Friday, March 22, 2013


I see the animated people making faces, talking or may be shouting, just seem to be hyper active. Of course, I couldn't hear the thing they were saying nor the TV which was at MAX volume as I was busy in my world of Music in my ears. And thanks to my new (now a little damaged-yet-working) headsets which cancels the outside noise completely. And on top of it adds some music to the outside. Literally, people can clearly hear what I am listening to upto as far like 5 meters or so. Now don't get down with a measuring tape. That was just an assumption. So, these guys are watching the local version of the Comedy Circus (I guess you know this tv show, right? If not, well, it is a hindi comedy show aiming at entertaining the audience with some jokes) . Well the Hindi version is far better when compared to the regional-language one. When I used to watch the Hindi one, these guys would literally fall on me, snatch the remote and go for some other bogus channel. I sometimes go crazy at the choice of their tastes. So, this regional version that I was talking about has the worst jokes and mostly are the directly taken from You Tube. So, you can imagine the scenario here. And mostly are pure-adulterated jokes. And seriously I just can't take them in. Its fcuk'g freaking disgusting. But these people do the classic ROFL thing all the time. But I can't hear their monstrous laughs nor the disgusting TV show; Just some animated dancing-rolling fools. 

I totally stand out of all these people. I sometimes wonder what I am even doing here. I am like a Martian staying with these people. I am different, nothing new there. But then again I am not a people person. I talk less, as most of the people I know already know about it. I mind my own work, don't involve in any of their stupid/interesting encounters. I just don't participate, you know. You getting what I am meaning to tell? I am the wrong piece in the Dominos combination, the wrong card in the Deck of Playing cards. I just don't fit here. But still I am here. And I am seriously puzzled about my situation. I prefer staying alone - with my rules, with my freedom, with my things, with full of Myself. But I am not. 

I have trouble making friends. Seriously, I do. Because there are so few people whose ways sync with mine, whose thoughts match with mine (well, literally or lets just say - are somewhat close to mine) . I have been a traveler all my life. I have never been at a steady place. The most years that I had ever stayed at a single place is Ahmedabad. I might have some good friends there, and who are like me, as I just mentioned above. But people change and I move to a different place. Those people find better friends and I have to start again from scratch. It has been like that all my life. I may have seen a lot of people, made some friends, a few acquaintances but never I had someone called a best friend. What I can say is I made a few friends, some happened to be good, and some very good, infact. 

One of the best thing I can remember about making some good friends was back at the training, by the company I am currently working in. I kind of made a good friend in a matter of three months. But there is always fate or whatever the hell it is called, we got posted to different places. I need not say much about him. I might have mentioned about him at length in my previous posts. So, I thought what was the reason behind that? I too don't know exactly, so I was brainstorming about the possible things that might have led into being good friends. May be most of the things we do are in sync, like we both like to read, now read means novels for me and for him everything that could be read. We both blog. We both watch tv series. There is a serious problem with a lot of people with TV Series. They don't watch any, and even if they do, that is also after so many recommendations from a lot of people. And what do you think they are - The Korean TV series. I end my discussion there. I know there are a lot of fans out there. And I ask anything other than that - They say Prison Break. They missed a lot. The Friends, one of the best. And there is a pretty long list. And I have completed almost all, except a few, well like the Korean ones. So, where was I ? Yeah about my friend... So, I was saying ... if not all, atleast half of the things just sync between us, which hasn't happened with any other person I have ever met, though I haven't met a lot of people though. 

Recently, I removed my display picture from my Facebook profile. There were some people asking about the reason. I have told only to a few, like two people out of three. Well, the reason being that I got some exam result recently and I barely got any marks. So, that was a reaction to the very bad result that I got. I tell this to one of my friends... well not exactly like that.. I say that I am actually depressed about something ... and then tell about this. He replies saying , "That's it? I thought it was about something else, something concerned with the girl thing." If it was so, I wouldn't even have removed my DP, rather I would have upgraded to something more awesome one. Within minutes I get a new Facebook notification tagging me to this photo : 

Well, this is the first comic strip in which someone else tagged me and which involves me. Till now I had been the one creating all comic strips. This is a new one from someone. So, let me clear about something here - No, I wasn't depressed about the exam because I didn't prepare for it, not even a question. It was just for everyone else to think that I am in some kind of depressed state of mind. And I am saying again, I am not depressed. And No, I am not crying for a gf. Phew! That is the last thing I want to do. Dude, Don't lie to people. Seriously, you gotto believe me. Yeah, I would have, but it is just plainly unbelievable. I will come up with a post on the recent events and you will definitely change your answer. Whatever, dude. 

P.S. Before you say anything, I have a confession to make. I have lost my mind somewhere. I am just searching for it as we speak. When I find it I will be more sensible. 
The Guy in the Hat says "Hi". So, I wear a red shirt and I write/speak in red also. Just to make you people clear of this thing, I took some time from this AK guy. But I will be back, with a Bang and some BOOM.


