Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Youth we learn, In age we understand.

Dawned with innocence
I played at my will
Filled with arrogance
I got what I wished

With too much tender love
Everybody spoiled me
For they gave everything
That I asked for

I grew up, slowly
Learning about life,
Facing the difficulties
Feeling lost in love

Ah! Such an experience
The pleasure of knowing something
The contemplation of love
The fear of failure

Unaware of what the future has for me
I risked almost everything
Dared to do the impossible
Fought the little battles of life

Parents guided my ambition
Teachers nurtured my aspirations
Growing was fun, I thought
And I feel so wrong now. 

As time flew by
As fate dawn upon me
I had to be careful, of myself
Careful of the step I had to take

But among all complications
Among all struggles and difficulties
Among all the unpleasant setbacks
I fought each, one at a time

With a little victories,
Many failures
I stood steady, without losing hope
Overcame each hurdle, each failure.

Now, I am grown up and old
And look back at the ancient times
Happy I feel, with myself
With the life as the young.

I see the children playing, 
Screaming and Enjoying
I see the innocence, 
I see the child in them.

As a child I never understood
The reason for their candidness
The artful ingenuity
The adolescent confusion

And now I feel so lost
As I miss the tenderness
The innocence in the work
The wait for the unexpected.

Someone rightly said, 
"In Youth we learn, 
In age we understand" 
And I couldn't agree more.

- Ajay Kontham © 2013

Written for Carry on Tuesday under the prompt, "In Youth we learn, In age we understand". 

P.S. Oh boy. I  think I am getting too bad at this. I get almost one week, and I just can't formulate the thoughts properly. I need to work on getting to work my magic around the words. I actually jot down my thoughts like brainstorming, and then I go blank. How do I add and mix and color these words and give them shape and life to mean something, to signify something? And i am just lost at it. I really appreciate the people who write the moment the topic is out. You got some talent, Sir(s) and Madam(s). 


  1. A very interesting take on the prompt ... We understand life as we grow, facing and growing with the experiences !!!

    1. Thank You, GS.

      You are right. We learn as we grow. :D

  2. But sometimes even in age we do not understand....we become judgmental and our egos do not let us change with the times.
    But then again there are exceptions!
    Loved this

    1. Yeah, you are right.
      I didn't think of that.
      May be I am not that old enough to understand that. :P

      I am glad you liked this. :D :)

  3. Good imagination.But though we learn as we grow more,less we practise the good out of it.

  4. very beautifully written....grt work..!!

  5. It's so excellently written! Don't doubt yourself. Keep the better one for next time ;)

    Well, even I salute such Sir(s) Madam(s) :P

    1. Thank You, Srishti. :)
      I always try to, but that doesn't come out as expected. But thanks anyway.

      Yeah, I too. Hats off to them. :D

  6. Awh! I can connect to your verses on childhood.. the ambitions and the fear of failures... It's as if you just put my life into words :)

    The piece is exquisite!

    1. I am glad you could relate this to your life.

      Why, Thank You, Ruya Preetika. :D

  7. Meaningful all the way! I always nurture the child in me in spite of getting teased a lot for that. But how much ever I try, I cannot deny the fact that the innocence is lost in the process of growing up and understanding. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those happy days of childhood.

    Until later,
    Keirthana :)

    1. I couldn't agree more on the loss of innocence while growing up.
      I too wish the same. :-/

  8. It was a very interesting post!
    I couldn't agree more!

    Very few of us retain that innocence :)
    Very few of us grow old so beautifully :)

    1. Why, Thank You. :)

      So rightly said, Diwita. :)


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