Saturday, February 23, 2013


Diary Entry # 1

I drift away with a slow-soothing music while my mind keeps churning its unimaginable thoughts out of nowhere known. The thoughts keeps jumping and hopping being too unstable that they are. I just can't keep to just one thought. And I am confused at that. I get certain vibes that I am not normal. Of course, I ain't no Normal. I'm extraordinary! Well, I was kidding. Phew! Who didn't know that fact? It is all scrambled up here, up in my mind which seems to be like, I-don't-know-whats-going-on kind of. I am confused, I guess. Or Just I am Crazy, may be.

I had planed to go for a movie. But then again, my mind deceives me of the time that I wake up. I sleep some more. I am an insomniac person, you know ! So, I don't sleep at nights. By the I hit the bed, it is almost six in the early morning. Go Figure! And the first show for the movie is generally at ten. And I wake up at exact nine to brush and then again at twelve for lunch, I guess! Then what luck may have overtook the little patience that I had, the bloody Power goes off. And that stays like that till eight in the night. And what do I do ? Don't even get me started. Because there is nothing, of course. First of all, My Laptop is just awesome. It just stays alive for a maximum period of 5-10 minutes. Yeah! Isn't it awesome! Bazinga! And I take out of my to-read-novel-since-past-few-weeks and start reading. I complete like 3 pages with out a break - lightening fast and then realize I am feeling sleepy. I close my eyes for like 5 minutes. Boom, Its half past seven. I get confused. I try to think hard. How can I, I mean Me , sleep for that long? After hitting my head over the wall for quite some time and not getting anywhere with any answer, I retire to my phone which seems to be almost-dying while it flashes "Low Battery" repeatedly. If it hadn't given me warning messages, probably it could last for another ten to fifteen minutes. I curse it. I curse the time. I curse almost everything at that moment. This is pretty much how the week days go by recently these days. Happened twice this week - So it is a routine, right ? 

That thing - The SnoBowling.

So, I get busy playing some awkward Facebook games at afternoons, when I get a message from one of my friend saying that lets go to McD for lunch. I had a hard time believing that because that guy is not really a McD (McDonald) guy because he always complains about it saying that he can't eat the bread, and its related things. So, yeah, I gulp the confusion ad ask him what's happening? He just replies that he is hungry and to meet him at the bus stop asap. I go and order something, then eat it also. After eating an extra free burger, we went to a Mall as planned to spend the little amount of money we had. I had just taken some money from the ATM forecasting what might go down later. So the first thing we do after going to a Mall is go for a game of Bowling. Let me tell you, I am too good that I get too bad at scoring points. The game seems so simple. The first time I hit a Strike. Wow! I pat myself. But the remaining Nine times, just goes into the pits hitting the least and me ending with the least score possible. And I hate having the least score. And I try to use techniques at which I clearly seem to be failing over and over again. One of my friends has had a sort of Online self-coaching through the famous YouTube. He tries to exactly do the same, but fails at implementing the exact styles but there is still a catch. He scores a perfect score most of the times. Time flies by pretty fast and the Game is over and I stand second in the scores. 

What do we do next? Snooker! Hell Yeah! We kind of feel like professionals at the play holding the cue and all that but when it comes to striking the ball, we quite sometimes don't even touch it. I have seen people playing the game. It looks so simple. And I, myself am good at the game called Carrom. And I bet I am too good. Because of that game, I was made the freaking Sports-Captain in my ninth standard. So, figure that! And "This snooker is child's play", I think in my mind. But the reality seems to defy my mind. Oh Man! I tell you, Its a highly skill game. It is just about hitting, but about precision, physics, the speed,  the presumption, the anticipated-outcome, like things. So we start the game. First of all, I had difficulty holding the cue itself, then it was hitting at the center of the ball, then guiding it to the hole. That is clearly not as easy as it seems. Sometimes I hit the empty air losing my balance and all that. 

The practice game was over. We go for another round of Bowling after some virtual-stimulation bike race and some hammer fists games. This time I use maths and physics to play the game of Bowling. But Guess what! Seems like I am too bad at both of them. This time I was third. Damn! I need to do better next time. Then there was another round of Snooker and more money was spent at the games. All games were done. Oh no! Not exactly. We were out of money, literally NIL Balance. So, we were compelled to come back to our rooms with empty pockets. 

Too much for one day. 
Over and Out. 
Ajay Kontham [2013]


  1. Whoa!!! A post filled with so much for 1 day? And you sleep the whole day off? What about work? :P :P

    Sleeping the whole day off is a weekend thing for me. I sleep like crazy. At least you are awake at nights and take it out on the day. But let weekend come and I sleep day and night without any bias :P Really trying to improve on it.

    And bowling, I have tried it just once and I sucked big time at it. Whatever points I scored were out of sheer luck!!

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Yeah. Pretty Much. Power failure compels me to sleep with no other alternative. :( . Work? What does that even mean? :P No work as of now, so Jobless with a Job . :P

      Oh, Nice. May be my time sense sucks. That must be it. :P

      Wow. You got luck there, at least. I ain't got no luck, either. :(

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. I must admit, you are quite a busy guy!! Sleeping, playing, being awake at night, reading, spending hard earned money, and now blogging, my God, how you manage? :P

    Hahahah, your day is pretty interesting I must say! :P :D

    1. You lost me at spending hard..!
      I just earn money, without doing NOTHING, practically and literally!

      I make up some time in the middle, like once in a blue moon, or a green moon. :P

      You think? I don't feel so! :P

  3. I liked this diary entry concept. Feels like you are actually sitting in front of me and telling me. :D
    Great work here!

    1. Haha. That's how I write - As if speaking in person. :P

      Glad you like it. :D


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