  1. I cannot bear the Hindi Comedy Circus so the regional version wouldn't be anywhere close...I feel your pain.And that's why headphones were invented.To ignore people.Even though they turn you tone-deaf.
    And sometimes it's people who are complete opposites to us in terms of common-ness who turn out to be the best friends.
    P.S. Try looking for your mind under that T.V set...things get lost in the darndest places.:P

    1. A big thanks to Headphones, helping people since they were created.

      I too thought the same. But the recent events don't favor the theory. Or I just haven't found the exact opposite, but some side-way-ed idiots.

      You serious ? *Looks under the TV set* Only one part is there.. The rest ? :P

  2. Well...even I am the odd piece in the dominos pizza and the odd playing card from the deck of cards and even I have trouble making friends. I am sociable but I prefer not to mingle much. No wonder I have the same set of friends right from my nursery and my college group remained closed and intact right from first yr. And now its just 'YOU NEED ME AND I MIGHT NEED YOU SOMETIME' thing. Well I am not selfish but that is how everything turned out to be.

    Being different and not following a crowd is not a bad thing , isnt it? And if the comedy circus u r talking about is the malayalam one, then I hear you!! My family is hooked to tht shit. Men with fake boobs and acting like women! Gaaah kill me! Hindi was better. I do not even have a voice cancellation headphone like u do. So I just get up and leave!

    I pray you bounce bacck ..and that comic strip is funny none the less and shows that a frnd actually spent sometime to just make u smile a bit. No offense meant from his side m sure.

    And a cousin of mine got 3.5 in GATE... that exam is fucked up!

    1. So, I have a question .. Does two odds become even? Never thought of that before. Now after thinking about it, I am sure, I would be the odd one out. And it is like that only these days - 'You Need me and I might need you sometime'.

      No, It isn't. It is actually being unique, aint it so?
      Well, I had the opportunity to see that Malayalam version too, courtesy of the training that I had there. But I was speaking about the most recent creation in the Telugu Language. Hindi was better, right? And fake boobs, hahaha... Thank god, I have a headphones, I don't have another room to get up and leave. :/

      Why, Thank You.
      I am glad you like them. Yeah, I know. Thats' why I didn't delete it on facebook and I wouldn't have uploaded here, if I thought otherwise.

      Yeah. You bet. That exam is seriously fucked up.

  3. Dude, you need to find that lost mind soon. Am going mad trying to make a coherence in your posts. Nevertheless, I was about to ask you what headsets were they when you said noise-cancelling because I am hunting for a good one for so long, but then you also said it does not prevent noise leakage :(

    And yeah, I guess your FB friends need to learn more about you. They just jump at the GF thing as if they were waiting for something to happen to you and they could bring up the topic again :P

    And to the guy in the hat, If you wear a red shirt, you will write in red huh? Don't you think this is a bit too much? :P

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Yes, Ma'am. I too feel the same.
      I am sorry about that.
      If you want to prevent noise leakage as well, it costs a lot more. So is the price of technology.

      Exactly. All my friends are like that. I say a word, they link it up with GF. And I go like , Where did it come from?

      The Guy in the Hat says Hi again.
      Dear K,
      Yeah. I never said it was too little. And it is a bit too much also. Because no other seems to justify me. :P I am that way. Well, I will come up with an better explanation soon.

      Thanks for dropping by. :D

  4. Losing your mind somewhere sounds serious though you have tried to make it sound very light and funny here!

    Hope you find it soon :)

    And BTW I agree with you - less marks or a GF is not something to be depressed about.

    Take care

    1. Well, it is because I still don't have it with me. :P Just lost somewhere along the way.

      Yeah, I think is has donned the invisibility cloak.

      HI-FIVE. I am still chilling here. :D

      Thank you. You too. :)

  5. true about Comedy Circus! The thing about watching regional version is mostly because of regional ego and some times may be missing hearing their language...I just watched a full episode of Jabardasth! though by the end i wanted to kick that guy who enacted Yoga postures with double meanings! FU!

    Yeah...i know right? Why is everyone soo...wrong?...or may be we are....the best thing about it is I dont care eitherway ;)

    Can you imagine people comparing telugu serials with English series? O Jesus! Show your mercy on those poor lil bstards!

    I gave you a first? Seriously? Did you know how i thought if there is anyplace on web that i have been to and You are not...and i came out blank!! I guess this is sort of a victory to me :P

    By the way Say hi to the dude in the Hat!

    1. You are watching Jabardasth? I have stopped watching it. Its getting senseless and I just can't watch all that awkward talks. Simply pathetic.

      Neither do I. ;) :D

      Wait, I will upload the new comic strips. You get to meet the great guys comparing Indian television serials to the English ones.

      So, Party ? When and where ? :D

      The Guy in the Hat says Hi .


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