Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How do you do that?

My idea was to write one post for each day. And I have been failing since long. Though my notebook is filled with incomplete drafts that I jot down during the course of time during the day. But when I sit down in front of my laptop after a cold shower (Yeah a cold one. Not my choice. What can I do ? My water heater does give me a hard time all the time. And this is just another day. Damn you. ) So where was I... Yeah.. sit down in front of my laptop and look at the half points. Back at the time when I wrote those points, I was like this one point is just enough and I could write books with it. But now I have the book and I think, I think hard about what I was referring to. Even if I get the essence, I am still at large trying to figure out the next sentence. And No, my handwriting is not one that of a Doctor. I can clearly understand what I wrote, just that , I don't get the idea behind it. The notepad is one that I treasure the most. Firstly, because it was free. And second I just love its look. So, I made it my blogging hand-book / manual. So, I divided the pages into different sections dedicating each to a specific genre. I even started writing and then finalizing on my blog. It is just to refine a bit more what I usually present in my blogs. I had been doing that for over a month and now instead of me dividing into different sections, I am still jumbling all the different genres. And now my book is a total mess. Though I started reorganizing it with colored stick notes or whatever they are called, it is still a greater mess than I can imagine. It takes me a lot of time to get to the page on which I wrote the latest idea and then again when I get there, I just can't pen anything more that the mere two/three words. Blame my... well your wish man. I just can't deal with myself. 

These days, I am having a lot on my mind. First is one about changing the overlook of my blog. Not the appearance, which I already did. I am just trying to get some anonymity. But I am finding it way too difficult. Sometimes, there are a lot of people I know reading my blog. I mean like one or two. Rest of the people are just ignorant of my blog instead of my steady pestering them to try it out sometime. I realized that anonymity gives the freedom to write the most awkward of the things about yourself and people would have no idea about whom we all are talking about. But will get to know that there is someone just as crazy. Though I try to make a fool of myself almost in every post, that anonymity adds a little unknown flavor. My dad reads my blog, sometimes or may be all the time. Sometimes I get a small class about it that I am spending more time blogging than doing anything of more important purpose. And there's my mom who then joins and the same story repeats again. Though my mom doesn't read, but she knows exactly what I do.

Meanwhile at office, I am having a hard time with the question bank sitting right beside me. We are still kind of freshers over there and are learning our way about how things work. And that too we are just one computer to work and learn the stuff. I along with another guy spend the time learning, or something like that. Actually it is a boring work, I mean the learning part. And on top of it, this guy is the non-stop questionnaire. He would ask the minutest of the things, and mind it all this questions are for me. Even if the person  incharge/the person we have to report to asks whether we have any doubts or questions, he is just as silent as anything. But back at the cubicle I am the scapegoat. So later one day after about an hour of getting into the office, he starts his bizarre thing that he usually does. And this happens :

So, what actually happens is that I am a little too accustomed to use the keyboard shortcuts. Though he is a Computer Science student, still insists me to tell what the shortcut keys are. And thats' when I feel the pungent repelling odor. I was almost gonna puke, and I would have if I had't got out and got some fresh air. And this happened just about an hour after we arrived at office. Phew! That was close call. But then again it happened yesterday. I think I should tell him about this.

Meanwhile, I was busy, doing nothing, all the people were busy with their work doing something or the other. So, someone goes for a meeting or something and the other person just inquires about it. They exchange some information. The person then says, 

Well that wasn't directed to me though. But almost half of the people in the ODC just laughs including me. 

On a different note, I know I haven't been regular at blogging. But I am still trying you know. Last night I fell asleep in the middle. The light in the room was still switched on when I woke up beside my laptop which was on this New Post page. No, I aint a sleepy head. I was having a bad head ache. Remember that questionnaire guy. He was just eating my empty mind. Anyways, on a different topic I had an interesting conversation last night with one of the fellow blogger on Facebook. I shouldn't just say now, but I am hoping to share it asap. Well, you don't have to wait up in anticipation, it is no biggie. 

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  1. Haha! I too had a trainer during induction who had a bad breath issue. So I can understand ur plight. And I donno why once the blogging takes a jumpstart, there is an automatic pressure of posting frequently. But nice way u have expressed it!

    1. Are people with bad breath everywhere ? People seriously need to take care of themselves.

      Innit? Whenever I don't post, I feel I am missing something or doing something terribly wrong.

      Thank You.

  2. I actually gets irritated when my fellow students contact me for their queries rather then the teacher...:/
    but cant help it, i end up saying to myself, wow if i'll not get a job i'll start consultation amd tution classes for my friends..:D
    nice post..;)

    1. I too feel the same. Once / twice is okay. But everytime? Not cool at all.
      Haha. Thats' a wise career choice you know. May be I will drop by sometime for some consultation. :D

      Thank You. :)

    2. Yeah got my first customer...:D
      u'll surelly get a discount..haha.:D

    3. Thank You.
      I love discounts. :P
      And I hope you are as good as advertised, (of course you will be). :P

  3. Life is really boring in office when you join as a fresher, but then each phase has a charm of its own :-)

    1. Yeah. Tell me about it.
      Hmm... Charm ? I guess I still have to find that.

  4. Well, that was an entirely random post or at least I feel so. If you having a hard time with your colleague just try telling him in a way that seems like friendly banter. People take feedback better that way. Let us see how it goes :)

    You will get used to the office stuff, it all starts like that.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. Yeah. I was just missing my blog after like two days without posting, so I had to come up with something. I know I came up with more nonsense than ever.

      That's the problem. Most people don't take feedback the right way. But I will still try. Because I have to deal with it everyday.

      I am already thinking of getting out somehow. Is it natural? #JustCurious.

      Thanks for dropping by. :D

  5. do u do dat.. ha ha..waiting for your next blog.tell us about your conversation with the fellow blogger..

    1. Sometimes it just happens. :P
      I hope to write one sooner than I think. But lets see.

      Hmm, Yeah. Sure. Give me a couple of days, I might give the remaining details. :D

  6. For a person who 'claims' to have incomplete drafts, you sure seem to be doing pretty good job :p
    I liked how you pranced around from one topic to the other :D

    1. I am?
      Why, Thank You. :)

      Thats' what happens when I want to write and am not sure what to write about. :P

      Thanks for dropping by. :)

  7. :D

    You reminded me of my initial days at job where it was complete chaos!!!

    today I am on the other side of the desk and I try to ensure they are as comfortable as they could be.

    1. :D

      I hope they were good memories. :)

      Wow. Thats' nice. :D


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