we were contributing back to the society? That day, my friend was absent to that meeting as he was still at home. 

Now, we were discussing about it. We three people sitting for lunch, discussing about the Society-Changing techniques. He came to the topic of Trusts where we donate the money to them and they take care of the people/children like their education and other basic needs. And there was a long discussion among us where one supports and the other denies. There was a question Would you donate to the trusts? Another friend (Lets' call him PL) of mine objected that idea and said that they make profit in the name of the trusts. Though, they use a little  part of the money for the welfare or whatever but still a large amount of money still goes into their pockets. He further extended his point by saying that mostly rich people donate huge amounts of money to the trusts and most of it is Black Money. 

The main intention of my friend(GH) was to be helpful and contribute  a little back to the society. But the truth, the society isn't good to us that same way we are to it. There is a specific element called 'Human' who controls almost everything here around. And there is another element called Greed. Human is a greedy social animal. Even though he may be earning a lot of money, the greed never ceases to decrease. May be after everything has happened or one becomes old, and banks filled with millions of 100 dollar bills, may be then, he will try to be generous. I am not saying that everybody is the same that way. There are a lot of people who are not greedy without having anything for themselves. But the usual tendency of human is to be more rich, ow every single thing. Though he may be very good or loyal at the first, as time proceeds there is still a possibility of he becoming the victim of greed. 

It doesn't take just one person. Every other person has to contribute. If you try to be good, and you happen to be the only good person and the rest the same, old, selfish, greedy people, you would probably be devastated as they would exploit the very goodness of the nice people. "This has to Change!" GH said. The Society has to change. If a person doesn't care to help the people in need, it is an alarming question as to where we are heading, to where the Humanity is headed to and what might be the future. My friend, GH was with the notion that when he could be good and contribute a little to the society, so can the million other people around the world. But what he missed was that People are not the same everywhere. I may be good, you may be good, not all are good. Else why in the god's name would the largest democracy has so many problems - financially, politically, religiously, etc etc ways. Because the root of it all is the human, who in-spite of having sufficient for himself still wants more (this is intended to the people who fall in that category). We are not satisfied with what we have. Now, this happens....

We were walking back to the bus stop discussing about how deep is the Society and how much has to be changed. There is a Coconut Shop where people usually drink Coconut water under the hot Sun. We have been there for three times, including this time as well. The first time, when we all drank the coconut water, the kind vendor offered my friend PL, another coconut to drink its water since the earlier one didn't had sufficient water in it. And he did't charge anything more to that. Day before yesterday, he offered me another one for the same reason. And again didn't charge anything. So, my friend GH says that you two people got an extra one. Next time, may be I will get another one. So, what happened yesterday was that, we did exactly what we usually do. But my friend GH after having his share says to the vendor that it didn't had enough water hoping to get another one. But he wasn't given one. And this very friend was the brains behind the thought The Society has to Change. I was laughing uncontrollably and pointing finger at him saying that "This is Human Tendency". Though he may have sufficient, we still want more. Though my friend refused to take another one immediately. But the thought is important here. And he was speaking about changing the society. Since, Human is such whose wishes never fulfill and even they are fulfilled, there is always new on the list. 

So, I wonder if ever we could see a world free from any of that S#it. I know its a distant dream and Yeah! I also know that it is not possible for a single person to be good and expect others to be nice as well, which is simply not possible even in dreams. 

The Society has to change. The People have to change and that has to be done from the Scratch. Well, Bring on the Apocalypse. Or Armageddon, may be. 

"Be Nice. But Don't expect others to be the same." 

- Ajay Kontham [ 2013 ]

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh, Wait!

So what's up ? 

Nothing much. Just the usual, the same old - Eating, Sleeping, FaceBook-ing, Blogging. Just the usual stuff.
- The reply I give most of the times these days whenever anybody asks me with slight alterations. Yeah! I have a JOB, kind of. But I haven't started working yet, well not seriously. I mean its not called working if I go to office once a week, or may be twice AND have lunch & come back. Why in the god's name do you even do that? Oh! Going for lunch, you are asking about ? Well, the company recently introduced a Tracker to keep track of all the employees coming to office. At least once a week, the ID card has to be swiped, else they would ask us to apply leave for a week. Serious S#it. Before that, I was almost away for near to a month at home chilling out, playing PC games and stuff like that.  And tomorrow they tell me come at 0900 hours. I mean come on, I wake up at somewhere near 0900 itself. And its a very long journey. I could go home in that time by flight. Seriously, No Kidding. But, you see the last minute flight prices touch the roof, I mean the sky. So, Nah! Not going home for the time being. 

