Friday, March 1, 2013

Clock Code.

At a Restaurant one afternoon Scene I
 I know most people are not aware of this convention. But even then I tried hoping that he might react exactly to what I had thought. So, you must be know when we use that code. Basically, If you are a Counter Strike Gamer or Call Of Duty, likewise gamer or even watch some of the army-action stud movies, you would know what they are. They are basically used to tell the other people that the enemy is at the position using the clock hands so that they can take a clear shot at them or even to warn their friends. So, I happened to use this, not as in kill zone, but on an entirely different platform where no arms and ammunition are used. Well, I shouldn't say more about it. And its' just people.  So, my friend looks up when I told him to look at his 12. He was imagining the clock vertically rather then horizontally to the surface of the earth. To have a little more fun, I asked him "What's your six then? " So, he does this (below pic) . He totally looks down, puzzled, with a question mark on his face, probably thinking "What!?" I just blurt out laughing. 

At a Restaurant one afternoon Scene I
After explaining the exact clock convention, he still looks puzzled. So, some days later I asked him to look at his 5, thinking that he might have understood what I explained to him the other day. But, he looks at his watch and then turns. And its too late by then. 


  1. He he! Funny. :) This was for indication enemies? I thought it was used by guys when checking out girls in public places :P

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Lol. No. Not enemies.
      Well, you know exactly what we do and actually that's what I actually meant. And I just can't say it out loud, can I? :P That to be on a public platform like this. Somethings are just to be understood. :P

      I was just making people understand that the convention is copied from those wars/whatever. :D

  2. Yeah I got those 'codes'. Well, guys have hardly such topics that involves using 'codes' :P The funny was '6' :P Your friend seems innocent, and sweetly stupid :P

    bdw the comic strips are bringing out the light side of your life :) Good to see that :) try scripting bigger stories :P I am finding it so relaxing :)

    1. Haha.
      And Actually he isn't that innocent, but acts like one. :P

      Are they?
      And you are finding it relaxing? :P Great.
      I will come up with more. And yeah, Bigger stories also.. :D


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