Monday, February 25, 2013

In a Days' Work.

In a Days' Work, I mean without work.
Diary Entry # 2

My daily routine does't comprise of anything special. I mean nothing at all. It just has eating, sleeping, sometimes reading and then repeat. Yeah! Pretty much it, like I mentioned in my previous posts as well, I guess. So, anyway, I decided to go out somehow. A movie perhaps. That sounded like a good idea. I go online to see the movies that are playing and check the show timings. After checking all out, it was concluded that I'd go for the first show the next morning, which is today. And also I had a free burger coupon at McDonalds, which would expire by this month end. So, if I could go like an hour before the show timing, I could grad my free Burger and later enjoy the movie as well.

The alarm snoozed for like half an hour or so. One of my roommate has to go to office early, like at 0900 hours. That's the normal office timings right! Yeah, I guess. I have never been to office, so far. So, I wake up after half and hour. And the show was exactly half an hour later. Oh,!@#$@#! After cursing for a little while, I check the timings for the next show. That sounded acceptable. So, I get ready to go for the movie.

In the meantime, I got a message from one of my friend. He asks me about what my plans for today. Now there is a little history with this guy. He is just like me, Jobless with a Job. And we pretty much hang out together, sometimes. First time, he asked me about going for Go-Karting to which I agreed to come. And that idea was kept due to the latest possible time available. But when I was going for the IndiBlogger's Meet, he messaged me then asking whether I was up for that Go-Karting or not. To which I had said that I was already on my way to the meet and I can't possibly come to that. So, he referred that  as "Giving a Hand", a sarcastic remark for otherwise known as betrayal/something like that. Second time, he goes to a movie without even asking me. So, I tease him with the same reference which he made at me. Then, suddenly out of the blue I go to a park to click some photos and fortunately there was some event going on there - Flower Show for Republic Day. Luckily, I got a chance to click some amazing flowers that day. And I didn't ask him as I thought he wasn't interested in visiting a Garden. Well, who does, unless you have a gf/bf. Or a Camera, in my case. :P . Now that reference was back at me. 2 counts on my side and 1 count on his. Then, he asks whether we were playing Cricket for the weekend, so that he could also join us. Yeah, of course. We could need an few more players. So, I call him for the game on the weekend. And he was already busy playing one game in the locality. Though he does't like playing there, and he said he would come but never turned up. Now, a point on his side. So, for the next couple of days and weeks, I'd get every possible chance to increase his score. And he has a very high score, if I must say. 

So, when he asked me about my plans for today, I replied that I was thinking about going for a movie. To which he immediately replies with the reference. I tried to convince him that I too wan't sure about going, which I wasn't until he messaged. But he never stopped. saying that I was Giving a Big Hand. I even asked him whether he would come. I knew he wouldn't and replied the same . And anyway, I went to the Movie "A Good Day to Die Hard". Ate a free Burger and watched the movie. 

The Movie.

Total Crushing - The first action scene has so much crushing that I can't even describe. There is this Strong Muscular Hard Metallic Army Truck which smashed into every car on the road. Crushed the hood, the rear, the everything of the car. Total Fatality. If it was in real life, it would cost hundreds of millions of damage. No kidding. The plot was tricky, yet nice. Then of course, when there is Bruce Willis, there is obviously some action and a lot of Guns. So, I would say you should watch that movie, well at least once. It will be worth your money. I stopped speaking about the movie, b'cuz I am too bad at reviewing. 