Wait! Wait ! WAAAIIIT! What the Hell was all that about? 
I asked what's up ... with your blogging and stuff... not that routine chat phrase - "Yo! Wassup?" ! 

The box is nearly full, or wait was it empty all along? I don't know to which side I am on. The inside or the outside of the Box - The Thinking Box. I had reached  ETC as they started abbreviating the phrase 'End of Thinking Capacity'. It has been a long time I hit that spot and if I am not wrong I am still at the vast emptiness. 

This month January , I had started writing haiku's or lets call them shortest form of poems which hold a lot of meaning. And where were my usual people-criticizing, life-challenging(read : Life-threatening), Sad, Utterly-depressing posts , bla bla (all negativity  only please) posts? The answer to which I don't have. Or should I say, I stopped thinking or my thinking capacity reached a threshold limit and can't sustain any more. I could say that. But nevertheless I never stopped writing. 

Though, I end up making no sense at all, I still write something or the other with the intention that sometime down the lane, I might pick up and scoop the whole ground and may be you might end up reading my Book. Now, that was a serious joke. Wait! You already know? That doesn't even make a joke then. Sometimes, I have no idea what I am writing, but I still do. And that is the reason out of 160+ followers, only a handful read and well the rest are people like this - "Hey! I love your Blog. Very creative. Very informative. YAY! I am your New follower. Follow my blog too. " When I see the Follower count increase by even one number, I get a little bit excited. In the early stages of my blog, I mean the days when I was writing the nursery English, people used to write comments like the one I just mentioned. Oh! Yeah, I was excited and kept wondering "Am I really that creative? Are my blogs really that informative?" . It was after a series of similar comments that I realized the people are just excited to increase the follower count and may be earn money out of it through the page clicks may be or something like that. But for the Past one year, I am having some real loyal followers. I mean even when I warn them not to read ( which is a way to make people read - some reverse psychology ) people used to read all my no-sense posts and used to tell me that they weren't nonsense. I was inspired, then, a little bit. So, what happened now? Oh! Not that stopped inspiring me. Those people still inspire me. Its' just me not taking the advice/inspiration the right way. Or May be I just ran out of ideas. What kind of joke is that? Ran out of ideas? And you want to write a book? Yeah! Ran out of ideas. And Yeah! I want to write a Book like I want to become "BATMAN". So, you get the reality behind it, don't you? 

Clearing some things out. 
Well, there are a lot of things to clear out. For starters, my room. My room is a mess - like a total disaster. I clean up once in a while and feel happy about it for the next ten minutes and then it is again a disaster. How is that even possible? Ok, fine! Coming to the point. I write blogs because I want to write and I love writing (Now, don't you laugh :P ) . And I don't usually publicize about it anymore like I used to do like a year back - Telling each and everyone that you should write and cleverly instigating the thought to read my blog and letting them know that I Blog. But, seriously, they didn't give a 'S'uger'H'oney'I'ced'T'ea. But I was still adamant about it and pestering most people and using the reverse psychology thingy. And then I stopped. Because when they don't give a S#it, I don't either. 

Now, the problem at hand. People think I am an expert writer. Come on, Who am I kidding? I am just happy to write and I won't even qualify as a writer even. So, One guy says, How do you write that? I mean those words. I would have to refer the dictionary for each word. Ok, they said it out loud. And that's a joke, right ? I don't even know 1/60000something (Don't know the exact number of words in the oxford dictionary - So please update with the latest figure) of the words in the dictionary. And when they say like that, I don't know whether they are making fun of me or appreciating me. 

