Saturday, February 9, 2013

Yet Again - 'Liebstered'.

"Now, I would like to convey my thanks to all the people who have supported me all along and all the friends, family members and each and everyone who have helped me. And I would also like to thank the internet for making this possible and the Blogger for providing a platform to showcase my talent. And last but not the least...."

Dude! Dude! DUDE! You didn't get an Oscar, get down from the podium. 
Damn! My speech - Wasted. :( Came with such high hopes, you know. And I rehearsed the speech like a hundred times in front of the mirror. Damn again. 

Whoa! Wow. Liebster-ed. A very thanks to adreamygal.  I am surprised myself. But thanks anyway. Truly Honored. Now, dont you laugh.

So here goes the rules:

1. Thank the bloggy who awarded you
2. Post 11 interesting things about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions questioned by the nominator
4. Choose 11 bloggers, create questionnaire for them (of 11), and let them know via comments

1. Done.

2. Post 11 interesting things about yourself. 

Interesting things ? Hmm.. If there were some interesting things about me, I would be a celebrity or likewise you know. :P #NoKiddin... Wait! Don't jump into conclusions. I was kidding.

a. I am extremely silent guy. You already know. Come on! What else would be interesting? So, I am very less talker. Lets' say I am self-absorbed, soft-spoken or even shy. Whatever is convenient. People do ask me a question about this and I still don't answer them.

b. I am an extremely short-tempered person. Believe it. I almost kill people in my mind and beat the s#it of people. The reality is something opposite. 

c. I am an Insomniac, rarely sleep at nights. I usually sleep less. You can find my room with the light On at any part of the night. If not, then my laptop. If still not, then it is one of the blue moon days when I usually sleep. But I make up sleep time either in journey or someway or the other, I think.

d. I love gadgets. Well, who doesn't? I mean I am with them all the time. My pockets are almost filled. But still, I need to upgrade and get some new stuff.

e. I am a spendthrift. You have no idea what I would do if I win a Million Bucks in a lottery. Just 24 hours or may be less, and all whoosh! And you can bet on that. :P

f. Well, I like photography. But these days, moving around with a camera just for clicking is sort of difficult and also finding the right places too. May be I need to get a Convertible Car! Yeah Right! In India? A Convertible? No Kidding.

g. When it comes to eating, I am Junk-Freak. McDonalds and KFC would probably give me a Royalty or some other sort of card for my esteemed money that went into making their another store at some other place.

h. I usually eat the same thing whenever I go to a new restaurant. Though, I sometimes try new things, but still I end up buying the same thing the second time I visit it again.  I don't want to upset the stomach and myself and my mind by just wasting on something new which in case is not-so-good-as-expected.

i. I prefer shopping alone, most of the times. Though I miss a lot on the season offers when they say "Buy 3 Get 7 Free" . No Kidding! It was there, still is. Or on a lower level, "Buy 2 Get 2 Free". All thanks Season end sales when all try to clear off their stock before the official year ends which is mainly in March, I guess right ? 

j. I watch movies alone, again most of the times because my friends don't watch an English movie without reading the review. And Hindi movies as well. I like to watch movies which I want to watch unbiased and not being affected by others' reviews. 

k. Well, lastly you know... I am smart, sexy, witty, intelligent, handsome, awesome. I mean  not any one of it, you know, right ? 

Phew, that was one hell of a thing about myself. *Looks at the points* . Oh God! I am bragging too much about myself, aren't I ? 

3. Answer the 11 questions questioned by the nominator

1. What makes you write?
A : The same reason we eat daily. The same reason we find ourselves happy about stuff we don't understand most of the times. It is just the passion the drives the thoughts into sensible yet meaningful and inspiring write-ups. So, what makes me write ? Well, everything that happens around me, that inspires me, that makes me happy, that makes me sad, that what I see and zeal to spread the hidden meaning which fights in the fore walls of my mind just to get out. May be I don't have a perfect answer to that question. 

2. The best feeling is knowing that you actually mean something for someone - Who is that person in your life? (A tough question I know!)
A : Still haven't that magical person yet. *Fingers Crossed*. :D

3. Meaning of your name? (In case you blog under a pen name, why that name?)
A: A person who can't be defeated. And clearly I don't do justice to my name.

4. One thing you want to change in life? (It can be people, situation, feeling or even me! :P)
A: Myself, like from Scratch. Redo everything, but with a plan this time. 

5. 'Life gives you a million reasons to die, but one is enough to keep you alive' - What is your that 'one' reason? (If you have many, pen down all)
A: 'Life gives us million reasons to die?', but it doesn't give directions  about how to do that. :P May be I still don't have a reason, or don't know yet clearly about what that is. 

6. A bloggy/bloggies you would like to thank/appreciate/comments that made difference in your life? (I mean in blogging life. Don't include me, if am I am the one. That's height of bragging I know! :P)
A : Thank - My Cousin Brother who was my inspiration to start blogging in the first place. Appreciate - Each and everyone who reads my blog (read: wastes their time reading). Comments - Again, the kind-hearted souls who are too generous to appreciate my work in-spite of sucking big time. Thank You. :)

7. One fear you live with?
A: Tomorrow! 

8. A dream which you didn't hope will come true, but did.
A: None so far. But if Day Dreaming counts, I got like a lot.

9. Do you prefer to be straightforward, or shy away, or keep mum when it comes to saying some things? (You got the question I hope)
A : Depends on who we are dealing with. :D

10. Can you share your best blog post? (That which is closest to your heart, and not as per 'popularity')
A : Well, there isn't one or there are rather too many. I mean all my posts. :P

11. No more questions :D I spare you this little trouble in exchange of a smile :P
A: A big Smile. You are welcome, by the way. :P

4. Pass the Award to the Bloggers

Phew! Done. Not yet. I still have to give these awesome bloggers some questions as well. 

