Saturday, March 9, 2013

After 0001 hours.

- The After Mid Night Story -
Strictly Comic Strips. 
#DiaryEntry 04

I came late today. I have never been for this time in office like since forever. And on top of it, I have do this daily. From morning 8 am to night almost 11pm. Give me a break. Well, that's not gonna happen, they say. Yeah, Insane right! I got no choice either. Fate, they call it. Well, I watched the movie, "Terminal" on AXN. !@#$@#@ ! It contains more advertisements than the movie. The movie is just one hour and twenty minutes long, but these guys have to drag it since morning to even after midnight. Well, it was almost 2 when it got over. So, this is what I do ! 


Aur Picture abhi baki hai mere dost... lekin thoda sa problem. Damn it! 
Felt like having a coffee. Well, go figure! A coffee at 2 am ! 

The Coffee Problem.
P.S. :  I was lying about 'strictly-comic-strips' thing. Seems like I just can't help writing. Look who's kidding!


  1. Heyyy! When did you get in a project?

  2. I love your writing dude..the comic strips is good but dont just forger about writing!

    1. Yeah, trying hard to get back. It is just that my mind is currently not working as I had expected. :/

  3. Well, do I wish you to get into a project soon or do I wish otherwise. It's you pick. :P Bath and Coffee at 2 AM? Dude, your biological clock is so messed up!!!

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Otherwise, absolutely otherwise. Project means going to office daily. Come on, who wishes that? :P Well, No me, for sure. :D

      Yeah. Trying to reset it. But seems like it's just too messed up that it just can't be repaired. :P

  4. Haha! Awesome cartoons! :D
    I've seen other talent in you! Good good :)

    1. Thanks.
      Glad you like it. :)
      Haha, thanks. :D


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