But, you see, though I am not that good of a writer, I still insist people on writing. Because when I can write something(read: Nonsense) almost every other person could write anything. It is just that they don't believe that they can, I guess. So, I tell my cousin sister who was an inch away from getting hospitalized after reading my poetry, my brother who I don't know what he does and when I ask him to suggest a topic, comes up with the topic- 'Snacks' and most of my friends. But they are still in the notion that their English is not so good. But believe me, they are better than me ( hundred folds). But still they say, Ajay, How come your English is so good? To which I am prompted to reply, You are kidding right? Big Time. So the bottom line - There are people out there and though instead of my pestering them to believe that they can write they are stuck with the notion that they just can't. But I intent to change their thinking real soon. And I am stuck with Where do I stand? Inside or outside the Box. 

The Simple Encounters.
In the first year of my Engineering, I used to stay at hostel, outside my college. So, occasionally I used to shop for biscuits and chocolates (lots of them). Indeed my room was filled with gold wafers (Cadbury DairyMilk Chocolates). And the routine was same everyday. So, what happened, after a week or so, the shopkeeper used to look at me when I was a little distant away and approaching the shop, he would simply pick up the Biscuit Packet(s) and Chocolates before I even asked them for. Yeah! I used to buy the same things everyday on the evening walk. So, I just had to Smile at him for his aptness, pay up, take my things and get back without even saying a word. 

And now, I go up to the Juice Center and the guy there get busy preparing the Juice before I tell him the flavor that I am interested in. And again Yeah! I drink the same flavor every time. I exchange a smile, pay up and I am on my way back. 

Recently, I was at a Bloggers meet. At the beginning, I was like "I don't know anybody. So, let me just make a few quick conversations with some people" and what I had forgotten was that I was at a Bloggers meet and everybody was a blogger, writing about something or the other. I mean to say, when I mention about blogs to my friends, they usually reply, What was that? Come again. And when someone asked me What do I write about? I was like dumb for a moment then realized that this was a bloggers meet. I did no prior mental preparation that I would indeed be asked about it. Not that I didn't know, but more like I forgot what I was doing there for a second except the single idea that was struck in my mind - To meet new people/ bloggers but completely forgot that I have over 8 blogs. Yeah! Lame right! EIGHT ? I was too much interested in writing that I created each blog for different purpose, though, I am not even regular on this blog at least. But I intend to. 

Keep Blogging. 
- Ajay Kontham [2013]

This was what I was talking about! 
Yeah, Whatev!
I better get to my bed before its too late. Oh! Wait! The hell! Whats' wrong with the time?It almost morning! I am Already LATE. Atleast I have to wake up early tomorrow. Else I am doomed, like in every possible angle. Ok! I was kidding, that doomed part.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The World I see.


Mesmerizing Hazel Eyes
Losing Myself in the Beauty
The World I see.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem Under the Prompt Eyes.

Violet Beauty.

A Photo A Day :  Flora

P.S. Since I am not updating my Photo Blog, I am posting here for the time being. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Her Kiss.


Tender and Soft
Like a Slender Silk, Her kiss
Takes my Breath Away.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Silk.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bright Tomorrow.


A Day Ending
Dusk of Daily Chaos, Hoping
A Bright Tomorrow.

This Haiku is written for Haiku Heights under the prompt Dusk.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fake vs Original.

The first man to compare the cheeks of a young woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot.
- Salvador Dali

We come across a lot of things that fascinates our eyes. Some of those things, we fall for. And no matter what we want those things. Either it is a Smartphone, tablet, purse, Clothes; everything as a matter of fact. Everything looks eye-candy. Look at myself for instance. From Sneakers to the High-end-Laptop. Everything is in the check list. But I don't have all of them. There is this money factor. So, I don't get to stock up my room with all the latest gadgets, shoes, etc etc things. 

If I am not wrong there are a lot of people just like me. But they always think ten times before buying because of the price. So, what do some people do? They make the replica of those things with another name which sounds near to original. From iPhones to Shoes, everything has a replica. So, when people can't afford to buy an original Mobile, they go for a China Piece which they think is more affordable. And later after a month or so, they curse the phone for working properly. And it is easy money for the dealers. But there are a lot of drawbacks of using a fake product. 

Is it just the products? NO. Everything is being duplicated these days. The Piracy DVD's of the movies causing a huge loss to the director & producer of the movie. The content in the blogs/ newpapers / articles /every single thing. The Photographs taken by some photographer is copied without prior reference or permission. There is loss of originality. As I say, I remember the following quote. 

Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original.
- C.S. Lewis

So, Why People opt for a non-original(fake) product(s)? 
We love sneakers, iPhones, RayBan, Gucci, etc. But the problem? The Cost is too high. And that becomes the most obvious reason. Products being over ten folds cheaper, makes people thinking into buying. And most people end up with RayBay (Ray Ban), Cuggi (Gucci) or an Arwani (Armani) product. Not only these, there are a train of products. 

What People don't try to understand? 
Though the price may be too less, but the Quality of the product isn't that good. The durability is very less. And though people know most of these things some people still prefer Fake-Branded Products. Well, it is the so-called fashion these days. And the problem with the mobile phones is that they emit radiations for starters which is not present in most standard mobiles and the cell reception isn't quite that good. You would find people shouting, Hello as loudly as they can but still the person on the other end won't hear a word. 

What contributes to the high price of most products? 
The products are carefully designed to increase customer satisfaction and avoid any problems to the users. These are thoroughly tested before being sold, a case absent in fake products. The raw materials that are used for making a product are standard approved products which are qualified by the manufacturing company, another case absent in the fake products where cheap non standardized raw materials are used. And all the original products use patented designs and equipment to maintain a certain standard for the product. 

Why am I ranting about this ? 
A recent Indiblogger meet comprised a seminar about the use of original HP cartridges. #OriginalCopy

The Original IndiBlogger Meet with HP #OriginalCopy

The Meet was Sheer Awesomeness and Original indeed conducted at Fortune JP Celestial Hotel by IndiBlogger. During this meet was a Seminar by conducted by HP Category Manager For HP Printers. He mentioned about the use of original products stating the advantages.

He spoke about the HP Printers cartridges where people tend to refill them with INK which causes serious problem to the printer and the printing quality is also not upto the mark. Let me summarize it : 

The Cost?
It is known fact that earlier the Cartridges were a little more priced and it was equivalent to buying another printer. But these days, a Cartridge is available for Rs. 449/-. If you still think it is better to go for refilling it rather than spending money, let me tell you something on it. The refilling may be cheap but the quality of the Print is not as appealing as it should be and sometimes there is only half-print - making you print more copies. Secondly, the printer's durability & performance is reduced due to the continuous use of refiled cartridges ending up damaging the printer on the whole. 

Why should you prefer HP inks? 
First of all, they are eco-friendly. Secondly, you get the finest of the prints with HP inks. And thirdly, you get the maximum number of prints, may be double the prints than you might get by refilling. 

And Why Not HP Inks? 
These days people are so dissolved in the technology that people don't wish to step outside their home. Everything is done through the internet. So, keeping the busy people in mind, HP has introduced Dial-a-Cartridge (1800 425 4999) in which you get the Cartridge at the luxury of your home. And if someone is too lazy to pick up a phone, one can order online as well.

How to identify a Genuine Product? 

With increasing duplicity and faking of products, it sometimes becomes hard to identify the original product from that of a fake one. So, the HP Inks comes with a QR code. The application is available on various mobile platforms which anyone can download and check the originality of the product. Else you can type the Serial number and check whether it is a Genuine product or not. The online validation can be done from here - Online Validation. If on scanning using the QR code or through Online Validation, the result shows OK, then it is an Original Product.  There are other ways like the hologram effect which should like this : 
1. The "OK" and "✔" move in OPPOSITE directions when the box is tilted front to back.
2. The "OK" and "✔" move in the SAME direction when the box is tilted right to left

You can find more details at the HP Portal. For any further information regarding identifying the Genuine Printer Inks (Cartridges) , you can get the information from here - How to identify a genuine HP cartridge.

Say no to FAKE. Buy Original - Be ORIGINAL. 


Originality is the one thing which unoriginal minds cannot feel the use of.
- John Stuart Mill

And Lastly, A Special Thanks to IndiBlogger for Conducting the Bloggers Meet, to HP for Sponsoring and making us aware of the use of original cartridges. 

A Original IndiBlogger Meet with HP #OriginalCopy, indeed. 

- Ajay Kontham

Peacock Song.

Blue Fluttering Feathers
Dancing in its Freedom
Amidst Peacock Song.

