Sunday, March 10, 2013

I am 'Batman'.

The Identity Crisis.

Guess what! I just love my name. Nah, Not exactly. But I am desperate little (not literally little) man. I just want myself (actually my name) everywhere. So, if I find a new web site and it has a Sign-Up thing, I just jump right into it, of course after finding it interesting enough. Come on, I ain't that dumb. So, recently I thought of changing my name to some anonymous/alias name. Isn't it easy to just hide in plain sight and don't let anyone know you were even there? Yeah, that's what crossed my mind. So, going to some anonymous name would cost a little. No, not in sense of money. But, well, in case of people knowing that it is actually me and not just some random stranger. But I failed at the first step- Finding a Name. When I was little, like when I was going to school, I did a little thing of creating new names, just like decipher texts. You don't want to know that. Seriously, you don't. What.. You still insist. It's not a big of a deal. Hmm..well... You might be familiar with the culture of teasing others, especially friends with their crushes. So, sometimes, I made some names using some techniques (now don't you get deep into it. I ain't no mathematician, then nor now, so what I used was just standard, like 1st standard type codes) to find some new code names. So that no one could catch us, or lets just say that the people involved wouldn't know a thing. So, there it is. But now, I am just trying to find a new alias or an identity and like I said, I failed at it. I dig a further deep to just see how much I would have to change. So, I Google-d my name. It went on beyond 10 pages. Seriously, No Kidding. And you don't have to try that. I already did. Oh, you were Google-ing your name? My bad. The conclusion after what Google revealed was that I am one big idiot. Come on, one, two, three pages is acceptable. Over 10 pages! And this Google is just amazing, just unbelievable. The aftermath - I just can't do it - Get some alias. Anyway, it was a lame idea at the first place. And also because I just can't do much about it. Are you still in a question why I even opted for one? I too have no idea. May be because as a writer I won't be able to write freely about someone without their knowledge, or may be about myself. But I started with my name and let it continue so far even after doing what I just said I could do if I were some invisible guy, of course unless my account is hacked. Seems like I just like to face it, Face to face, though it may sound a little dumb. But that's what I had been doing so far and the times to guy. Yeah, acting like a tough guy. Wait! Who said I wasn't in the first place? :P

The Indian Traffic.

Ever been to Bangalore? If you have been, you are in for some good time. Though the hideous traffic which almost takes the life out of a person. There are flyovers and roads and vehicles, like a lot. It isn't a good thing that inspite of all the flyovers and the roads, there is still so much traffic. One might was well stuck between two signals, and mind it those two ain't nearby, rather they are stretch over a long distance. But some places it just catches my eye. Like when you get to see a Electricity pole right in the middle of the road, or a big old tree, or vehicles going the american way(opposite sides of normal driveway in India), or .... I could go on and on. I have heard about the traffic cameras being installed. So, sometime back, I was just checking whether they actually did it or not. Blistering Barnacles. They installed. No big discovery there. And I even get to see the live feed, actually 30 minutes back feed for the places where the cameras are fixed. Well, that was some while back. In the meanwhile I even forgot about the cameras because they weren't every where, just some places and you can even count the places as well, that many. Anyway, I was at the junction trying to cross the road, but the traffic never gave a chance for pedestrians. While I was waiting, a car takes a U-Turn and he didn't break any rules, I guess because it was a Green for that lane. The traffic police comes out of nowhere with a point and shoot digital camera and takes a snap of the vehicle's licence plate. So, the traffic cameras just got upgraded to moving cameras and handy, of course. 

In Other News....
Just Don't Tell Anyone.
- New Identity. What? Doesn't fit my profile? And what again? Where's my Cape and suit and Bat-bike,pod ?  Come on, enough with the question. Give the superhero a break, will ya? Kaha kaha se aa jate hai log. Phew! And this line reminds me of Sheldon Cooper of 'The Big Bang Theory'. I guess you have seen that TV series, right? 


Ajay Kontham ©  2013


  1. Name urself shadow...:D haha..:)
    nyc post..:)
    keep writing keep thinking of a good name...:D

    1. That sounds nice. :D

      Yeah, have to get a new name and that to be a good one. :)

  2. First of all, did something get into you? When you say that you love your name why don't you stick to it in spite of some hurdles? And finding a shadow name is really head breaking because you will keep finding something better and will never land on one. Anyway good luck with it if you are still stuck on finding an anonymous name :)

    And batman, yeah!!! I am not gonna comment on that part. :P Moving on, Bangalore traffic - A gift from hell.

    Big Bang Theory- Awesome, I love that sitcom and sheldon cooper's antics are just mind-blowing (*psssssshhhhh* Imagine Sheldon trying to blow Leonard's mind :P)

    1. I totally agree with you. It is a head breaking job and I could never land on a single good name. I just had a thought that it might be a lot different if people didn't who I was.

      Haha. Yeah, Shhh!! :P

      Haha. It is a total awesome show. I just love it.

  3. When I google my name, M on top :D..Gaaaahaaa..envy me NOW!!Also mayb coz I have a weird surname
    I love your comic artwork..cnt call this a strip right?

    1. Well there is nothing weird about anybody's name. It is just unique in its own way.

      Thank You.
      Yeah. But the App on Facebook is called BitStrips. So, I just call it like that. :D

  4. He he he :)

    A thoroughly enjoyable read!!

    Superb imagination.

  5. Googling myself?Pshaw....been there.Done that.
    Because I'm absolutely neurotic about things like that.(And having an unusual surname-name combo helps.)
    And Batman huh?!
    I wouldn't worry about the gear,it's perfectly fine.Though I do wonder what The Joker looks like after-hours!:)

    1. I guess everybody has done that. :D

      Haha, thanks. :D
      Joker, huh? Sometime in the near future, you might as well find it on my blog. :P


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