Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Reply.

I was literally out of topics/content/ideas/whatever to write about! So I ended up with this self letter from My-Mind, in my previous post. 

Dear AK , 

How's it going ? I mean What the hell is wrong with you? How have you been? I mean What the hell are you doing? Lets' get this straight. Wth is going on ? 

.... Read More ? Here! ( Small Suggestion : Don't! ) 

Sincerely & Frustrated.

So, One of the response from a dear blogger read like this : 

" Hmph .. so it is something called as Writer's Block in common man's term. A serious virus that makes a writer restless and the ideas keep buzzing in the head and the fingers just refuse to release those thoughts in words. Happens. A lot many times. 

But wait, did you say under-used or unused? No way!! You know you write awesome (as you do. Dont shake your head in no this time). But you said you just can't write, right? Maybe there is so much you want to express that all the thoughts are running a rat race in your mind and you just don't know which one should come first?

or maybe you think all the fame and appreciation which should be pouring like rain are just coming as drizzle? Soft and Slow, quite contrary of heavy rain? Or is it coz of too many things you want to do, and are confused what exactly you 'really' want to do? Stop wearing many hats. I think most of us writers do that, and when time comes to wear our own hat, we seem to get stuck. We just don't know as 'I' what should we write. Something unique, something that's thoughtful, something that's expressive, something simple, something of deep meaning, and what not? Isn't it? Just don't let the confusion take over you.

As simple as listening to your fav tracks (with eyes closed. Open eyes often carry you to fantasy land, sometimes of the lyrics itself). Or stop being lazy and click those amazing photographs which you again are a king at. Do anything that will dissolve or keep you far away from writing. Try to distance yourself and forget for sometime you write. (But yourself busy when you are away from it. An empty mind is a devil's workshop you know..)And then coem back and write, just write , without any thoughts as to how would other perceiev your writign as or will others stop reading you. 

Do what pleases you. You are going to live with yourself till you die. So forget rest other things. 

Phew .. was that advice helpful? :P Its from a very well (read less) experienced blogger :P 

Bdw I am going to read the haiku you have written. More advice there :P (i hope you get so irritated with such long long advices, so that you pull out some of your hairs and start saying 'Please stop that lecture. Never will I say I can't write :P) "

Could this be any more awesome comment? Just tell me! 
For a second, I was stunned. I mean literally stunned looking at it. I scrolled up to see my post and compared the lengths just to find that my post was way too smaller than this sweet comment.

I have to say, That was inspiring indeed! Isn't it ?
I had to post this. Come on, It is the one of the sweetest and inspiring comment I had ever received. It would be ...hmm.. sort-of-a-crime.. if I hadn't appreciated the time that this blogger took to write and also not to mention the pain taken to read through the Whole Post. :P (Oh! Yeah, My posts are seriously pain-stricken 

There is a line in between the comment which read as "...Its from a very well (read less) experienced blogger."
Though I didn't read the "bracketed parameters", whatever it was. But so as to clear the air and avoid any further confusion - This person would say less-experienced / less-talented / Synonyms-to-the-just-mentioned, but the reality is entirely opposite. Yeah! Hard to believe that someone could be that talented at writing, but we have to. No Question there. 

Was this advice helpful? Hell Yeah! But Its' me all over again. I am a feeble-minded and slow also, take time to grasp the advice, or you could say I am slow at learning things. So, time will be my competitor and hope that people don't have to waste too much of their time to educate the stubborn-guy. :P 

[From other side of the mind, AK's Alter Ego Comments...]

Nicely Done, buddy. *Wink*. 
I know what you did there! I know
You were again left clueless about what to write, so ended up appreciating one of the comments. 
Nice Move. Real Smooth, innit? 


  1. Awh! That really is the best thing someone going through writer's blog can get as an uplift!

  2. Okay, now I wont be able to say anything coz I really have tears in my eyes. Its funny scene though, coz I am in office and my eyes full of tears on reading something (in other's point)But hell, it just wouldnt stop!

    And i just came to check up if you did write something, but you just posted my comment !! (that's cheating bdw :P)Since your alter ego already told I was going to say, you better come with something, the usual AK's unique style!

    Are we readers not worth it? :)

    1. Cheating? :P .
      My alter ego is just crazy. It doesn't know what it says sometimes. :P

      And of course the readers are.
      I am on it, Kind of. :P

  3. Best inspiration for a blogger ever!!! And yeah, I am totally going with your alter ego :P :P

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)


    1. Come on, Why does everybody like that alter ego thing? :P

      Thanks for dropping by.

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