This Haiku is shared with Carpe Diem for the Prompt 'The Peacock'.


Innocent Childhood
Playful at heart
Sweet Memories

This Haiku is written for the Carpe Diem under the prompt 'Sweet Memories'. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The IndiBlogger Meet.

I don't usually wake up early, especially on Sundays. Come on, who does ? Well, Not me. But I had to wake up anyway because the newspaper guy wanted me  to pay the monthly bill. So, I woke up and what came first to my mind the next moment- The (Original) IndiBlogger Meet. Yeah, I was excited. 

So, the Meeting was scheduled at 1330 hours. So, I had to make a time frame. I made the mental calculation with all the mathematical expressions flying around and calculating the time taking various factors like the distance I have to walk, the distance the bus has to travel and the speed, the traffic - feeling like a math-genius. All was set and the result came out that it would take me at least over two hours. So, on the safe side I added 30 minutes to it. So, I had to start at 1100 hours. And I did exactly that but 30 minutes earlier. Yeah, to be much more safer side. By the way, if you must know, I like to be punctual. The aftermath was that I reached in one and a half hour. I patted myself for the awesome calculation (Sarcastically). Well, may be thats' why I couldn't crack that CAT exam. It took me another ten minutes to find the Fortune Hotel. But I thought it would be really weird to go in around one and a half hour earlier. So, I scoured the surroundings and ended up finding nothing. No malls, no CCD (Cafe Coffee Day), no Burger joints, No Pizza Huts. It was practically a tightly packed road with flyovers and uncountable vehicles hovering around. So, for the next hour I was just roaming around & window shopping (Looking through the window) since the shops were closed. I strolled up and down and the time wasn't moving at all. Finally, I decided to go in, whatever

I entered and found out that the meeting was on the second floor. By then I was thirty minutes before the scheduled time. I was told to wait in the waiting area in the first floor since I was a little early. So, Punctuality is not always good. It makes us wait. Lesson learnt - Lesson Forgot. 

The HP IndiBlogger Meet

The registrations were done. Time was around 1400 hours , but people still came until 1430. And then there was the first event after a brilliant song and some awesome music- 30 seconds of fame. People were sharing about their blog and telling a little bit about themselves enacting their favorite character in books/television/movies/anything and some others sang. And Anoop Zombie who happens to be an IndiBlogger was giving away freebies for some of the good introductions while in the middle there were some free distributions such as like when someone got a book for having an exam the next day, for having less hair on the head, for having a broken wrist, for tweeting about coughing, for being scolded by their Mom, etc etc. Well, I was just sitting and wondering how to get a freebie as like most others. The first freebie that I got was a book, for having no Stripes shirt at the round table of an odd six people. The goodies were so handy to get, I mean to be given away, I felt. I was sitting there wondering how many were there? I thought there couldn't be that many to accommodate a near to 150 people, if I am not wrong. 

Then there was a seminar by the HP guy about the use of #Original products. At the start of the meet, I met up with a guy who asked me what does that hashtag saying #OriginalCopy mean? I thought,  "Isn't it obvious?" That to be Original & maintain originality. But I wasn't sure to what it was actually related to exactly. At the end of the seminar, there was something to learn and something to share, which I would be doing. 

And it was time for a High Tea. There were a lot of items and I tried almost everything, not that I was hungry. Just tasted all, and they were quite nice. Then there was this photo session and the best photo wins a HP Printer. Yeah, So, Photo? I am a little bit good at taking pictures but not at all good at getting clicked. Not a photogenic face, you see. So, I didn't opt for that, but anyway some of the guys I met walked me to it. And the photo was quite literally awkward. The other guys had no idea how to pose, neither did I, but I didn't overdo. Anyway, the photo was clicked and its on FB now uploaded by IndiBlogger.

The miming was a fun part. We, a team of 15 members were to do Harry Potter . I mean come on, its as simple as that. But we had to do something different - A Quidditch game. All was set. It was supposed to look awesome with Voldemort fighting the Harry Potter. We even made a mark on one of the guys. The stage was too small for all the 15 people to fly around on their brooms and playing the game. As I was enacting, I saw the people watching us confused. But the end when Voldemort used his wand made it much easy for the other people to guess it easily. We got second for miming and the prize - A book and a Pen Drive. Pretty cool. :)

And the meeting ended up with discussing some seven odd and random questions and the most brilliant answer which was applauded by all was for the question - "Why this Kolavari Di ?" The answer to which was given by Mr. Balasubramaniam - "After 12 years of marriage, that is the only question I can ask my wife". And that won him a HP printer. 

