Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Houston, Houston! We have a Problem.

The weather is cold, cold-ish. My Brains' completely Dead. Fading thoughts. Mindless circles/images/what-not on the notepad. TV playing silently in the background. Half Empty Stomach. Clock Struck One. Insomnia for past two days. Watching Movies. Window Shopping. Eating Junk Food, like everytime. Bottom Line - 

Houston, Houston! We Lost you! 

So, Ajay (I mean the so-called-author who brags about this blog) is Brain-dead. Completely, I mean it. He bought a couple of Novels last week. Wait, not a couple of.. but a couple of couple books. And just finished one with great difficulty. What's funny is he reads the novels while in the journey, in a tightly packed bus. But at the comfort of the home - No. I still don't understand what the hell is going on with him. And lately he is sleeping early, like 2100 hours, which is like 1800 hours in his time.  He has been a little different lately, or is he being his usual self - I don't have a clue. And my guess is - He himself doesn't know about it, for sure. Else I wouldn't be here, right? 

Waaiiittttt! Who the hell are you?
So, Who am I ? Well, I don't have a name per se. Hmm... How do I put this? Well, You could call me the Dark-Passenger for Dexter. Wait! That's sounds too villainy. Hmm... Batman for Bruce Wayne. Spider Man for Peter Parker. Whoa! Whoa! Hold your horses. Now get down to reality and stop exaggerating. Ok! Fine. Hmm... You could call me the Alter-Ego, or the stuff that you read in this blog which is italic-ed. Yeah! That! Those sane, or insane thoughts that sometimes keep popping in between the steady flow of the write-up, revealing the truths/facts/lies/what-not. [BTW in this post, if you find any of those "italic-ed" stuff, please note that its' not me, for sure; or it could be the Alter-Alter-ego.] Don't Sweat it and you; reading this, please stop banging you head to the wall/table/etc.

So, what has been this guy, the 'so-called-blogger' been upto? Lately, he is eating my peace-of-mind and filling it with, or lets say forcing me to think harder on broader topics, which could influence his writing and people to start with. And I just can't stop laughing when he does that. I mean come on, A 1st standard kid probably can't solve any MIT math problem, can he? Too lame, try again. A 1st standard kid probably can't reach the fruit on a very big tree, can he? This too, And don't try again. You are just insulting the term "Try Again" and making it much more worse. So better stop. Man, I was much better off myself. This guy, AK (author/blogger), ruined almost everything. And what is his obsession with this writing? Sometimes, it drives me crazy, you know. Yeah, I give him most of the ideas and the good stuff, but then he ruins it by saying - "I ain't a good writer/blogger. Probably no one even reads my blog". And thats' crazy, ain't it? And that's what sometimes keeps me from thinking out of the box. Though, I think of the box most of the time (No Kiddin') , sometimes I get into the box, just to see the contents as of how much I know or how much I should know/think. 

Well, What else does he do? To keep himself sane and to keep me working he started that Haiku thing. Most of the times, he doesn't get much ideas/thoughts/whatever-you-call-it to write. And there is not much to write in that Haiku also. And that's what the best part! Few words- Big Meaning. So, he ends up with some words which differ just like North-South and he feels happy about it. Haha. You have no idea how he feels. As if his writings got published in a book- like that happy. And then again he re-reads it and try to understand what others have understood from his mindless boggling of thoughts randomly shuffled & arranged. Phew!

He sometimes gets angry. Angry at people/someone. May be he is frustrated with the laziness and literally doing nothing - physically and mentally. And may be that could be the reason for a slight shift in his personality and the thinking process. Someday, he might end beating the s#it of that guy who keeps asking bloody-nonsense questions all the time and who criticizes almost everything, where most of what happens to be women. So, yeah! One day, he might be picking up his teeth from the floor. 

Or It might be the Job. The Job where he doesn't do a single thing and yet gets the money at the end of the month. Actually, that's what he wants. Do nothing- Get Paid. But the money isn't sufficient. Must somehow he wants to double, no triple , no quadruple his current pay. And obviously without doing nothing. As if that's gonna happen. Whatever! 

Mayday, Mayday. 
Charlie Tango Going Down.
People are dying .. after reading this post.
Taking Cover - away from him.

Oh! Dear, God! 
We have a Problem. 
Big Time. 

Over and Out.
- The Alter-Ego,
[ a.k.a Ajay Kontham (Unfortunately)]


  1. loved ur u bk wid a bang :)

    1. Thank You, Blue. :)

      Oh! Wait a Sec...
      Thiss. Thiss. Boom. *Makes some more Noise*
      Ok, Fine! Now, with a Bang. :P

  2. Actually too much say, and its gonna be long (like that sounds like usual)

    One, again and again,let me remind you, your writing style is awesome, and quite unique. You are too good at expressing yourself, without bragging or without any pity. You just convey your uncomfort struggling between these two. And in my blogging life, I dont think i have come cross any such blogger/author/writer who does that, with so much ease (and naturally). So a thumbs up to writing this unexpectedly different way of writing (seems like I am yet to discover what kind of writing you write. Or maybe I am too poor in English?)