(b) 11 Questions to the Bloggers who just got Nominated.

Well, I won't be asking the routine questions. Get ready to get some crazy-stupid-questions. And there are no rules from here on forward. So, you can skip.

1. Look at the lower right corner of the screen and mention the Time, plz.
2. How did you end up with your Blog Name?  I meant *start up with....
3. Open your mobile phone and go to messaging. No! I am not giving my number for you to text me. 
   a. If the Inbox has more messages than Sent, then reply as 'Famous'.
   b. If otherwise, well, reply as 'Even More Famous'. :P
4. What is the one word that is stuck in your mind most of the time? Like a word from a song or slang or movie or a novel or whatever?
5. Your favorite Fiction Character?
6. The craziest thing you might have ever done.
7. Between Truth and Dare , which choice would you go with ? 
8. One word for my blog. Note : Insane, Stupid, Wth?, Wtf? , bla bla have already been used. So, pick up something Nice, plz, plz, plz, plz.... :P
9. What makes you write? 
10. Favorite line/proverb/quote.
11. If ever there is a chance to meet the author behind this blog, would you meet ? (Plz say Yes! for my satisfaction at least... Kiddin' :P ) So ?  

Phew! That was a lot of hard work. *Wipes of the sweat from the forehead*. Now your turn. Yeah, you have to. No escaping. So, get on it then. And Congratulations to all the people I have nominated. You are truly-really-awesome. And lastly, Thanks again adreamygal for giving a over-deserving award to me. 


  1. Congratulations for the award :)
    Good to know about you through 11 facts and questions :):D
    and Thank you for nominating me :)

    1. Thank You. :)

      And you rightfully deserve it more than me. Congratulations. :)

  2. Hi Ajay,
    Congratulations...:-)I'm sure,you win many more on you way.Nice to know about you.Thank you so much for the tag and award..:-)

    1. Thank You. I hope so too.

      And You are welcome. :)

  3. Congrats AK!!You r awesum :D n i think il have a great time answering your questions!!Thank you so much..did i tell you i even won the shopper's stop and indiblogger contest ...woot woot...n now ur award!!!! Award day for me :D Sweet!!! n did i tell u m home for the weekend :P ok now i'm telling you everything :D anyways... :P Thanks a lot again!!! :)
    The Sweet Life

    1. I'm Awesome? Thanks but that's a really very good joke. #NoKidding :P

      Wait! Those aren't that great questions. You know you could skip them, right ?
      WOW! Shoppers Stop? Damn! I mean, Congrats. :D
      So, Party ? When and where ? And You can't escape from this.

      No you didn't. But you just did. Again Wow! Have Fun at Home. Enjoy. :)

      And you are telling everything? I see. :P

      You are welcome. You deserve it out-rightly. :)

  4. Wow! Sahi!! :D

    Thank youuu! :) and congratulations to you too! :)

  5. 'Why do you write?' I love your answer to that.

    1. Why, Thank You, Ghadeer. :)
      Glad you liked it. :D

  6. Shy-Short-tempered-Insomniac.. All sounds familiar (Well I mean I had guessed, didn't knew could be so right! Okay just the shy one was guessed. Enough of that guessing game :P Back to commenting :P)

    Well, its interesting to know you :) Loved the 'what makes you write' answer. Was expecting somethin glike that, but got blown way with the answer :)

    Now some thought (mindless thoughts?:P) went into framing that 11 questions :)

    Congrats for the award once again :) the starry intro made me smile wide (still smiling while typing this :))

    1. You guessed right again. :)

      Glad you liked it. :D You were expecting ? Hmm, Good to know I exceeded the expectations. :P

      Yeah, Exactly. All Mindless thoughts. :P

      Thank You. :)
      Haha. Guess, I succeeded in making you smile. :D

  7. Haha, I have learned a lot about you today! Thanks a zillion for the tag, you have NO CLUE how excited I am to get my first award. You rock!! (Lol, sorry, I'm just really senti and excited right now). Buy 3 Get 7 Free?! Hahah if only. :P Your questions were so interesting! Thanks again! Have a great-ass day :D

    1. Did I say too much about myself? :P

      You are welcome. :) This was your first. Really Nice. :)
      Yeah, I was a little shocked when I saw the Banner 'Buy 3 Get 7 Free'.

      They are interesting? Interesting is the new Stupid, may be. :P

      You are Welcome.
      Thanks. You too. :)

  8. This makes me :) :) Loved all ur answers :)
    And thanks a lot for the award :))

    1. Glad you are :):) . :D
      You did? Thanks. :)

      And You are welcome. You absolutely deserve it.
      Keep Writing. :)

  9. Eh,J! Thank you muchos :D And again I LOVED this post.

    And I'm so happy for you you're getting so many comments :O :D

    1. Glad you liked the post. :)

      Thank you. I get surprised myself sometimes. And thanks to you to add one once in a while.

      Btw, you privatized your blog and I seemed to have nominated tha blog itself.

  10. Congratulations :)

    Loved the way you have done the tag!


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