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A Dove(y) Story.

'The Story of Three Friends'

What's happening? Why does my hair look so weak, so broken?, Aparna blurted out in frustration. 

Aparna, Ayushi and Apoorva have always been great friends. Since childhood they have lived at the same place, studied in the same school. All three were just great friends. They sometimes called themselves the Three Musketeers. They were literally inseparable. Everything they did involved all three of the friends. Either it is any cultural events at school, going for shopping, or catching a movie, anything as a matter of fact, the three friends were seen bound to each other. On top of it, they were equally talented. Though the area of their expertise varied, but they managed it with ease. 

All was going fine till a time came when they had to choose a career path for themselves. As each were equally talented in some or the other, they opted for their interest. Ayushi was too interested in art, fashion and design. And she was/is  too good at it. She was the fashion instructor to the little gang of theirs. Whenever it was time for shopping, she would go around describing the every detail of the dress and would help the others in perfect selection of the dresses. She was simply great at that. Apoorva was an adventurer. From childhood, she had an interest in the wilderness. And given a camera, she was just unstoppable. She would go to the extremes just to get a perfect shot of a moment. She was a budding photographer then. And her room was filled with photos of their friends, houses, cats, dogs, sky, landscape, nature, wildlife, what not! She had an entire encyclopedia of photos, per say. Aparna was just immersed in books. She a bookworm, kept studying all the time. She was the mastermind in the group. She used to organize, help the other two in their studies if they needed help.
As inseparable that they were, and along with the Three Musketeers name, they donned a long braided hair. Though the trends were changing, especially in the hair. From spikes to colored hair, short hair to curly hair, likewise the trend was building among the young generation. But, they just choose a different look altogether. All three of them had long  hair but of different sizes tough. Occasionally they used to braid their hair or used a simple look and were proud of whatever they did.

So, when they choose different professions they made a pact to meet each other at a particular day each year, no matter what, no matter how busy the other person was. No excuse was accepted. 

Aparna followed her dream and did her MBA  and is currently doing a very good job with her management skills in a Large MNC. Ayushi became a fashion designer and was climbing the charts of the best fashion designers. Apoorva became a photographer for National Geographic and used to wander all around the world with her gear. And she came up with some books, feature appearance in a TV show as well.  The day finally came and all three of them met at the promised place after the year of separation. All looked young and fulfilled with their profession. They talked at length about their adventures and the different people they come across and their stories. All three of them had a very good reunion. 
Days were slowly passing and they decided to meet twice a year because once a year seemed like a very long time. Aparna's job has been becoming stressful with the truckload of people she has to manage, travelling around the world to meet the company's requirements. Ayushi's story was too similar to Aparna's. She was becoming a noted fashion designer and with that the responsibility and pressure was also increasing with it. Apoorva was happy with her work, travelling around the world. But once in a while, she feels like having a break. 

On their next meet, they discussed at length about the recent events and also the problems they are facing. While they were discussing, Aparna realized that all three of thm still had long hair and Ayushi still braids her hair. She jokes saying for such a prolific fashion designer the simple look doesn't match her work at all and still she looked  beautiful and charming as ever. And so was Apoorva. Apoorva mentions that her line of work, a short hair is much more suitable but she still prefers her long hair. Aparna was about to say something but stops when see sees the broken ends of her hair. She feels a little embarrassed to mention about it. The other two have a heavy duty of work on their hair and still their hairs looks as young as ever. And herself, doesn't do much to her hair yet the hair has broken ends. She changes the subject and they drown into discussion about their future plans. 
What's happening? Why does my hair look so weak, so broken?, Aparna blurted out in frustration. Her hair looks a little weak also. She thinks may be the stress has to do with the sad developments in her hair. Or is it the office atmosphere. She is lost here. She tries to figure out a way out of this. She buys herself some hair products which promise strong and sturdy hair reducing the split hair-ends. They seemed to be working, but that was temporary. But she feels she has made some progress compared to the past. 