The Meet was simply awesome and as it was my first, it was a great experience where I met with a lot of famous bloggers and had a chance to see the faces behind the blogs that I follow. And the IndiBlogger team seriously needs a hats off for conducting such meets and organizing it so well. And I would like to go to almost every other meet that is possible without fail.

#IndiBlogger [ Indian by Birth, Blogger by Choice ]
#HP #OriginalCopy

- Ajay Kontham

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Dark Nighty Sky.

Sparkling White Dots
Different Story, Each Tell
In Dark Nighty Sky

In Dark Nighty Sky
Falling Stars, An Exquisite view
Make your Wish.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem's Imagination .

P.S. I tried the advanced Haiku/whatever it is called. Hmm... 

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Puppets.


Playing our Roles
The Puppets, that we are
A Circus of Life.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Circus.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hug Me.


Cold Winter's Blast
Freezing and Shivering, Hug Me
A Little Warmth

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Cold Winter's Blast.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Beginning.


Melting Snow
Revealing Blossoming Crocus
A New Beginning

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Crocus.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Wake Up.

I wake up each day to the morning beautiful sunshine but I find myself in the middle of a everything where there seems to no humanity, no peace. The last month of the previous year has been horrifying and it shook the very roots of the whole nation. Nation, you say? And the whole wide world too. The Rape of a 23 year girl has vandalized the humane nature of the people. Where does that come from? The thinking? Who is/are to be be blamed?

Darwin's theory suggests the transformation of an ape to a social animal called Human Being. But it doesn't suggest the man becoming cruel exploiting other people. Will they be called humans? Where is it written? Where is the origin of the thought, that being cruel? Does the Bible, Bagvadh Gita, Quran etc etc say anything about people becoming inhumane, forgetting human values, behaving like pigs/morons. I don't think so. But then how are these people's minds getting drowned in such cruelty?

When a Person can't tolerate a little remark on their personality/or whatever it is that we could tell about a person, the person's ego gets hurt. So, just imagine the plight of those victims who are suffering the pain caused by some ruthless people. When you are waking up each morning and enjoying the morning breakfast and getting ready for work, somewhere on the other part of the country some person is ashamed to come out of the house because she was raped/humiliated. When you sleep happily at night hoping for a better tomorrow, somewhere else some person cries to sleep hoping for a better tomorrow. Is it that we don't care about what other people are doing to this world/this society/this country? No. We care, but not that much. We care enough to talk about it. We care enough to write about it. But when it comes to doing, we don't. Because it is none of our business. Right? Unless someone in our family suffers the same horror. 

Who is to be Blamed? 
An alarming question, it is. Whom can we blame? Lets' start with the creator - GOD. God created humans, and somewhere down the road, people lost their humanity/the good nature and the result is today's world. It is so easy to just sit in front of a Laptop stroking the keys and blaming each other for the crimes and the rising inhumanity in the society. 

The Questionnaire(TQ) : What about the politicians, the leaders of the country ? 

AK (Me/My Alter Ego/Conscious) : Right! Blame them. For the heinous remarks that they gave against the recent national outrage. But let me ask you something. Who are these so called leaders? Aren't those the people who promised a better change to the society ?   Some idiot says that the dress provoked the men. Some other says its' the western influence. Some brainless maniac says Victim should have surrendered. Are you out of your mind ? Aren't those the people you elected? So ask yourself first. We Call our country the largest democracy in the world. Seriously, I am Ashamed. When we can't respect a individual for what they are, I am sorry to say but they don't deserve to be called humans and part of the society. And we call those people the leaders of the country who would transform the nation. Yeah, surely they would transform. From rags to riches making the poorer suffer. From being sane to insanity. But I don't think they could be blamed or not !

TQ : The Western Influence ? The Transforming Indian women? The Dress? 

