Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunken Melody.

The Sun drowned into Night
Danced in Patience
Sang in Silence
While I sank in darkness.

The sweetness of the Song, 
Felt Bitter in its Melody.
The Pleasant wind that blew, 
Felt Harsh in my face.

Days swirled into Nights,
And Nights into Days
Time was an enemy,
For it never cared about me.

The Morning sunshine, Beautiful
Yet, Felt like a raging Fire.
The refreshing Nights, Peaceful
Yet, Felt like a sleepless fright.

Confusion surrounded the Patience, 
Anger rose beneath the Softness.
But I was lost, wandering, searching for solace
Escaping from Life, from Myself.

It never stopped, no matter what!
Disheartened, I was. Until Someone said
"Life is too Short,
To Work so Hard."

Left Everything to follow my Dream
Struggled beyond my capability,
Until, I felt the Beautiful Sunshine
The Pleasant Night and the Melodious Song.

© Ajay Kontham [2013] 

-Written for Carry on Tuesday.

P.S. : Agreed! The title doesn't make any sense. 


  1. Well done.I like the way you saw this one and I like the way you turned it around. nice writing.

  2. WOW! That was so serene and splendid :)
    Great lines Ajay!!!

  3. This was the first poem I came across. And you write so very well. And I thought you are just good at writing random thoughts (rather thoughtful thoughts). You seem to have a way of saying everything through your words (as you say you are shy), and the words are so powerful, and full of emotions. Maybe the shyness brings out the writer in you in such a subtle way! I liked the poem, a lot, a lot. Partly because I could relate so much with it..

    You write awesome, really!

    1. This is the first poem of me that you came across? Great. :D
      May be you are right, the shyness brings out the writer in me. :P

      You are just being too too too generous. But Thanks a Lot, really. :)

    2. Generous? Not at all, I am being bluntly honest :)

      And yeah, I am following this blog of yours only. Yet to stumble up on others, so this was first poem, but I really liked it. Its way too deep, and lot of emotions

      Bdw did I tell you I loved the title too? To me, its more than the perfect title for the poem. :)
      And I am not flattering you, i really really like the way you write, now add the way you write poems too :)

    3. Thank You. :)

      And You liked the title too. Thank You so very much. :)

  4. Hi Ajay,

    That was a very beautiful and inspiring poetry:) loved it!!!
    Do visit some time:)



    1. Why, Thank You, Bushra. :)
      And also thanks for dropping by.

      Yeah, Sure. Visiting as I write this. :D

      Cheers. :)

  5. Delightful! Thanks so much for contributing to Carry On Tuesday.

  6. This is lovely! We must all find the pleasant night and the melodious song!


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