Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sometimes when I am alone, I cry

I slowly drift into Dreams
In the middle of the Day
Weaving and drawing, A story
In the empty sky, which is still a Mystery.

The white snowy clouds
Carpeting my incomplete stories
The birds flying and singing
Add music to the dull mysteries.

The sweet innocent rain
Cleaning the inaccuracies of my artwork
The cold breezy wind
Lamenting and carrying to places unknown.

But the reality defies my imagination
As the castles I built
In the imaginary walls of thoughts
Seem to be stumbling and falling.

Ruining the pleasant sky
The World turns Red
As the Sun dawns into darkness
I slowly gulp the unhappiness.

Then Again, The sky is clear
My imaginary creations wiped off. But,
The sky doesn't look the same
As it fails to inspire, like it did before.

Life seems to be tangled
Uncaring and ungrateful
I try to find myself
Among the multitude of people.

But I am lost, walking alone
Through the rugged stories.
From people, I hear the life adventures
Which I wish were mine.

But time seems to be friendly
Just like most people I know
Robs me most of it, 
As I just stand witnessing.

Hope is all I have
Strong, I try to stand
But weak, I'm from inside
Which finds me too dear.

A smile lives on my lips
Buried beneath the pain
Too agonizing it is, Because 
Sometimes when I am alone, I cry.

 -  Ajay Kontham  ©  2013

Written for Carry on Tuesday.


  1. Ajay, you really wrote this? What a lame question, of course you did. But you did, you really did!! And it has left em speechless. No guess, I could feel so much with all the emotions and feelings behind those words. I am actually still lost in effect of your words. Like they are drugged in me. Its way beyond beautiful. You are amazing at writing poetry man, seriously. You should try your hand at it seriously and even publish a book, I am damn serious!

    I wish i had words to tell what all i feel reading this poem. Ah! If only words had the power!! I really am lost, lost in your poem.

    I just hoped this was all fiction you penned. It doesnt feel good you know when you see somebody in that state. Stranger they might (but we are in between being strangers and friends right?)

    1. Yeah, I did.
      You think? Now, you are being too generous. I appreciate it. Thanks. :)
      But nevertheless, I ain't that good. I know & you know as well. Come on, Me? A Book? Does't sync at all. :P

      Fiction sounds strange here. But I wish, it was. Well some of it is.

      I thought we're friends. Was I wrong ? #JustAsking :P :D

    2. Not generous, not at all! :P

      And yeah, you do know, so do I that you do write GREAT. You are just being humble, that's sweet :)

      You and book, yeah don't sync at all. Why not MS Word then :P COmeon, give a shot, your poems are really good? If not for world, at least for me ( okay, I am not that great or close friend but maybe, as a reader of your blog?) or at least for you?

      Sad that it isn't fiction. But maybe thats what added to its beauty. It came out well, quite deep. Perhaps your words arent shy at all, in showing ur emotions. Tats good to know :)

      Of course we are friends! I just said as to, not take that as, you know, like calling myself so, without being one kinda, got the point?

    3. Not generous, huh? :P

      Lol. MsWord! Sure. If you say so, I will try. Well, for you (sometime soon) and for me. :P

      That's why I write, I guess - The Words. :D . Thanks.

      Good. Yeah, I got it. :D

  2. Painfully touching this is.. I wish and hope with all my heart that whatever part was fiction stays as such and whatever happened goes away and time heals you soon. It is just so beautiful but sad!

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Thank you so much, Keirthana. :)
      That was too kind of you. Thank you for the kind words.

      Glad you liked it. :)
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. I found your words very moving and I read it twice to fully appreciate what you were saying. Thanks so much for using Carry On Tuesday to inspire you.

  4. Hello Ajay,
    Hmm where do i start:) Seems like u had taken a break and this post come after so many days! What a beauty it is! You really are a stylish poet! Keep the spirit on:)I have started writing 55 fictions on my blog_would love to hear ur views on them coz i am a beginner u see!



    1. Why, Thank You. :)
      Glad you liked it. :)
      Me? A Stylish Poet? I beg to differ. :P
      But thanks for that.

      Yeah, sure. :)
      Over to your Blog.

  5. Wow lovely words..:)
    specialy loved the last para..and the last line ofcource is damm awesm
    sometimes when i am alone , i cry..just perfect!!..:)
    keep writing..:)

    1. Thank You so much. :)

      Glad you liked it. :D

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  6. Sometimes when I am alone, I cry too. :) Beautiful creation.

  7. A very touching poem Ajay! Beautifully expressed feelings so creatively...
    Beautifully sad...

    "But the reality defies my imagination
    As the castles I built
    In the imaginary walls of thoughts
    Seem to be stumbling and falling."

    This moment is so heart breaking!
    I sometimes wish imagination is reality and reality was just imagination

    Can relate to this poem!

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment.

      I too wish the same, but I do that all the time.

      Glad you liked it. :)


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