AK : You are not being serious. The British ruled over us for over a century. And as united we overpowered them. Nothing was wrong then. Let me ask you something. What clothes do you wear? Have you ever worn a traditional Indian Dress? When you can wear a western dress , then what's wrong with women wearing one? It has nothing to do with the western influence. Look at me for instance. I am a bit influenced. So, that doesn't make me do heinous crimes. It is all the human perception of whats' good and what's bad. People have just lost their mind. And blame who ever comes in the middle. And Does our Constitution promote inequality ? Or Racism ? No, Right. Then what's wrong with women working? What's wrong with women working late? Come on people, Grow up. Is it that hard to respect a women? Is it that hard to shut up your mouth rather than  promoting vague ideas and insulting remarks on the opposite gender.

TQ  : The Media? 

AK : Now there is this media. With its Tehalka and other sting operations, it has to spread the news as fast as they can. For TRP ratings, of course. For money, of course. But can media be blamed? I don't know. Every morning I wake up to find some more rape cases in the other parts of the country. Media is doing its part. But most of the times it gets out of hand. It exaggerates everything way too much without thinking the feelings of the other people. Journalist, they say have to be bold and should ask straight-forward questions which no matter personal or not, Media doesn't care. "I just want answers!" and if some one refuses to say, they take it in the whole other way and just exploit the very roots. Its good or Bad? I don't know. I can't say. It is for each one of to answer for ourselves. 

TQ : The Police ? 

AK : Police is just another scapegoat. No! Not a scapegoat. It is somewhat responsible. I myself find over alert when I see a Policeman. I don't know. But even though, I haven't done anything, but still I do. But does this Police take care of us? HELL NO. Does it exploit us in every possible way it can? Hell Yeah. Policeman fighting over jurisdiction, the corrupt money changing hands below the tables. What is this ? The Star of our Nation. The Protectors of the Country. And we respect them. There are soldiers dying protecting the country and these policemen feel the same but what do they do - Thinking that they Protect the nation by corrupting and literally doing nothing. Are they to be blamed? Yeah, I think to most extent. But that's not all.

TQ : The Society ? The People ? The Culprits ? 

AK : The Culprits of course. As I mentioned earlier that I have to wake up to the morning to more rape cases. I mean Come on! The whole nation is outraged and protesting against the very cause and in some other part of the country , wait in Delhi as well, the cases never cease to decrease. Each day, I find myself pained with at least 3-4 minimum cases. What the Hell is wrong with these people? As I write this, I feel totally ashamed due to the helplessness and inability to do anything to stop. But those people, those culprits - "Do you even think ?", I ask. That is a 4 year old girl for God's sake; and even less. She doesn't even know how to speak. How could you ? Are you even Human ? And that is your daughter for heaven's sake. What are you? Is it that hard to respect an Individual ? Is it that hard to be HUMAN ? 
Why do they keep on doing that instead of so many protests, so many reforms, so many steps taken. Is it this society ? The court, which takes eternity to solve a simple case ? The police who are negligent enough to care the least. What is wrong with these people? 

TQ : You ? Us ? Me ? 

AK : I am afraid but have to agree with that. Yes. I am to be blamed. I am a part of the society. I vote for the people to rule over me. Practically, I/we am/are to blame. What am I doing? I am writing pages and pages of posts regarding the incident like most other people sitting at the liberty of my room. And that's it. What am I contributing to the nation? What good am I doing blabbering what the Media has already exploited to its roots. Where do I stand in this society? What am I?  And this thinking makes me sad and I feel ashamed about it. 

The society has changed the normal thinking of an individual. The people have changed, some got even more cruel. I wish there was a specific person to be blamed but, then we all are those specific people. I, We, and everybody is to blame. Just not a single entity, but we as a whole. But this has to change. We, being united can achieve anything. We, as one can break barriers. We are the largest democracy in the world. Lets just Wake up to Reality and GROW up, as a Nation Fighting for all the causes which hinders the normal person's life. Whatever the evil the man has created for himself, lets just kill it, destroy it before it lays any more eggs. Change is what we need and I am afraid to say, it has to be done from Scratch. So, lets put our hands together for a better cause, for a better tomorrow, for a peaceful nation, where fear has no meaning, where women are free and not afraid, where we prosper as a nation as one. 

