Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Letter.

Dear AK , 

How's it going ? I mean What the hell is wrong with you? How have you been? I mean What the hell are you doing? Lets' get this straight. Wth is going on ? 

The Sun shines bright in the morning, clear as sky and damn pleasant. The wind that blows is just cool enough to make you feel comfortable and forget whatever the hell that is you are thinking. The Night, ah, the nights, that cold breeze that flows due to the after effects of the little monsoon rain. Do you have any idea how good that feels, that smell, that atmosphere, and all the bla bla things ? But still I find you lost. Are you planning anything big? Hell No. Are you making any life-altering medicine? Hell No. Are you preparing for any exams/ studying anything? Do I need to repeat the 'No' answer? 

So, What is that you are doing? What happened to your writings? 
I used to appreciate myself when you gave me work to do, something to make me work, something to keep me alive/whatever! But now, you are just ignoring and filling me with all the cr@p. And do you have any idea what that context you fill me with contains beneath the crap title (which I named it) - All the things that are simply impossible. Wake up. 

Some while back, I used to feel good, when you started that Haiku (5-7-5) thing. That gave me something to ponder over, something to keep me busy searching for the variety and things I haven't even heard of. And to add to it, there was a lot of other stuff as well, creative stuff. Now, I feel like under-used / not used at all. 

So what's going on? What happened to your thinking part? The Creative part ? Are you losing it? Because if this goes like this, You might not find me anymore. I know about your passion for writing. I am having doubts whether it is called passion anymore. Because I just can't find it in you any more. I know what you keep thinking all the time. You want to write about this, about that, about every freaking thing that you see. But do you ? I see something fascinating and interesting, but what happens to you when it comes to pen them down. Why do you give it a pass? And ultimately forget about it! 

Not Cool, dude. Not cool at all. Wake up. You need to start again. Kick-Start, Super-Kick Start, may be. Or else you will just become obsolete and forgotten, in a matter of few days. So, get yourself into one piece and start working on what you do best

Sincerely & Frustrated.


  1. Oh my god! This so my letter too! I totally get it!!

  2. This is what I was planning to write to my own self ... I feel so lack of ideas nowadays ... any remedy?

    1. You seem to be doing pretty good.
      Whereas me, Just sitting and staring at the laptop for ideas to pop up, but nothings happening.

      If you get any remedy, please lemme know. I am still on the search for the alternative.

  3. There's TONS,no wait,lots of tons of stuff to do out there.And you already know you're comfortable with the writing on schedule for a challenge based on a prompt thing...stuff like Blog-A-Ton and the A-Z challenge and all.
    There.You have your remedy.And give the poor mind a rest.Or more work.
    And I must say having a mind which actually WANTS to work is pretty handy!:)

    1. Yeah, I know there are tons of opportunities where the mind can never rest.
      Thanks for the link. Will check out and work on it. :)

  4. I can relate to a lot of things here... as I feel so sometimes too :)

    Nicely written

    1. Glad you liked how I wrote.
      Thanks for Dropping By. :)

  5. Hmph .. so it is something called as Writer's Block in common man's term. A serious virus that makes a writer restless and the ideas keep buzzing in the head and the fingers just refuse to release those thoughts in words. Happens. A lot many times.

    But wait, did you say under-used or unused? No way!! You know you write awesome (as you do. Dont shake your head in no this time). But you said you just can't write, right? Maybe there is so much you want to express that all the thoughts are running a rat race in your mind and you just don't know which one should come first?

    or maybe you think all the fame and appreciation which should be pouring like rain are just coming as drizzle? Soft and Slow, quite contrary of heavy rain? Or is it coz of too many things you want to do, and are confused what exactly you 'really' want to do? Stop wearing many hats. I think most of us writers do that, and when time comes to wear our own hat, we seem to get stuck. We just don't know as 'I' what should we write. Something unique, something that's thoughtful, something that's expressive, something simple, something of deep meaning, and what not? Isn't it? Just don't let the confusion take over you.

    As simple as listening to your fav tracks (with eyes closed. Open eyes often carry you to fantasy land, sometimes of the lyrics itself). Or stop being lazy and click those amazing photographs which you again are a king at. Do anything that will dissolve or keep you far away from writing. Try to distance yourself and forget for sometime you write. (But yourself busy when you are away from it. An empty mind is a devil's workshop you know..)And then coem back and write, just write , without any thoughts as to how would other perceiev your writign as or will others stop reading you.

    Do what pleases you. You are going to live with yourself till you die. So forget rest other things.

    Phew .. was that advice helpful? :P Its from a very well (read less) experienced blogger :P

    Bdw I am going to read the haiku you have written. More advice there :P (i hope you get so irritated with such long long advices, so that you pull out some of your hairs and start saying 'Please stop that lecture. Never will I say I can't write :P)

    1. *Speechless*. :D

      Spoiler Alert : This is so going into my Blog. :D

      But, Thanks , REALLY THANKS for the advice and the tiresome-lengthy comment.
      I mean come on, My post is half of this comment. And you say you are a less experienced blogger? I have spent like an hour thinking about this post about what to fill and I was lazy then also. But you! You had to be too generous to make time and write this awesome comment. Now Hats Off. :P

      Thank You, Once Again. :D

    2. Now that was flattering :P :D If it did help refresh your mood, then I am glad the words are worth it. And hey I am not generous okay, I am rather selfish. I just couldnt see one of my fav blogger going silent :P I tried my way, and hopefully it worked :)

      Bdw the tiresome was for the reader of the writer ? :P

    3. Yeah! It did. :D
      And so we are clear, You are being generous, not selfish. :P

      The writer. :P Because you have to write that long-lengthy comment. :D

    4. Generous or genius? ;):P

      A writer never sees the length or height, they just write :) And I wrote coz I just felt, I wrote whatever my heart told me to. Maybe thats why they touched your heart :) Good for it, at least it made you less stubborn, at least this time :P

    5. Haha.
      Why not Both - Generous and Genius. :D

      A writer sees the depth in the length or the height of whateve is written. :P
      And thanks for making me a little less stubborn. :P

    6. Really? :P thanks! :D

      Does he? I never see the length or breath or height of the post when I write. Although I do notice (only on other blogs, I mean not the regular blogs I read, like yours, unless and until I am running short of time)

      So I did change something huh? *pats myself back* :)

    7. Yeah. Really. :D

      Actually, I meant the depth of the writings, immaterial of the length. :P

      Yeah. Thanks for that. :D


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