    Well, this chaos in mind, as far as I could understand was due to high expectation contrary to stagnant life that actually going on. Thats what your words say, rather I understood as (maybe right, or wrong, I don't know). You have a job, but arent doing anything, you write, but feel you aint got that audience (both quality and quantity) which you expect of. So its obvious, its quite disaappointing, should be too. After all, when this is the stage when all dreams, passion, energy is bubbling, life, in its own way is making you sit idle. I mean how can one remain thoughtless, when all thoughts cross in those attempts to kill time?

    And, guessing (again! I guess too much? Bad habit, gotta work on that)that you arent the type of person who would dream of doing nothing yet handsomely earning. Buddy, i do know somewhere in the corner you do realize, money aint anything, but maybe the pressure and expectations just put that loads (in fact, in every guy's mind). And work, well, maybe little lesser pressure of work might not do harm, and since you arent working somewhere that insecurity that not working and just earnign will become habitual?

    Whoa, i guess too much, and end up making stories, connecting irrelevant dots? Or is it, I did hit the spot? Lemme know.. Coz as far as I can guess (not again!), you are bubbling to express, and let out ..

    1. Wow. Thats a lot of guessing. And you guessed right, My friend. :)

      Why, Thank You. "I write different". Thats' something I can live with. :P Dont try too hard to discover what kind of writing I write. I will tell it myself. There is no kind, per se. I just write what comes to mind with the self and alter-ego trying to settle the unsettled.

      You are absolutely right. How can one remain thoughtless?

      Money aint anything and yeah! pressure and expectations does that.

      And You did hit the spot. And you guessed right again and am trying to let out..

      Well, That was the biggest comment. Thank You.
      Thanks, for your time.

  3. Dont try too hard to discover what kind of writing I write. I will tell it myself. There is no kind, per se. I just write what comes to mind with the self and alter-ego trying to settle the unsettled. - that said all, and thats why your way of writing and thoughts, are different. Its good as long as you got muddle in the form of writing, how you are writing, who are reading and all that. Coz every writer has a reader (read silent reader). true that all writers yearn for one word of encouragement and appreciation, but its a bitter pill that 99.9% of your readers will be silent, but the good thing is your words does make a difference, sometimes temporarily and sometimes permanently. Believe in that, though might sound dreamy, coz i have seen many writers admitting that, at some point.

    I am glad you could let out so beautifully! The words were heartfelt, and thats what makes you a good writer :)

    Expectations, well, they are natural, and unavoidable. Do whats right, listening to the voice, and rest will fall in place. Cliched advice, i know, but does works, always. Money will eventually come, make sure when it comes, you are more than worth it :)

    And hey, you dont have to thank me. We dont see the time or how long when we write, or talk to friend, right? So let it rest :) I also realized that it was the biggest comment i had written, if it did bring a smile, i guess it was worth it :)

    1. "True that all writers yearn for one word of encouragement and appreciation, but its a bitter pill that 99.9% of your readers will be silent" Agreed. And when the words make a difference, then it is totally worth it.

      Thank You. :) Will keep that in Mind.

      So rightly said. *Claps*

      Yeah, You are right. But appreciation either small or big, does impact a large, hence the gratitude. And yeah, it did bring a smile.
      And again, thanks for your time. :)

  4. Glad to see so much smiles :) You wouldnt quit saying thank you, wouldnt you, so you are welcome, always :)

    If little words can make so much impact, I am wondering how much your words would :) Keep it going, and spread more such smiles :)

    1. I guess not. :P

      Thanks, I will. And You too...! :)

    2. Hey just dropped in to say that I tagged you, and have awarded you . Hope to read the answers soon :)

      Sorry, can't help it. that's the rule. I got to post in my link, and inform you :P Hope you wont kill me for that!

  5. Hi Ajay!! You commented a while back on my blog and I couldn't find time to get back at you then! Sorry about that! I'm here now!!

    First off, your writing style is really unique and your posts immensely enjoyable. And I loved this alter-ego post, great idea!! And , I'm not banging my head..yet... :P

    Hope you recover from whatever trance or passive state you've gone into :D Take care!

    P.S. I checked out your photography as well!! I am a admirer of photography and your clicks were fab!! Following you now!!

    1. Hi Ruya,

      It's okay. No need to be sorry. Well, you are here now. Yay! One more Follower. :D

      Glad you liked it. Not yet, huh? Pretty soon you would be.. :P

      Thank You. I hope so too.

      You checked? Thanks a lot. :)

  6. Someone's gone all Gollum-like,Should we or should we not prrreciousss?!!
    But that definitely was to all the stuff on your mind right now,they'll work out I'm sure!
    Till then,hang in there Charlie!:)

    1. Haha. :D

      Glad it made you smile. :D
      And thanks... I hope so.

      Still Hanging. :P

  7. Oh god this is like a super crazy post coming from a super crazy guy and i am super crazy to have read it ;)

    1. Aha,
      Everything is super crazy !
      Just great! :P


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