Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pull Me Up.

My friend has a habit of pulling people who tend to walk along the road, in order to save them from being run over by the bus. But there is a catch. We usually walk to the bus stop from the office and also to the office. And it's a pretty long journey. So, one of the three of us walk just besides the road. So, when a bus passes by, he would pull the person near to the road saying that he just saved us from getting run over by the bus, while the bus was not even close. It is like a mile away from us. He continues saying that we own him one life, everytime. And if we were to count the number of life(s) we owe him, well its a two digit number. Though, he does all for the fun, so I made a fun comic strip on him. :P

P.S. I haven't gone out of my room in the past week. And I think I am losing my mind. I need get my SugarHoneyIcedTea together. And that is the reason, I am not posting anything interesting these days, I mean in terms of writing. Just these comic strips, I am keeping my hands full with, but guess what, I am running out of them also. I need a hobby, a serious hobby. :/


  1. Hmm. Open up a stall on the side of the bus stop and sell sugar honey iced tea ;) that would be hilarious when your potential father in law asks what you do for a living and how you became a millionaire, and you tell him you sold S.H.I.T. . :O ok that was suchh a PJ. :/ #hungry.

    1. Haha. Lol. :P
      Btw, That was a nice PJ. :D
      *Still laughing*

      I would have definitely made a comic strip of what you just said, just that I don't have you on FB. :P

    2. Lol S.H.I.T ! :P

      And you do have a hobby Ajay, which is making these comic strips. But I'm not quite sure if that is a good thing... But I'll admit, it's lots of fun..

    3. Hehe. :P

      You could say that. :)
      And are they really fun ?

  2. Now u got one weirdly funny friend there sir!!!

  3. You do have a nice hobby, and that's photography, I love your writings, but you are good with photography as well! So keep clicking :)

    p.s thanks for the award, so sorry for being late!

    1. Yeah. But lately, I have been lazying around. So, I need to get serious about it. Thanks. I intend to keep clicking.

      Hey, its' okay. Its' never late. :)

      Take Care and Keep Writing. :)

  4. Sadly, you have all comedy hobby :P i think keeeping hands full do rsult in running out of the ideas.. so don't overdo anything.. As Dark Angel said, you are good at photography, writing and now comic strips. Why not combine these 3 and come with something? #lameideas

    And its good to see you are surrounded by interesting friends. I am sure life can never be boring :P

    Bdw planning to stall S.H.I.T soon? :P :D

    1. Haha. I don't do most of the things. So, there is no question of overdoing! :P
      It seems like a nice idea. But have to find out a way to integrate all three.

      Just one. And I kinda manage with that. :P

      Lol. Not now, but may be soon. :P

  5. Well, that friend of yours is funny. And get back into photography - that should keep you occupied for a while :) I love your clicks.

    1. Well, he is . :P

      Yeah, I plan on getting back to photography asap. Thanks.
      You do? WOW. Thanks a lot, Means a lot to me. :D


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