Pretty much for one day, I guess. Wait! There is some more. Oh No! Sorry, what ? The moon was shining in its beauty and in its full shape, I guess, well it seems totally round and really big and scarily close. I get back to my room after a coffee, get my Camera out and start clicking. Boom! The moon seems to be much smaller than I could see with my naked eye. Even after zooming the maximum extent. Guess what? I need a new and better Telephoto lens. Damn! The wish list keeps piling up and the worst - I haven't struck out even one. #FML. And just a while back, I went to the terrace to get my cloths. And there it is was - Big, White, Shining. I would like to capture that beauty. Dear Camera! You let me down. :( 

- Ajay Kontham [ 2013 ]


  1. As I said before, pretty interesting life you have #Nokidding :P In posts like that (which have nothing and everything, you will know what I mean)tells a lot about you and your life (which I think your brain just popped 'no-life-at-all' words. I know I am right this time,aint i?:P)

    Well, coming to your free time, just curious what do you do? I mean you are such an amazing photographer, are like 'fill-in-any-good-adjectives' (I didnt coz honestly i feel they too short, and dont even convey what I really want to, now back to the point) poet, your unique way of describing random things, I mean how can you ever say you are jobless (I mean with a job)?? With talent like this oozing out of your brain or cells or whatever, it really makes me wonder you still think life is ummm you know ..

    No finding fault, but then, come on, you are is early twenty, you got all time in world to do something, don't have a gf (another reason for being happy and carefree), and you got all possible means to do anything you want! As silly as starting something on own will also work out!!

    Or maybe you just are too lazy, which i dont feel so. Considering the way your thoughts flow. I mean do something man!! How I envy you for living all alone, jobless job, freedom to do anything, and nobody to stop you. And you are ..

    Sorry. Just got lil carried away. I hope you understand what i was trying to say? dont take it as my anger or irritation. Maybe just concerned? Sorry again if my words pricked. i have that bad habit I know, by being too blunt.

    1. Yeah, Pretty Interesting life, which has nothing interesting. :P You are absolutely right about the popped words. :P

      With Free time, I don't do anything. That's what makes it worse. :( . You lost me at talent... ! Come on, If I was that talented I would be earning out of it, I guess. :P

      Yeah, you are right! Stating "what?" on my own is the question I fail to answer myself.

      I am lazy, No Doubt. And I am just wasting it away, right? I know. I guess I don't have any idea what to do or how to make the best of it.

      Hey, it's okay. Yeah. I understand. No offence taken. Its' good to be straight forward and thanks for saying. Twas really sweet of you. :)

      Thanks for dropping by and wasting half an hour of your precious time. :P

    2. Does talent means earning out of it? who the fu** told you that?? must be your stupid brain ? :P Talent doesn't mean earning out of it dude. Just banish the darkness, light will automatically glow. No one can stop the power of light, isn't it?

      So you are bugged with 'what?' then you need to ask right question to right people. Talk to strangers/forums, in virtual world since you are shy, there is no dearth of ideas at all! Our mind stops working, but then talking will start the engine! (wow, that rhymes! :P)

      You aren't lazy. You just are clueless. Like i said before you have too many things in mind, and you wanna do it all. So you dont know when to start, how to go about it, what should be the way, (i maybe wrong, but just being genric). And well, take breaks. Maybe you arent doing anything, but your thoughts are. So let your thoughts free for a while. Talk. Even mindless chatter are good. And if you dont have anybody, I am always there to eat your head :P (I am saying on the confidence of being a friend?)And you are shy i know, but then dont worry i will turn you into opposite :P (thats what friends do right? :P)

      I am sweet I know :P And on a serious note, well, not every body can take a straight forward answer right?

      You calculated wrong time, I wasted 45 minutes :-/ Stupid, dont ever say that. We dont waste time on friends, and dont even look at watch when friend needs, okay?

    3. Yeah. Right! The Brain! :P And you are absolutely right!

      It does rhyme. :D

      And Right! I may be clueless and like you said I have too many things in mind and I want to do'em all. So, I need to talk... hmm, I see.
      Roger That Ma'am. You are there to eat my head. :P Yeah, that's what friends are for. :D

      Of, course you are right again. :P

      I was just guessing. I guess, I just guessed wrong. :P . Ok. Won't say again.
      Don't look at the watch. Ok. Roger that. :D


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