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Absurd Randomness - Love? Wth!

When  I hear the line "Love is in the Air", my immediate response is "Wth! The air smells of Dust, dump, what not!" And then I question myself "Is that even possible? - That - Love floating in the Air" And I have to discard the question immediately owing to my present situation - That me being Single. Haha. Right. As if I want to be in a relationship! Phew.

So, how does that even happen? - That people falling - in Love, I mean. I have heard stories, read some and saw some. What I saw are not that cool. Any how, How does anyone fall in the wonderful pit of Love. Ok! Fine! I am not that much fan Love, so you might get some strike-through(s) and well.. just keep an eye on all the negativity. So where was I ? Yeah, how does one fall? 

I see girls almost everywhere. And sometimes I am compelled to drop my jaw, practically. And exclaim "OMG". Seriously, I do that, in my mind though. Sometimes, the exclamation varies from "Holy Mother of God, Where do they come from" , sometimes, "Wth" (in a good way, I mean), "Seriously?" , and the list goes on. So, you get the point right? I was like that for a while, and literally I was at loss of words and minded my own business not making it my duty to look and Admire. Yeah! That's me admiring their beauty. And how can one not "love" such a person? I mean come on, look at them! Right, they are absolutely hot. And what am I there among all these melodrama - Just a spectator, Just a spectator. 

With that I came to a conclusion that how can just one person fall for one person. So, I brainstormed myself with all the possibilities. I hit some rock solid points. 
  • I have been living with friends at hostel, in room for quite sometime. And what I have understood is that how good one is a friend there are still some differences. And sometimes, the differences are the similarities and that's what makes them good or lets say, Best Friends. 
  • The Likes and Dislikes. 
  • The Ideologies and the perception.
  • The frankness and some sort of stupidity.
No, the list isn't over. I just ended it abruptly. It is very important to be in snyc with other's thoughts and interests. Else there would be heart-breaking and stuff like that. The similarities, the likes, dislikes , the frankness, humor, the charm, bla bla things and of course, the physic and body. When these are in synchronous with two people, obviously they are more likely to fall, in love , of course, right? And hey, I have no fudging idea about that! So, help me out here.

When I was a child, like I was in seventh standard, a friend, more like a classmate of mine, who happens to be sitting besides me pulled out a stunt. And by then I had crushes, who didn't? And mine started like in second or third standard. Call me weird! Well, what can I say? It was like that. So, what happened was that it was early January and the classes were going on just like every other day. Meanwhile, My bench-mate pulls of a safety pin and pierces into his thumb. We were supposed to read something and I was busy scribbling at the back of my notes, actually practicing my signature. I glanced him while he was busy pinning his thumb and then writing something with it on a piece of paper. I was shocked for a while and didn't understand why he was pinning his hand and what the hell he was writing with it. He covered it so that no one could see what he was writing. Later in the lunch break he revels it to us. And there was this girl who happens to have a Birthday on the same day. So, he plucks a flower from the school garden and tells one of my other friends to give it to her, The Birthday Girl. Almost half of us were against it and were warning him not to do that as it was her B'day and if she doesn't like it , it might spoil her b'day. And he was being a coward to give it himself. The aftermath, she didn't like the idea and did that stop him, he wrote another and another. He seemed crazy, like fudged up crazy. The next day, she comes school with Rakhi(s), one for each boy in the class. Yeah, that was when I first witnessed the first ever dumb proposal ever. 

And when time flew by, it became even more complicated. What do the girls see in boys? or Should I ask - What do they want to see in boys that pleases their interest? For boys, mostly, just good-looking is enough at this time. But people still get to the question which annoys me a lot : Do you have a gf? And I go like - Are you seriously kidding me? Isn't it obvious? I spend like 15-18 hours a day over the internet, and if the power's down novels. I have an interest in(read: Love) photography but too lazy to go out. I am online social person. I haven't talked to a girl for like in 6 years, except the internet chats. Weird, right? I agree with you, bro. As a matter of fact, I don't talk to most people (other than girls) as well #JustSaying.  And I am an extremely shy person, Go figure. So, yeah, I am not at all a boy-friend material. Even after explaining all this, they again ask that freaking question. And in their defense they say, I am handsome - Dress Stylish - Good Looking than them, and some other nonsense stuff. So, here's the truth - I ain't any of those mentioned. Seriously, where do they get that from? Can't they just look at me and get to a conclusion that they are just better. Phew! People and their absurd imagination. And stop asking me that question. Or Wait! Are you people mocking me / making fun of me? If you, you got yourself a problem buddy. 

I got carried away. Big Time. So, yeah love. The concept that is totally alien to me. Here I am referring to the young-love. You get it right? And all other sorts of love like the parents one, bla bla things hold an entirely different story, whatsoever. And I ain't talking about that stuff. That is authentic - and anything we speak of it would be less and probably I would be making it much worse with my horrid explanation and stuff. 

I think I should end this now. I have no f#'ing idea what I wrote. I was supposed to write about something and ended up with something I don't even know. And if you read this, come on! You did? Don't you have any better plans for today? Go on, enough of this nonsense and get on with your life, love and enjoy. I have that Game on Facebook to play right now. 

And Love is in the Air! No kidding, man. No kidding. 
Bazinga! I was Kidding. Come on, don't sniff it. Just Feel it. If you don't feel it, look arounf yourself, you will definitely find what I actually meant. 


  1. Hey you're not weird. I had my first crush when I was 5 :P

  2. WOW! Hi 5 man! I too am absolutely clueless about "love".. I'm like -"Yea, whatever. Leave me alone, would you? I have better things to do than think about that." It's crazy and strange, people in love appear to me like some peculiar creature (no offense people, that's how it is, you look at me like an alien, so do I). I don't get it at all o.O

    This was a real fun post, I loved it :D specially the 7th std part. Haha.

    1. Hi 5. I thought I was the only one with that thought. Glad to have company. :P
      As you say, they are like alien to me, and so am I. :D

      Glad you liked it. Thanks. :)

  3. The air smells of Dust, dump, what not - That was so funny and true! I just can't help laughing about that. Surely you don't have experience and are naive about love (I wouldn't say that when you are in love, you will realize and blah blah, coz till you don't fall, its good. And once you fall, if at all you do :P, make sure never to come out of this pit. Okay, I gotta stop being a granny and advise ! :P)

    Explaining about the criteria about the possibility of love? I think to an extent you described them right, but then love is way beyond that. Sounds cliched i know, but well, thats how it is :P

    So you do admire? :P Wel, pretty normal and straight person you are then :P lol (jus kiddin' :P)

    having a gf/bf these days are like status symbol, to be more apt, how good(smart/beautiful/rich/what-type, add whatever) you are. Though its personal decision, and in reality never matters with look or other factors (you know what i mean).

    I liked the way you wrote about love, just made me smile, smile wide :)

    1. Roger that. And,
      Thanks for the advise, Ma'am. I will keep the falling-in-pit thing in my mind.

      I know its way beyond my normal (or even extraordinary) imagination. And I have only heard the stories.

      Yeah, I admire. What else could I do, except admiring? I am not one in any such dreamland/whatsoever-people-name-it. :P

      Yeah, I know what you mean. But, I think people do consider the good-looking and all that stuff.

      It did ? I thought I would be receiving some potatoes or even eggs. :P
      But am glad it made you smile. :D

      Keep Smiling, Take Care. :D


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