P.S. I have tried my best not to use slang(s) but if you find them, my apologies and please ignore.
Disclaimer: And this is totally my opinion and anyone referred is purely unintentional.  

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Symbolizing Hope
From Beneath the Ember
Rising Phoenix.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Ember.

Lost & Drowned.


Lost and Drowned
Tapping thy Feet, Forgetting
Melancholy to the Blues.

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Blues.

Masked Faces


Masked Faces, 
Hiding Naked Truth
Deceiving Friends.

This Haiku is written for One Single Impression under the prompt Naked.

P.S. We can write Haiku, right?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Helpless Soul.


Selfish People
Ignoring Helpless Soul
Humanity's Death!!

This is written for Haiku Heights under the Prompt Death

Mystical Beauty.


Mystical Beauty
The Depths of the Cave
Seeking Adventure!

This Haiku is written for Carpe Diem under the prompt Cave.

And ... Then it Stopped!

And then it stopped. There and then. 

I woke up this morning, and no, not with a full of promise. I had to do a crazy thing - Take Shower in COLD WATER. Can you imagine that? On a winter morning? Yeah, That was insane of me to do. But anyway, I did. Like I did for the past three days. But today was much early. Well, anyway that was over and I was in my crazy outfit. And told my roommate that I was going to the office. But, I was going to a movie. Don't actually know why I had to do that. Well, in this part of India, People are Die-Hard Fans of some Actors. I mean Really Die Hard Fans. Any thing said in the minutest possible word or letter as a matter of fact against them, they will come to beat the shit out of you. So, may be, that could be the reason.

So I was watching a movie when I find myself busy with the mobile and iPod when I receive a call/text message regarding the meeting at office. Holy Cow! I was in the middle of the movie. But that wasn't a big deal, it never was till now. They call to come to office and when I go, I come back with a message to meet them tomorrow. Well, thats'  what they call the #LifeOfAPersonOnBench. So, I am guessing you people know what Bench actually means right? NO? If so, Bench is a place where people sit. I was kidding.  It is the group of people who haven't been given any project/ awaiting project. So, It has been like seven months and after three months of rigorous training in which I didn't learn anything, I am Presently "Jobless with a JOB". So, anyway I am here - doing literally Nothing. They do that all the time- Call to tell that there is some really important meeting, but that turns out to be... well, it doesn't turn out about anything. We come back and the routine continues. So, I wasn't that scared when a friend of mine called to tell me that. Anyways, The Movie was nice and awesome. And then I went back to the office where I found out the usual stuff. "You will get a mail soon". Something, they always tell. 

So, I was coming back to my room. And I was getting down the Bus and a scooter comes through me from somewhere-I-don't-even-know and I was hit almost. And the result - I almost got my headphones spoiled. And it did and I ended up angry. I was talking to myself and playing that scene again and again in my mind cursing all the way back to my room. Already, I was going through a bad week and to that this is added. I didn't had lunch, like I didn't had for the past three days. Eating when depressed really sucks, Big Time. And I just can't probably eat during such time. So, after I got back to my room, I found myself shouting, throwing shoes, bag, watch and other things all around the room. And the funny part, I was shouting at God. Where did he come from? :Confused But, Still :Angry and cursing. 

So, where was I? Yeah, and then it stopped. My mind went blank and dropped me in a pit where there was questions shouting at me to which I had no answers. I skimmed through my previous posts- I wrote almost one each day, Whoa! Thats' something. And today(read: Yesterday) ? While I was skimming, I looked myself in the mirror and asked, "You sure that you were the one who wrote for the past week?" Confused, I was and hinting, hunting for some inspiration to keep me forward. I lost it. That which kept me going. Then and there. I look at the topic and I am like, "Wth am I gonna write for that? Come on think , think, think". So, after spending a great deal of time thinking about nothing, I end up with Nothing. My zeal just vanished into thin air as if it never existed. Wait a minute, it existed, right? I don't know. I am confused. I am Lost. I Need Inspiration and last call that I received an hour back just KILLED it. Like slice it with a Ninja Knife into countless pieces. Like a Nuclear Bomb that exploded and destrpyed every last thing that existed. So, the Slate is Clean - Perfect clean with a huge mess around and sweeping that is simply impossible. Bottom Line - FML. 

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