On their next half-yearly meet, while the Ayushi and Apoorva were sharing their end of the stories she eyes their hair so as to see if hers is any better. But she can see the softness in their hair without even touching it. They both had nice beautiful soft hair without any broken ends. But her hair was still lacking the usual appeal that it usually had. The two of them, Ayushi and Apoorva notice the silence of Aparna as she is the one talking the most in their meets. And she looked a little as well. Firstly she says, it was nothing. But the other two figure it out that it was nothing and something was up in her mind. So, feeling a little embarrassed she tells her problem with the hair and assures them that she had been trying to get back the great look it had once. Ayushi and Apoorva understand what's bothering her. They both shout that they have an easy solution for the problem. There is a small discussion among the two of them that they have the best solution. After some time of serious discussion, Aparna comes out with a solution that each of them write their solution on a piece of paper and she, Aparna would be the judge for it. So Ayushi and Apoorva write their solution on a piece of paper and hand it over to Aparna. To Aparna's amazement, both read the same : Dove Split End Rescue System Shampoo. Ayushi and Apoorva was amazed themselves and felt silly about the little argument they had. Ayushi says her end of the story about how she has to work with her hair all the time. As a fashion designer, she has to do a lot to her hair, apply all sorts of things and do all sorts of things to look appealing though she still prefers the simple braided hair. And she too faced with problems of split ends and how Dove Hair Rescue Shampoo helped her get back to the old beautiful hair that she had. Apoorva joined after Ayushi's side of the story and mentioned about how she was to travel around and go to the hottest place on earth and wait just for a perfect moment of the picture and how the atmosphere and the area affects her hair. In one of her travels she came to know about Dove Hair Rescue Shampoo and since then it has been doing wonders. 

Pleased with her friends' argument and suggestion, Aparna bought herself a new Dove Split End Rescue System Shampoo as soon as they left for their work after some time of story-sharing. Within days, Aparna could find change in her hair. The split ends were no where to be seen and her started looking as youthful as ever. She thanked her friends for their great advice and Dove for making it happen. 


This is my entry for the "Beautiful Ends to Your Beautiful Braids" contest organized by 'IndiBloggerin association with 'Dove'.

Disclaimer : Images taken from Google Images and Indiblogger, Dove ; or otherwise mentioned. 


  1. Nice story of three best friends:) Best of luck for the contest Ajay:)

  2. Nice!
    But do tell me if this really works because..."What's happening? Why does my hair look so weak, so broken?" :P


    1. I hope so. Many people are confidently writing about that it has done miracles to their hair. I just took some of their thoughts, though I have never tried. And this is pure fiction. Anything can happen. :P

      May be you should give it a try. I will experiment with this on my cousin sisters and get back to you with some facts. :P :D

  3. Good one! I am thinking how the hell you managed to write a story about long braided hairs and split ends :P

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Hehe. I know this totally sucks, in all possible ways.
      I just tried, you know.
      And I know that I ain't no good at this stuff.

      Wait! You read the whole thing? Come on, I think there are a lot of other useful things you could do like playing guitar, or watching a movie, may be. :P

    2. It's always good to try :) And yeah, I am totally jobless with a job. It is getting to my mind. I cannot imagine how you spent months of time at your own will. Here I am going insane even when I have a project but there is no work in that project. Dude, this software industry is crazy!

    3. Thank You.
      Wait.. Did you just use my line? :P
      Without work, the mind sometimes goes crazy. Hope this isn't the case with you.
      I still wish those days back.
      Tell me about it. Software Industry is totally going insane these days. :/

  4. Dude i was totally confused after reading first few lines thinking..
    Has AK finally gone mad..then i see Dove...Did the Guy In the Hat change gender or what?....then affiliation with Indibloggers...ooh!Thank god! :P

    You just surpassed the limit on what you can write and the story seems....ummm..believable except if it is it wouldn't be called fiction ri8 ;)

    Anyway good luck in the contest! #Thumbsup

    1. LOL.
      Dude, you gotto stop jumping into conclusions right away.

      Yeah, right. :P

      Thank You, SK. :)


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