Thursday, February 28, 2013

Food Madness.

At The Kentucky Fried Chicken

A Free Burger at McDonald. 


  1. No, Don't you remind me of burgers and cheese! Please!

    1. Haha.
      Sorry, Can't help it. :P
      I am just an junky-food-addict, you know. :D

  2. Free Burger? Well will i get one too :P Wait actually not one, but well, err..just ignore the count :P

    Bdw hope you looked more happy than that in the cartoon when you got the burger :P I know you are smiling right now, recalling that happiness :) So selfish of you to have it alone! :P mind sharing it? though you wont get to eat a single bite :P :)

    1. Yeah! I still have some pretty free burgers coupons. :D

      Haha. You got me. :D
      Yeah, I am kinda selfish. :
      But I'd love to share.
      Will see about that single bite thing later. :P


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